I knew immediately when Scott entered the room for his job interview he was hired.  I had looked at the resume prior to the interview and his qualifications to be my assistant were good, well good enough, but I needed to see this man every day.  The long hours in the office would certainly be much more enjoyable looking at that amazing body.  I didn't want to seem too obvious so I hadn't offered him the position right away,I figured I would finish the remaining two interviews, wait a couple of days and then call and offer him the position.  As I concluded the interview and we rose to shake hands I was about to say I would be calling him to let him know, he grabbed my hand and with his piercing blue eyes stared at me and said "So, when do I start?"  My response baffled me as I broke the stare by immediatley glancing down and saying "Monday."  Scott took a step closer, my hand still in his and said, "Excellent, I look forward to working with you, I know we can achieve great things together, and really bring out your potential."  He let go of my hand, turned and was gone.  Still in awe of the incredibly hot man, it took me a while to register parting comment, "bring out your potential"...wtf did that mean.  I think I have done a fine job bringing out my own potential, I own a company worth millions, drive top of the line vehicles, have a home most would kill for, wear clothing that is obnoxiously over priced...if the subject is brought up again I will have to point out to Scott my "potential" has been reached just fine  without his help.  

The weekend came and went as they all do, spending most of it in the office plotting and scheming my next business venture. I couldn't help but let my mind wander to Scott here and there.  Life in the office would be much easier with him as my new assistant.   I did logon to a couple of the hook up apps for a brief period of time but in all honesty I am repulsed by them.  I find them trashy and full of would be gold diggers not to mention what kind of diseases these easy skanks are passing back and forth to each other.   I contemplated phoning the escort service I use quarterly but instead decided to focus my energies on business and and continuing to build my body. 

As Monday morning rolled around the anticipation of seeing Scott again was overwhelming and disturbing.  What was I thinking hiring this man?  I could hardly keep the drool from running down my chin when looking at him, how was I supposed to remain the "large and in charge" closeted president of my company with a man around that made all the blood in my body run straight to my dick?  Sitting at my desk at 7:45 am Scott strolled into my office taking a seat in the chair across from my desk.   His presence alone was enough to leave me unhinged but holy fuck, looking at those incredible god-like Italian features in what had to be a custom tailored button down, black jeans that looked painted on ( it disturbed me that my first realization was that with pants that tight, Scott has to be a commando guy) and the perfect two days worth of scruff that would feel magical rubbing against my inner thighs and even better in my ass crack as he set about rimming me.  Literally having to shake my head to rouse myself from my stupor I looked across at Scott who flashed me a toothpaste commercial worthy smile and said "hmm, can't help but wonder where your mind went."  Flushing instantly I looked at him and said " I'm sorry to have to start things off this way but this is a respectable place of business and we need to dress as such."  Your attire will be excused for today but tomorrow will begin the suit and tie routine."  At that point Scott kicked his well heeled boots up on my desk and said, "hey listen, you hired me as your assistant and that's what I fully intend to do, assist you.  Now you can mandate a suit and tie, but I think you will find me much more pleasant dressed like this and I can assure you that my productivity and your motivation will be much better so let's just set the record straight right now, this will be my usual office attire."  Removing his feet from my desk, Scott stood up, reached his hand across my desk and with his piercing stare said, "Glad we came to that understanding easily and quickly."  I shook his hand and mumbled "fine" but yet again I was forced to break the stare immediately.  Getting to his feet and moving to my side of the desk Scott parked his perfectly carved ass cheek on the corner and said, "well seems the only thing we have left to discuss is compensation."  He withdrew a piece of paper from his back pocket (how did a piece of paper even fit in there?) and said "this is what I will require in order to help you reach your potential."  I looked at the piece of paper and the salary requirement was four times what I had posted on the job opening.  I hadn't built a multi million dollar company on terms like these, I own this company and I make the terms!  "I'm sorry Scott" I began and looking up at him once again it was as if his eyes were piercing my soul, "Sorry about what" he asked.  As I felt a huge drop of pre-cum escape from my rock hard cock, my only response was " I'm sorry it couldn't be more" I responded as I signed his salary requirement.  

One week led into the next, Scott proved to be worth every extra penny I was paying him and then some.  By the end of the second week we were well on our way to landing a major deal that could double profits from last year.  Of course every woman in the office was making up one lame excuse or another to come by my office to flirt with Scott and flirt he did.  Embarrassingly enough I could tell several times that he caught my anger when he was flirting with them.  No words were spoken, each time I was reprimanded with "the stare" and instantly dropped it.  Upon my dropping the issue, "the stare" was instantly followed up with a slight chuckle.  Infuriating to say the least.  Life is about power and control and it was really starting to piss me off how easily I was willing to give it up for this man in a pair of painted on jeans.

I knew Scott was making nice use of the company gym as I had heard through the grapevine but I had made a point of coming in earlier to do my workouts to avoid having any contact with him in quarters that would require less clothing than the painted on jeans and form fitting shirts he wore daily.  One morning after my workout and shower I was standing in the hallway outside the gym talking with Kathy a friend that has been with me since high school and as CFO has helped my company grow into what it is today.  Kathy is my stand in date for all social functions, charity events, fundraisers, etc.  We have an agreement, I keep her supplied in all things Armani, Gucci, and Prada and she keeps her mouth shut that about my quarterly escort services and the fact the last time I saw a vagina was when I was coming out of it on the day of my birth.   As she and I were firming up plans to attend a charity event the following week, Scott came strolling down the hall and upon spotting me chatting with Kathy he instantly began scowling and I could feel "the stare " from 20 feet away.  As he passed he growled "morning" and headed into the locker room.  Never one to pass up an opportunity, Kathy mocked my blushing face and said, "you better set that one straight before straight isn't a word you can use anymore.  Now if you will excuse me I have to go check on Armani's new line, I get the feeling you want to buy me something really nice today."  

I thought to myself, she's right, I am putting too much on the line with him, I need to draw a line in the sand and make sure it's never crossed!  Walking into the locker room, I found Scott standing there in nothing but a jockstrap adjusting what was easily a 9 inch cock inside that pouch.  Focus, focus, focus damn it.  It's a cock, you've seen them before!  "Scott we need to have a visit" I started out.  Placing his foot on the bench in front of the lockers he looked at me and said, "We most certainly do, it's time for us to start working on you reaching your full potential."  His response about meeting my full potential instantly irritated me, many people would give their right arm to achieve the level of success and wealth I had, fuck him and his potential, it's insulting and I will no loner stand for it.  "My potential" I started but wasn't allowed to finish as Scott said, "Your potential will be set free tonight, I will meet you at your car at 6:00 pm.  Yet again having to back down from the "stare"the only response I could utter was, "I will be there."  


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