I just tongue fuck John to a climax. He said it was the best he ever had and I just said it is only the beginning.

As we layed down next to each other he was the one who kiss me. I broke the kiss and start to play with his cock. I went to his nipples with my mouth and he start to go mad again. He ask what am I planning to do now and said just wait and see.

I kissed my way down to his pelvic area and I could see he is getting hard again. He begged me to leave his arsehole alone, but I have my plan to enjoy this unexpected bonus with him.

I took his cock in my mouth and he went belistic. I slowly lower my mouth deeper over his cock and as I go down, I played with my tongue at the bottom of his cock. I tasted his precum and I loved it.

While I was working on his cock I touched his virgin hole. He yelped and begged me again to stay away from there. I wet my finger in my mouth with his cock in my mouth. I took my finger and swirl it around the sensitive area of his manhole. I pressed ever so slightly against his hole and my finger went in. He pressed down on my finger and I was surchging for his love nut. Once I touched it he yelp with pleasure and I just keep stimulating lightly over it. He went crazy with each touch.

I took his whole cock in my mouth and I could smell his aroma, the best I ever smelled. I let his cock in my throught and he held my head down with his hands. As I moved up and down he start to trust his hips upwards towards me. It was not long before i felt his cock getting harder and he shouted I am going to cum. He held my head down and I feel his cum spurting down my throught. I him dry before I let his cock out of my mouth. He was gasping as my finger is still in his manhole. i keep on touch ing his love nut and he begged to stop. He asked me what it is that I touched and said it is his prostate. I asked him if he want to go on and he said is there more. I said that there are many more that I could show him. He said if it will be as good as what he experienced so far we must carry on.

He said I must stop with his lovenut because he was ready to cum again. I said hold for a second so I can catch the third load od man cream. The moment I took his cock into my mouth, he start to cum. I swallowed some of it and keep the last of it, pulled my finger out of his manhole and went straight for his moth and give hime some of his load back in his mouth. At first he tried to withdraw from the kiss but I took his head in both my hands and force his mouth open. After the initial resisitance he took it and swallowed his own cum. I kissed him for a while and we just lay there.

I was as hard as a rock. He broke the kiss and start to go down on my body. He nibble on my nipples. He slowly kissed his way down to my pelvic area. I stopped him and ask if he is sure he wants to do that and he just keep on going. I do not want to stop him because this was a real unexpected bonus. As far as he went I felt the rolls of pleasure going through me. I do not know what is his plan but I am not going to ask. I will take it as it come.

I am qwiverring with antisipation as he touched my cock with his lips. My cock jolted but he kept on going softly kissing the bottom of my cock and the precum run down my cock. He come back and took his finger and wipe it of and bring his hand up to my mouth and put his finger in my mouth with my precum on. I sucked it hungrily off. He went back down kissing me softly all over my body. The precum run from my cock. He slipped my cock in to his mouth and lick my precum off and then went on kissing the bottom of my cock. He took my balls in his mouth one by one and gently pull it with his lips. I went crazy with moans of pleasure. I asked him if he was sure it is his first time and he said yes but he had a great coach. He said he want to give to me what I gave him.

He went down to my manhole and start working his tongue around and in, in and out always back to my balls. He take one in his mouth and then the other. He went up and down and in my manhole. Eveerytime he was back at my manhole he went in a little deeper. I could not hold it any longer. I felt my cock get harder and my balls went up to my body. I know I would not be able to keep myself from blowing my load all over myself. He noticed my reactions and come back to my cock but it was to late. I blow my load all over his face. Spurt after spurt. He just waited untill I was done and start to wipe my cum of his face with his hand and licked it off. I was spent for now.

I offered to get a towel but he suggested we go for a shower. I said it was brilliant Idea.

I opened the water and wait for the water to get warm. When the water was ready we stepped into the shower. I took the soap and soap him up and wash all my cum from him. He did the same for me. He was playing with my cock which was allready hard as rock. He was also hard. I went down on my knees to suck him of again. He said no it was time to return the favour. I came up and kissed him passionatly. He returned my kiss.

He went down on his knees and start sucking on my dick. I gasp as he took it in his mouth. He swirl his tongue around the head and I moan with pleasure. He tried to took my whole lenght in his mouth but he started to gag the moment the head reached his throught. I said do not try to take the whole lenght just go as you go now and it will be ok. After about ten minutes or so I felt the built up in my crotch and I told him I am about to cum and he just carried on. I blow my load in his mouth and he swallowed. After I was done he washed my dick again. The water start to cool down and we closed the water. We towel each other dry and went back to my bed.

We lay together for a while. I was holding him close to me. We fell asleep. I was still holding him as if I never want to let him go.

I woke up the next morning. It was one of the most beatifull thigs I ever saw. Here next to me was John my socalled straight friend. He was still asleep. I just looked at him and wondered what brought on the previous night. Why he was so addamant that I must teach him about gay sex. He knew I was gay because he was one of the first people I told. I remembered the day as if it was yesterday. He said that he do not have a problem me being gay and he being my friend. I was always the one that dreamed of what happened the previous night but he was always the one that said there is no chance in hell that he will be part of that.

I wondered what will happen now to our friendship. Will he be angry or will it happen again.

I woke him up with a kiss on the mouth. He was still not fully awake. I saw his hard cock and I put mu hand on it. He just said I need to piss and then you can do whatever you want to do. I asked him if he is not going to work and he said no he have the whole weekend free and just want to spend it with me.

I left him alone and went naked in to the kitchen to put on the percolator for coffee. I started to prepare something to eat. As I started to put bread into the toaster, I felt his arms going around me and he said that I must come back to bed. He was naked and had a hardon. I felt his hardon pressed against my manhole. I said I just want to make us something to eat. He said he cannot eat so early and will only take a cup of coffee. I said I will be there in a few minutes. He clearly has other plans but I decided I will first ask him because now there was no alcohol involved.

Last night was possibly because we might have had to much rum and I knew that he would get very loving when he drink rum. I was so scared that he will realise what happened and he will no longer be my friend. As said in part one we were friends for three years before last night and I valued the friendship more than the night of pleasure that we had.

I poured the coffee and went back to my bedroom. He was laying flat on his back naked with his hardon standing up and there was no discomfort on his side. The beautifull sight of him laying on my bed stark naked with a hardon was so exiting for me, I could feel my own cock standing up to attention immediatly. I put down his coffee and took mine around to the other side.

The moment I put down the mug, he pulled me down and start to kiss me. I was so amased by him that I allmost was shocked. He must have realised that I did not returned the kiss, that he broke the kiss. He looked at my face and just start to laugh. I asked him what was so funny and he said If I could see my own face now I would laugh as well.

I said may be but we have to discuss this, knowing that this might be the end of a wonderful friendship and above all the pleasures we had last night. I asked him up front where did last night came from and he said he wanted to experiment for a while now but he did not know how I would react knowing what he said when I told him I was gay. He said that he would rather experiment with me than with someone he did not trust. That remark ment a hell of a lot for me coming from him. I asked him what about the future and he said we will handle it as it comes. I asked him how far he want to go and he said all the way. He want me to fuck him and he want to fuck me. I told him I would love to fuck him, but he must realise that the first time might be very painfull. He said he knows but he trust me that I will take it slow and gentle. At first I could not believe what he was telling me, but then he said drink your coffee and lets enjoy ourselfs. Wow coming from him with no rum was a very bold statement.

We finished our coffee and he was cuddling against me. I felt his still hard cock against me.

To be continued....



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