My cousin Brett is more like a big brother to me. We've done everything together, growing up. He's a year older, and our Moms are fraternal twins. People always think we're brothers, because we look a lot alike. He's maybe a couple inches taller than I am, and we have the same face shape and features. 

A couple summers ago our Moms planned a joint cruise for their 40th bdays. My cousin was 17, so my parents left him in charge, and he would just have to drive me to school in the mornings for the week. OUr uncle lived an hour away, so he could be there quickly if we ever needed anything. My Mom set Brett up in the guest room across from mine. When he got there the Saturday night before they left, he had brought his ps3 and some games. I wasn't really into gaming, but I played against him, and lost every round. Like...raped. 

We all went to church together the next morning, and then dropped our parents off at the airport the next day. We grabbed some sonic and headed back to go swimming and chill the rest of the day. We have a privacy fence and bush line across the neighboring yard lines, so basically a private pool area in the back yard. I layed out on one of the deck chairs, and heard Brett cannonball into the pool. He kept splashing water on me, and I told him to fuck off. "Come in Bubs, it's the perfect temperature! Seriously." I shrugged and layed back. The sun felt great on my smooth body. Brett splashed around, and then got out. I heard his feet padding across the cobblestone, and suddenly a wet smack, of his shorts across my bare chest. "What the fuck!" I looked up, and he stood, naked, over me.

"Come on Bubs, we're two guys with a private pool. Loosen up a bit." I was glad I had my raybans on, cause I couldn't help but notice his dick had grown a lot since the last time I saw him naked, when he was 14, and I was 12. I sat up, and felt my dick getting hard in my shorts. I took off my sunglasses, and set them on the folded towels next to me, jumping up, and running to the deep end, to dive in. I swam across the bottom, and emerged at the shallow end. I turned and saw Brett doing a lap, almost directly across from me. I leaned back, and closed my eyes, enjoying the wetness beneath me, and the warmth above me. 

I felt a tug at my feet, and opened my eyes to see Brett between my legs. He pulled me quickly, and started spinning around. We used to play this when we were younger, but it annoyed me now. I tried to stay above the surface, but I think I inhaled water, and started choking. The next thing I realized, I was laying on the cobblestone, choking up water, with Brett hovering over me, a concerned look on his face. "Bubs, I'm so sorry! I'll never do that again, I promise." He helped me up, hugging me close. My hand grazed his very hard dick, and I glanced down in shock. He pulled back, and cupped his hands before him. "Ha...yeah, about that. Sorry." "It's nothin I haven't seen before." He smiled and moved his hands. His dick stood hard, straight up, past his belly button. His pubes were wet, and wavy against his tan, and semi burnt skin, and his abs were glistening, with light wet hairs across them. I caught my breath, and leaned back on my elbows. 

Brett laughed, and flicked at my boner, which I just realized I had. I didn't even care at this point. I just lay back, and enjoyed the sun. "I'll be back in awhile Bubs." He got up, pushing his dick down, as he walked into the house. I got up and went back to the deck chair, and lay back, enjoying the sun. I suddenly felt the urge to pee, so I got up and went into the house, and relieved myself in the downstairs bathroom. I had to push my dick down and aim for the water. I got done shaking off the last drops, and stepped out of my shorts, and grabbed a towel to wrap around, tucking my dick off to one side. I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror. I had developed a dark tan over the summer. I pushed the towel down, exposing the white line where my tan ended. You could see some of my dark pubes curling up around the base of the knotted towel. I liked having hair around my dick. Made me feel like a man. I pushed my drying hair back out of my face, and stepped out, into the hall.

I shuffled down the hall, and up the stairwell, to take a shower and put some clothes on. I got some underwear and shorts, and a tee, and walked down the hall, passing by Brett's room. The door was open, but I didn't see him in there. 

