Pene sun piered in the bedroom where I awoke alone in the king sized bed. Otter has removed himself from the bed and disappeared into the house some where. I slowly slugged myself out of the bed and pushed myself into the bathroom where I took care of my morning royalties.

After my responsibilities were taken care of I got dressed into loose sweats and a three - quarter length t-shirt and headed downstairs.

"So Otter, how was he? Was he hot enough for you? Or were you to much of a bitch to get into his pants?" Sunshine says teasingly.

"You know Sunshine, you can be a real bitch. Did you know that? " Otter replies in a snotty tone. But he wasn't lying. She really could be a bitch and I've only know her for about and day and a half. "But no. We didn't get anywhere past like, second base. What is second base actually??"

"Well first base is hand holding, and a kiss goodnite. Second is definitely a make out sesh. And third base would be something close to a BJ, or and actually BJ. And fourth base is mos--"

"Oh no. He most definitely got to third base." I say cutting her off, walking into the kitchen and wrapping my arms around Otter planting a kiss on his checks. He shrugs me off his shoulders and glares at me. I walk around the island they were sitting at and dig into the refrigerator.

"I'm not a kiss and tell, and nor shall you be." Otter says. "We've got a long day today so pack your lunch accordingly. Plus we'll be out all day."

I pack our lunches and we head out on our horses. Today I choose to ride Elizabeth. She's the palest horse we have. She's an amazing shade of white with the most beautiful blonde mane that also appeared on her hooves. I don't know what kind of horse she was but she made me fill like a prince. A handsome prince with the prettiest horse in the kingdom. But Otter felt otherwise. He really looked kinda angry. Not even the slightest bit happy.

"You look so gay on that horse" He says.

"Excuse me?"

"What? You look like a prince from a fairytale."

"Thank you" I say smiling.

"Only a little..gayer."

"Otter, can we talk?" I reluctantly asked.

"I guess" He responded.

"You know. You never said that you didn't like show and tell."

"Well you never asked. And I thought it was one of those things you just knew. I mean, it's not like we actually had sex. You kinda just teased me."

"I know but still. I can't read you mind Otter. Somethings you've got to say out loud. I like you. I really do, but if you can't be open and out with the affection and displays of it then we've got a problem."

"We've? Whoa, we aren't anything."

"Excuse me? What do you mean we aren't anything? Last night just wasn't a 'anything' kind of situation. You don't just seductively tease somebody and then cuddle them to sleep and not expect to have some type of label. It just doesn't work like that. It just doesn't! "

"Look Dylan. I made a mistake. That's not at all what I meant."

"Well that's definitely what it sounded like."

"Dylan, look."

"I don't wanna talk anymore."

"Dylan. Please."

I tap Elizabeth to speed up from a trot to a gallop, riding away with my blood boiling. I just couldn't believe him. I mean I may be rushing this but you can't just go and do something of that nature and not commit to making it something more. I mean, seriously what do I have to do to have away decent relationship with someone?!

Otter catches up with me and we begin our days work. We haul hay, feed the horses, bathe them and we actually gave birth to three ponies too. And this was all before lunch. But even with something as amazing as birth, our day went started with an awkward silence and went to lunch with an even heavier silence. All the unspoken tension between us caused unwanted feelings in our friendship.

The day turned out long and hot and the not speaking to Otter was killing me and I just didn't know what to say to make this better. Maybe it's better I don't say anything. Maybe it's better I just leave him alone. Maybe I shouldn't--

"You know the way your lifting that hay, you'll break your back. Here, let me show you." Otter walks my way and puts a hand on my stomach and one on my back. "Now bend, but with your knees. And up, and throw. That's better." As he releases my body I let a slight groan slip out. He grabs the bottom of my shirt and starts to slowly pull it off. "Dude, it's 110 outside and your in a three - quarters length t-shirt, you're gonna burn alive. Take it off." I allow him to slip my shit off with no questions followed by the stripping of his clothing. He not only stripped his shirt, but stripped his bottoms too. His tight ass looked fucking amazing squeezed in his hot pink and blue American Eagle breifs.

