My Step Brother's dirty secret

by BlooJelly

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Chapter 1

To understand this story we have to get a feel for my family dynamics, my name is Jordy and I just turned twenty one a few days ago. I'm the only child of my father Micheal and my mother Jessica. Unlike my father who was a brick of a Latino man around 6ft tall, I ended up taking after my mother who is around 5'2 and thin. This naturally meant that I was unable to do all the sports and physical stuff that my dad enjoyed raving about, turning out to be much more timid and meek in comparison. I think it would be fair to say that I'm definitely my mother's son, resembling her much more in appearance and stature. They got divorced when I was around sixteen years old and it was then I decided to move to another state with my mother since she was the one that I felt most comfortable with, this put even more strain on me and my fathers already shaky relationship. 

This brings us today when I got a text message out of the blue reading

Dad: Hey son, I'm texting because I know that you aren't always comfortable talking with me over the phone and it's my fault for allowing our relationship to deteriorate to this point. For that all I can say is that I'm sorry and I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me.

Dad: I would really like to make it up to you, me and my fiancée Stacy just moved into our new house together. You already know that you're welcome here, I'd love to share if with you as soon as possible.

It was a good week before I found the words to respond, tossing around the idea of just rejecting his spontaneous invitation but one of the last things my mother told me before she passed was that I needed to learn to forgive father because he was the only one I'd ever have. I also craved to feel that connection with my father that I had when I was a kid, if there ever was one.

Jordy: Okay Dad, I'll be there in few weeks when I can find some time off of work. 

Dad: THANK YOU and that's absolutely fine son. I'm just so excited for you to meet Stacy and her kids.

Jordy: Her kids?

Dad: Yep, just two luckily. A girl who's off at college right now and a boy who's a bit older than you are. 

Jordy: whatever you say dad, see you soon

Two weeks later I had my bags packed and once I cleared it away with my boss, got on the way to the airport to fly my way over to my dads house a few short hours away. I arrived at the airport full of nervous excitement to see my father after five long years without much to each other. As I was exiting my plane, to my surprise I noticed my father was already waiting for me, patiently standing with his arms crossed while he scanned over the group of people looking. We locked eyes and I greeted him with a sheepish smile. "Hey dad, it's good to see you" I greeted while dragging my luggage up to him. "That's a huge understatement son, come give me a hug!" He said while happily throwing his large arms around my smaller frame. "I forgot how much you look like your mother, I could lift you up with one arm I bet" he teased. "Yeah thanks dad" I replied while rolling my eyes.

"Let's get you back to my house, Stacy was about to start cooking up some amazing pasta and we can get you moved into Brian's room for your stay" Dad said while taking my lugged from my hands. "I have to share a room with your wife's kid?" I asked, trying my best to hide the annoyance in my tone. "You're both two grown men, you can handle sharing a room together. When I was in the military I shared barracks with over fifty men".

"Alright dad but I'm only agreeing because I want to be able to reconnect with you. Not because I care about them" Jordy replied honestly. "I understand son, and I appreciate you putting up with it. You won't regret it one bit, I promise".

We piled into my dad's black truck and drove back to his house which was situated a good ways away from the city on a road trailing off into the forest. "Me and Stacy like our privacy, its nice not having to worry about break ins and such" my dad explained as he parked into his driveway and stepped out into the concrete. I followed suit and trailed behind him up to the door where presumably Stacy was waiting on the front bench. She was an equally tall woman with the blondest hair I'd ever seen, with blue eyes and pale skin, pretty different from my mother who had tan and brown eyes like myself. "Oh my gosh he's adorable, I can see he's your son even though you look so different" Stacy greeted giddily as they approached. "Hello Stacy, it's nice to finally meet you. Thank you for inviting me to your home" I greeted back while brushing back one of my black curls. "Not just my home, it's all our home. You're very welcome here as long as you want Jordy, just make yourself comfortable".

