On our way back to campus the road passed near the logging camp. When we were within a mile of the cutoff to the camp, Mickey looked at me with that familiar horny expression and begged: "Nick, I have been horny as hell ever since Cal and Rudy dropped you off at our camping site., you told us how they fucked you and then we four soccer buddies had our own orgy based on your hot story how those two big lumberjacks fucked you. Please, lets drop by the camp. We have the whole day to kill. I am dying to see those hunks.

"Ok, Mickey, but I warn you that they are rough loggers with killer cocks. You might get your ass ripped apart if they are in a mood to fuck you. Your 5' 7" frame, 145 pounds, slim body, hot blond features and gorgeous pink ass might be the bait that sets them off and you become their horny primordial lust target. They could rip your ass apart. You're cute but your 7.5 inch cock is no match for their 11-inch pythons.

"Oh my god Nick, you have me crazy for their big 220 pound bodies and 11-inch cocks. My cock has just gotten rock hard and I feel weak in my knees just anticipating their fucking me."

"Ok turn here but remember I warned you of the risk. You have never been fucked raw by such studs. They fuck rough and have no mercy for your pain. I loved it but I have a much bigger asshole than your small one. Also they are into using their cocks to double penetrate their gay subject's ass. You could never survive those two cocks at once."

"oh shit Nick, I am about to shoot a load just fantasying about what you just said. I can hardly wait to get to the camp. Look there is the camp just ahead."

As we got out of the car, Randy and Cal were in the yard splitting wood. When they saw us, they rushed over and both big guys gave me a bear hug.

"Hey, Randy and Cal, I want you to meet Mickey, one of my soccer mates. As we we were headed back to campus, Mickey insisted we come by and meet you guys. I told him all about our wild time together."

They shook hands with Mickey, as Rudy began to tease Mickey and said: "Did Nick tell you that he keep us up almost all night fucking and sucking when he was here Friday night?"

"No Rudy, Nick claimed you would not let him sleep and that you fucked the hell out of him most of the night."

"Well Mickey, do you want us to show you how we take care of young studs like you?"

As Mickey's cock began to swell, he eagerly said: "Yea man, I have thought of nothing else since Nick shared his experience. I have never had sex with such huge hot hunks."

Rudy and Cal escorted us to a different building than the one I had stayed in on Friday. I had not noticed this building . The main room had a king sized bed with four bed posts at the head and another four at the foot of the bed. We soon learned what they were for during sex.

"Ok Nick and Mickey, take off all your clothes as we do," said Cal. In a few seconds, we all were butt naked with rock hard cocks. Mickey' eyes almost bulged out of his head when he saw Rudy and Cal's huge cocks.

Then a huge surprise took place when two giant lumberjacks came out of a joining room totally naked. They were handsome dark African American studs with the largest black cocks we had ever seen. Those cocks were around 12-inches long with huge cock shafts. They had big low hanging dark balls the size of oranges. The two guys looked to be about 6-feet and 6-inches tall. They appeared to be in their 40's and very experienced at what was about to happen.

I noticed the shock on Mickey's face. He looked like he was about to dart off to the car. But the dye was now cast.

Rudy spoke up and said: "Hey, guys, meet Jessie and Travis. They love young fresh meat as much as we do. You are in for a hot fucking session. I hope you are ready."

They ordered Mickey and me on to the bed on our backs with our heads up next to the headboard. They took sexy black leather bands and tied our wrists to the head posts and tied our feet to the posts at the foot of the bed. Mickey and I began to sweat and were unable to move. We were now at the hunks mercy. Our engorged cocks bobbed up and down anticipating what was about to happen. I looked over at Mickey what a huge smile and said: "Buddy, this is what you wanted." He gave me a very nervous partial smile.

Rudy and Jessie got on each side of my impaled body while Cal and Travis did the same to Mickey.The four studs decided to use the same foreplay. Rudy and Jessie took turns spitting into my mouth and drove their hot tongues deep into my throat. Cal and Travis did the same to Mickey. After some five-minutes of hot deep kissing with spit running down our chests, Rudy pulled my head toward him and ordered me to began sucking his monstrous cock. I sucked him for the longest time while swallowing his precum before Jessie made me suck his red-hot cock. I gave both guys very hot blowjobs. Mickey was devouring the big cocks and eating the precum of his new buddies. The room was filled with sloppy sounds of sucking rock hard cocks.

