So we hop in the whip and T-Roc let's me know what's about to go down.

"Look here, Rico. We got word that them nigga over on west got a large shipment of some good shit coming in. We gonna go get the drop on their ass and leave them mother fuckers high and dry." T-Roc said. "Well not too high..." he added as he laughed at is own joke.

"So you saying we about to run up on their stash in the day light?" I asked.

"Yeah, bitch! Don't tell me you gettin soft on me, nigga" T-Roc yelled.

"Fuck no! I'm down for know that" I said. I don't know why the hell T-Roc came out his mouth like that. I'm down for whatever, especially if it's against those west side niggas or gonna put money in my pockets easy. And this is a case where both is gonna happen.

Hell I'm surprised my dick aint get hard. Money, pussy, and of course myself turns me on. Anyway, we rolling deep on this here mission. Straight ambush on these niggas. We pulled up and hanging low waitng for their dude to make the drop. We see it's going down and all ten of us hop out on the 4 dudes in their crew plus that nigga delivering the goods.

Of course some of these dudes try to bust off on us and one dude tries to make a run for it. I'm not about to let him get far. He ran behind a building and by the time I got back their he was diggin in a ditch reaching for something so I kneed his ass right in the jaw.

I see he was reaching for his 9 so I picked it up and aimed at him but this mother fucker clipped me up causing me to fall on top of him and drop the gun. so we rolling on the ground both getting chances to sit up and swing on the other.


Shit! The fucking cops. I don't even know what the fuck happen to T-Roc and the rest of my boys but all I know is they got me riding in the paddy waggon with this mother fucker. This gonna be a long fucking ride.

In addition to getting arrested they got me in this little as holding cell with this mother fucker. "You better be glad they got me in these mother fucking cuffs...for real" I told him.

"Na...YOU luck they got cuffs on me!" he said. I just looked at him hard as hell with discuss. We just gave each other the stare down for a good ten words.

But I must admit there was something different about this stare down. I don't know what it was but there was definately anger in mines.

Another ten minutes of silent stares, an offercer comes over and motions me over to the bars.

"Number of your one phone call" he said with a brass tone. He then dialed the number for me and held the reciever to my ear for me.

"Hello? Tracy? Tracy! Yeah they got me down here. Come get me!" I told my girl. I called her cell but luckily she was till at my crib.

She cool with what I do but she always find some way to nag about it and all I hear now is her Jamaican ass giving me an ear full.

"Baby..." I called her that just the way I know she like to hear me say and then she finally took a breather for a minute. "...shut that shit up, get my money, and come get me the hell out of here!" I barked at her.

The cop then snatched the phone from me. "Times up!" he said. I just mean mugged him. "She hung up anyway, bitch" I told the officer. I don't give a fuck. I'm not scared of nobody...cops, niggas on the streets or this fucker here in this cell.

"Typical" dude said. I told his ass to shut the fuck up and don't talk to me. Hell it's his fault that I'm in here. "Only BOYS talk to women like that thinking they a man" he added.

I let it be known that if I ever catch him in the streets again I was gonna fuck him up on spot. For the next two hours it was nothing but quiet except when he got his one phone call. We didn't even speak to each other.

Every now and then catch each others glances but then look away. He's the last person I want all up in my face. Finally Tracey showed up and they let me out.


Ain't shit change. I'm back on my gind with my boys. That lil ambush we did turned out for the better for us. So we just chillin here at the spot.

Although I fucked Tracy this morning, I'm sitting here getting the ultimate high. These niggas playing madden while I'm sitting on the side getting head while I roll up and smoke my blunt. This bitch got a phat ass and I'm trying to fuck.

I lean down and whisper in her ear. She ain't feelin that shit, talking about she needs a condom and of course none of these mother fuckers ain't got one.

So I flip my shit back in my grey sweat pants and throw my whife beater back on so I can go to the store. She better be here when I get back. Trying to rub on my package which was still showing thorugh my sweats even though I wasn't even hard no more.

So I drive down to the lil corner store to pick up some rubbers. I always pull up in the back of the store so no one can spot my whip.

Even though I'm pulling up and going through the back I feel like I'm being watched. Anyway, I go in and grab a bag of chips and take it to the counter. The owner, Mr. Johnson is working the counter.

"Ah...Rico! How's your mother?" asked Mr. Johnson "She's fine, sir" I said. Yeah I know that seems out of character but EVERYONE respects Mr. Johnson.

He old as fuck but you wouldn't know it. When growing up you would have thought he was all of the kids grandpops.

