I'm Mark Reynolds, owner of Rynolds Print Shop and Silk-Screening, which I inherited when my dad passed away. I attended college majoring in Business and after graduation joined dad in the company. I oversaw the printing and order filling while dad handled the books.

After his death, I was at a loss with all the paperwork. My bills began falling behind although the income was still there to more than cover them.

The office sat in the front corner of the building, facing the street. I noticed that every morning a nice looking, muscular man about my age would walk passed carrying a sign. When I forst saw him, I felt strange feelings throughout my body I had never felt before, and didn't know why.

I became infatuated by him and wondered if he came by on weekends, and decided to find out.

That Saturday, I was at the office early, waiting and watching. Right at his usual time he walked by. I jumped from my desk and exited the building, quickly locking the door behind me. I followed a distance behind him and when he got to the major intersection nearby, he paused, took a deep breath, and facing traffic, held up his sign.

I began to read: 'I don't want charity. I want a job. Can you please help?'

I stood back and watched him. I was close enough to hear his conversation with motorist, and if people offered cash, he accepted it with thanks but reiterated that he needed a job.

After an hour, I decided to approach him.

'Hey man, can I talk with you a moment?' I asked. 'Let's get some breakfast.'

'Uh, I'm fine, but we can talk if it pretains to a job.'

'It could lead there,' I replied. 'Come on.' As we walked, I introduced my self and he said his name was Josh Connors.

I led him to a nearby cafe and after sitting down I ordered breakfast for both of us, saying, 'I hate to eat alone.'

'Thanks,' he said.

'Josh, when did you last have a decent meal?' I asked. 'And don't start lieing or the meeting over.'

'About three days ago. It's just been what I could buy at the end of the day since then.'

'I see,' I replied. 'I know this may sound like I'm prying but tell me you're story. Start at the beginning.'

He began saying that he and his high school sweetheart married right after graduation and he soon enlisted in the Marines. Wen he got out, he began a job and things were going good he thought. He said then one day everything fell apart. He got home from work and his wife had packed up most everything and moved out, taking nearly all their cash. He said she left a note saying she had found someone else and was moving out of town and would file for divorce.

Our food was delivered and as he ate he continued.

Then a month later, he said he was laid off and soon lost his house and that the finance company is looking for his car to repo it.

'I've got the car hidded and all I have is in it. That's where I live at night.'

'Damn,' was all I could say.

After we ate, I asked what he did in the Marines.

'I was in administration and finance. I did payroll and accounting work. I took several courses to help me out.'

'Josh, this just might be your lucky day. Do you have a cell phone?'

'I did but it got turned off. Why?'

'I want a copy of your drivers license and social security card. If you check out clean you just might have a job.'

'Where? Doing what?'

'Come with me.'

We walked back to my office. telling him that I owned the company and needed someone to handle the books. He smiled broadly and said, 'No, shit?'

'No shit,' I replied.

He handed me his license and social security card and I made copies. Then, I took him down and bought him a prepaid phone so I could reach him.

As we returned to the office I told him to lay low until he heard from me and gave him cash for his meals.

On Monday I checked him out. His record was totally clean, not even a speeding ticket, and his military record was exemplary.

I called his phone.

He answered by saying 'Hey Mark.'

'How'd you know it was me?

'You're the only one that has this number,' he replied adding, 'I hope you're calling with good news.'

'We need to talk, but I want you out of your car. You can't rest properly there. Where are you hiding the car?'

He told me and I left work at noon saying I'd be out the rest of the day. I found him and told him to follow me. He said he was low on gas and I repeated for him to follow me. First we went and filled his car and then he followed me to my place outside of town on wooded property.

I pressed the remote to open the gate and drove through with Josh right behind.

The feelings I got when I was near him had continued to get stronger and stronger and I wondered what was going on. It was as if he had somehow put a strange spell on me. I wanted to be near him as much as possible.

When we arrived at the house, we got out of our cars and he said, 'Damn, man, you're totally hidden back here in these woods.'

'Yep. Dad loved the privacy and when he passed I inherited the house and property. I love the seclusion and privacy I have here.'

I invited him in and pulled out makings for sandwichs. As we ate poolside, he said, Mark, what's the verdict?'

'You're hired,' I said.

'Mark, are you serious?'

'Yes. You are squeaky clean, and since you have no place to live, you can live here in my guest room. I need you well rested.'

'You really mean that? You can hold part of my salary for rent. When can I start?'

'Tomorrow. But you can get settled in here for a few days going over some papers dad had here. I have no idea what's in them.'

We unloaded his car and got his stuff into the spare room right across from mine. I showed him around and said, 'Help yourself to whatever is in the pantry or fridge. This is your home for now.'

Than night we went out to dinner. I asked where he ould like to go and he said he wanted an all-you-can-eat buffet. Man, did he pack away the food.

He spent that week going through some of the papers dad had at home. The following Monday, he went to the office with me and began work in earnest. By Wednesday. he had checks ready for me to sign, bringing everything current. Clipped to each check was the invoice for me to verify the amounts.

By that weekend, we were becoming great friends. We had agreed to leave all business talk at the office as much as possible.

We went out to a sports bar Friday night to watch some games and then returned home.

Saturday morning, still feeling the effects of the alcohol, I stumbled out to the kitchen to start coffee still in my bikini briefs.

'Well, look at you,' he said as he walked in seconds later, wearing shorts.

'Sorry. Let me get something decent on.'

'Hey man foprget it. It's your house. Dress the way you want. I'm damn sure not offended.'

'Well, to be honest, I've got on more than I normally wear.'

Laughing, he said, 'So, you like going nude?'

'Yes, I do.'

'Fuck it then, do it. You won't be the first guy I've seen running around with naked.'


'Hell, yea. In Marine boot camp, we'd all go to and from the showers nude, and some would lay on their bunks that way. I did it also. Then at my last assignment another Marine and I had an apartment together and we lived nude when home and just us there.'

'You fucking with me or are you serious?'

Saying, 'You may fire me for thjis but here goes.' He quickly removed his shorts and as he kicked them aside he asked 'Does this look like I'm fucking with you?'

My heart raced as I saw this hunk of a man totally nude with all his manhood fully exposed, and what manhood it was.

'No, it doesn't appear that you're fucking with me, and no, you're not fired.,' I said as I removed my bikini briefs and tossed them in a chair.

'Shall we call this the required attire when we're at home?'

'Sounds good to me,' he replied.

Going nude was the normal thing when we'd get home. on several ocassions one or the other of us would get semi-boners but the other never commented on it.

Then, one Saturday after the weather wrmed up some, things changed drastically.

TO BE CONTINUED...........



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