The hot shower felt fantastic, and I was still hard, so I lathered up with some shower gel, and started jerking my dick. It felt great, and the friction from the push and pull at the hairy base sent me to the top within a couple of minutes. I came hard against the shower wall, splattering my cum all over it. I leaned back, and slid down the opposing wall, as I felt my dick soften, and the hot water pulsing against my freshly drained body. My dick drooped, resting on the shower floor, as I relieved my bladder again. Yellow and white puddles dribbled down the stream, disappearing into the drain. I rested a couple of minutes, when the door opened, and I saw Brett walk by the clear shower curtain, naked. "Bubs, are you almost done? I gotta shower too." "Yeah." "No rush, I gotta shit anyway." I watched as he sat down, and kept talking to me while I sat there. I felt strengthened again, and got up, grabbing the shower gel, and washing off my crotch. "Did you fall or somethin?" "No, I got tired though." "Man, maybe you should just take it easy Bubs."

I shut the shower off, and opened the curtain, stepping out and grabbing my towel off the counter. He stood and turned, flushing. I noticed he was soft, but still thick, and his bushy pubes had dried, as well as the lighter hairs up his abs and chest. He was really tan, and kind of red around his dick and hips. He reached out and touched my shoulder, with a concerned look on his face. "I'll make some dinner, and just relax, ok Bubs?" "Ok. Thanks." I wrapped my towel around my waist, and grabbed my folded clothes, walking back to my room. I heard the shower start up again, as I closed my door. The sun was shining into my room from the skylight and large picture windows along my big wall. I pulled on my underwear and lay down, curling up with my pillow, facing the light. I woke up and the sun was setting. My room was orange and yellow, and I got up, with a slight shiver. I pulled on my tee and shorts from earlier, and walked out into the hall. I smelled steak or something, as I walked down the hall, to the open foyer, and down the stairs.

I made my way to the kitchen, and saw Brett standing in his boxers, with his earbuds in, steaks on a griddle and a pot of something boiling on the stove. I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a coke. When I turned back, Brett was pulling his earbuds out. "Hey Bubs, how did you sleep?" "Good, thanks. Smells great" He smiled. "I found some steaks in the freezer drawer and a bag of potatoes, so I thought I'd make a man's meal." He flipped the steaks over, and turned the griddle down to simmer. Working his way over the stove, I noticed he was bulging out of his boxers. Fuckin horn ball. I leaned against the counter, sipping at my coke, and watched him drain the water out, and start to mash the potatoes. He was whistling under his breath, as I looked him up and down. His body was really defined, and his skin tone was an even caramel throughout. Aside from our body hair and build, we looked almost exactly alike. I wondered about him getting off. From what I saw before, he had a thick dick like mine, and probably the same length. I was just under 7". He glanced over and winked. I felt my face get flushed, but I was probably already red from being in the sun.

I set the table, and waited, while Brett continued to finish the meal. He served it up, with some honey rolls as well. It was really a nice meal for just being us. He sat down and we dug in. He told me about graduation plans, and how he didn't have any friends he wanted to take with on his road trip next summer, and he was going to see about me goin with him. I thought it would be fun too. He was going to go to school on the east coast, and said I should look into school there too. I suddenly felt a sadness, as I realized this was our last official year being able to see each other all the time. I shook my mind of it, and finished my food. We cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher, and went into the family room to see about watching a movie. We ended up watching Family Guy instead. I noticed Brett continued to stay hard the entire time, and he didn't seem to be hiding it at all. It was about 10:00, and I had to go to bed. I went upstairs, and stripped down to my briefs, pulling back the blanket and sheet, to get in. I reached for my phone and noticed Brett standing in my doorway, with a full on hardon pointing out, against his boxesrs. "I was about to jack off, and thougth I'd say goodnight Bubs." "Wow, thanks for sharing, haha." He looked kind of serious. "How long have you been jacking off?" "What do you mean?" "I mean, like, how long have you been getting off? I saw the cum in the shower." Shit...I forgot to wipe it up. "Sorry you had to see that. I ... I guess I just got horny." "Bubs, it's ok. I just was wondering if you've been jacking long?" "A few years actually. Just lately I've been more horny so I do it a couple times a day now." "What's method do you use?" "I just jerk it off til I cum. I don't know what it's called though." "Have you ever tried palming your dick head while you stroke? It's fucking awesome." I felt my dick getting hard under the sheets. "No I haven't." "I usually use that method, or the hand over hand method. It's like a continuous stroke." "I'll have to try sometime." 

