One of the most awesome times of my life was back in the nineties when I was just out of High School, I read an ad for workers and laborers, working in this Circus.

I would have to take an entry level job no matter what I got, so I decided to give it a try, I got hired, my job would be helping take down the Big Top and helping keep the animal cages clean and all the animals fed, keeping the fairways clean and neat looking where ever we happened to be at the time, and just anything they might need me for.

Hell!! I was looking forward to traveling, man I had never been away from my country farm boy home. Dad was a little upset though, he had planned for me to work with him on the farm that summer but, I wanted to spread my wings, and truthfully, I wanted to get my legs spread too, lol, if you get my drift. I had come to realize that I love guys and not girls.

I was a really good looking well built, atheletic dude, I had been working hard on the farm and I was in great physical shape, and I felt my hormones kicking in and I walked around with a nice sized boner most of the time, I had measured my cock hard one time and it was just shy of eight inches, and almost five and three quarters around, so I wasn't small there, guess I got that from my paw. Oh yeah, I was cut too.

I finally got the word to meet up with the Circus and my father dropped me off at the bus station for the day long trip to the state next to our home to meet up with the circus.

When I got to the encampment and met up with the boss, and ringmaster of the circus, he was really nice guy, but he was a boss, cut and dried, he knew he was in charge and so did everyone else.

Well he placed me in the trailor with the Fenendi Brothers, an ariel group, known as the Flying Fenendi Brothers.

I was astounded at the bodies on these dudes, they were awesome.

I layed in the trailor on several occasions and I would notice them dressing in their tights. I couldn't help notice those tights of their outfits, and those awesome bulges kept my mouth watering all the time. They would always kid me about having a nice tight ass and good body, and would even rub my ass in a provocative way on many occassions, but I was loveing and eating up that attention.

Well I became pals with Mario, the youngest, he was about my age, maybe ayear or so older.

I loved to see Mario in those tights, his bulge was phenomenal, and I loved that hairy chest with hair sticking out above the tank top shirt to his tights. Mario was gorgeous, he had a very handsome, dark complection, very tender, kind ways, and his body was gorgeous.

Every time I got the chance I would catch myself drooling and ogling his gorgeous physique.

On afternoon it was hot, sticky and I had finished up with my afternoon job, and I went back to the trailor, and I took off my shoes and went into the trailor, Mario was finishing a shower with the door open to the bathroom in the trailor, just as I walked by, I saw him step out of the shower, he didn't notice me yet, and as he dried off, I just froze, admiring one of lifes most beautiful scenes, his cock and balls were awesome, that beautiful dark hair covered chest and stomach that hair covering a beautiful set of gorgeous pecs, and a washboard stomach that is legendary in looks, thick bulging biceps and thighs, Mario was a living Italian god, he was sporting a five oclock shadow and I was about to faint from the shock of his hot looks.

I just stood with my mouth open, and he finally noticed me and smiled, and just acted like it was the most natural thing in the world.

I noticed his thick, uncut Italian cock, and I was falling in love with Mario.

He smiled at me as he noticed me staring at his cock, I noticed then it was getting hard as I watched;

'Well Ken, do you see something you like? If I'm not mistaken theres a growing lump in the front of your shorts there, dude.'

I just said 'Ugh Huh,' and he came over to me, and kissed me on the lips.

'Wanna have some fun?' he said as he looked me in the eyes.

I was new to the sex games of any kind. Mario really knew what he was doing, he reached down and started rubbing my cock thru my shorts and said, 'Damn nice kid, Let's see what we have here..........'

I was mesmerized with Mario, as he began to undo my shorts and reached inside and felt the thickness and length of my swollen cock, his hands felt like magic and so awesome as he squeezed my cock and gently stroked it back and forth, making me weak in the knees.

Finally Mario looked up at my face smiled and just went down on his knees, I looked and My cock was aching in his hand and just below my cock was the sight of his eight plus incher standing out long an proud, the foreskin had pulled back and his beautiful cock head was sticking out shiny and very tight looking, like it wanted attention too.

I just stood there and leaned back as Mario took my cock into his mouth and slid his mouth to my pubic hair, I felt like screaming, all the desires and wants of a lifetime came to a head in one second of time, I felt that feeling that I had always wanted to feel but didn't know for sure what it was, that perfect feeling of someone showing you the ultimate pleasure.

Mario's mouth was hot, wet, hungry and I felt it as he begant to suck my cock like it was the last thing he would ever eat in his life, all I could do was wimper thrust my hips forward and moan with delight.

I was in another world from his sucking the sensations were phenomenal, nothing to this time had ever felt so awesome.

Mario was rubbing and squeezing and massaging my nuts as the gently tightened up against the base of my cock, and I felt the trigger of an impending cum, way down deep in my groin, 'OH Shit now what do I do, I had never done anything like this before, I had jerked off and caught the cum in a tissue or licked it off my finger, but now HOly Shit, my cock is in Mario's mouth, He might get very mad if I shoot my load in his mouth, but God Damn I would lovt to.

'Shit man, you better get off, I'm gonna cum, I'm getting close to shooting dude, OH Fuck!!!!'

