My Step Brother's dirty secret

by BlooJelly

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"Isn't this nice guys? Just us and the fish" my dad said with a content sigh. "I can't believe I missed my friend's party for this" Brian replied while yawning from boredom. "Come on Bri, it isn't all about girls and drinking. It's about bonding with me and your step brother".

I felt my heart jump a bit as Brian's cold blue eyes landed on me, last night's events replaying in my head and I imagine the same was happening for him. "Maybe you're right Micheal.." he replied while shifting his gaze back to my dad. "Of course I am, even better you should take Jordy to one of those parties you mentioned. He needs to get out of that shell a bit if you ask me" My dad chuckled while patting my back. "Dad.. I'm not interes-."

"That's a great idea, I could introduce him to my friends. Maybe even him laid" Brian interrupted playfully. "That's the spirit!" 

Once the sun set we were packed and ready to head back home, but just as I was about to step into my dad's truck I felt a strong hand grasping at my forearm. "Where are you going? I thought we were gonna party. We're going in my truck" Brian said while motioning to his own vehicle. "You aren't serious are you? Parties aren't my thing" I replied hesitantly. "You're coming with me, and you're having a few beers".

"Have fun Jordy!" My dad called out from the driver's seat.

I sat in the passenger's seat, staring out of the window at the passing trees and occasionally glancing at my step brother as he drove while listening to some rock music on the radio. I just couldn't keep my eyes off of him, his muscles and perfect jawline. Everything about him made me wanna relive that night over and over. "Why do you keep looking at me?" Brian asked, irritated. "You're nice to look at".

"What would your dad think if he saw you looking at me like a teenager in love?" My step brother mocked. "What would your mother think if she knew you let your step brother jack you off?" I fired back.

"I really don't like you" Brian said while gripping his steering wheel tighter. "Yeah I know Bri.." 

It wasn't much longer until we pulled into presumably Brian's friend's house, currently bustling with activity as drunken college students made their way in and out residence. I trailed behind my step brother as we entered to see a good thirty or so people lounging about with red cups in their hands enjoying themselves. "Hey dude You made it! who's this?" A tall dark skinned man asked while throwing his arm around Brian's neck. "This is my step brother Jordy, I brought him because he needs to get out of the house".

"Hey whatever man, as long as you're here to have a good time" he said while giving me a warm smile that made my chest flutter involuntarily. "Thanks.. what's your name?" I asked while meeting his inviting brown eyes. "Marcus, nice to meet you little dude" He said playfully. "Yeah nice to meet you, too big dude".

"Oh! Brian I just remembered, Ana was looking for you. She seemed fucking pissed" Marcus chuckled while turning to his friend. "Fuuuck.. what does she want now?" Brian vented before he disappeared into the crowd of people along with Marcus in search of whoever they were talking about and leaving me standing by myself.

I sat on the steps idly scrolling through my phone while I took occasional sips of beer from a cup for a good thirty minutes before Marcus suddenly plotted beside me. "Hey Jordy, are you single by chance?" He asked with a smile. "Yeah.. I am" I admitted while taking another sip. "It might just be the beer talking but I think you look really cute" he said in a sultry tone. I felt my cheeks heat up from the sudden affection, especially from such a handsome looking jock. "I think you fucking hot.." I replied back while meeting his gaze. "Then let's test the water a bit" he said while raising his hand up to my raise, drawing in closer until I felt his lips press against my own. My eyes lit up with lust as I felt his strong arms around my waist and I melted into his symphony of kisses.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted as I felt myself jerked to the side, and my lips separated. "Hey! What the fuck?!" I asked while whipping around and looking up to see my step brother, and he didn't look pleased to say the least. "We need to talk Jordy, right now".

"Jeez, okay!" I replied as he led me away by the hand rather roughly. At first I thought we were going home but then he suddenly turned into another hallway and before I knew it we were in a small closet and he shut the door behind him with a slam. "What's your problem?" I asked angry to have my opportunity with Marcus stolen. My eyes widened as I felt his hand suddenly cupped under my chin and I was forced to meet his intense gaze and for a moment we stood while I melted under the weight of his dominance. "I'm sorry.." I said breathlessly, not really even knowing what I was apologizing for exactly. I jumped slightly as he brought his head down and suddenly latched his warm mouth onto my neck and bit down HARD. I gripped tightly onto his shirt, while he sucked a sizable love mark right onto skin before saying "I don't like to share".

"Okay bro! Okay!" I whimpered as he felt his teeth against my skin and eventually he released me from his hold only to unbuckle his pants. "You seemed like tough shit last night, let's see you do that again" Brian said as he slowly and deliberately revealed his rock hard cock to me, already deliciously leaking pre cum. I winced a bit as I rubbed the mark on my neck and fearing receiving even more I obediently dropped onto my knees in front of my step brother, taking a moment to enjoy his large cock as it dangled in front of me. I wrapped my hand around his shaft, slowly stroking him as I looked up at him savoring any flickers of pleasure he'd give me. "You seem to really like being jacked off by your brother for a straight guy" I mocked with a small smile. "Shut up and keep working dick".

I listened to the beats of music as I stroked and rubbed Brian's cock then leaning over and sticking my tongue out to catch some of his pre cum to his visible enjoyment. "You really like dick don't you?" He asked while taking his meat in his hands and slapping it against my face mockingly. "So what? Don't act like you aren't enjoying this too" I said while leaning away from his abuse.

"I get off to seeing what a bitch you are for me, that's about it" Brian said while moving his hips closer to my face as if offering his dick to me. "Let me suck your cock.. I really want to, think of it like me just doing you a favor" I begged while meeting his gaze. "Fucking fag, I guess you can.. but only if you beg me some more" Brian replied with a smirk. "Please step bro.. let me suck you off, you can even cum in my mouth if you want to.."

"Go to it then but remember it's our secret..""

With his permission I leaned forward to drag my tongue along his shaft, lapping up his pre cum and smiling as intoxicating taste hit my senses. "Fuuuck.." I mewled as I leaned forward to take one of his large cum filled balls into my inviting mouth making Brian moan out gently, music to my ears. "Oooh yeah.. keep going Jordy".

I eagerly took his tip into my mouth, wrapping my tongue around his head while my hands held into his thighs. "Deeper bro, I know you can do better than that" Brian said while running his hands through my black hair and then suddenly gripping it like a vise. As he requested it filled up my mouth and it wasn't much longer until it hit the back throat, I glanced up at Brian as saliva dibbled down my chin and his eyes filled with lust. “You’re.. fucking hot” He said while smiling gently, making my heart flutter in ways it never has before.

I took this as my cue to start bobbing my head along his cock, happily slurping out any juices he’d give me while I caressed his balls lovingly. A good ten or so minutes passed as I tried to shove my step brother cock further and further down my throat but it was a challenge that I’d have to get used to. “I’m gonna cum.. you’d better swallow all of it, I don’t want a mess like last time” Brian said while gripping my hair a bit tighter. I moaned around his cock in response, keeping lips firmly sealed around his shaft as he moaned out loudly and filled up my mouth with hot pumps of his seed. I did my best to swallow to every drop and kept going until I was completely sure he was done. I released his saliva covered cock from my mouth while panting heavily. “Thank you Brian” I said while meeting his gaze affectionately. “Don’t thank me yet because there’s gonna be a lot more of this in the future, I can promise you that”.

“I don’t think I mind that step bro..” I replied with a wink, slowly rising to my feet while wiping my lips. “Let’s go home, I need some sleep after today”. 

“Yeah I bet you do” Brian chuckled as I turned to walk out and I cried out as I felt his hand make contact with my ass leaving a long lasting sting.