Let me introduce myself. My friends call me Johan. I am almost 40 years of age and is a late bloomer in the gay ways. I was a closet case for 36 years of my life.

I grew up in a very conservative family of which I am the Youngest of ten children, nine brothers and an eldest sister. Our upbringing was of such that sex was not allowed to be discussed openly. But that's a story for another time.

Me and John(not his real name) are good friends for a while now. I got to know him in the year just past his grade 12. I was invited to my brothers for a 2001/2002 new years party. He was one of the guests. The moment he walked into the room I knew that I want to get to know him better. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. What I experience was this guy who might have been 18 or 19 years old. His face was so beautiful it is almost to difficult to describe. His face was clean shaven. His futures that of the Da Vinci's David.

That night in the early morning I jerked off just remembering his face.

As time passes, I always met him at my brothers, because he and my brothers son was best friends. At that stage I had just came out and my brother and his family was the only ones of my brothers that were speaking to me. I had a rough time coming out. So he got to know me a lot better without anything going on from his side.

He was one person I could talked to about anything. Usually we will get together for a few drinks and put something on the fire to have a nice Braai -Barbeque. He would talk and do the strangest things to arouse me. He would touch me on places where I would never dream to touch someone in public and I would get turned on.

It was now three years further and he was returning from abroad where he was for one year. He called me up and asked if I want to join him and a girlfriend. I said I will and I just want to freshen up and I will meet them. I took a shower and jerked while in the shower.

Him and the girl were talking and drinking when I got there. I ordered a drink and just join in their conversation. All the time I struggled to keep my hardon hidden from him and I saw his eyes moving to my bulge. He came and sit next to me and he touches my left thigh and I almost came in my pants. He put his hand down on my bulge and I could not believe that he will be so blatant. The moment he put his hand down I had to excuse myself and try to get my posture back but in vein. When I returned his girlfriend was on her way and he asked me if we could go to my place where he and me would chat and drink.

He followed me in his car and all the way to my place, I could not get my mind off him and the possibilities for the rest of the night. Was this the night that I was dreaming about for about three years? What did he want or will he just be teasing me? When we arrived at my place I unlocked the door and went through to the bar to get the first round of drinks. He followed me and he put his arms around me and said:' Leave the drinks and show me what gay sex is.' I was hard since the drink place and could not get it down. I turned around and say if that is what you want then you will get it if you are sure. I looked into his eyes and I could feel his warmth next to me. As I draw him closer to me I embraced him and I could feel his bulge pressing against me. I took his head in my hands and slowly brought his head closer. I could sense his hesitation for a fraction of a second and then he kissed me as I never was kissed before. After a while I said lets go to my bedroom.

I took his hand in mine and led him to my kingdom. I let him sit on the edge of the bed and I slowly unbutton his shirt. As I opened up his shirt I saw his marvellous nipples, his young body which I never saw previously. I looked into his light brown eyes and I knew, he was mine for at least the night. I asked him again if he was sure and what he wants to experience. He said as much as possible. I told him he do not know what this means to me and I started with my tongue in his neck. I flicked my tongue in his ear and I feel his whole body trembled. He started with my shirt and as he reached the last button he brushed his hand over my pants. I almost jump up but I contain my self. I unbuckle his jeans and pull down his pants. He did the same with me. I could see he was hard as a rock.

I pressed him down on the bed with his feet still on the ground. I continued my tongue tour of his body. I reach his belly button and I let my tongue stop inside it and went further down. He gasp as I returned to his nipples. I took first the left in my mouth and nibble lightly on it flick my tongue around it and then target the right one. As I tongue kissed his young soft flesh he said this is great but when are you going down. I said be patient and just carry on with my tour. I went down the thin line of hair to his pubic area just above his boxer pants. As I come closer I could feel his anticipation and he gasp. I slowly blow my breath over his boxers very close to the material. I could see his rod jolting to try to get me to go down on him. I took his boxers with both hands and slowly pull it down while I stil blow my hot breath over his beautiful stiff rod. I saw the precum flowing down his shaft. I lift my head and just admired his 180mm (6 inches) but thick pole. He begged me just to carry on. I past his cock and took his balls one by one in my mouth and suck on it. I parted his legs and begin to work down to his love hole. I took his pants and boxers off with one swift movement and place his legs on my shoulders.

He gasp and ask what am I going to do and said you asked for it so wait and see. I opened his but cheeks with both my hands and continue my tongue tour. As I reached his love hole and flicked my tongue over and around the sensitive area. I slowly pass over and back to his balls. I put my tongue into his hole and I can taste him. He gasp and said please no more but pushing his but up into my face. I went deeper with my tongue and he gasp harder. I could feel the velvet of his inside and I went deeper. Always going back to his balls. I sensed that he is very close. I went back and take his whole cock into my mouth just in time to get the first jolting of his cock and he start coming. I slurp his cum and swallowed. I thought he was finished but then he started all over again. It was the most cum I ever had to swallow. I waited until he was finished. I rested with his cock in my mouth.

After a minute or so I moved up to where he was lying and I lay next to him. I kissed him and he kissed me back. He said it was amazing. I said this is only the beginning.

To be continued...



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