When we left off my new friend Dave had just treated me to a wonderful fucking and then I gave him my first blow job ever...

"Uh, oh. I guess she wants sex." I thought. I was confused. Slowly awakening, I remembered that I was no longer married and realized I must have been dreaming. I was lying on my side and he was pressed up against my back, our legs tangled. He was running his hand lightly over my belly, and stroking my feet with his toes. More awake, I began to recall where I was and what the heck had just happened.

Oh, my God! I was in bed with a man, my new friend Dave and he had fucked me! Wow. He had just treated me to a good stiff fucking, then I had sucked him off. Holy smokes! I had sucked a man's penis and I'd enjoyed it, and so had he. Exhausted, we'd fallen asleep together. It was still daylight so we couldn't have slept too long.

He must have cuddled up to me, spoon fashion, while we were sleeping. Never having slept with a guy before, for an instant I was a little bit freaked out. But his body pressed against me, our tangled legs, and his gentle caresses felt so good that I immediately relaxed. Why deny it? This felt great.

I lay there half asleep, feeling blissful pleasure as he stroked my sensitive skin.

Languidly and lightly he ran his hand over my belly, something I love. Occasionally he brushed my nipples and sometimes his strokes drifted down to my penis, which was now beginning to wake up as well.

His toes were rubbing my feet and lower legs. It was like he was using every available part of his body to stimulate me and the total effect was that my whole body was being pleasured and I was beginning to become aroused again. Wriggling my buttocks gently against him I sighed with pleasure and now he knew I was awake.

He began to stroke me with more purpose, spending more and more time on my penis. Soon I was fully erect and beginning to writhe and wriggle with pleasure. It felt like my every nerve was on fire. My breathing deepened and quickened. Our legs remained tangled together and my toes were curling, rubbing him back as I began pushing my bottom against him. His penis grew firm and became a large lump against my buttocks and the small of my back.

Eventually he stopped caressing my chest and belly and taking my erection in hand continued stroking me at the same languid pace. By now I was grinding against him in earnest, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock pressing into my back. He grabbed the lube and smeared some on himself, and on my anus and on my penis. We remained on our sides, he was pressed against me and like a slippery eel his long hard cock slipped between my legs.

Tremendously excited now, I reached back and guided him to my opening. When I felt his swollen cock head rub against my tender hole, I was overcome with desire. I wanted to feel him inside me, filling and stretching me, intruding into my most secret pleasure place. He didn't push at all, so I thrust myself backwards, opening myself to him. His lovely penis entered me fully. I gasped and cooed with pleasure. "Ooooo, smooth."

His penis felt wonderful inside me. I pushed back harder, grinding my ass into him. His cock was so long it felt like he was going to poke out of my belly button from the inside. I was immediately in heaven, transported to a place of perfect sexual excitement.

Immediately I lost all control. Wildly thrusting backwards, I began gasping and calling out as my ass slammed against his belly. "Oh, oh, oh. Oh Jesus. Oh fuck." I cried.

He stopped rubbing my cock and quickly grabbed my hips, pulling me firmly against him, holding me still. "Easy there. Just be still. Try to be quiet. Breathe slowly and deeply. Try not to move." He said. "We're going to make this last a long time."

Pressed up against my back spoon fashion, our legs remained tangled together. He returned to the long slow caresses of my chest and belly while his feet and toes rubbed mine. Every touch was perfect bliss, every caress was magnified by that magnificent man-root buried deep inside me. The pleasure he gave me was so intense, I was quivering and vibrating uncontrollably.

I marveled at how good it felt to have his penis buried deep inside me. Firm and warm and so alive, I could feel it pulsating. My tiny quivering movements were enough to keep him hard, and we continued like this for a long time, my pleasure slowly building. Instead of a firm vigorous fucking, I was being treated to a slow sensuous session.

We remained like that for quite a while. Our bodies locked together, giving and receiving intense pleasure from each other. Time stood still, we were floating on a cloud of sensuous bliss.