Before Mr. Johnson could ring me up, I stopped him so I could go to the back coolers and get something to drink. When I get back there...who do I see standing back there? This mother fucker that I was in jail with. "Mother Fucker" is all I could say out my mouth. Before you knew it, I stepped to him chest to chest and he staring me down in my eyes not looking away. And it felt like we were talking to each other without words and then Mr. Johnson interupted. "Now Stacy... I know your business and what you do...don't mean I approve but you know this is nuetral territory. And Rico...I know you not involved in that mess"

"Na. I mean no, sir. Not me Mr. Johnson" I said. I then look back at this dude with his soft ass girly name. "Well, Stacy that means you have no business with him so just leave it be" said Mr. Johnson.

Stacy left out and I went to go pay for my shit. I always feel bad lying to Mr. Johnson about what I do but I know how he sees me and I don't want him to know what I really do.

Now my plan was to get back to the spot and get some pussy and not even worry about that mother fucker from the west. Well my plans ain't go so well.

"Oh you must want to die...sitting on my ride mother fucker". It was this nigga Stacy.

I told him, "Now if I make it into that, you will be sorry" Stacy got up and I was thinking to myself "yeah he know what's good for him".

Before I knew it this mother fucker shoved me against the wall and started kissing me.

His lips was full and soft just like mine and I then felt this dudes tongue in my mouth.

I push his homo ass back making him land on the hood of my ride. I grabbed him by the collar and raised my fist to hit him but for some reason, I paused then pulled him up off my car and kissed that nigga back.

I then snapped out of it and shoved him to the ground. I got in my car and drove back to the spot. Couldn't believe what the hell just happen so I was gonna take all my frustrations out on this trick's pussy. She aint nothing but a jump off any way. I threw her as on the bed and dropped my sweats and threw my wife beater across the room.

I climbed on top of her and used my knees to spead her legs and keep them open. I threw my hard curved 7 1/2 inch dick in her and grabbed hold to the head board with one hand bc I knew i was bout to tear something up. I was fucking her so hard you would think I was trying to fuck all the gayness out of me that just happen. This trick was tearing up from this pounding but kept scream "oh fuck...don't stop!"

She tried to rub on my bubble butt but that was a HELL NO after what just happen, so I pinned both her hands above her head with the tight grip. By this time the head board was bangon the wall making a tiny crack. Once I bust my nut I just got up and walked out.

I left the spot and ain't say nothing. Even left her ass in there naked and aint say shit to her.

So i drove around for a minute and by time it got dark I had reassured myself and my straightness. I went back to the crib and as I was getting out, I see this nigga Stacy pulling up. So of course i grabbed my piece out the back of my waistband ready to blast just incase it was some shit going down. "Put that shit away nigga" he said.

"I should use it on your ass for that homo shit earlier", I said.

"Well, you ain't use it yet. So I wander what that means." he replied. I wanted to shoot him so bad but I couldn't.

"Well we gonna go inside or you want us both to get killed?" Stacy asked. " I shouldn't even be seen talking to you, let alone in your hood". He made sense but I still don't know why I said " Yeah nigga, c'mon"

Of course I was gonna keep my eye on this nigga so I let him in first. We still rivals you know. As soon as I closed the door he shoved me against the door and kissed me.

This time I decked his ass. "You gonna stop shoving me bitch" I told him. "Oh yeah?" he replied. I just nodded my head.

He tugged at the bottom of my wife beater slightly pulling me into him. That's when he kissed me soft like he knew what he was doing while his hand slid under my shirt.

I could feel his finger tracing the imprint of my 6 pack and eventually finding my nipple and then he cupped my muscular chest.

I then put my hands on his waist and we leaned back into the door. This time I slipped him the tongue and then i felt his hand go down my sweats. My heart started rushing and I felt my dick start to slowly grow in his hands.

Stacy then slid my sweats down right under my butt cheeks and gave my ass a nice squeeze as we were still busting slobs. He then got on his knees and engulfed my yellow dick giving me some amazing head. I took off my beater and wrapped it behind his neck pulling him in closer on my dick.

I stepped out of my pants and then this nigga got up and picked me up and put me down on the couch. He went back to sucking my dick and played with my low hanging nuts.

Before i knew it he was licking on my taint. I wanted to stop him but it felt so good then his tongue slid down and found its way in my hole.

"Oh shit" I moaned. I slapped the one bitch who tried this shit but he was doing that shit right and I didn't want him to stop.

Stacy worked my hole with his tongue for about 10 minutes. That's when he came up and I felt his head on my hole.

I was nervous as hell but he must have worked it good enough because after 5 minutes i was able to take that chocolate 9 inch dick.

I can only imagine how it looks in this yellow bubble butt booty. He kept my legs up holding them by his waist as he was giving me slow stroke after slow stroke.

All this thug passion was driving me crazy and before I knew i shot a big nut over my abs, chest and some on my chin.

About 10 minutes after I bust my nut, I felt the weirdest thing ever but didn't realize what it was at first but this nigga Stacy was shooting his nut all inside me. Once he was done we both collapsed. Right in the spots where we already was laying.............



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