Briefly wondering what would come next, in seconds I was soundly asleep. (See My Second Time, Parts 1 and 2)

When I awoke it was dark, I could smell something delicious cooking and once again I was briefly disoriented. Quickly though I remembered where I was and what had just happened. I was vacationing at a nudist resort waking up in my new friend Dave's suite where we had just spent a long afternoon and evening having the most amazing sex ever. I was still enjoying the afterglow and it seemed like all my pleasure nerves were still firing.

My body felt so good, I sighed and stretched as the memories of our wild sexual abandon came flooding back: Dave massaging my back making me more and more relaxed. Then the intense pleasure I felt when he took my erection in his hand and finally my shock and delight when he took me in his soft hot mouth. Next, I remembered Dave's lovely long firm penis slowly thrusting into me as he gently stroked my cock, making me quiver, moan and cum. I recalled how good Dave's smooth, tan and amazingly beautiful member felt in my mouth. I smiled at the memory of my mouth filling with his seed as he cried out, his body bucking with spasms of delight. I felt pride at having given my first successful blowjob ever. And finally I thought about our long slow and relaxed fuck-session that seemed to last for hours, and the mind blowing simultaneous orgasm that resulted. My toes flexed and curled at these memories.

Now he was cooking something that smelled great. To cap off the evening or maybe to refuel for more action? I wondered. Throwing off the crisp cotton sheets, now a bit cum stained, I walked to the kitchen to investigate. His naked body looked magnificent and I smiled to see his penis swinging from side to side as he stirred a pot. "I made a seafood pesto sauce and some pasta." He said. "Good mix of protein and starches, we'll be needing the energy." Oh my God! It seemed like he did have plans. I could barely contain my excitement.

The pasta was delicious and he'd selected an excellent bottle of crisp white wine, chilled perfectly. We chatted a little but the food was so good we really didn't start talking until both of were finishing our second helpings. I admitted my inexperience; he confessed that it had been years since he'd taken a lover. "Well you took me alright, and very well too I might add." We both laughed.

The wine half gone, we were getting a little sleepy. Dave suggested we go walk about and see if we could find an unoccupied hot tub to relax and digest a little. I agreed. Naked, we took the rest of the wine along and wandered out into the warm Florida night. I marveled at how good the soft breezes felt as they caressed my body and enjoyed feeling the warm smooth pavement on my bare feet.

We found an unoccupied hot tub and settled in to the relaxing bubbles. Sipping the wine, we chatted and found we had many common interests. Dave spent his career in the life sciences, doing lab research at a large university. I work in the same field, but more on the clinical end of the spectrum. We both enjoyed outdoor sports especially being in the mountains. He loves skiing. I used to ski but now had gravitated to climbing. Obviously we both enjoyed naked sunbathing and nude swimming, and we agreed that whenever possible, nude beaches were the best.

The warm water, the bubbles, the wine and the good company were combining to make me very loose and relaxed, and I think Dave was feeling that way too. Our limbs found each other under the water and we began stroking each other's feet and legs. Soon we each had our feet in the other's lap, giving and getting foot massages. Did I mention how much I love having my feet rubbed? This was a firm two handed foot massage in a hot tub, an absolute sensuous delight. I sipped my wine, closed my eyes, lay my head back and quietly groaned with pleasure.

I worked whichever of Dave's feet I held in my hands, and he continued to massage my foot while I used my free foot to gently press on his penis. "Careful, you're going to get me going again." He said. "And you have a problem with that?" I shot back. Soon he was becoming erect as my foot and toes played with his cock under the water. "Only if we're caught, they frown on public sex here." He replied. Looking around and seeing no one watching us he pulled the foot he was massaging out of the water and, (Holy shit!), he began sucking my toes. I almost passed out from pleasure. "Oh my God that feels so good." I whispered.

Taking his time he sucked on each toe in its turn, running his hot tongue between them and over my entire foot. This felt amazingly good. My toes wriggled and danced as waves of pure pleasure shot through me. By the time he finished with my other foot I was quaking and gasping with delight. Rock hard under the bubbles my cock was throbbing, jerking up and down every time his hot mouth touched my sensitive feet. Somehow Dave knew this. "I'd better let you calm down or we'll be stuck here all night." He said. Reluctantly I had to agree, we couldn't walk back to his place with my turgid member sticking straight out, pointing the way. I took my foot out of his lap and stopped rubbing his erection to give him the same opportunity. "You need to settle down some yourself big guy." I said. We both laughed.

Eventually our erections sagged to the point where we were decent to get out of the hot tub and shower off, and we began walking back to Dave's suite. Suddenly I felt a little bit nervous. What would happen next?

I was throwing the empty wine bottle in the recycle bin when I felt him behind me. He cupped my pecs in his palms and pushed himself against my bare back and bottom. Running his hands lightly up and down my chest and belly I gasped as he gently kissed the back of my neck causing thrills of pleasure to run through me. I got weak in the knees and put my arms up against the wall for support.