The way his tan and the pink and blue he wore made him look like a god. His strapping muscles flexing at every move, glistening in the sun from the sweat he worked up. Just looking at him turned me on.

"Do you often work in just your breifs?" I ask him wanting more than just an answer but a lead way to tear into him.

"No, but when I do, I make it worth wild." And that was it. That's what I was waiting for. He said the magic words.

"Well then, come show me what your working with big daddy."

He struts over to me and lifts me up, wrapping my legs around him and slam a huge kiss on him. He pushed me up against the hay bail behind us, kissing my checks sliding his lips up to my ear and whispering into it.

"You want this dick? Huh?" I moan in answering his questions as he moves to my neck. "Beg for it!" He says throwing me unto the ground again. He climbs on top of me and kisses down to my navle and makes me moan even louder. He slowly licks down to my pants button again need unbuttoned them with his teeth. Pulling my pants off, I turn over on my stomach.

"God. These light blue compressions are doing it for me babe." He says smacking my ass.

"Haha, yeah? Come and get it?"I says sliding completely out of my compressions and climbing the latter to the second floor of the stable which is laced with hay and straw. I hid a blanket up there when I was taking my leisure stroll. Otter follows and tackles me onto the blanket which we roll around on. I end on top and plant the best kiss I've ever give anyone in my life I him. We start to make out letting our tongue explore each other mouths, taking us to a while new level. He kisses down to my compressions, licking my solid rock hard cock through them. He played with the tip, slowly circling what he could due to them still being in compressions. His teasing was doing the worst for me, making me arch and moan and scratch his back and yell even louder. I couldn't imagine what it would be like when he actually sucked my dick.

Then it happened. He released my cock from its light blue barrier and swallowed my dick whole, till I chocked him, and he still didn't come up for air. He deep throated me, making my arch even higher, scream even louder and scratch even deeper breaking the skin on his back. He comes up and swirls his tongue around my head, slowly caressing the tip, sliding down my shift with this tongue until he got to the base grabbing the rest of my cock stroking it slowly.

I beg him to release me and I turn over, begging him to fuck me hard. Instead he slaps my ass, and grabs my cock and starts sucking it from behind.

"Awe, holy fucking shit!!"

"You like that don't you?"

"Yess..God that's amazing..FUCK!!" I yell in extreme pleasure.

"Oh, the best is yet to come." Otter says as he slaps my ass again. He grabs my ass in both hands and spreads it as far apart as he could. My pink virgin hole staring him in the face, waiting to be penetrated. He goes in slowly, twirling his tongue around my hole, sending an amazing feeling up my back sending outrageous moans from my mouth. He grabs my hair, making me arch my back and goes in, he plunges his tongue deeper and deeper in my ass, making me moan and screech in pleasure.

"Are you ready for this dick, babe?" He ask pulling from my ass and pulling out the bottle of lube I also brought for my leisurely stroll. "Oh god. Your so ready."

"Please, fuck me hard. Fuck me so damn hard!!" I beg.

He lies on his back and motions for me to climb aboard. I lube his dick up and also my ass. I climb on top of him, making out with him again. We let our tongues explore each others mouths again. I reach down behind me and grab the base of his cock, standing it completely upward. "Are you ready for this tight ass?" I ask as I position myself for the ride. I lower myself onto his dick, feeling the head of his cock pushing on my pink virgin hole. I could feel the warmth from his cock, slid into me, head first. I let out a loud moan as he holds me study on his dick. I clench my ass around his head and slowly move in a circle, teasing his head with my ass. His moans grew from a low mutter to a loud roar.

I slowly slid down his huge cock, taking his dick, inch by inch until all ten and a half inches were inside of me. Once at the base I clenched my ass and moved in a circular motion, bouncing up and down ever so slightly. His moans grew louder and deeper, as my moans turned into utter passion for cock. I didn't let the pain that I was enduring stop him from getting his fuck on nor mine. I slowly started to find our fuck rhythm, sliding back and fourth, up and down , and round and round on his dick until he pulled my hair causing and arch in my back to make me scream. He held my hair, and stabled his feet and started to pump faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper until he hit that spot.

