From Part 1.....

That evening a cool front moved through and I awoke to find that Clay had slipped into my bed with me. Not only was he in bed with me, he had me cuddled close to him and had his arm around me.

I lay there awake for a while, not moving. I assume he thought I was asleep because his hand very slowly began to slide down my body toward my crotch. He was on his side facing me and I was on my back. as his hand slid lower, I could feel his cock began to stiffen and press against my hip.

My own cock began to stiffen as he gently lay his hand over my cock. Once hard, he slowly closed his fingers around it. The feeling of his hand on me was awesome and I was enjoying it.

Very slowly, he began to slide his hand back and forth, stroking my cock.

After a moment, he gently lifted the covers, placing them around our lower legs. He slowly began changing positions. Then.............


Then...without warning, I suddenly felt his hot wet mouth on my rock hard cock. I gasped suddenly at the feeling and when I softly moaned, he realized I was awake and got completely between my legs.

He had his nose buried in my bush and was massaging my cock with his tongue. My head was spinning from the fantastic feeling I was experiencing.

Slow, he pulled his head off my cock and I tried to catch my breath. As I did, Clay lifted my legs up and told me to hold them there. I did and he began gently licking and sucking my balls. Again, I moaned in pleasure.

He stopped and then suddenly, I felt an electrical shock course through my body like I had never experienced before. His hot wet tongue had began drilling into my hole and it was awesome. Instantly, I called out, "MOTHER FUCK !!! OH FUCK YEA!"

For more than a minute he continued to work my ass with his tongue and it damn near brought me to a roaring climax. I think he could tell, because he suddenly had me lower my legs and as I did he instantly swallowed my cock again and began sucking me.

I had had my girlfriend suck on my cock before but it never felt like what Clay was doing to me, and for my ass, that was a totally new experience. In fact. this was my very first experience doing anything with another male.

Clay worked on my cock and moments later I warned him my climax was near. He began sucking with renewed energy and seconds later my cock exploded in his mouth. I watched as he collected every drop, carefully milking me dry. Once he had completed his task, he pulled off and as he looked up toward my face, I saw him swallow.

"Holy shit!," I exclaimed.

"Mark, I've wanted to do that to you for several years. You are so fucking hot."

"Clay, I had no idea you were gay. Does dad know?"

"What I do in private is my business," he replied.

I asked what made him act on his desire for me and he replied, "seeing you hard earlier then us jerking off together and seeing your huge load shoot out was the final straw. I knew I had to act, even if it meant you never spoke to me again."

"Clay, you are like a brother to me. If that's what you enjoy then so be it. Who am I to judge."

"Mark, if I offended you I'm sorry, but I have to confess that I'd love to do it again on a regular basis."

"Clay, that I'll have to think over."

"I understand. Let's get some sleep but may I stay here in your bed with you?"

"Sure," I said with a smile.

I had to admit that it had felt great having a warm body pressed close to mine even if it was my uncle.

We cuddled together and soon Clay was snoring softly as I lay there running everything through my mind. There was no doubt that it felt great and that I had totally enjoyed it, but I wondered if I could do it again.

The next morning, we awoke and as Clay started the coffee, we talked normally, neither of us mentioning the night before. We were still totally nude, and together we prepared breakfast.

After eating and washing up, we built a fire outside in the fire pit and as we sipped more coffee, I looked over and said, "Clay, may I ask you a question?"

"Ask anything you want," he replied.

"How long have you been interested in men?"

"Well, I sucked my first cock as a teen so probably ten to twelve years."

"How did it start?"

"A bud from school and I began jerking together looking at fuck magazines he swiped from his dad. One thing led to another and soon we were sucking each other and liked it. After a while we started fucking each other."

"Damn, Clay, you get fucked in your ass?"

"Yes, I do and I love it. And to be honest, I'd love to have you fuck me."

"Damn! I don't know how to respond to that. Doesn't it hurt?"

"At first it did. It hurt like hell, but after several times you being to get used to it and all you experience is just a slight pressure and discomfort for a few seconds then it begins to feel great."

"Un-fucking real!" I said.

"Mark, if you want to a repeat of last night or anything else, just let me know. I will not seduce you again."

"Hey, you don't hear me complaining, do you?"

"No, but I did take advantage of you."

"You didn't see me trying to stop you, did you?"


"It was feeling good and I wanted it to go all the way and it did. I enjoyed it so don't feel guilty."

We changed the subject and later went for a swim. Then after lunch, as we sat by the lake, I began thinking about what it would be like to fuck Clay in the ass.

As I did, my cock began to stiffen and once it was hard, Clay smiled and asked, "What brought that on?"

"You wan the truth?"


"Thinking about fucking you in the ass. May I?"

