Here I am standing on the beach of the Island of Aruba, My God it is beautiful, pure, clear gorgeous waters like the sky, and the Beaches were of gorgeous fine white sand, truly an Island of Paradise, could anything be more beautiful. Yet in all its beauty I still felt the hurting, and the pain of haveing lost a boyfriend, lover and lifes companion. Oh yea my name is Errol.

It was only six weeks ago that I was called to the hospital to watch my boyfriend Eugene, who had been in a coma for three months, as he lay there slowly slipping away, a victim of some drunken jerk hitting his car head on, at a high rate of speed, He of course escaped with a slight cut over his left eye and a migrane headache.

I was heartbroken, My lover and soulmate, gone forever just a memory now, living only in my minds eye, the tears running down my cheeks, I really didn't want to go on, But I knew that Eugene wouldn't want me to grieve so, I know I would want that of him if something had happened to me, I would want him to find someone else and find happiness again.

I had come to the Island in hopes of throwing off some of the sorrow, and just getting away seemed to be the way to do it.

I was setting at a beachside bar, having a drink, and the bar keeper came over and started up a conversation, he just let me have an ear to vent to, and he did his best to console me, He could tell that I was a gay man from the way I talked about Eugene, He said, what you need is a diversion, someone to take your mind off your past with Eugene, He said you can't bring him back but you can get on with your life. I said, yea, but I'm no one to be with these days. He said, I think I can help, I have these cabin boys that come and befriend, and just be there for you when you need them, I said are they costly? he said you tip them whatever you want, just don't stiff them, they will rob you blind if you do.

I came back the next morning after thinking about the conversation that we had had the evening before, I said you can send one of those boys to my beach side bungalo this afternoon, he said o.k. which number are you in, I said twenty one, He said I'll take care of it.

I was standing at the door of the bungalo when I saw this Asian looking boy, looked to be about sixteen or so, walk up to my cabin and said Mr. Errol? I said yes, he said my name, Kaio, I said hello Kaio, glad to meet you, he said, boss said for me to come and take care of you, I your cabin boy, I looked at him and my first response was, How old are you Kaio? He said I 19, want to see my I.D. he took out a local, Legal I.D., with his birth date on it and he was 19, I just smiled and looked at Kaio, and I said your a little doll, do you know that? he looked at me and said I make you happy while you here, O.K.? I said sure why not.

I invited him in, and he said you get undressed to shorts o.k? I said alright if thats what you want me to do. he said yea please!

I went to the bathroom and took off my trousers, and my shirt, leaving just my tee-shirt, and briefs on.

I am a mature male going into middle aged, I'm thirty seven, and I am in pretty good shape, haveing always taken care of myself.

I was looking at the young cabin boy with much interest, he was dressed in just a tank top shirt it looked like a mans undershirt, a pair of dark blue shorts and sandles, he took the pillows on my bed and layed them in a row at the head of the bed and I walked in in just my briefs, Kaio's face was all lit up when he saw me, and said you nice looking man, I said your cute too, He was black headed, his hair was just a little shorter than shoulder length, his eyes were black and snappy, and he was nicely built, but small very cute and quite sexy, I just didn't want to be considered a child molester in my own eyes.

well I came out and layed down on the bed, Kaio, got up on the bed beside me. and said I rub you back, I just thought O.K. sounds good to me, I didn't realize what that entailed.

Kaio knew what he was all about, He started by rubbing up on my neck and back, god it felt sooo good, I felt all my inhabitions start to melt away, and he was just massaging my back, god man, I was floating away into an almost blissful feeling, it was so relaxing and awesome, his hands was working wonders on my body, he got down to my legs and had me spread legs, I opened up my legs and he started rubbing the calfs of my legs, and I felt his hand start rubbing the upper, inner sides of my thighs, I was on my stomach at this time and He rubbed the inner thighs up next to my crotch, and the more he rubbed the closer he got untill his hands and the tips of his fingers were sliding under the leg openings to my briefs, I felt this feeling inside my legs and then I felt his fingers begin to touch my ball sack, which I was loveing the feeling of. He started to hold his hands in the opening of the briefs, and rub the undersidea of my nuts with his fingers, just lightly, now this was in turn causing my cock to spring into action, I was getting a hardon like iron. He finally said take off, I said what? he said take off under wear, I said o.k. and I raised up enough to take off my underwear, I slid them down the legs and off my feet, and layed down again naked and bare assed, this kid, started to rub my ass cheeks and spread and lightly rub my rectal opening just lightly, he licked on his fingers and massaged it with the tips of his fingers and the other hand was rubbing my nuts. The wildest sensations were shooting thru my body from this.

