My Son Dick's tales

by Daniel Berasaluce

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Chapter 1

I’ll Play His Part

I became astonished when I was crossing the corridor towards the bathroom and found my son Dick’s bedroom door ajar. I was supposed to be absent, celebrating a friend’s birthday and his brother was out with his friends, so Dick must have supposed he’d be alone. I had had to return earlier when I saw I had a headache.

So Dick’s room was ajar and I should have run away and not stay there for he was then on top of his bed totally nude and masturbating, holding a document, that seemed to me, and was reading aloud.

-Morgan couldn’t think of anything else than his brother now -I heard him read-, since one day he was heading to a beach, not a nudist one, but let’s say a normal beach and from afar he saw a naked boy…

I was not jacking off then but didn’t know why the hell I stayed longer in the corridor watching my elder son masturbating.

My name’s Lionel and am 51 now. I’m a widower and have two children. I work in an electricity company, but in the office.

Both my children are at university now and both have wanted to study literature. Dick is 26 and he’s about to finish, hopefully this year.

My youngest son is called Frank and he’s 21 and he’s started university this year.

So there I was, at that moment already stroking my crotch. I didn’t know what I was doing but my eyes were totally horny looking at my son’s perfect body and hot dick. I never had any suspicion that boys could turn me on but it’s so unusual to find your son jacking off totally nude that I liked what I was watching and it was as the beginning of the story between those two fictitious brothers: Morgan and Mark. But that’s me anticipating the story. Dick kept on reading.

-And when he walked a few meters, he saw totally astonished that it was his brother Mark! So he hid under some trees and masturbated looking at his sexy brother. And ever since he saw his brother’s dick and his brother’s body, he knew at once he would only feel attracted to boys after now, mainly his brother. And…

I kept on looking at my son and listening to his story when I had a new start. I was watching Dick from the corridor heading to the bathroom and my bedroom but Dick’s bedroom is strangely built for on the other side of his room there was another corridor with his brother’s bedroom and the kitchen and suddenly I saw Frank entering his brother’s room but just as it had happened to me, he stopped short and started looking at his brother and listening to him.

-And how I wish one day I could grasp your cock and make you cum, Mark, my sexy brother…

I saw just then that Frank was getting a boner listening to his brother and soon started to stroke his crotch.

-But one day Morgan decided to go to that very nudist beach and masturbate more or less in the same spot Mark had been whacking off one day. And he hadn’t heard the steps. All he felt was suddenly a hand was masturbating him and when he looked up, Morgan saw it mas Mark!

I almost came now when I saw Frank approaching Dick and sitting next to him on the bed, grasping Dick’s cock and masturbating his brother.

-Good, Dick, how you’ve turned me on, what are you reading?

-Oh this is a story between two brothers and I’m the author. I write them, sent them to a website, and later print them and since I thought I was alone, I was reading one aloud.

Frank was still masturbating his brother and soon he said.

-Then right now you are Morgan and I am Mark; I’ll play his part. Does the story has a title? -Frank asked.

-It’s called Morgan’s lust for Mark. Well, I’m gay, now you know and I love literature and love writing erotic stories, hotter for me if it’s between two brothers or a father and a son.

-Do you like me?

-Yes, Frank; I’ve already wanked over you, now you know.

-Then be calm and keep on reading as I keep on masturbating you. As I said before, I’ll be Mark now; I’ll play his part.

-But before going on with the story, I have to ask you: are you also gay, Frank?

-I’m not, or I have never felt gay so far, Dick, but seeing you naked and masturbating and that hot story you’re reading of sex between two brothers has turned me on like crazy and I know I want to hear the rest, but like this, somehow being your character Mark.

-Had I known, I would be reading a different story. I know how Morgan’s lust for Mark continues and I’m sure you won’t like to go on.

-Let’s see. Go on, please.

-Morgan was really enjoying the feel of his brother on his dick and at the same time enjoying his wonderful naked body…

In that precise moment, Frank showed Dick he wanted to follow the tale completely and never stopping masturbating his brother, he started taking all his clothes off. What a hot body my youngest son also has! It is incredible how sexy it is looking at both my children’s naked bodies together on the same bed. After Frank was also totally nude, Dick now grabbed his cock and both were there comfortably jacking each other off.

That was too much for me. I knew I wanted to keep on looking but unless I whipped my dick out and masturbated comfortably spying them, I would cream my pants. So there we were: both my children comfortably jacking each other off and me masturbating too watching them through a crack in that door.

-In that first masturbation, also Morgan masturbates Mark for the first time and finally they fill the sandy beach ground with two huge eruptions. But with no time for Morgan to react, Mark treacherously grabs his brother’s cock again and takes it to his mouth and starts blowing his brother.

And that’s exactly what my son Frank started doing now. He wanted to play the role of Mark and didn’t seem shy to do for the first time something I intuited he’d never done before.

-Oh, thanks, Frank -Dick yelled-. But the tale goes on.

-Inwardly thanking his brother for what he was doing, he cannot lose the chance of doing now what he’s spent so much time wanting to do and Morgan bends his body and also takes Mark’s dick into his mouth and they 69.

And of course just then Dick also swallowed Mark’s cock and both my children 69ed then. On the one hand, I shouldn’t stay there watching how both my children were having sex, but on the other hand, I suddenly thought, if one day they discover that their father knows they have sex with each other, I would only show them my appreciation and respect and will always have my blessing for any sex they wanted to have with each other in the future. They were adults and free and obviously it was consensual so let my children be whatever they want to be, whatever they are, and if they want to keep on having sex with each other, well they can and I would never reproach them.

I kept on masturbating as they went on 69ing, both of them showing me how they were enjoying and intuiting that my son Frank would like to repeat this experience with his brother. The desire entered me now of finding my son Dick’s erotic stories and reading them.

Finally I sensed that Dick was cumming and I noticed Frank drinking all of his brother’s spunk with no disgust. At once I noticed Frank cumming and I could almost notice his semen descending Dick’s throat. I could do nothing but also cum on the corridor for the first time that day.

-It’s been a wonderful experience, Dick. Has the story finished or there is more?

-There’s more but though I’m still amazed at your behaviour, I think you wouldn’t enjoy the next parts.

-I’ll show you that I will and I will play exactly Mark’s part.

-Ok, then. Both brothers have so much enjoyed this first 69 that it is Morgan now who surprises his brother telling him he wants to take him to bed next. So both brothers put all their clothes on now and head home -no, no need to get dressed now, Frank, if you wanna go on playing Mark’s part for soon they will be naked sharing the sheets.

-And once in the safety of their house, and not even hungry, they’re only hungry for each other’s bodies, they head to Morgan’s room and strip again and finally you can see them now in bed -but beware now, Frank, for they’re also gonna fuck.

-Good, I’ll do exactly what your fictitious Mark does. Go on with the story.

-They even sleep together that night.

-Perfect, brother.

I was hungry too but I thought I could eat later or go to bed tonight not having eaten but I had to go on there in the corridor spying them. I wondered whether they would go now as far as fucking, but if they did, I also wanted to see that. It would be so hot!

by Daniel Berasaluce

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