"Fuck yes. Let's go."

He led me inside and at the bed he retriever a tube of lube and applied a generous amount to my cock as well as his ass.

He lay on the bed with his legs pulled up like I had been the night before. Looking at me he said, "You're bigger that most guys so go slow going in, but once you're in, slide in as far as you can."

I got into position and pressed the head of my cock against his hole and pushed slowly. I could feel his hole opening slowly and soon the head of my cock slipped in. I paused a moment then looked into his eyes and asked, "You ready?"

"Hell yea. I've been ready for this for a long time. Fuck me stud!"

I slid my cock in balls deep and as I did he said softly, "Oh fuck yea. Fantastic!"

As I began working my cock in and out of his ass in a steady rhythm, he reached up and pulled my face to his and before I realized it we were exchanging a hot wet tongue kiss.

It surprised me at first but I quickly realized that it was enjoyable and was simply a way to show our affection for each other.

As my climax drew closer I began to fuck him harder and faster. I was loving it as was he. I soon filled his hole with a huge hick load and as I slowly pulled out, he kissed me again and said, "That was the best fuck I ever had. Man, I loved it. My ass is yours any time you want it. Just tell me."

"Well, I know I sure enjoyed it. It was better than most of the pussy I've had in the past."

"Mark, There is no reason for you to ever be horny again. My mouth and ass are at your disposal any time you want it."

"Thanks, Clay, but this is all new to me and I'm extremely confused. I need some space and time."

"I totally understand," he replied.

The rest of the weekend was great and sex was not mentioned again. Late Sunday we returned home and everything as normal. However, when dad returned home, it felt strange, knowing what had happened and not discussing it with dad.

We all lived together and never kept secrets until now. Clay's room was on the opposite end of the house from mine and dads and on Thursday night I woke up shortly after midnight, horny as hell. I made my decision and moments later I was in Clay's bedroom gently waking him

"Anything wrong?" he asked sleepily.

"No, not really. I need you."

He sat up and smiled. "You horny?"

"Yea," I replied.

Moving over, he said "Climb in."

I did after removing my briefs. We began cuddling and it was I who instigated the kissing. Clay eagerly returned it as both our cocks stiffened to rock hard status.

"Suck me, please. I need it."

Clay slid between my legs and began sucking my hard cock as I moaned softly. After several very enjoyable minutes I fed Clay my load.

After swallowing, he came up and lay next to me and I kissed him again. I realized that the salty-sweet taste in his mouth was the remnants of my own cum, and to my surprise it tasted good.

I began stroking Clay's cock and after a moment I started moving closer to it. "The least I can do is service you also."

Pulling me back, he said, "Clay, under no circumstances do I want you to service me because you feel obligated. If you ever suck me, I want it to be because you really want to and no other reason. I'll be very happy tonight with you just jerking me off."

I got him off before returning to my room. As I lay in bed, I wondered what it would taste like to have my mouth full of cum. Saturday night I decided to find out.

Dad and Clay had both gone out and I went to Clay's room and began looking through his porn movies he had told me he had. He had told me that I was welcome to borrow any of them to watch.

I found a gay movie and took it to my room and slipped it into the player. As the hot muscled studs began making out and undressing each other my cock stiffened and began slowly stroking it.

Soon the guys were sucking each other in a sixty-nine and as they did a third guy eased in and began fucking the guy on top.

Soon, he shot his load in the other two guys faces. They began licking each other clean and soon the guy who had creamed them moved in and also began licking up his own load.

My own climax was rapidly approaching and when it arrived, I fired it out onto my desk. Once I was drained, I looked at the huge thick white load and lowered my face. I extended my tongue and began licking it up.

As I tasted the first tongue full, I fell in love.

It was surprisingly good and I loved it. I quickly licked up the rest.

For the next week, I'd jerk off once or twice a day, shooting my load in my hand then gulping it down. I wanted to get Clay alone again and suck him dry but not at home.

Since Clay worked in the company offices with dad, I managed t talk to Clay one day when dad was at a business lunch with a client.

Entering the office, I went into his office and closed the door, silently locking it. He looked up at me and smiled and asked, "What's up , bud?"

Walking around to the side of his desk, I quickly dropped my jeans, exposing my cock.

"Let me lock the door."

"It's locked," I said.

He slid from his chair to the floor and swallowed my semi-hard cock.

As he sucked, I began saying, "Clay, I really enjoyed the camping trip and being nude all weekend. Can we do it again?"

Pausing, he said, "Sure, but your dad might want to tag along."

He returned to my cock and as he sucked I said, "I've got that figured out. I'll fill you in when you finish."

He soon brought me to my climax and after eating my load I told him my plan.

"If you get the camp again, you make an excuse to be gone alone and I'll do the same and meet you there."