Dave continued softly kissing, nipping and caressing his way down my back to my sensitive buttocks and the backs of my thighs as his hands gently stroked my belly and began massaging my penis. He dropped to his knees. "Turn around, I want to suck on your cock." I did as I was told.

His hot wet soft mouth enveloped my penis and again I couldn't believe how good it felt. He began slowly sucking my cock. My belly sucked inward as I gasped with pleasure. "Oh, oooo." I felt the warmth of his mouth spread outward over my whole body. He ran his tongue around my sensitive cock head and then took most of me in his mouth. He moved slowly back and forth, sucking and swirling his tongue, finding a perfect rhythm. I was rock hard and throbbing, the pleasure was overwhelming and I began quaking and quivering with delight. "Oooo. Please, please. You have to let me sit down or I'm going to fall over," I begged. Dave grabbed a chair and dragged it over to where I stood shaking, leaning against the wall for support.

"Sit," he said. But I realized that if I let him continue I would come to my orgasm far too quickly, and besides I wanted to return the favor. "No, you." I replied, dropping to my knees and steering him to the seat. He sat and I immediately took him in my hands. His cock was semi-erect and I spent a moment squeezing, stroking and admiring it. So lovely and visually appealing and to think how much pleasure his wonderful penis had already given me, I was transfixed. Almost in a daze I began kissing the head and running my mouth and tongue along his shaft as it lengthened and thickened before my eyes. I decided it was the most beautiful penis I'd ever seen.

Next I took as much of him as I could into my hot eager mouth and began sucking. This time I was careful to go slow but very soon, sooner than I would have thought, he was rock hard and groaning with excitement, "Unnh that's good," he moaned, "so good." I stopped sucking and switched to gentle hand play. I continued this for some time, slow deliberate sucking until I felt him tensing up and his groaning began, then pause and some slow squeezing and soft hand strokes. Dave's cock stayed rock hard and throbbing throughout, jerking up and down whenever I moved to put my mouth or tongue on him. I liked this, I liked it a lot. I enjoyed being in control; this time I was the one giving slow exquisite pleasure, I was the one slowing things down.

The more I had that beautiful penis in my mouth, the more I felt Dave's excitement building and the more excited I became. I wanted all of him inside me. My ass ached for that full feeling again. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I stood and lubed up then turned myself around, facing away from him.

Dave immediately began stroking massaging and rubbing my ass as I backed myself into position above his long hard penis. Bending at the waist I leaned over bracing my hands on my knees. Dave guided my ass to the perfect spot and slowly, ever so slowly I began to settle myself on that gorgeous swollen cock head.

Again I felt that special pressure building, a powerful sensation that caused me to gasp and cry out, "Oooo, Dave." I held myself there suspended over him as the head of his penis began to overcome any resistance, slipping inside and working its way past my tense sphincter. Panting with excitement I steadily lowered myself on that long firm man-tool as my belly heaved, my toes clutched and more pleasure cries escaped, "Oh, oh. Oooo, Dave. Your cock, your cock! Oooo, oh my God." I sobbed with delight as my ass settled down on him, taking every inch of his glorious manhood inside me.

The sense of fullness and heat and pleasure was overwhelming. I gasped and cooed again. "Oooo." Dave stroked my sides and steadied me by holding my waist as I sat motionless quivering and gasping with delight. Then, grabbing my ass in his hands he pushed me up a bit and let me slowly settle back down again. I was amazed at how good another fucking felt. I began slowly riding his erection, and I decided to take control.

Moving as slowly as I could, I would rise up until his swollen cock-head was barely inside me, and then gradually fall back down on his sturdy man-pole. Dave squeezed and massaged my lean ass commenting, "Wow what a view." It felt so wonderful squatting over him and riding his cock while he sat there grunting with pleasure. He began stroking my ass faster and faster. Soon his breathing deepened and I could feel him tensing up again. I wanted to watch him come so I hopped off and turned myself around.

Facing him, I straddled the chair and semi-squatting over his lap I let Dave guide his cock-head to my rosebud which was now fully relaxed and ready for him. As soon as I felt him there, I relaxed my legs settling down on top of him. He entered me fully in one long stroke. He called out his pleasure. "Unnnh, oh God!"

As usual the moment of penetration was overpowering for me. His penis felt so long and warm and alive, filling me completely. I collapsed forward, our chests pressing together my face buried against his neck. "Oh Jesus, oh fuck!" I whimpered. Grabbing his shoulders for balance and using my legs I rose up and then squatted back down, riding him like a horse. He grabbed my penis but, good as it felt, I pushed his hand away. "Later. This is all for you. Just feel me fucking your beautiful cock." I whispered.

Using long strokes, squatting down and up, over and over, I rode that magnificent organ. Occasionally I settled myself, my ass resting fully on his lap and just wriggled, grinding away as I felt waves of pleasure from his long man-tool buried deep inside me. I couldn't believe how good it felt. Even semi-erect I noticed pre-cum dripping from my cock, making little wet slime trails on his muscular belly.

