My name is Thomas. Tom by my friends. My wife Sally and I have been married 6 years. We met at the University and we both got jobs there after graduation. I am a full professor as well as Dean of Admissions and Student Discipline. My wife is a secretary. We married when we thought she was pregnant. But it was a false alarm. We're happy, sort of! Now at 30, I pretty much focus on my job. Sally, at 28, works but seems to disappear a lot.

One day I followed her back to our home for a few hours and then she went back out to work. When I asked about her day, she didn't mention anything. After a few more times following her, I noticed a young man, a student I suppose, arrive at our home before she arrived, and then he left about half an hour after she left. I could only come to one conclusion, Sally was having an affair!

At 30, I considered myself to be in pretty decent shape, working out three times a week at the University Athletic Center. At 6 foot and 175 pounds, I have a nice muscled frame with good arms and legs, a trim waist and a nice chest. Sally was nice looking but to be honest, our love life wasn't all that spectacular. I wasn't quite jealous but I was a bit upset for my reputation.

After staking out our home one day, "he" entered, then Sally followed, I gave them about 15 minutes to settle in and then made my move. I entered quietly and heard them in the bedroom, where I snuck up to the door. This "kid" was already shirtless but Sally was still dressed. I stood in the doorway with my arms crossed over my chest until he looked over and froze. Sally turned to face me and gave out a shriek. I had to give her points for her selection. Her young lover, blond hair, blue eyed, smooth tanned chest, looked like he just came in from a California surfing club.

She began to cry hysterically and charged past me out of the room and out of the house when I heard the front door slam. This kid, a bit shorter then me and not as muscular attempted to walk toward the door but I moved to block him. He sat back down on the corner of the bed with his shirt in his lap. He was shaking a bit. I was more amused then mad I realized.

"So how long you been sleeping with my wife?" I asked.

"I ... I ... um .. uh.. I wasn't ..." he stammered.

"Don't lie to me. I been watching you two. Any idea who I am?"

"Um, you're one of the Deans, Thomas Richards" he answered.

"Dean of Discipline to be precise, so you go to University then?"

"Yes sir." He was still stammering and obviously scared shitless.

I asked him some questions, letting him calm down just a bit. His name was Tony and he was a sophomore. I found that his major was the same one which I taught, so eventually I would have him as a student. He was so cornered. No, he was so fucked!

"I guess you were about to fuck Sally when I came in huh?" I asked.

He didn't know what to say with such a direct between. He meekly nodded "No" then changed it to a "Yes" nod. I grinned at him.

"Yeah, she's a good lay, but I don't like her going behind my back, being a Dean and all." Then I casually dropped a small bomb. "Yea," I continued, "I had a fling with a female employee and then one with a male student, but while fun, it just didn't work out." His eyes went wide with that revelation.

"So you think you're the hot stud huh?" I continued. "But I can hold my own I think," I said as I peeled off my shirt revealing my muscled chest. "Ya think?"

Tony stared up at me and looked surprised that his Dean wasn't all that shabby. He nodded meekly.

"How about these muscled legs?" I asked as I removed my shoes, socks and pants, standing in only my tighty whities.

"Let's see what you got. Strip down to your undies." I directed.

Tony sat motionless for a while until I took a step towards him. Only about three feet in front of him, he stood up and kicked off his shoes. He wore no socks. He fumbled with his jeans and pulled them off. He stood before me, still shaking a bit, in only a black thong. Damn he was hot! With light patches of blonde hair under his arms, and a small blond trail leading down from his belly button into his thong, he could easily have been a model.

"Very nice, very nice indeed," I complimented him. Tony actually gave me a weak smile and seemed to calm a bit as he muttered a "thank you."

"So what do you and Sally like to do in bed Tony? Mostly fucking and sucking?"

Again I pushed him off balance by such a direct and intimate question. I told him that Sally used to like to watch me play with myself. He half grinned in acknowledgment, surprised to me sharing sex secrets.