"Why don't you take your stuff upstairs to your room, it's the first one on the right" my dad said before turning his attention to his soon to be wife. I stepped inside and looked around for a while, seeing mostly pictures of people who I didn't know. Most likely Stacy's family and lots of baseball team posters and memorabilia, which was probably my father's if I had to guess. I made my way upstairs to the room my father had told me to and upon opening the door I immediately locked eyes with a pair of deep blue ones from the other young male sprawled out on his bed while he idly tossed a baseball up into the air and caught it back into his band.  "Hello.." I greeted simply. "Who the hell are you?" Brian asked, confused. "I'm Micheal's son, I'm staying here for the month... In this room" I explained carefully.

"Great, just great. I thought they were joking about that, just don't mess with any of my stuff" he replied visibly annoyed. I stepped into the room and glanced around for a moment, it looked like your typical jocks room. Plenty of sports teams posters covering the walls, workout equipment scattered about and even a small case full of trophy's. "These are all yours?" I asked while leaning closer to examine their metal engravings, most of them clearly saying "MVP".

"Of course they're mine, I was my teams best pitcher for a long time. Your dad tells me that you don't like sports, why do you care?" Brian asked while scrolling through his phone. "I don't care for baseball or sports for that matter. I'm just trying to make conversation considering our parents are getting married" I replied while dropping my heavy bags with a sigh of relief.

"So what're you interested in then? Cars?" Brian inquired while glancing at me. "Not really, I'm into video games and reading books. My friends and I play D&D when we can" I explained with a soft smile. "Your dad didn't mention that you were a dweep, you look like the kinda guy who gets shoved into a locker".

"Well lucky for me I'm not a high schooler anymore, so I don't have to worry about that" I replied slightly irritated at his mocking. "Maybe short-stack but that doesn't mean you're safe from me, I don't appreciate having to share my space with some loser that I have to be around because my mom wants to fuck his dad".

"W-whatever..where am I going to sleep? I asked while looking around the spacious room but seeing no other bed besides the one Brian was covering up with his large frame. "On the floor, duh. Just lay some blankets and pillow" Brian chuckled before standing up to head out of the room and leaving me by myself with my luggage. "Asshole.." I vented while making myself a small makeshift bed to lay on a few feet away from Brian's own. A few minutes later the blonde male returned, peeking his head into the room to say "Come on loser, dinners ready. Time to eat something and put some meat on those bones".

"I appreciate the alert and your sarcasm prick" I spat back. "You're welcome".

I ate my dinner quickly, not really enjoying having to eat my meal right beside Brian who would occasionally send me dirty glances and then heading back up to our room to get some much needed rest after such an eventful day. "I'm gonna head up and get some sleep, goodnight dad. Goodnight Stacy" I said as I rose from my seat. "Goodnight son, maybe tomorrow we could go for a walk together to catch up or maybe do some fishing" he offered while digging into his plate. "Sounds good".

 I took a seat onto of my bed and opened up my bag to pull out a book for some late night reading before I would drift off, and just as I was about to open it up the door the room did the same. I glanced up and immediately saw Brian naked with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist while water dripped down his body making his blonde hair droop. He looked like he was just a few steps away from being a bodybuilder, I could only imagine all the work and dedication it must have taken to sculpt his body to that point. "What're you looking at?" Brian asked rudely, noticing my awe. "N-nothing.." I replied while turning back to my book, flipping through a few pages back to the spot I left off. 

"I'm getting up early to work out with some of my buds so don't be loud, I don't appreciate being woken up" Brian said as flopped onto his large bed, covering himself comfortably. "Yeah, I'll try not to wake you with my book" I replied sarcastically. "You'd better not.." Brian said deeply, something about his words sending a shiver up my spine.  

