Going nude was the normalthing when we'd get home. On several ocassions one or the other of us would get semi-boners, but the other never commented on it.

Then, one Saturday afer the weather warmed up some, things changed drastically.

Mid afternoon that Saturday we were sitting nude by the pool and decided to go for a swim. Together, we ran to the edge and both did a 'cannonball' into the cool refreshing water.

After surfacing, Josh got payful and began splashing water into my face. I soon returned the play and that eventually led to our wrestling and dunking each other.

As we did, trying to get a good hold where we could dunk the other, our hands would brush slightly against the others cock. We were both fully erect.

Josh got in one good dunk on me and as I surfaced, he was facing me and when I came up he quickly wrapped his arms around me,pinning my armes to my sides. Our faces were only inches apart and suddenly we looked into each others eyes. We both became motionless feeling our hard cocks pressed between our bodies.

After a moment, he suddenly leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine, then slipped his tongue into my surprised mouth. Then, just as suddenly, he released me and began climbing out of the pool as I looked at him and asked,'What brought that on?'

'You may fire me for what I just did, but I've wanted to do that since the day we met. But before you do, there are some things regarding the business I need to go over with you.'

As I climbed out and sat in the chair next to him, he immediately began speaking.

'In going through your dad's papers, I came across a sealed envelope addressed to you and marked 'Personal'. I've got it in my room with some other papers. Also, there were numerous accounting errors and deposits that had never been posted to the company's account. You have thousands more in the account than you thought you had. I'll go get the envelope.'

As he started to stand, I said sternly, 'Sit down! That can wait. I want to know what brought on that kiss?'

'Mark, I'm gay. I have been since before I joined the Marines or got married. When I met you I was immediaely yurned on and wanted sex with you. I'm sorry If I offended you. I'll go pack and leave.'

'Why? You're not getting fired,' I said as he looked at me curiously.

'Josh, This is wild. I've wanted you also. I've been trying to figure out a way to make a pass at you so that it wouldn't be so obvious. I'm gay also. I neveer suspected that you were gay and when you kissed me I was so shocked that I didn't have time to kiss you back.'

I stood and walked over to him and leaned down and we kissed again, this time more properly and passionately. When the kiss broke, I took his hands and pulled him from his chair, saying, Come with me.'

I led him to my bedroom and lay him on my bed. Laying next to him, we again began kissing and began groping each other. After the kiss, I whispered into his ear, 'I want to make love to your entire body.'

I began kissing and licking his neck and moved down o his beautiful chest and nipples. As I did, he moaned softly. 'Oh, fuck yea.'

I went don o his navel for a moment then moved to his pubic bush, working my way around it to his balls. I gently sucked and licked one then the other.

As I worked on his balls, I gently lifted his legs before sliding my tongue into his ass crack. He reached back and spread his cheeks giving me clear access to the beautiful hole. I licked it and sucked it then began tongue fucking him. He continued moaning.

After a moment I licked my way down his legs to his feet and licked them and sucked his toes. Moving back up his legs, I quickly swallowed his cock burying my nose in his thick bush. He smelled awesome.

I sucked lovingly at first but as he neared hos climax, I sucked with more vigor. Seconds later, his huge cock exploded, filling my mouth with a huge thick sweet load of his man juices. I eagerly swallowed every drp and milked his slowly deflating cock totally dry.

I again lay beside him and we kissed again. when we seperated, he said softly, 'My turn,' and repeated what I had done to him.

When he had me drained, and after we kissed he said, 'I haven't been ith a guy in a couple of months. Man, I needed this.'

'Same here,' I replied. 'Josh, starting tonight, please share my bed.'

'I'd like that,' he replied.

'Now, what about that envelope?'

He got up and went to his room and got the envelope, bringing it to me. It was still sealed and I gently opened it and began to read.

'Son, if you're reading this it means that I'm no longer in your world. Over the years, I've been secretely putting away cash into my hidden safe. Between us, this is cash that has never been declared to the IRS. Use it a little at the time to avoid any suspicion. The safe is behind the back wall of my closet. To get to it, pull out the baseboard on the left side and press the button you find there. That will release the wall for you to swing open. The cmbination to the safe is your birthday. I love you, Dad.'

I went to the closet and followed his instructions. Josh followed and when he wall released and partially opened, he said,'Well, I'll be damned.'

Making sure he couldn't see, I dialed in my birthdate, first the month, then day, then year. I headr the lock release. Turning the handle, I swung the door open.

All I ould do was stare at what I saw but I heard Josh exclaim 'Holy fucking shit!'

There were shelves on both sides with wrapped bills on each one. All I could do was stand and stare.

After a moment, I said to Josh, You didn't see this.'

'See what?' he replied.

I looked at him and smiled then said 'Let's start counting.'

Getting a cculator, we started on one side and worked our way around. When we were done, the total was just over seven hundred and fifty thousand.

We exited and relocked the safe, putting the wall back into position, with a packet containing one thousand in twenties in my hand.