I felt a little awkward, but turned on at the same time. I wasn't attracted to Brett like that, but thinking of him jerking off, was like an out of body experience, watching myself in my mind. I wanted to watch him do it. "I can show you if you like." I sat up, and looked over at him. He was fully hard, and I saw his bulging boxers shift a little. He had his arms crossed in front of him, and his lower lip was sucked into his mouth. I knew he was serious, and I thought for a second about not doing it, but this was a whole week of alone time, and we were off to a really interesting start. My balls were aching anyway. I pulled back the covers, and got out of bed, feeling my dick creep along side my thigh, toward the outer seam of my tight briefs. Brett leaned forward, against the door frame, and adjusted his hard dick in his boxers, but it still sprang forward, pointing straight out. He smiled as I walked closer. He turned and walked toward his room, as I followed. Once in his room, he went to the window, and pulled the blinds closed. I sat on the edge of his bed, and he pulled his boxers off, dropping them to the floor. He scratched at his bushy pubes, and I saw his dick flex a little. He went to the head of the bed, slowly sliding on top, propping back against the pillows. He patted the space next to him, and I scooted back. "You can just watch Bubs. I think you'll like it like this." He started stroking, and spit into his free palm, circiling it around the head of his dick. 

I wanted to join him, but I felt like he really just wanted to show off a little. His breathing was heavy, and he'd emit lower moans and growls, kind of like I did, when I jacked off. It was so weird watching him. When he closed his eyes, he looked a lot more like me. "Hey Bubs...Do you...mind if I cum? I'm...close." "Yeah, do it." My throat was dry and scratchy, and I swallowed hard, feeling the dryness of my throat. He was moaning louder now, and swirled his palm faster, and then moved his hand down to cup his balls. his entire dick head was dripping pre cum, and the hole would open and close, as he stroked. I was staring directly at his dick, as he stroked. "Ok...I'm...God..." he started shooting his load right before my eyes. It was intense! His cum looked almost itentical to mine, clear, and light, and sprayed drops all up and across his body. He let go of his balls, and pinched the head, right below the circumsizion line, with his finger and thumb. 

he came a few more shots, while he thrusted a little at the hips. He pulled his knees up, tucking his balls down in the crevice, while he let go of his dick, and ran his hands up his abs and chest. "Fuuuuck....Bubs." He reached over, and pulled my hand to his chest. His heart was beating really fast, almost like he was going to have a heart attack. He let go of my hand, and I pulled it back, realizing I had some of his cum on me. I was moaning still, as he curled away from me. I ran my hand down his back, as he moaned and groaned. I wasn't sure what was going on, but it was really arousing.

He calmed down after a few minutes, and turned, looking at me. "That was so intense. My dick got so sensitive, I can't even handle it." He looked relieved and his face was sweaty. His dick was pointing straight up, and still drizzling a little cum. "You probably over did it with the palm thing." "No, I do that all the time." He was looking up at the ceiling, with his mouth open. "It was good, but really hardcore." I felt wetness in my briefs and reached down, pushing my dick off to the side. I started sliding to the foot of the bed, and he just lay there, breathing slowly. "I'm going to bed Brett. Thanks for showin me though." Anytime. I just need to chill bubs. Goodnight." His dick was still standing up, as I closed the door behind me. I got back to my room, and shut the door, shuffling to my bed. My briefs were off by the time I got in under the sheets, and with an old t shirt from the dirty laundry pile, I had myself a quickie. I came hard, and long, and fell asleep with my dick wrapped up in teh soggy fabric.

The next morning I woke up to knocking on my door. 7:30, and I had to get up for school. Brett was standing in the doorway, with his boxers sitting low, and a sleepy look on his face. "Get up Bubs! Time for school." I looked over, with sleep in my eyes. He was scratching in his boxers, fully exposing his bush of pubes. Then the night before played quickly through my mind, and I almost giggled out loud. He yawned and turned to leave. I sat up, and reached down to pull the sheets back, forgetting the t shirt. It was plastered to my dick, and surpised me, when the fabric pulled at the soft skin. Fuck...Happy Monday


Luc G

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