"Lose the thong," I commanded. "Lets see what you can do. Go on, jack off for me. Now."

Again he hesitated but I sat down on the end of the bed. Tony looked around the room and realized that he had a clear path to the door for a fast escape. I noticed that too and held my breath. I wanted him to stay. I guess he did too because he turned to face me and with a half smile, he lowered his thong and started to play with his cock, which at this point was not impressive at all.

I looked up at him and his hot firm smooth body and I spread my legs and began to rub the front of my briefs. His smile grew as his cock grew. I knew I had him. And I wanted him.

Tony started to rock his hips a bit as he stroked and I put my hand inside my briefs. His eyes went wide and his smile grew. At this point, his cock was at full attention.

"How about your undies?" he asked.

"You want me to take them off," I asked with a grin.

"Yeah, lets see who gives Sally the bigger cock!"

My oh my, our boy was starting to get some confidence back after I scared him. But I was enjoying this, enjoying him. Some male bonding was actually developing.

I stood up to face him as I tucked my fingers into my waist band and pulled off my tighty whites, revealing my already hard cock. We looked down at the other and were surprised how similar our cocks were: maybe 8 inches, cut, average width.

"At least Sally is consistent," I said. We both broke out laughing as Tony leaned in and surprised me with a kiss.

"Maybe you will get lucky this afternoon after all," I said with a wide grin. "But I may play your role today" I added.

It took him a second to figure that out til I heard him say, "Hell yeah. I'd love a good fucking!"

We pulled apart and got onto the bed. Tony was on all fours, offering me that sweet tan ass. I reached into my nightstand and pulled out some lube. After rubbing some on my rock hard cock and a little smear across that asshole, I positioned myself behind him. I pushed in slow and began to fuck my wife's lover. And man, were we enjoying this!

The bed rocked as I slammed harder and harder into that ass. Tony moaned in delight as I'm sure my cock was not his first. Our bodies glowed with sweat, feeling no pain, until we heard a shriek at the doorway. There stood Sally with eyes wide and mouth hanging open. All I could do was give her a wide grinning smile. Tony must have given her the same greeting as she ran into the closet and came out with a large garbage bag filled with her clothes. She was out of the room in seconds and a moment later, we heard the front door slam. I started to laugh so hard until my cock decided to take over. I felt my hard throbbing tool harden just a bit more as my hips froze. I plunged one last thrust, feeling my cock empty itself out. That must have triggered Tony's orgasm as I felt his ass clench down on me, and he howled out his own cumming. I could see him squirt beneath us as his body suddenly slowed. We fell apart and landed on the bed on our backs, both grinning with occasional chuckling thinking of the scene we had just experienced.

A few minutes later, with both our heads on the pillows, we chatted like old pals about what had just happened.

"So I guess I'll see you next term in one of my classes," I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Next term? Thomas, or should I say Tom, Its already 4:30. I have no more classes and its Friday. Do you have to go back to the University?" he asked with a sly smile.

"My my my. Is this a proposition for a date?" I asked.

Troy looked at me and rolled his eyes. "A date? You just fucked me. I'd say we're past a date." He giggled. "I'd like to stay a while and get to repay the favor. I did plan on having a fuck today, remember? Not getting fucked!" We both laughed. He went on to explain that he liked to be with guys a little older because the other students were a bit immature, which is why he stuck with girls and the occasionally older woman. Sally was a good lay but a bit too self centered for his taste, he said.

I ordered in pizza and we ate a laughed and talked and really enjoyed each others company.

"I have to admit," I said," I'm really enjoying this afternoon with you."

"I should say so, but I think we're both ready for some more fun," Tony said, "but lets go play in the basement! He grinned from ear to ear.

"You've been down there?" I asked.

"Yup, only once, but I like the work out area floor space you set up, and especially the shower you put in there."

