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First, let me give you some background on my family.

My dad's family started having kids at an early age. My grandfather fathered my dad when he was sixteen and my uncle at twenty-four. Grandpa owned a construction company and as soon as my dad was old enough he began working for the company.

When my mother walked out on dad and I when I was seven, dad knew I was too young to be home alone after school. My grandmother had passed away and it was just my grandpa and uncle left at their home. Dad asked Clay, my uncle, if he would come live with us and look after me weekdays after school. Clay agreed.

We became very close and after a while I never called him 'uncle' again. He was just Clay.

Things were great and after a couple years, once Clay and I were home, we would go to whatever job dad and Grandpa were at and work for the rest of the day. Grandpa always said that dad and Clay would eventually inherit the company.

Even as I got older, Clay and I stayed close and he stayed at our place almost as much as he did at home with Grandpa. And, while Clay was in the Marines, dad would visit grandpa often.

Then, when I was sixteen, Grandpa had a stroke and was partially paralyzed on his left side. No longer able to work, Dad took over the company. By now, Clay was out of the Marines and working with dad. Then, Grandpa unexpectedly passed away.

The company, Statewide Construction, had branched out and had offices in three cities. One Thursday, dad got a call from the manage at one of the other locations concerning a problem with a customer. Dad said he would be there Friday evening and stay the weekend to see what could be done.

That afternoon, Dad filled Clay and I in, and said he would be out of town until Monday morning and told Clay to take care of things.

Clay had moved in with dad and I after Grandpa's death, and as we headed home he asked, "Let's go camping this weekend. I'll make sure John has my cell number in case we're needed."

John was our foreman and we knew he was capable. "Hey, sounds great to me," I said.

Clay reached for his phone and made a call to a friend of his asking if we could use his property. His friend said yes ad we passed by his place to get a key for the gate. Then, as we headed home, c\Clay looked over at me and said, "This place is on a small lake and is totally private. We won't have to worry about noise or neighbors and it already has a small cabin on it."

"Great," I replied.

We got home, threw some things together and after stopping for groceries, we headed out. After about an hour and a half we arrived at the property. I unlocked the gate and after Clay drove through, I relocked it.

The site was beautiful and the lake crystal clear. We unloaded the truck and soon were relaxing next to a fire. Since we were out in private and no one was around, Clay let me have a beer. Of course, since it was summer, it stayed daylight late. We ate dinner and afterward Clay suggested we go for a swim.

"I didn't bring swim trunks," I said.

"Fuck, Mark, we don't need them here. We see each other nude at the gym so what's different here?"

"None, I guess," I replied.

"Then, let's do it," he said, standing and starting to remove his clothes, laughing.

I began laughing also and followed his lead, and soon we were clowning around in the lake.

After a while, we returned to the fire we had built and opened another beer.

Then Clay surprised me by saying, "Hey, it's just us here so why don't we just stay nude all weekend?"

"Fuck, Clay, are you really serious?"

"Yea, why not? It will be wild being nude all weekend."

I don't know if it was the beer or what but I eventually agreed. For some reason, I was enjoying seeing Clay nude.

The next morning after breakfast we had another swim and began wrestling around. On a couple of occasions, I felt his hands brush against my crotch and it sent unexplained electrical shocks through my body. Then my hand happened to brush against his crotch and I noticed his cock was rock hard. Then my own cock began to steadily stiffen.

I'm sure he noticed because he soon smiled and suggested we go ashore for another cup of coffee.

Without hesitation, he walked out of the water, his hard cock sticking straight out in front of him. Upon seeing me look at it, he smiled and said, "It happens to all of us so why hide it? I bet yours is hard also."

I could feel my face turning red and began walking toward shore. Soon I was standing next to him, both of our cocks rock hard and each of us looking at the others.

After pouring coffee, we sat in the chairs by the fire and after a short while, his cock stiffened more and he began stroking it. Seeing me watching, he smiled and said, "Don't try and tell me you don't do it all the time. I can hear you in your room. We all need relief at times."

He slowly stroked his long thick cock and soon, without realizing it, I was stroking my own cock.

It wasn't long before we both climaxed, firing our huge loads out into the fire pit. As we finished, he looked at me and said, "I don't know about you but I sure feel a lot better."

Smiling, I said, "So do I."

"Mark, if you feel the need to do it again go ahead and do it. I plan to."

That evening a cool front moved through and I awoke to find that Clay had slipped into my bed with me. Not only was he in bed with me, he had me cuddled close to him and had his arm around me.

I lay there awake for a while, not moving. I assume he thought I was asleep because his hand very slowly began to slide down my body toward my crotch. He was on his side facing me and I was on my back. as his hand slid lower, I could feel his cock began to stiffen and press against my hip.

My own cock began to stiffen as he gently lay his hand over my cock. Once hard, he slowly closed his fingers around it. The feeling of his hand on me was awesome and I was enjoying it.

Very slowly, he began to slide his hand back and forth, stroking my cock.

After a moment, he gently lifted the covers, placing them around our lower legs. He slowly began changing positions. Then.............

TO BE CONTINUED....................



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