I watched as his face reacted to the pleasure he was feeling. This was so cool, I could see how much he was enjoying this. He was covered in sweat, we both were actually. I felt him tensing up, so I quickened my pace, rising up on my toes and riding with long full strokes squeezing his cock with my muscular buttocks as much as I could. His breathing became ragged and he began moaning and calling out, "Unnnh. Oh fuck! Unnnh. Fuck!" I encouraged him crying, "Oooo Dave. That's it. Fuck me. Fuck me good!"

One final up and down and I could feel and see Dave's orgasm taking hold. He grabbed my ass and squeezed hard. "Unnnh. I'm coming. Fuck, I'm coming." he announced. His whole body shook with spasms of delight. I settled down hard onto his lap, taking him fully. I lifted my feet off the floor and wrapping my legs around the back of the chair wriggled my bottom vigorously. He held me tightly and locked together like this he continued bucking and calling out, his throbbing penis spending itself deep inside me. After our breathing slowed and he began to grow soft I finally got up. "Stay there." I ordered.

I returned with a couple of warm wet washcloths and a towel. First I gently cleansed his spent member then I wiped him down, getting the sweat off and then toweling him dry.

What a beautiful experience! First the amazing feeling of his mouth on my cock, making me so weak at the knees so I couldn't stand. Next there was the thrill of sucking on his lovely member. And then his glorious penis inside me, probing and fucking my deepest most secret pleasure place as I rode him to his orgasm!

But instead of getting carried away in ecstasy I was able to stay in control and concentrate on giving Dave back some of the pleasure he had given me. "Was it good for you?" I asked. "Oh man, oh wow. All I can say is wow," he replied. I smiled broadly. "Well good. Now you know how much I enjoy what you do to me." "Oh, I'm going to do something alright. Let's grab a quick shower first." He said.

We showered quickly and then Dave led me over to the bed. Making a pile of pillows against the headboard and one for my bottom, Dave had me sit back in a semi reclined position. "Here, put your ass on this and sit up a little, I want you to watch, you'll like it." He positioned himself between my legs. He began stroking my sensitive belly and massaging my penis which didn't take much encouragement; soon I was quite hard.

He began sucking me and again that warm wonderful feeling spread out from my penis to my belly, then continued slowly enveloping my whole body. I marveled at how perfectly he sucked me. His mouth and tongue felt so good, soft and wet and warm, just the right amount of suction rolling his tongue over and around the head. I got so hard I thought my throbbing cock was going to burst.

Relaxed against the pile of pillows with my back propped up I watched Dave slowly sucking and rubbing me, expertly mixing long deep mouth work with tongue action on my cock-head. He was right, watching him pleasure me increased my excitement. My legs were splayed wide, bent at the hips and knees and I rested my feet on his back. My breathing deepened as my belly began quivering uncontrollably. I was sighing and cooing with his every move. "Oooo, ah oooo." I couldn't believe how good this felt. Gently caressing him as he worked on my penis, my hands fluttered from his head to his shoulders as I watched my toes repeatedly fan apart then curl, gripping his back and urging him on.

Just when I thought it couldn't feel any better, Dave slowly inserted first one finger and then two into my joy-hole making me moan with pleasure. "Naaaah. Oooo. Oh God." I cried. My toes clutched his back as he curled his fingers to rub my prostate. Knowing I was close, Dave slowed his sucking, just tonguing my swollen cock head as he concentrated on the prostate massage. His fingers were stretching me open and palm up, he curled and straightened his fingers as he ran them in and out. The sensations he gave me were unbelievable, pure ass delight. "Ooooo. Ooooo. Dave," I gasped.

Gasping and moaning, belly heaving my whole body was quivering with pleasure. I watched him gently toying with my cock as my toes were clutching and dancing with pleasure, I couldn't take any more. "Oooo, please. Finish me. Oooo Dave, finish me." I begged. "Mmmm. Hmmm." He replied, his mouth now filled with my swollen cock. I watched him take my length almost completely in his hot wet mouth and felt his fingers drumming inside me on my pleasure spot. His head bobbed up and down sucking me fully. The pleasure was incredible. My orgasm began.

Waves of ecstasy enveloped me and my cries peaked as I convulsed again and again. "Oh Dave, I'm coming! Oh! Ooooo. Ooooo." He pulled back a little and just sucked on my cock head while his fingers concentrated on poking and prodding my pleasure spot. I was almost screaming with joy, one long moan of pleasure. "OoooOooooOooooo." I watched as gob after gob of hot cum poured out, one thick rope for each of my cries and spasms. It seemed to last forever. Fully spent and emptied, I collapsed back against the pillows, completely exhausted. "Thank you." I somehow managed to say.

Entirely drained from our sexual exertions, we were soon falling asleep. It had been quite a day and evening. My last thought before sleep overtook me was, "What delights will tomorrow bring?"




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