My name is Barry, I have a twin sister named Sherrie.

We have so many things in common but the one thing that is really outstanding to me, is that I have the same taste in men.

I'm a total lush when it comes to a good looking guy especially the ones that Sherrie brings home for the family to meet, I don't plan it that way it just happens.

Sherrie and I are twenty two, she opted to go to nursing school and I took two years in the military.

The military now that was an experience, a gay, total cum pig in the military, well that's the role I played for two years.

I would love to say it was easy but It wasn't, I was about to die from the sheer need for some cock, and it was like being on a diet and being handed these Gourmet menu's. It was murder, I lived in total pain the whole time I was in the barracks, going into the latrine was like dying, it was total torture.

I would head into the latrine to shower and there would be a couple handsome soldiers naked, some with half hard cocks, cut or uncut, small or large they all looked like something good to eat to me.

Well you can understand my anguish at this situation.

There was this one guy after I had been sent to my secondary military base that I was bunked with, his name was Calvin Evertt, he was from Boston, and he was one handsome and well built dude, but he was like me Gay but not wanting to have it known, gay men even in don't as don't tell are about as popular as a case of hemmorroids.

Well, Calvin and I hit it off really well, and he was setting next to me on his bunk, buffing his boots, and I was setting in my boxers just watching and looking at this booklet I had come across, When I looked up and noticed Calvin sort of staring and ogling my crotch, Now I hadn't realized it but my fly was standing open on the front of my boxer's and my cocks upper part was shineing out like a flashlight.

Calvin licked his lips and just looked at my cock and I noticed his cock swelling up and lifting the material of his shorts, and the outline of his dick's head was swollen and very prominent.

I watched his face and he looked down and rearranged his boner to be less conspicuous.

I smiled at Calvin when he realized I had caught him, I just spoke up and said, Calvin, see something you like?'

His face turned red and he said, 'sorry, your exposing yourself.'

My response was 'Oh Sorry didn't realize it would cause that reaction in you.' I said with a devilish smile.

Truthfully I wanted to reach over and grab his boner and begin working it over then suck the cum out of his handsome body.

'I's o.k, man, I understand, it happens to me too, actually it has happened to me at night laying here on the bed next to your bunk, as I would watch you stroke off in the nightlight coming thru the windows.' I said.

'I usually stroke one out too. The truth is it's more fun with another guy.'

Calvin Smiled and said, 'yeah I know, we did it back home, me and a couple dudes that were my friends.'

'Hey Cal, were up for a three day pass this weekend, what you say to the two of us going somewhere and getting a room and enjoying each others company, who needs a woman to enjoy ourselves, and have a great time.' I said.

'Sounds fucking Awesome,' Cal Said.

Needles to say that weekend came and we found ourselves in a motel bedroom, naked and in a sixty-nine, sucking the fuck out of each other.

I could tell from the way Cal sucked he was not a first timer, he emptied my nuts and kept going, I was about to die from one very sensitive cock.

I swallowed Cal's load and we ended up fucking each other like breading horses, Cal's thick cock was awesome and he seemed to enjoy mine too.

Cal and I enjoyed each other in that manner all through our military tour of duty.

I was finally back home and I was introduced to My Sister's boyfriend Tony.

Now Sherrie had gone to Medical school and gotten here degree in Nursing, that's where she met Tony Magnuson, God he was gorgeous, so muscular and well built, and when I shook hands with him the first time, I felt jolts of electricity shoot through my body as he looked so handsomely into my eyes and smiled the most awesome smile, he was definatly a keeper.

I was so Happy for Sherrie,extremely jealous too, Tony was out of sight good looking, Dark Italian looks, dark wavy hair, thick arms trim sexy waist, he looked like he could have been a clothing model for'Abercrombie and Fitch' if he had so desired.

He was also very friendly and accommodating.

It was the following Saturday night, Our Parents were gone for the night, Sherrie had a Date with Tony and I had had plans when something went wrong with my car, I had it towed to a garage and then I went home and was looking through porn sights on my computer, when I decided I would have myself a private little time of sex, I remembered Sherrie use to keep a couple dildo's in her night stand and I would just borrow and give my self a good jerk-off session and a dildo self-fuck, hell would't be the first time I had done it.

I was already watching a good hot gay porn, watching two gorgeous guys going at it when I paused it and went into Sherries room to look for the dildo's, I was in her room and had found a nice eight inch Peter North replica, Well that's what the box said.

I was getting ready to go out of Sherries room and head for my own room when I heard Tony's voice giggling, 'I'm gonna fuck your brains out baby doll.'

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I slipped into her bedroom closet which had those slatted doors and you could see into the bedroom and I stood behind here closet doors and I watched as Tony and Sherrie began to pet and it got heavier,

The next thing I knew he had Sherrie down to her bra and panties, that's when Sherrie began to undress Tony, I watched as he lost his trousers and there was this huge cock about to split his briefs. God Tony's body was awesome, here he was in just his white briefs and I was so friggen jealous, Sherrie was rubbing his hardon thru his pants.