Late into the night I breathed softly as I held one of my extra pillows close to my chest like a stuffed animal, as usual my body started to radiate with heat after a while so I tossed my blanket off myself to feel the cool air on my limbs as I laid flat on my stomach. My eyes twitched slightly as my ears caught a slight squelching sound and slowly they fluttered open. I glanced up to the source and to my disbelief and amazement I could see Brian looking down at me or more accurately down at at my half naked butt , too entrenched while he stroked his rather meaty looking cock and balls to notice me catching him in the act. At first I didn't believe it, surely this can't be real but as if to confirm it himself the blonde suddenly and lowly moaned "Fuck.. yeah.. suck my dick Jordy, you fucking slut".

My voice involuntarily hitched at his harsh and kinky words, if he didn't know I was awake he definitely did now. "W-what're you doing you freak?" Brian asked, visibly pissed. "How am I the freak? I don't pleasure myself at the sight of my step brother's ass cheeks. We just met" I said with a pity chuckle. "Fuck you, I was just horny and you just happened to be there. You watched me do it too fag, I like pussy" he denied. "Well I don't know if you know this but I certainly don't have a pussy, well not the kind you're talking about but that didn't stop you from doing it?".

"What're you getting at? I don't like men. I never have and never will" Brian said defensively. "Oh I believe you, but since you already got started. Let me finish you off bro" I said hopefully, fully ready to get rejected hard in that moment but surprisingly Brian's expression softened a bit as he said "You're disgusting.."

"So are you, it seems, let's indulge in each other's dirtiness. It'll be our little secret" I replied back carefully, my eyes landing on his lengthy cock that laid over his thigh.

“Come hop on my bed before I change my mind”.

I eagerly crawled onto the soft sheets of his cushiony bed, moving over to Brian as he laid back on his elbows. “This is just a one time thing, don’t let it go to your head. I’m just super hung and need something to fuck” the blonde said while spreading his legs a bit, giving me a better view of his dick. “Wow..” was all I could say as I leaned down to take a better look, it was at least seven inches long and it didn’t even look fully hard yet. “Jealous?” Brian asked with a smirk. “Not really, it’s just my first time with a guy so.. big”.

“You’ve done this before?” My step brother asked mockingly but that attitude quickly faded as I wrapped my warm and soft hand around his shaft, getting a feel for his tool. It felt weighty in my hands, with an equally large pair of balls radiating with heat.”maybe..” I replied vaguely, running my fingers teasingly along his lengthy meat. “That actually feels good, try to wrap your hand around it” he coached impatiently. I licked my lips lustfully as a bit of pre cum leaked from his head, running down his shaft and working as lube as I continued to stroke him while looking into his eyes lustfully. “You have an amazing dick..”

“I bet you do love it fag, it’s written all over your face”.

I could feel myself hardening at his harsh words, that’s when I really got into working on his cock ignoring his rude comments as I moved closer to wrap my hand around his shaft and the other squeezing his balls gently. Soon the room was filled with the wet sounds of my hands milking out the orgasm from my step brother. “Fuck.. fuck.. fuck” Brian grunted softly, doing his best to hold best any sounds of enjoyment. “You’re loving this aren’t you?” I asked with a chuckle. “Fuck off..”

I leaned down and stuck on my tongue just enough to lap up a bit of his pre cum, the white substance disappearing into my mouth with a satisfied smile. “You wish” I mocked while stroking him faster.

“OH SHIT, I’m gonna cum!” Brian announced rather loudly, his eyes lighting up with lust. “Do it then you fucking freak” I said back with a smile, giving his large aching balls some affectionate rubs. His pulsating cock almost immediately shot multiple hot ropes of cum in my hand, drenching it completely while the rest landed on his chest and even some on his face. It didn’t stop there though, I kept stroking until every last drop came out. Only releasing his cock from my hold once he said “Okay, okay! It’s done!”.

I smiled with satisfaction as I watched my step brother fall on his back in the afterglow of his orgasm, his cock still twitching with pleasure. I raised my hand up to my face, licking off some of his seed while we retained eye contact and in the moment I suspected that maybe things had just changed between us permanently.