It was my 21st birthday and our 2 year anniversary with my girlfriend when she decided it was time to move on. She had been seeing this guy name Ben. Ben had been a new fellow at her job for about a month now, and she was always talking about him. I should have suspected something was going on. But she thought it was fine, being that I was Bisexual, she thought it would work perfectly fine, but when she chose him over me I wasn't to surprised. You know what they say; You can't turn a hoe into a housewife.

Well my 21st birthday marks the last day of college for the summer so I'd thought I'd go and drink my sorrows away. But being that the money I had was only enough to get me home I thought I shouldn't. My uncle phoned me since he's the one taking care of me since my parents passed away. My mother passed of a stress - induced heart attack when my father was comatose from when his plan had a crash landing. But that was years ago, and all the family support and doctor help, fixed my emptiness from that. My uncle owns a farm in southern iowa and wants me to come and work on it, since I'm double majoring in music and dance I told him yes. A nice summer workout is just what I need to forget that bitch Samantha.

I packed my stuff, and left Oklahoma and headed to Iowa. I arrived at the airport and headed out. My uncle was there to greet me.

"Dylan! Dylan you ol' city slicker! Come here you big hunk of hair!" He screamed excitedly. "My god you've grown since last break, in which I might add since you didn't come home and see me. You had me worried! So how was your flight?" He asked putting my bags into the trunk of his semi - new Ford F150.

"Eh. It wasn't as long as I thought it would be" I say slipping into the car and kicking my shoes off. "I mean it could've been worst." I say laughing as he gets in the car and slowly pulls off down the road. There was a little silence before one of us spoke again.

"So, umm.. Dylan..." He spoke clearing his throat. I knew what he was going to ask. When. My uncle is uncomfortable talking about something he clears his throat....ALOT.

"No uncle Wiblert. I haven't dated a guy yet, and I wouldn't bring him home unless you wanted me to. And besides Samantha broke up with me the other day so I'm and open book now." I say to him easing the pain before he muttered himself into a hole with me. Iowa hadn't changed since I left in 2010. It was still the same. Green, upon green, upon green. It was actually nice to see hills, grassy hills, big hills, small hill, and forest and woods and nature. It reminded me of home.

"Now Dylan, because the business is actually growing, believe it or not, I'm going to be at my Main Office back at the house, but you'll only be 45 minutes away at the second farm. Umm, we've also have Billy at farm 3 and your cousin Susie at farm 4 managing factory 1 &2. So you'll settle in today and met your boss and other employees tomorrow. " He said as we pulled into the second farm which was named after my father, his brother; Airon (Aaron).

He helped me unload and move my things into the house which seem To be pretty much empty. My uncle had won the lottery awhile back and won about 45 hundred million dollars and stared this farm, and it's been growing ever since. So he bought this house and gave it to my father, but he never got to enjoy it. It was a nine bedroom and four bath. Nice and cozy.

I moved my things into the master bedroom and unloaded. I stood in the mirror looking at myself. 5 foot 10 inches, long straight blonde hair which sat in a ponytail and hung mid way down my back. Piercing hazel eyes, a little light in the tan and a dancers build. Smooth chest. The only hair I have is my hair on my head and my treasure trail and pubes which are trimmed, sitting on a 3 inch placid dick, but 7.5 when erect.

I stripped down to my compressions and tourd the house. It didn't take long for my curiosity to kick in and me take Walk around the farm. There was a horse stable, with no horses but instead full of hay. Down the road was the actual horse stable with horses. Across from that a field. Open field for miles. Then 10 minutes down the road the actual farm. I'm talking miles and miles of cattle, pigs/hogs, sheep, and what ever else you could think of.

After my miniature exploration I headed back to the house. I couldn't stop thinking about Samantha and Ben and how pitiful they must be together. I sat in the field watching the clouds slowly turn into the night skies filling the sky with stars upon stars. I haven't seen this many stars since my parents were alive. Even then we would leave rural iowa and visit country iowa.

