As I walk to my private space in the parking garage I notice Scott leaning on my Lexus SUV feet crossed at the ankles, arms folded over his chest and a scowl that has me shuddering the closer I get.  "You're late" is his only greeting as I reach the vehicle.  "I got tied up on a call" I respond.  He inches forward until his nose is practically touching mine and growls "damn, so I won't be the first to tie you up then today." 

I immediately flush and start, "hey listen Scott, I'm not sure what you have in mind but I'm straight, I apologize if I have led you on but lets just pretend this never happened, and carry on in a professional manner."   Taking a step and closing the half inch gap that is separating us Scott leans down and take my ear lobe in his mouth, biting down.  At the same time he grabs my cock and mockingly says, "staight, this thing being rock hard constantly for the past two weeks every time you see me is saying otherwise.  "I don't know what you're talking about" is the only lame response I can come up with, but it's useless.  With my now leaking cock in his hand Scott, moves the collar of my short and clamps his lips on "that spot" right by the collar bone, it drives me made every time, fuck how did he know?  I can feel myself going weak in the knees.  Removing his lips he, he looks at my neck and says, "that will have to do as proper marking for now, you have been claimed, you are mine."  Barely able to get my thoughts together I manage to mutter, "I'm not" and Scott puts a finger to my lips and once again fixing his icey stare on me demands "remove all of your clothing now!  He is crazy, there is no way I am getting naked in the parking garage of my office building even if my spot is private and secluded.  Grabbing a hold of me by the waist and spinning me around until I can feel is raging hard cock pressing against my ass, he once again goes in for the neck move and this time proceeds to mark the other side.  Trying to pass off the moan I let out in bliss as a sigh of frustration, I attempt to try to reason with him again by saying "Scott, this isn't my thing, I apologize if I have led you on."  With his cock still rubbing my ass through my pants and his lips and teeth marking my neck, he growls, "I told you I want you naked, and I meant now!"  He rips open my dress shirt with buttons flying everywhere and mockingly says, "that was an awfully expensive shirt to have ruined, I imagine everything else is just as expensive, would you like me to remove it the same way or are you going to give up the bullshit act now and take off all your clothes immediately?"  I again make a feeble attempt with "I'm not gay" and Scott's hand goes to my cock once again, as he starts unzipping the fly he says "Well for a guy that's not gay you certainly seem to be enjoying this, you're leaking like a sieve down here, or you've pissed yourself."  Spinning me around to face him he grabs my jaw firmly in his hand and growls, "Which is it?"  The look in those icey blue eyes pierces every inch of me and standing there being forced to meet his stare with my cock in his hand my response is to begin removing my torn torn dress shirt and t-shirt.  My head is spinning with more than I can comprehend, it feels so wrong yet so right. I own this business, I own this building, fuck I even own this damn parking garage but here I am standing half naked in a parking garage stripping like a two dollar whore for one of my employees.  With my head hung down, I feel Scott once again close the distance between us, again he grabs my jaw forcing me to look at him and says, "It's all abut your potential, always remember that."  With that I notice him reach into his back pocket and WHAT THE FUCK, he has a riding crop, the thought hasn't even fully formed yet when I feel the first of three sharp whacks across my chest with the crop.  "The rest of the clothes, NOW' Scott yells, and delivers the fourth and most stinging blow yet.  Fuck that's going to leave a mark!  I slip of of my shoes and socks and as my hands go to unbutton my pants I see Scott watching and rubbing his crotch.  Seeing me look at him and once again hesitating to get totally naked I receive yet another whack with the crop.  "Fuck that hurts, stop doing that" I mutter only to receive my sixth smack across the chest with the crop.  "You decide how many you get and how hard they are by your level of cooperation" Scott smugly says and immediately delivers three powerful blows across my back explaining they were earned because I still have my pants on.  I can't take one more, I immediately rip my pants down and shuck them off.  As I hook my fingers into the waistband of my underwear Scott approaches grabbing my cock once again and says, "soaking wet, so you never answered, is this from excitement or have you pissed yourself?"   "I'm a grown man, I don't piss myself" is a response I soon regret as Scott has my jaw clenched between his hands he delivers four powerful blows to my now naked thighs and growls in my face "that wasn't one of the answers, answer the fucking question!"  I can feel the crop resting on my naked thigh, knowing it's ready to strike again and I can't bare it, "Excitement" I say.  And it disturbs me to realize that as I admit my excitement I feel a huge drop of precum escape my cock.  Now my own body is betraying me. "Well seeing how this excites you let me just take care of these" Scott says grabbing my underwear and ripping them off, I am left standing naked as the day I was born, covered in two bite marks, and at least 9 different marks from the crop.  Hanging my head in shame, I put my forearms on the back of the SUV and looking down I notice the rope of precum that is running from my achingly hard cock all the way to the floor.