I wanted to die. I was stroking my cock as Sherrie took his cock into her mouth and I watched as he gave him the worse blowjob in the history of mankind, I wanted to rush out and help her, but I knew better.

On thing I do know, Tony's cock was awesome, it was uncut, I could see it's beautiful foreskin as it was slid back and forth, Fuck man, did I ever want to get a-hold of that cock.

Finally Tony made Sherrie stop, it was so bad it was not something he wanted to progress with, he just fucked her and finished himself off and got ready to leave, and they dressed and walked down to the lower level of the house, I quickly dashed, still naked, with a hard-on in one hand and a Big Dildo in the other.

After seeing Tony naked and desiring his body, I had one hell of a self sex experience that night, I almost yelled with the pleasure I was giving myself that night.

About a week later Tony asked me if I would like to join him at the health club, he was a member of.

I said yeah. Tony was a major member and had his own key that night.

We got there about 8:30 that night, and we lifted weights a while, did some jogging, and leg workouts and then decided to hit the Sauna.

We were the last guys there and Club manager evidently knew Tony, and asked him to remember to close up the club.

We went into the back and stripped naked and wrapped a towel around our body's, it was all I could do not to say something to Tony about his hot, sexy body.

The proprietor of the health club had turned of the heat maker there in the sauna before leaving, it was still hot but extremely hot.

we sat the sort of side by side and began chatting, I wanted to tell Tony what an awesome body he had, I looked at his stomach that gorgeous muscular ab layout, with the dark smattering of hair across the full width of his stomach and his legs were muscular and hairy, his chest was awesome and his face was like an angel.

I was awe struck at his handsome features and looks.

I began to talk to Tony about his job, his hobbies and then we got to the sex thing.

Tony confessed to me, because I told him I knew that he and my sister were having sex ,, and she told me how awesome and big his cock was, Tony blushed, 'she told you that?' he said.

'Did she tell you I would rather have a good blow-job that have regular sex, but that I make her stop cause she can't suck cock for shit.' he said.

'No, but you just did,' I said with a smile.

Tony reached down and began rubbing his cock which was not swelling under the towel.

'It's really been a long time since I have gotten off to a good blow-job,' Tony said.

I slid over next to him as he leaned his head back, 'Well would you like to have one now, I slid my hand up under his towel and lightly touched the head of his cock, his body was hot, he just leaned back and spread his legs and I began to massage his balls and cock, then I wrapped my hand around his shaft and began to slide that Italian foreskin back and forth, I heard a slight moan, 'Do you swallow' Tony Asked with a smile, 'Only every little drip, it's one of my favorite things,' I said.

I watched as Tony slid down on the bench and pulled the towel from around his body and I saw that awesome cock which was not standing straight upward, for-skin retracted,head swollen and flaring out, it was a gorgeous sight.

Dark skinned, veiny, thick and long.

I smiled as I took Tony's thick balls' in my hand and engulfed his thick cock to the balls into my throat, Tony just moans as he grabbed the back of my head and began to throat fuck me, 'Fuck man, now this is what I call a blow-job.' he said.

I was finally enjoying what I had been wanting all month.

Tony was moaning and groaning, making little cursing statements as to how good it felt, when I decided to bring him off.

I raised his body upward and took his cock to the hilt as I slid a finger into Tony's asshole.

'Holy Fuck man, OH shit, Yeah that's it.' and it was all over, Tony filled my mouth with the most awesome cream to ever come from a cock, and it wsas one hell of a big load.

I finished his cock up by rubbing his prostate up inside his asshole and sucking the life from his cock.

Tony just lay there like a dead man, with this very pleasant smile on his face.

Thanks Barry, Sherrie told me you were gay and I had heard that guys give awesome head jobs, fuck man that's no lie, I was hoping to get you to do it for me.

'Sherrie told you that about me, that little turkey,' I said with a laugh.

The finale of that night though, was when I began to suck is cock again, and he must have revamped, I guess, his cock got harder than before.

I sucked him off for a while, and after he got good and hard again I said,. 'Now, it's my turn to enjoy something.

Still slicked up from the first time from some cum left over, I got up on top of Tony and sat down on his thick man-meat, Tony grunted as I felt his cock slide to the balls into my asshole.

Tony smiled, this is something else I love, anal sex.

He turned me over and got on-top and began to fuck the living daylights out of my asshole, I loved it, fuck man I was in sexual heaven that evening.

We finally blew ours loads and got up to get dressed, when I kissed Tony, he had no problem with me kissing him, and Damn man, could he kiss. 'Hey man, lets keep it in the family,' He said.

I plan on marrying your sister and I would still like to get sucked off my you, and maybe a little ass fucking too, if that's alright?'

Hey We're family, need I say more, I sure plan on doing what I can to help keep my brother in law happy, and satisfied.

And so It has been, I love my sister, but I also love her Husband now.



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