I was feeling just awesome, and the excitement was mounting, he said, roll over, and I did, and of course the old cock was sticking straight up, hard as a palm tree trunk, all seven and a half inches, he just smiled and said really big, and he took it into his hand and started stroking it for me, I just layed back and enjoyed this boys art work. I could tell that I was feeling the buildup of pleasure, God it seemed like it had been forever since I had felt the pleasure of someone else on my cock. He layed over forward and with his hand still wrapped around the shaft of my cock, took about three inches into his mouth and just held it still for a minute and licked on the head like it was a sucker.

I was about to climb the walls, this young dude was taking me over the rainbow, all I could think now was I want to eat this cute little ass that is sticking in my face, I stopped him and said take off your shorts, he said you the boss, I watched as this young man took off all his clothes and stood there naked, young, tender and beautiful, not athleticly muscular, but not a skinny runt either, but very nice looking, bronze skinned and rather gorgeous, his cock was sticking out straight and hard, not overly large about six inches I guess, but had a beautiful foreskin. and almost a black skinned cock, but looked like a delicious tasting morsel of man flesh, I said get up here like you were, he straddled my chest with his ass toward my face and leaned over to take my cock back into his mouth, and I started licking his asshole and licking his love button, punching thru his pucker hole with the tip of my tongue, he was wimpering and ooohing and shoving down his ass against my mouth,, and then I started sucking on his nuts, not overly large but yet tasty and large enough.

I finally had him squirming and his cock was like a peice of bone. I raised his ass up and swallowed his hard cock to the nutsack, and he started fucking my mouth, god it tasted wonderful, and I had him writhing and squirming, A I sucked his adorable cock, and fingered his little love hole. I was about to cum as he sucked the head of my cock in his hot little mouth and I started grunting and moaning. I felt at that moment the blast comming on and it started shooting in this boys mouth, damn, It felt awesome, and about the time I finished shooting my load, I felt his cock start that jerking as it fired off his cum shot into my throat, sweet, tasty young man cream, god it was so good.

I felt him collapse onto my body, I reached up and grabbed his body and squeezed his young body in a hugging manner, licking on his cock and balls.

I was beginning to feel alive again, Kaio was giving me back sense of purpose, I don't know why, but he made me feel needed and wanted, I had him sleep in my beachside bungalo with me, and he just stayed with me at my side, taking care of my every, and I do mean every need.

He had been with me for about three days sleeping in my bed at night and eating meals with me showing me a wonderful time while I was there, never once did he mention the money I was sure I owed him, I really didn't want to leave.

Kaio, came to me one evening and said Hey Boss, Kaio wants you to have sex with me. I said sure Kaio.

I noticed he was like a loved starved nymphette. he was all over me like a swarm of bees on honey.

Hhe was hanging on my body, kissing my neck, making out with me, He said I want your dick in me, I said O.K., he said now please? I took my clothes off and Kaio took his shorts off making himself naked from the waste down, he took some lube and slathered some on my cock and just came over and set down onto my cock and I felt my cock sink into his anal opening, God his body was hot inside, like a blast furnace, He was breahting heavy, jumping up and down onto my cock and almost squeeling as he wildly fucked my cock, I was feeling pretty good about the feeling, I heard Kaio say something and I said what? he said I love you sir. and man did he get wild with his fucking, I was fastly getting to the edge of blowing off, I was hardening up very hard and I felt the blast about to happen and he started squeezing my cock with his rectal muscles like a milking machine, god was it awesome, a couple times of this and I was unloading my semen into his love channel. He was so turned on that he shot cum up to my chin and he just hugged onto my body like a little baby monkey, and hugged me as his body calmed down to normalcy. He said Mr. Errol is very good lover, Kaio is very pleased.

I was very pleased with Kaio too, I remember his tears as I prepared to go home, He hugged me as I slipped him his fee, and he kissed me, and I had slipped him a couple extra hundred dollars, and he slipped me a note with his name, address, and phone number, and he promised to visit me in America soon, I told him I would help him get there anytime he wanted.

I left the Island, and felt like a renewed man. And I owe it all to my Island Cabin boy.



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