8:52 in the morning. Damn, I'm usually not up this fucking early. My girl spent the night last night and she up moving around and shit. Keeping me up and shit. Fuck! Just rolled over to put my face in the pillow and almost broke my fucking dick. I hate that shit. Dick all hard in the morning and you roll over on it. Not a good feeling.

So, I'm laying here under the sheets butt ass naked with my high yellow 7 1/2 inch dick on brick, curved up looking back at me with the head still slightly covered with my foreskin. Low hanging nuts just dangling between my legs as I lay on my back running my fingers through my hairy ass bush. My pubes been thick as shit as far as I can remember. Stay having pussy juice left over in that shit. Definitely got that from my Puerto Rican father. That hairy mother fucker. Fuck that. Since she want to wake a nigga up, she gonna at least suck my dick. Help me take care of this wood.

I hear her ass moving around but I ain't know she was walking around my crib naked. I saw her sexy ass walk in my bedroom, body on point with her Brazilian waxed pussy and perfectly round C-cup titties bouncing as she walked. Damn, my dick just got harder. Didn't think it could but it did. I may be some ol Black & Puerto Rican nigga but I like my dark chocolate colored Nubian sistas. My baby right here is a sexy lil Jamaican mami.

She walked over towards my side of the bed to grab the cup off the night stand. That's when I grabbed her by her wrist. "C'mon baby...do a little something for me." I put her hand under the sheet as I told her that, placing her hand on my dick. She laughed and giggled. "Boy please. You had enough last night." That accent of hers always drive me wild! So, I yanked her down into the bed and laid her on top of me.

I slid my tongue in her mouth, I let my hands rub on her chocolate butt cheeks. She put her knees on the outsides of my legs and that put my dick right between her thighs. This curved dick was like a directional arrow pointing straight to her pussy.

While still kissing her, I put my hands on her hips pushing her back causing her to slowly slide right onto my dick. I start to work my hips so I can slide in and out of her while she's on top. She then breaks away from the kiss and sits up straight and begins to ride me. I reach up and play with her melon breast while every now and then I'll sit up to suck on her nipples. Every now and then I look over towards my closet which the doors of it is mirrored from top to bottom.

Like I said, I like my chocolate sistas and I get turned on by the look of my light skinned body against their dark skin. That's when I pushed her back and climb on top. Got her legs by my side as I grind deep in her. When I see her close her eyes and know she's into it, that's when I lean back a little bit so I can watch myself in the mirror. Watching this yellow dick slide in and out of this chocolate pussy. Damn, I turn myself on sometimes. The shit was getting so good that I flipped her ass over without even pulling out. I start banging her back out something serious. Between her Jamaican moans and dirty talk, the sounds of our bodies smacking and wet pussy poppin sounds, the sex aromas, and watching myself in the mirror, I was turning into a wild animal back here. When I reached my pique, I pulled out and shot 6 or 7 ropes of nut all over her back. This my main chick, but I ain't putting no babies in her.

So while my girl is in the shower, I stayed in my room and did my own thing. I'm a vain mother fucker and don't even care. Especially after bomb sex like that. Had her ass walking funny after I throw down. I get out of bed and stand in front of the mirror and just stare at myself. I'm sexy as hell.

"Look at your fine self nigga." I say to my reflection. Looking at my jet black wavy hair on my head. My full lips that I get from moms. The ladies love when I let these lips vibrate on the pussy.

Looking at my high yellow skin tone that I get from my pops. A nigga stay in shape so I'm checking out my guns and my well built chest which is lightly covered with dark hair. Sometimes you can't even see it but it's there. Laughing at myself as I just pinched my own nipples. But can you blame me with this sexy ass chest.

Now I'm staring at my thick ass happy trail that starts at my navel and 6 pack abs and runs down straight into my jungle bush. My bush is so thick but it don't grow wild. Just kinda sits right on top of my dick.


Look at this dick. Slightly darker than the rest of my body...almost brown but still high yellow. It's still hanging and dangling at a full 7 1/2 inches. All glossy looking from the sex juice. Still semi because I just got done fucking but it still is a pretty ass dick. When it's at it's soft state it's 5 inches.

Now checking out my low hanging nuts hanging between my hairy legs. Hairy, strong, sexy legs. A nigga may hang in the streets but I don't have to look like I sleep on the streets. Hell, even my feet are pretty for a dude. Turn and look over my shoulder to check out my own bubble butt. So damn phat you can barely see the little bit of hair I do have sitting right on the top of the crack.

Now, before I leave, gotta get my workout done. I always do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups while keeping my eyes glued to the mirror as I watch myself workout butt naked. Why put clothes on if I'm about to go shower?

So once I'm done with the shower, I get fly and go to my boy's spot so we can get our grind on for the day. Hustle up some money. How else you think I got my own house and ride and only 22. I gets paper son! I pull up to the spot, all the fellas out on the front.

My nigga T-Roc who runs this operation approaches me giving me our crew's handshake but I can't tell you that. This nigga T-Roc is my boy for life though. We basically brothers since we were brought up together. His mom's and mine were best friends. I'm his right hand man.

"Yeah, change of plans for today," said T-Roc. "Got some business to take care of," he added. Whenever their was new business, T-Roc knew I was down. Down for whatever. "Aight. Let's do this then." I said to T-Roc.



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