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Story 59 Below:

I had just finished my Friday college class early when I took a chance that my old car would get me to the weekend camping site to meet my buddies Hank, Bill and Mickey for a weekend of fun in the back country of the forest in northern California. When I was about 25-miles from the camping site, my car began spewing clouds of smoke from the hood and then the car stopped running. As it was near dark, what would I do? I felt panic come over me.

Then I got lucky when a truck approached. Two herculean type men stopped, got out and approached my car. One of the men said: "Young man, you seem to be having car trouble?"

"yes, gentlemen, my old car has apparently given up the ghost. I am stranded."

The blond headed lumberjack opened my hood and examined the trouble. He reported: "Bad news, your engine has blown up. Since it is near dark, would you like to spend the night with us at the logging camp?"

"Oh, thank you. There is no way to contact my buddies as cell phones do not work here. I am grateful to you."

I got in the truck between the two rugged hunks and we started toward the camp. The blond one who was driving said: "My name is Rudy and my buddy here is Cal. What is your name?"

"Hi Rudy and Cal. My name is Nick. I was just on my way to meet three of my buddies for a weekend of camping. We are all teammates on our college soccer team. In fact, this is our senior year so we thought we would spend the weekend camping before the regional soccer tournament and before the college year ended."

I learned that Rudy, the blond one, was 40-years-of-age and had been a logger for 20 years. Cal was a handsome Native American, age 35, and he had been a logger since age 18. I shared with them that I was 21 and that next Fall, I would be playing pro soccer.

As a gay man, I became horny as hell while seated between these two gorgeous studs. Rudy appeared to be around six-feet and 3 or 4-inches tall, weighed around 220 pounds, short blond hair, blue eyes, arms the size of most mens' legs, the biggest biceps I had ever seen that were showing from his sleeveless shirt, a monstrous chest that looked like it was going to rip off his shirt any minute, legs the size a tree trunk and a print of a huge manhood in his pants.

Cal was equally a hunk. I guessed him to be around 6' 3" tall; weigh about 210 pounds; dark brown hair with a sexy ponytail; deep brown eyes; arms, biceps, chest, thighs and legs about the same size as Rudy; and a monstrous bulge in his pants.

The heat and smell of these two giants from their day of logging caused me to loose complete control. My big 8-inch cock began growing and stiffen until I was at full erection. There was no way to hide my boner or my lust.

"Rudy, look at Nick's crotch. Man, he has some boner in those pants. I bet he wants us to help him take car of that problem," said Cal.

"Hell yea, Cal, unzip his pants and show him how a lumberjack gives hot head. I bet he want last long. Your chance to get some young soccer players' hot juicy cum. Lets also get out our growing woods and show our new friend what a real python looks like on a real man and what mean fuckers we are.I bet he has never seen such humongous horse like cocks before and what to do with them."

I was about to bust a nut just imaging what was about to happen. Cal unzipped my pants, reached his huge hand inside my briefs, located my throbbing cock and pulled it out. I was already profusely leaking precum. Then both hunks unzipped their pants, pulled out what turned out to be horse-like 11-inch cocks and got ready for hot sex. Rudy had a very white smooth cock shaft and big cock head. Cal had a beautiful large dark brown cock with ripped veins running down the shaft and a mushroom head. Both guy's cocks were shinny from the leaking precum.

After Cal and I managed to move our bodies into a different and unique position in the cab of a truck, we got into a 69 position. Cal ordered me to come down on his big dark cock while he at the same time started using his juicy thick lips to swallow my aching cock. The sloppy cock sucking had Rudy turned on as he ordered Cal to use one of his hands to jack-off Rudy's throbbing cock. All three of us were now into a hot sexual action.

Rudy had trouble concentrating on the road. Rudy, Cal and I began to grunt and moan from the pleasure of our cocks being serviced. I felt my heart rate go wild as I experienced chills up and down my spine. I began quivering. The taste of the precum was intoxicating and a form of nirvana knowing that I soon would be enjoying a large cum meal that I had not had in the past ten days since I had my last warm cum meal from my biddies Hank, Bill and Mickey. The smells of sweat, cum and heady manly odors filled the air in the cab of the truck. I had never been more aroused and horny.

The cock sucking got faster and faster as both Cal and I deep throated the big cocks in our mouths. Somehow I managed to take all Cal's horse sized cock all the way down my throat. I had never had such sexy lips or mouth along with a unique sucking technique that Cal used. He knew how to take a cock and make it feel so devoured and special. Cal was a master cock sucker.

Then a huge surprise happened. I heard Rudy cry out: "I am cumming, I am cumming." He shot a huge load of his creme all over Cal's hand and fingers. Next Cal took his own cum covered fingers, and placed them in his own mouth next to my cock that he continued to suck. He enjoyed my cock while tasting Rudy's cum along with my leaking cock. What a turn on.

This unique hot experience caused both Cal and I to erupt at the same moment as we burst load after load of hot thick cum deep to the back of each others' throat. We swallowed ever drop of our new buddies spunk. We then kissed and enjoyed the cum from all of us.

This was the best sex of my young life and with the two biggest hunks of my life.

Shortly we were at the camp, took showers and ate a huge meal prepared by the camp cook. We spent some time in front of the fireplace as the night had brought on some chill in the high mountain air. Then I asked: "Where do you want me to sleep tonight?"

Rudy replied: "Don't you know that you are coming up to the loft with Cal and me. You will share our bed and some fun."

This made me instantly hard again. I replied: "Great Rudy. I could not be more horny and desiring of sex. Are you going to fuck me?"

"Well, Nick, you might be surprised at what awaits you in the loft, right Cal?"

We got to the loft, took off all our clothes, got up on the bed and got into a circle for cock sucking. I took Rudy's big cock down my throat, Cal swallowed my throbbing cock and Rudy chomped down on Cal's thick boner. We sucked and moaned for the longest time. WOW, was the taste good. The raunchy odors had us all near a climax when we stopped and kissed for awhile.

Then I got the surprise of my young sex life. Rudy laid down on his back with his huge cock standing at attention. He ordered me to climb on board facing him and I began to lower my tender ass down on his snake. He began to thrust harder and harder as he fucked me. Before long, I felt Cal come up behind me and rub his crotch and cock into my back. Oh my god, he began to thrust his cock into my ass just above Rudy's big hard cock. Soon he was all the way in and now I had two huge cocks fucking my ass. The pain was severe. This was my first experience with a double penetration and it had to be two monstrous cocks. The sensation of Rudy and Cal feeling their cocks slide over each other had them on fire. They forgot all about my concerns as they went wild fucking my tight ass. I was so full of cock that it seemed as if I had been invaded by a baseball bat that was ripping my ass apart. I probably would not be able to walk for days. Hell, it began to feel so awesome. I loved those cocks up my guts.

I yelled: "Oh holy shit, fuck me, fuck me. Give me your seed. I want all your cum."

This was too much for Rudy and Cal. They erupted like a volcanic explosion filling my ass with what felt like a river of cum. The cum lubed my ass and their cocks as they continued to pound my ass until their cocks finally began to soften. Cal pulled out first and then Rudy. They were not finished as they took turns fucking my mouth ordering me to suck them dry which I did. WOW, the taste was so great.

Then Cal sucked me off until I shot a huge load down his throat. He kissed Rudy to share my nectar.

We went to sleep in each others' arms.

The next morning they took me to my buddies camp site. I shared the incredible sex story with my three buddies. They got instant hardons. We became so horny that we began a hot four way of sucking and fucking each other. This had turned out to be the best weekend of my sex life.

Would we ever see those hot lumberjacks again? My buddies hoped we would.



Naughty Eric


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