He would stroke my throat and chest and nipples and belly, and I'd gently wriggle my bottom against him, my anus gripping his throbbing cock. In this state of sexual suspension, even the tiniest movement or muscular contraction was magnified a thousand times sending waves of pleasure radiating outwards to envelope us in ecstasy.

If I moved too vigorously or started gasping and panting with excitement, he would slow and shush me, saying "Easy, hold it in. Slow your breathing. Hold it in. Make it last, make it last." And we did. Exactly how long we continued in this state of suspended bliss I do not know. It seemed like hours, but maybe it was more like 45 minutes.

Gradually though, Dave's hand drifted lower, spending more and more time on my belly with more frequent trips to stroke my straining erection. Ever so slowly I noticed him pulling me closer with his legs and gently pushing his belly against my buttocks. I thought I was already in a place of perfect sexual bliss, but incredibly I felt even more intense pleasure slowly building. It was like a pressure and a heat from somewhere deep in my belly, and it spread outwards covering our intertwined bodies.

Suddenly he let go of my penis and remaining buried deeply inside, rolled me onto my stomach. Holding still for a bit he let me calm down and seemed to get control of himself as well. "Feel me. Feel me fucking you." He whispered. Then he pulled almost all the way out before sinking back in to the hilt. It felt so good. "Yes! Ooooo. You're fucking me. You're fucking me good." I whimpered back.

His long slow deep thrusts continued for a bit as I gasped and cooed with pleasure. "Oooo, fuck me. Beautiful cock, beautiful cock." I sobbed. His penis felt so good, I had to tell him. I could feel his pleasure rising with mine.

Just as suddenly he rolled us back on our sides. We went back to the slow relaxed rhythm of before, but not for very long.

His penis seemed to grow inside me, and by now he was allowing me to push back against him with growing urgency and intensity. He stopped shushing me, allowing me more sobs of pleasure. Still not thrusting yet, but I felt his breathing quickening, keeping time with my coos and moans of delight. "Ahh. Ooh. Ahh." We were both slippery, covered in sweat we strained, me pushing my bottom backwards, Dave pulling my ass against him and gently grinding into me.

I could tell Dave was getting really excited. He had been so relaxed when we started that by now it was easy to feel his growing muscular tension. What had been the occasional sigh of satisfaction was now almost constant, his every breath a grunt of pleasure. "Unnnh. Unnnh." Except for his moans at orgasm, he had been so quiet when I sucked him that this surprised and thrilled me, increasing my excitement that much more. I answered back with my own cries of delight. "Ooooo. Oh. Ooooo."

Soon we were breathing and moaning in perfect synchronization. "Unnnh. Ooooo. Unnnh. Ooooo." He was pushing into me and I was grinding my bottom back against him. His penis was rock hard, throbbing, white hot in my anus and giving me unbelievable pleasure. I felt physical joy from every part of my body. It seemed like we were enveloped by and floating in a soft warm cloud of pure sexual energy.

By now I was thrusting back on his penis in earnest, my ass gripping him as I continued grinding my bottom against him as hard as I could. Dave held my penis more firmly, lengthening his strokes. Our legs remained tangled together, our feet and toes clutching and grasping each other. I could no longer hold back. Calling out my joy I cried, "Oh Dave, I'm going to come!" "Go ahead. Let it out, unnnh. Let it come. Unnnh, so good." He answered me.

I felt my orgasm begin to take hold as Dave's own pleasure spasms began. "Unnnh. Fuck, fuck." He grunted. "Ooooo. Ooooo." I cried. Tightly locked together, we rocked and shook as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss and spasms of pure pleasure racked our bodies. This orgasm seemed to go on forever, both of us moaning, calling out and shaking with delight.

Gradually our breathing slowed and I became aware of his penis shrinking and withdrawing. I couldn't move. I was almost unconscious, floating in the afterglow of the most wonderful sex I'd experienced in years. "I'm going to get some food. I'll bring you back something if you like." "Thanks." I mumbled pulling the white sheet over my deeply tanned body. "I'll be right here."

Briefly wondering what would come next, within seconds I was soundly asleep.




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