Tony ran back into the bedroom and came out holding the tube of lube in his hand. With his other hand he grabbed my hand and let me to the stairs and down to the work out area. The equipment was all stored along the walls and only the large blue padded exercise mat was on the floor.

"This should work just fine," Tony said. "Now lets strip Tom."

We both undressed while watching the other and smiled quite a bit. In no time, we were both on the mat, rolling around, playing, wrestling, exploring, and groping each other whenever the opportunity exposed itself. After a while I got on my back and raised my legs, pulling them in towards my chest, exposing my asshole to him. I pushed the small tube over towards him and he began to cover his hardening cock with the lube. He pushed a gob of it into my waiting ass.

"You prefer this position Tom," Tony sweetly asked me.

"Its fine," I replied, "I just wanna watch your sweet face."

Tony glowed with my response.

His lovemaking was amazing. He was slow and gentle and caring of my every feeling. That his cock shouldn't hurt and that I was feeling as much pleasure as him. His tenderness surprised me and I suddenly felt bad about how mean I was to him when I caught him with my wife, as weird as that sounds.

After a moment I sat up and pushed him out of me. I stared at him intently.

"What's wrong?" Tony asked, with a very concerned face.

"I'm sorry but I have to ask this question Tony," I began. "When you were with Sally, ... um uh...."

I was at a loss for words.

We silently stared at each other until a grin began creeping across his face.

"I know what you want to ask," he started. "No, Sally was different. That was sex and fucking. This is different." he paused. "Tom, this is lovemaking with someone special."

My heart skipped a beat! Perfect answer. I felt silly for asking, but I knew I was starting to have those feelings too, even after just our first day.

I laid back down, raising my feet again, signalling my readiness for him to take me. His "lovemaking" resumed, as he picked up speed and determination with each thrust. My insides hadn't felt this complete in quite a while. And the sexual pleasure was also grand. As Tony got closer to his release, his pumping got slower, but still as deep, and he leaned in closer to me. Face to face as our bodies rocked, our lips met for a long passionate kiss. Our tongues found each other as he continued to plow me. I felt my cock get rock hard between our bellies as I could feel him reaching his climax.

Suddenly, I felt my own body tense up and realized that his pressure inside me pushed me over the edge. Every one of my muscles spasmed as I felt my self shoot my cream between us, locking us together. The pressure sent him over the edge. I could feel him filling my insides and my heart glowed with contentment, knowing that this was the real thing and not just lust.

A short while later I stood up and took Tony by the hand, bringing him to his feet to stand next me. Time for a shower, I explained. We walked into the next room and got into the large shower. The warm water streamed over our contented bodies as we soaped and washed each other all over. In no time, we had each given the other a hard-on which made us laugh.

"So I didn't know that 30 year old guys could get it up so often!" Tony teased.

"Don't be a wise ass!" I responded. I took control and pushed him up against the tiled wall of the shower and dropped to my knees. With my left hand feeling and exploring his ass crack and my other hand fondling his silky ball sac, I hungrily began to suck his beautiful cock. As I took him deeper and deeper, two of my fingers found his asshole and slowly poked in. I heard him gasp as I knew I found his sweet spot. I soon began finger fucking him as my mouth clamped tighter around his throbbing cock. His body squirmed in front of me as I continued to pleasure him front and back.

I found his prostate and massaged his love button as he moaned and swooned. He was speechless and could only moan as I pleasured him. His howl grew as his cock swelled and his hips bucked. His ass clenched around my fingers as his cream filled my mouth in wave after wave of orgasm. Tony's feet buckled as he collapsed into my arms, panting and out of breath. In my arms on the floor of the shower, he looked up at me with a warm loving grin.

"I didn't think you younger guys could cum so often!" We both broke out laughing.

Tony stayed that Friday night and Saturday night too. We were never more then inches apart and we never wore very much clothing. It was an amazing weekend.

I can't wait to make my wife's ex-lover my student assistant next term!



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