My spot. The feelings that that spot created made me light headed, and woozy, sending me to new levels of excitement and pleasure. The bucking he was doing caused such and uproar, I haven't realized that I had came all over his chest. He pulled out of me, causing me to crash from my high way to quickly. He turned me over onto my stomach and lifted my ass in the air. He figured some of the cum I had left on his chest and slapped it onto his dick and fell back into me, throwing his dick all the way to the hilt. Again pulling my hair he fucked me hard, smacking my ass and calling me names.

"Yeah. You fucking like this dick j your ass huh, you filthy slut!? God, you're so fucking tight. Yeaah! Take this big dick you dirty cunt! Take it!!"

All I could respond with were moans and the tight in of my legs around his waist, thrusting back on him as he pounds me hard and deep. He again slides out of me and flips me over on my back. He enters me again and fuck me until I get those feelings again. I was once again being fucked senseless, but felt like I was on cloud nine. My head was spinning and I felt that stir again. My ass clenched and my balls grew tighter and my back archer more than it has before, and I shot the biggest load ever. One, two, three, Four, FIVE shots landing in Otters short blonde hair, his chest, my chest and all on my stomach. He moans louder as he pulls me upward grabbing my body and pulling it in close to his, shooting his load, rope after luxurious rope into my sweet tight ass. His sweet man juices filling me up, slowly brought me down from my orgasmic high, breathing both heavily, and quickly I fall backwards with him on top of me, trying to catch our breaths from the amazing love gest we just had.

I feel Otter go limp inside of me and I roll over on top of him, and slowly kiss him. Our make out session after that fuck was the greatest. We laid there in each others naked arms, touching and talking, giggling, until the sun set over the stable. We gather our clothing put on what was needed, just our pants, and headed back to the house.

"Well if it isn't my favorite boys." Sunshine sarcasticly says as we enter the kitchen. "So three horse gave birth today? "

"Yeah. Just about. Qualin, she is due any day now, I just hope not anytime soon, or we'll need to up the workers down at the stables." Otter replied.

"Well boys, it's quiting time for me. I'm not gonna keep the small talk going. You guys know what to do before you retire to the bedroom. One quick glance over the check list, clean house, and an inventory. Goodnite boys."

"Goodnite Sunshine" we say in unison. We begin our checklist of a million things to do before we hit the showers. By the time we finished it was 10:30. We showered and chilled in the living room.

"Can we talk about earlier Otter?"

"Sure. What about it?"

"I mean, I'm sorry I was such a dick about it. I should have respected what you wanted."

"Dylan can we not talk about this?"

"I know it's a sensitive subject. I just wanna know what I can do to not make this happen again. What do I do to make sure it doesn't happen like that?"

"Nothing. Please just leave it alone. It's in the past."

"it's in the past? I guess having sex with you was in the past to, huh?"

"Yes. Yes it was."

"So what? Did that not mean anything to you? Was I just another piece of ass for you?"

"Dylan. No. It's not what it meant."

"it's never what you meant, Otter. It's never that! You always say that. I'm trying here I really am. But I don't know if I should keep trying if this is how it's going to be. I can't keep trying if your not going to try. Let alone show it. We may not be dating but what happens if we do? Huh? Will it be the same?"

"Dylan, don't do this."

"Will it be just like this? You not talking about anything you care about?! You not giving any fuck about your partner?!"

"Dylan. Stop. Please."

"You are such an asshole! I can't believe this. All you care about is you, and yourself!"

"Dylan, we've only know each other for a short time, things can change. No. They will change. For you."

"Don't tell me what I want to hear! Don't do that. You don't mean it." I remove myself from the couch and run up the stairs and lock myself in my room. I sink to the bottom of the door, holding myself, crying. I've never felt so used and unwanted in my life.

"Just know, I do love you. Your the only man I'll ever love, and if I can't have you think I deserve to be alone. For ever." Otter say in the other side of the door. Leaving me in my room, a hot bawling mess. Maybe we'll sort this out tomorrow, or not. Maybe it's time for me to leave.


Rainbow Fortune Teller


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