I could hear Mickey gagging as he tried to take these huge cocks down his throat. Travis ordered: "You little bitch, take all my big black cock down that fucking mouth. You are a little whore."

While I had one of the guys cock in my mouth, the other guy was jacking me off. The same was happening to Mickey. We gave blow jobs, got jacked off and were all sweating with the sexy acts. The longer it lasted the hotter we got. The bed sheets became soaked in our sweat, spit and precum. Soon the room was filled with a heady odor of smelly rich sexy manhood testosterone.

While Mickey and I were bound to the bed posts, our big lumberjack friends moved down to our twitching cocks and began kissing, licking up and down our cock shafts, tonguing our assholes, playing with our balls, sucking on our balls and finally took turns going all the way down on our cocks. They sucked us as if they had never had cock before. WOW, they knew how to give great head. As one guy gave great head, the other guy ate our ass. The same sexual act was happening to both Mickey and me. It was pure pleasure.

All at once I heard Mickey cry out: "Oh Fuck, oh my god, suck my cock, eat my ass, give it to me. Make me come. I am dizzy with lust. Make me pay."

Although this had been so hot, I was anxious to see how Mikey would deal with these python cocks up his ass. Could he take the fucking?

After some 20 minutes, the guys untied us and got ready to fuck our man pussies. Rudy and Jessie had me stay on my back, pulled my legs up to my chest, placed a large pillow under my ass cheeks, lubed my man pussy and lubed their throbbing cocks, Rudy took his huge cock and put it at the entrance to my ass and began slowly entering me until he had his entire cock deep in my ass. As soon as he had filled me with his steel hard cock, Jessie got down behind Rudy and forced his cock into my ass. They began to violently fuck me with a hard double penetration. It hurt like hell especially the big black cock. I felt like someone had pushed a log up my ass. Before long, I was the victim of primitive animal carnal needs by these fuckers. After about five minutes, I felt a river of cum flood my entire ass as it soaked these hunks cocks as well as my ass. The release of their warm cum caused me to ejaculate a huge load on my abs and stomach without even touching my organ.

Mickey, Cal and Travis had stopped long enough to be spectators of what happened to me. Mickey was about to get his ass drilled following my ordeal. He was shivering as they lifted his legs up to his chest, lubed his little cute pink ass, lubed heir own cocks and Travis began to insert his big black tool into Mickey's pink ass. While Mickey cried in pain, Travis was able to get about 8-inches of his 12-inch cock down the man pussy. Next Cal moved in for the kill. As he pushed his hard cock under Travis cock and into the cute ass, I thought Mickey might faint. He yelled and begged them to pull out.

"Oh fuck, oh hell. I cannot stand all that big meat in my ass. Please stop."

They simply rested their cocks in his ass for a few minutes before they started fucking him. Cal got only about four inches of his huge cock in the cute ass. They began to fuck Mickey harder and harder. Surprisingly, Mickey began to relax and soon he was bucking his hips up to meet their leaking cocks.

Although they failed to get all their cocks up his ass, they slowly fucked my buddy for some five minutes while Mickey began to moan and grunt as he accepted his fate. He was loving his first double penetration and even thou the cocks were giants.

"Oh fuck, my ass will never be the same again but keep fucking me. Yea, that is it. Rip me apart. Give me that raw meat. I can take it."

They gently fucked Mickey's ass for some five minutes and then carefully pulled out. They took their throbbing cocks up to his face and blasted gobs of their jizz on his face and into his open mouth. He swallowed ever drop of the big cocks salty goo. Cal and Travis took turns sucking Mickey's cock faster and faster until he shot a big load of semen all over their faces. They kissed and shared the cum.

We all showered and said goodbye as it was getting late and we had to get back to campus.

As Mickey and I drove away, Mickey said: "Nick, I did it. I took two giant cocks up my ass. I told you I wanted to be fucked by these giant lumberjacks. I am sore as hell but very satisfied. It was great."

"I am proud of you Mickey. I did not think you could do it. You are s fucking hot dude. They loved you."



Naughty Eric


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