Looking at Josh, I said, 'Shall we go to dinner tonight?'

'You're the boss,' he replied.

We showered together in my large walkin shower, dressed, and went to dinner at the best restaurant in town, celebrating with champagne.

Saturday night after returning home, we stripped and as we did, Josh said, 'Mark, I was sure that after the kiss in the pool today, I'd be back out looking for another job, but it would have been worth it.'

'Man, I'm glad as hell you took the chance.'

We went to bed and as we kissed and made out, Josh looked at me and said, 'I want you to fuck me.'

And fuck him I did. And as I did, he repeated how great it felt and told me to fuck harder. I did as he requested and soon filled his hot ass with my load.

Afterward, I had the pleasure of feeling his huge cock buried in my ass and his huge load firing off up into me.

Josh moved to my bed permanantly and every morning before work, our day began with a sixty-nine. Then, in the evening, we would suck or fuck each other.

Work continued as normal, and with the accounting errors Josh had found, I was able to open a second store in a near by town.

I did interviews for the position of manager and had one applicant that I was really interested in both as an employee and sexually. Josh felt the same way. We had interviewed him together. His name was Carl walker and he was divorced, thirty-six years old with a muscular build and was damn nice looking.

That evening, after returning to our motel room, we showered, changed into tight jeans and tee shirts and went to a family buffet then later to a gay bar I had visited in years past.

After about an hour in the bar, we were seaed at a small table in a corner when Josh nudged me and said, 'Look at the guy by the door in the tank top. Is that who I think it is?'

I took a good look and said 'It sure looks like it.'

We wtched as he greeted hisfriends with a tongue kiss and a feel of their crotch. He ordered a beer and continued working his way around the bar.As he neared us we hid our faces with our hands. Fortunately, he didn't see us but as he stood nearby we heard a friend of his call him by name and say 'There's some hot stuff on the patio

looking for action.'

He thanked the guy and headed out to the patio. After a few minutes we followed keeping our distance. We found him on his knees in a corner alternately sucking what looked like two college guys.

Some of the local college guys that were sraight but gay friendly would come to the bar and go out onto the patio just to get a blow job from a guy.

We watched as he got them both off and swallowed. Then he turned his attention to a gay guy that was kissing another guy and began sucking him.

I made my way closer to Carl, followed by Josh. When I was just a couple of feet from Carl, I unzipped my jeans and opened the waistband, taking out my cock and balls and then moved right up next to the man he was sucking.

When he got the guy off and had swallowed, withou ooking up he turned and began sucking my hard cock. Placing my hands on his head to prevent him from looking up, I began to fuck his mouth. I soon climaxed, filling his mouh with my load. As he swallowed, I removed my hands only to have him look up into my face. When he saw me,his face turned deathly white and he stood up.

I put up myself back together and reached ino my pocket. As he noticed Josh standing nearby, I handed him my room key and said, 'Residence Inn, room 220, thirty minutes. We need to talk.'

Before he could say anything, Josh nd I turned and walked out, returning straight to our room.

As we drove back, Josh lookedatme and said,'how was he?'

'Damn good. You'll find out if he shows up.'

We got to the room and stripped. The room had a seperate bedroom and we lay on he bed waiting, all the lights turned off. Just the TV in the bedroom was on.

Twenty-five minutes later we heard the key in the door, then heard it open then shut.

'In here,' I called out.

He stepped to the door and upon seeing us in bed, said, 'I guess I don't get the job.'

'That depends on you. Josh still hasn't been taken care of.'

Carl walked to where Josh was laying and began sucking his cock, soon bringing Josh to a roaring climax. Afterward, I looked at him and asked, 'What else are you into?'

'I'll get fucked by the right guy but I'm happy sucking cock. I can't get enough.'

'If you get the job, you will not do anything at the office or during business hours. Understand?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Do you want the job?'

'Very much so,'he replied.

Okay, then it's yours. The only sipulation is that when eiher of us is in town, you will service us anytime we ask.'

'That will be my pleasure,' he replied smiling.

I told him to report to the main ofice Monday morning for training in our way of doing business. I said I'd have a room reserved for him. I just didn't say it would be at my house.

Carl arrived for training and at he end of day Monday I had him follow us home. 'You'll be staying here.'

Josh and I stripped and had Carl do the same. I soon had Carl engaged in a sixty-nine. Afterward, we ate dinner then he and Josh had a sixty-nine.

Carllived with us for a month while the branch office was set up. Each night he was willing to suck us both without expecting anything in return. He'd do the same henever we went to check on things at the branch store.

Within five years, I had opened twomore offices, and business was great.

I decided it was time for Josh nd i to make our union official and I asked him o be my lover and business partner, instead of just my employee.

He eagerly accepted and we went on a gay cruise to the Caribbean to celebrate our union.

That was five years ago and we're still as much in love as we wee in he beginning. Right after we ecame oficially partners, we adopted a nine year old boy name Michael. He know what gay means and he doesn't seem to have a problem with it. By all indications, he is staight and will one day give Josh and I grandchildren.



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