I entered the house after hours of watching the sky, and headed to the shower to wash my stress away. I slipped into my favorite pair of compressions; Electric blue Adiddas with black paisley print and a neon green waist band, that fit amazingly forming to my body just the way I like it. I fixed myself a small dinner and retired to my room, alone, tired and questionable i wasn't really sure about tomorrow. I mean it's something to look forward to but then again it was pretty scary.

I was awoke the next morning with the sound of the shower going, the smell of breakfast being cooked, and the feeling of other people in the home. I rolled out of bed and did my stretches when someone knocked on the door.

"Hey, umm, could I borrow a towel?" He asked. I turned around to see who had asked me a question and I couldn't believe what I saw. He was six foot five, short blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and a completely hairless body. He stood in the nude with nothing to be ashamed of. I mean he had a five inch dick, placid and probably ten inches erect.

"Umm, sure." I said blushing and handing him a towel.

"Cute compressions" He stated taking the towel and slipping away to the bathroom. I watched him walk down the hall, his ass, perfectly round and plump. It kinda turned me on. I closed my door and got dressed. I was feeling a bit lazy since it was only a Saturday, I slipped into some soccer pants and a three quarters length t-shirt and slid downstairs.

"Welcome to Airons' Farm. We are your new family for the summer!" A lady say extending her hand. "I'm Mary Beth, The boss around these parts. And these other people are your staff." She says swaying her arms towards them. "I guess introductions are in due huh? Everybody line up! You have; Sunshine, Erica, Mable, Rebecca, Amber, Riley, Jane, Summer, Samuel, Daniel, Michael, and Otter" she says ending at the gorgeous man that saw me in my compressions.

"Umm hello Sunshine, Erica, Mable, Rebecca, Amber, Riley, Jane, Summer, Samuel, Daniel, Micheal and Otter. Umm, it's a pleasure to met you guys and work with you all this summer."

"This is Airons' son, so give him the respect that you would give Airon or Wilbert. Now Dylan is it? Dylan you'll be working with Otter. Today will be the easiest day for you, but Monday will not. He'll teach you as much as he can today and tomorrow. Good luck and God bless. Now let's go to work."

Everybody heads out to the farm, which is bigger than I thought. There is a petting zoo, a farm, a cattle farm, a produce farm, and horse backing and a rodeo. Man my uncles got it good.

Otter and I set off to the horse ranch. The stable with the horses were horses we used to travel on the farm with. Otter showed me how to get on and ride a horse, not that I need to be taught that, I rode a horse before, if you get my drift. We rode and talked until we got to the horse ranch. He ran through the basic on horse behavior, and care and what we need to do throughout the week.

Otter was your typical country boy but smarter. He was just so gorgeous and intelligent and sweet and kind hearted. I often found myself thinking about him and getting hard almost instantly.

"So Otter, how old are you? I know you're in college but exactly how old are you?" I ask taking a break and sitting on a hay bail.

"23. I've been working here since my freshman year in highschool." He says sitting next to me.

"Wow. That's a long time dude. I can't believe that."

"Yeah. But it's chill. So what are you in school for?" He asked getting back to work.

"Music and Dance Education" I say following behind him. "I just wanna teach kids how powerful music and dance are. They are such an amazing thing you can't go without not realizing their power." "Wow. You're really passionate about that huh?"

"Yeah. So what about you??"

"Oh. Actually planning on running the farm since Wilbert practically raised me since I started here. He took me in and taught me the trade and I kinda just fell in love with it. I mean that is if you don't mind since he doesn't have any kids." He says taking a sip from his water bottle spiling water down the front of his shirt.

"Oh no. It's cool. Honesty I wouldn't know what to do if he left it to me" I say to him as he take of his shirt revealing his amazingly ripped and toned body. I couldn't resist myself but I had to. I wanted to just rub my hands all along his chest.

"Oh, okay. Cool. I was a little worried At first." He says tossing his shirt and getting back to work.

Hours passed and we had lunch together half naked. It gets pretty damn hot in the stable and out in the field. Both shirtless and shoeless we walk back to the house. When we arrived the twins Samuel and Daniel were leaving.

"So are you leaving too?" I turn and ask Otter.

"Nope. Nobody likes to stay in the house alone. But if you want, I'll stay in the house with you, but that's if you want" He says softly.

"Okay. Yeah. I think I'll like that."