"Sounds good," he said. "Hold on."

He made a phone call and moments later said, "It's all set for next weekend."

"Great," I said kissing him. "Thanks."

The weekend arrived and Clay left for the campsite at mid-afternoon telling dad he was going to spend the weekend with friends. I had already told dad that I was going with a friend and his family for the weekend.

"So, you two are just running out and leaving me all alone for the weekend. Thanks a lot," dad said to me, laughing.

I drove to the site and Clay had left the gate unlocked. After going through, I locked it and when I got to the campsite, Clay was already nude.

I quickly stripped and after kissing him hello, told him I wanted to fuck his ass. He quickly grabbed his lube and climbed onto the picnic table. "Let's do it outside," he said.

After lubing us both he raised his legs and I made my entry. We kissed ad I fucked his hot tight ass and I soon filled it with my load.

Once drained, I slowly pulled out and kissed him again. After the kiss, I whispered to him, "Lay still. There is something I've been wanting to do for a couple weeks."

Then, before he could react, I had his cock in my mouth and was doing all I could to swallow it all. It took a while but I eventually buried my nose in his pubic bush as he loudly said "Fucking awesome! My stud nephew is sucking my cock."

I sucked and he moaned. Soon, he told me he was close. I sped up and seconds later he burst forth with a huge load. I collected it all and slowly pulled off. Looking at him, I smiled and swallowed.

"Damn, Mark, you swallowed it with even a pause."

I told him about jerking off and eating my won to get used to it and he began laughing.

"Mark, I eat my own every time I jerk off. I never waste it."

"Cool. Maybe we can watch each other jerk and eat later," I said.

Later that afternoon, we had our first sixty-nine. I loved it beyond belief.

Then, On Saturday, I decided to try eating his ass and he screamed in pleasure. It was such a turn on.

Soon, my senior year of high school started and I would double date with my closest bud and we'd take out dates out by a lake and on the same blanket we fuck them side by side. It was a turn on to see his hard cock and made me fuck my date harder.

I knew I was bi because I also loved pussy, both fucking it and eating it. It really blew his mind when I ate my girlfriend out after fucking her.

After we dropped them off he said, "Man, you ate her after fucking her. Did you really shoot in her?"

"Hell yea. It was my cum so why not. It sure turned her on."

"Damn! What did it taste like?"

"Not bad. I was curious and one day after jerking off I tasted my own. Now I often recycle it."

"Man, Mark, you're unreal."

I did notice later that on a double date after he fucked his date he went down and ate her out.

After dropping them off, I said, "I see you ate her out. Did you clean your load out real good?"

"Sure did," he replied. "I did what you did and started with my own."

Deciding to see what he'd say, I laughed and said, "Greg, I'd have to see that to believe it."

We were in Greg's car and as he drove home, he said, "Man, I'm still horny. Let's park and jerk off and I'll prove it to you, but you have to do the same."

"Deal," I replied.

He pulled off on a dark quiet road and we got out and stood beside the car and began jerking. We climaxed seconds apart in our hands and I watched as Greg looked at me an without hesitation lifted his hand to his face and licked it clean. I immediately did the same.

"That was fucking wild to watch," he said.

As we got back into the car I said, "Maybe next time we can do it and et each others."

"I don't know about that. I'll have to think it over."

During our senior year Greg and I began 'experimenting' with each other and soon I had convinced him to suck my cock as I sucked his. He admitted that he enjoyed it.

Also during my senior year, on a weekend with Clay at a local motel, I lost my virginity. I had Clay fuck me and I loved it. He was right. At first it hurt like hell but after a few times it was easier. We loved fucking each other.

I soon began working on Greg and he eventually gave in and let me fuck him. He soon grew to love it. He had been fucking me for a while and loved my ass.

I had celebrated my eighteenth birthday just before my senior year started. After a family dinner and party, Clay had taken me over to a friend of his and let me experience sex with other guys. At one point, I had one guy sucking my cock while I sucked another guys cock and a third guy was fucking my ass. Clay was watching, jerking his cock like mad.

By the end of my senior year, I rarely fucked pussy. I was more into sex with men.

After graduation, I decided to enroll in the local college and major in structural engineering.

I knew that after getting my engineering degree, I would be a great asset to the company.

Sex with Greg continued throughout the summer after high school as did sex with Clay and sometimes his friends.

I began college and one week dad had to be out of town. Clay and I spent every night sharing Clays bed and one night even invited Greg to join us in a three way. Dad was due back on a noon flight on Saturday. Friday night would be the last night of uninhibited sex for Clay and I.

We got totally engrossed in sex and began a hot sixty-nine on the living room floor while using various dildos on each others ass.

Just as we were about to climax, we heard the door.




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