That was like saying Sick um to a starving Dog.

Mario began to moan and groan and take me deeper into his throat, and he grabbed my ass and took, me in deeper holding me closer as he did and as my body started bucking and jerking and I started moaning loudly, my cock started belching out a load of cum that would have made a bull proud.

When I came too, I realized that I still had my cock to the balls in Mario's mouth and I had shot my load and he had gulped it down like a vacuum.

I was wasted at that time, I went limp as Mario, squeezed and pulled up on the tube of my cock to extract every little bit of my cum, licking the head and sucking the last drip of it out.

I was done in, and Mario smiled at me, 'Well now you owe me a blow job, I can't do it right now, I Need to meet my brother in the meal tent its supper time, but I will collect from you, I have a lot to teach you about sex and men, If you want to learn.'

'I look forward to the learning process,' I told him. With a smile.

Wel went to supper then later that night after the evening show, I met Mario going to the Trailor to change out of his outfit, I followed him and He changed and we went to the meal tent for after show eats.

Mario kept looking into my eyes as we sat there at the table, winking and looking as beautiful as as get out.

I looked at Mario and said in a soft voice, I want to suck you, tonight. Mario smiled and said, 'your beautiful, you know that?'

We walked back to the trailor and went in, I turned around and kissed Mario on the lips and he went sexually wild, kissing me an rubbing me like a wild man, before we knew it we were naked on the bed we shared and before you knew it I was tasting my first cock and loving it, I loved its odor, its thick throbbing feeling, the flexing feeling and I loved the feeling inside me of knowing that Mario was into my sucking his cock big time, He was holding my head and face fucking me like mad, and my mouth was a pussy just for his cock.

Mario was going wild with our sexual antics, then he just stopped, 'I want to do somthing else Ken, I want to fuck you,' he said.

Now I wasn't sure what he meant, but I just said, 'Sure man, whatever you like.'

Mario, got up and pulled me over to the edge of the bed, lifted my legs up and I began to feel something I never had dreamed of as he began to suck on my asshole and he fingered it and made me jump a little at first as he slid a lubed finger into my virgin asshole, I wanted anything Mario was going to throw at me, and tho it might be painful, I wanted him to know I wanted him to have pleasure at my expense, I was into his sticking his tongue deep inside my asshole and I was in my own little heaven with those actions.

I was about to pull the bedcovers off and climb the walls as Mario just kept up the steady assult on my body, and I was loving all of it. My cock was aching, hard like a brick and leaking pre-cum.

Mario had evidently finished eating my ass out, when he got up on the bed between my legs and his thick cock was jutting out straight like a tree limb, it was a beautiful hunk of man meat.

Mario raised my legs up and hooked my heels on his shoulder and then I felt his pre-cum soaked slicked up cock against my sliva wetted asshole and I felt the first punch as his slick cock entered and made me yelp out in a little shock of pain I jumped and grunted as his cock was slid about half way in and he just held it there as I tryed to catch my breath, I was hurting at first, but you must realize Mario's cock was like his wrist thick, and a little over eight inches long.

I finally got my breath and Mario smiled,'You doint alright?' he said, I replyed , 'Yeah, just need to get used to it, never had anything that sized shoved up there before,' I said.

'It will get better with use, actually it is enjoyable to take a cock up the ass once you get use to it.

Mario just leaned over and sunk the rest of his thick long cock and I felt his pubic hair agains my ass cheeks and his balls flopp against my ass.

I took another deep breath and Mario began to fuck me slowly and gently, I felt like a virgin on her wedding night, and as Mario took his time and made gently love to me the most awesome feeling began to take over, I was actually enjoying being stuffed full of his awesoeme cock.

I guess what I enjoyed the most was not only the feeling of his cock rubbing that special spot inside my asshole, was his face and seeing this handsome beautiful man, with pleasureable contortions and facial expressions, like a little kid riding a ferris wheel for the first time, WE both began to moan and grunt at almost the same time, I was at the point of blowing my load, and feeling that cock head as it bumped that spot adn made pleasureable sensation and cold chills flood my body, I felt Mario's body go ridid and his tight wonderful muscles tell me that he was almost there too.

Finally Mario was fucking rapidly and thrusting very deep and hard and I felt his body as he started releasing his seed deep inside my intestines, thats what made me go over the edge, and I began to shoot my load.

Mario flopped down with a crash against my body, cum soaked and exhausted. We were both totally wasted adn exhausted, and so wonderfully satisfied.

The next day was like a new lease on life, I had come full circle and Mario woke me up with kisses,

'Hey Babe, time to get up and get started on the day, it's wonderful outside today, and it was all that summer.

Mario and I were lovers all that summer, I got broke in good and Mario didn't leave me wondering just what it felt like, one night I fucked him after dark inside the big Top tent after all the lights were out in the center ring, wouldn't that have been a sight' two dudes ass fucking in the Big Top Center Ring.

What a wonderful summer it was, a time of my life I will never forget and I sometimes still see Mario Fenendi when The Circus comes close to our town.But now he always stays with me in my Apartment.

I guess you might say Mario made me what I am today.



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