We let the twins out and slip inside. I headed for the kitchen and he strips in the middle of the living room down to His compressions. He was absolutely gorgeous. Like a god. I offered to make dinner for the both of us.

Dinner didn't take long to make or consume. Before long we were both in our compressions watching television.

"Dylan, I know this is coming out of nowhere and you're probably going to say no, but do I look hot?"

"Yeah. Dude, your amazingly hot actually. Why'd you ask??"

"Well my boyfriend broke up with me for a guy he thinks is hotter than me." I couldn't believe what I just heard. He said boyfriend. I mean, like what! Boyfriend!? Dylan control yourself.

"I'm sorry, but he's wrong there is no one hotter than you my dear." I say to cheer him up stopping the urges I had to devoure the boy whole. "Thanks."

"No prob--" before I could finish my sentence Otter had kissed me.I didn't stop him bit instead kiss him back. I kissed him harder, letting our tongue wrestle around in each others mouths. I climbed on top of him and started grinding my ass on his dick teasing him on what he wants.

I made my way to his neck, kissing and sucking, nibbling on his ear and whispering dirty things into his ear. He pushes me off of him onto my back and he lays on top of me, never breaking eye contact. He kisses down my neck sending feelings I've never felt before down my spine making me arch my back. He just slid his hand round and grabbed my ass giving it a squeeze awhile moving on to my nipple paying close attention to them. He sucked, bit, nibbled and played with them until he was satisfied. He begin to kiss lower and lower down my chest to my belly button then to the base of my dick. He slowly licked my fully erect cock through my compressions sending me through exotic states of pleasure and bliss.

But I had to stop him. I couldn't do that. I can't just get fucked by everything that's amazingly sweet and sensitive and smart and charming and hot. So I pulled him back up and kissed him again turning him on to his back grinding my ass on his huge erect cock. I slid off of him and seductively walked to the doorway.

"Maybe another time handsome" I say as I turn and walk up the stairs into the darkness. Otter just sits on the couch with a look of disappointment and sher pleasure. He sorta looked intrigued too.

I made my way up the stairs horny ad shit and then I herd footsteps following me. I didn't turn around, I knew it was Otter. He followed me to my room, down the hall and to the right. I reach out to grab the handle of the door and I can feel Otter breathing down my neck.

His hot breath on my neck felt oddly amazing and turned me on even more to where I let a moan slip out. Otter took advantage of that moan and spun me around and put a hand on the door next to my head, making himself appear bigger than before.

He slowly lent in to kiss me and Iturned my cheek and he just kissed it. His prickly face from his shave sent shivers throughout my body. He made his way down to my neck, taking his hand off the door to pick my up and slam me against the wall. I had never been picked up before but it was exhilarating.

He kept kissing my neck as he slipped one hand into my compressions and started playing with my hole. His finger, slowly caressing it, slightly playing with it did something to me. It made me so fucking horny, all I could do was moan and arch my back.

He opened the door, letting us burst into the room falling on the bed. With my legs wrapped around him tightly, I wouldn't let him go but insisted he grind that big fucking cock of his into my ass.

And he did. And it sent me over the edge. His, what felt like 10 inches, grinding into my ass, my back arched and him pulling my pony tail was the greatest thing I've ever felt in my life. He then kisses my neck and starts to suck on it. He sucked know it enough to give me a hickey. After the hickey, me slowly pulls himself from my grip, and walks backwards towards the door and stands there for a moment.

I lay in the bed, on my back held up by my elbows, horny as shit confused as to why he stopped.

"Paybacks a bitch, isn't it?" He says as he disappears into the darkness of the hallway.

"FUCK!" I scream as I fall back onto the bed. "Please, don't make me wait."

He enters the room again and slowly strides towards me, bends down and plants one of the most passionate kisses I've ever had in my life on me. He climbs in the bed, slides under the covers and whispers "Good night kid. See you in the morning" and pulls me under his arms.

I lay there, feeling his warm, hard cock pressing between my ass and sighs. Tomorrow will be better, maybe we'll go all the way. I close my eyes and dream of that day, until then. I'll wait.


Rainbow Fortune Teller


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