As I stand there with my back to Scott, feeling so vulnerable yet the most turned on I have have in my life.  I feel him approach and lean into me, his cock feels incredible on my ass, even though it is still encased in his jeans.  I reach my hand back, wanting to free to, to feel his hardness in me.  As I reach back, he steps back, and my hand receives a smack with the crop.  "Fuck" I cry out, and Scott takes a step forward saying, "permission has not been granted to touch me.   You will learn patience, and obviously you will learn it the hard way.  Always remember that your rewards will be greater than your punishments."  With that Scott steps between my legs, forcing my legs further apart, he growls into my ear "Arch your back."  No longer to form any thoughts that don't involve my cock and the need to have him in my ass I readily comply.  He rewards me with a "good boy" and begins to run the crop along my inner thighs and up my ass crack.  I respond with "mmmmm" arching my back and spreading me legs even further.  I feel the tap, tap, tap of the crop first on one cheek then the other, and my dick is a faucet leaking my never ending precum as Scott gently taps my inner thighs, taint and balls with it.  My legs long to spread even wider and throw an even bigger arch in my back it feels so heavenly.  Scott chuckles and pulling me against his back says "Greedy little whore aren't you.  See now we are starting to see your potential."   He grabs my cock with one hand and teasingly slides the heavy metal cock ring on it, The weight of the thick ring brings about the largest drop of precum yet.  As if knowing it would happen Scott catches the bead of juice in his hand and I feel him part my ass cheeks and begin to lube my hole with it.  My hole is twitching in anticipation to finally receive Scotts cock and earn my reward.  I feel pressure at my hole as it struggles to open up, Scott growls, "push out" and as I comply I feel it pop in.  Letting out a sigh of disappointment realizing its only a plug and not Scott's cock that is invading my hole, I am treated to a sharp whack with the crop on each cheek causing me to clench my hole shut and taking the plug even further up.  Scott spins me around to face him, forcing my arms up to shoulder and legs spread I am leaning on the back of the Lexus, with a ringed leaking cock and a plugged asshole, totally naked, and I realize at some point I have begun to enjoy every second of it.  Taking my chin between his teeth and gently biting, Scott growls, "potential baby, we are going to show you how much you have."  I immediately yelp as the nipple clamps bite into my sensitive nips, yet another torrent of precum shoots out of my cock.  Scott once again goes to the marks he left earlier on my neck and begins to bite and suck, just a few minutes ago I wasn't I concerned about the marks and now my only thought is more, don't stop, brand me as yours. 

 Once he has finished tightening the tension on the clamps to a level just below unbearable Scott once again takes my chin in his hands, giving it a nip he growls "get in the car."  Without a second thought I head to the passengers seat thrilled at the prospect of seeing what is to come.  As Scott opens the garage door and we enter the public area of the garage I glance back to see my clothing laying on the dirty garage floor I realize that the $7,000 worth of Armani clothing once signified to me I had reached my potential, but now its a pile of rags and I am about to fully realize what I am capable of.  Grinning at me as he glides the Lexus from the garage to the busy downtown street, Scott says "You're time starts now."  Simple words but enough for me as I feel the stickiness of my precum against my thigh.


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