I was standing at the front porch when I saw the New neighbors pull up with a truck load of their belongings, I offered my help and I notice this beautiful young lady I would say about twenty four, maybe twenty five pulled up an a car behind the truck, I introduced myself as their nextdoor neighbor Josh, and She said Hi Josh my name is Sherie, and My husbands name is Mark, I offered my assistance, being neighborly, Mark got out of the truck and said man we really appreciate the help.

I looked up at Mark and I went weak, I realized he was married to Sheri, but I still went ga-ga, I could harly speak, I just kept ogling him and staring like a love struck fool.

Mark said Josh, I came to my senses and said oh what? He said give me a hand with this table, I did and helped him to take it into the kitchen, he said man that was a bear, I said yea it was.

I could see as I took stock of Marks build, he was tall, about six foot one or two inches, built like a freight train he was wearing a tank top shirt, and I could see a lightly hairy chest with pec muscles like a Olympic gymnist, and he was wearing cut off blue denim shorts and his legs looked like a wrestler, damn he was built, I was really gonna have to watch myself around him, what I would say, and do.

We got their stuff unloaded, got everything in their house and we set down an I went to my house and got me and Mark a beer and Sherie a coke.

Mark said he had plans to do some changing around the house and it would take him a while but he was gonna put up an above ground Pool eventually.

About three months passed and I had hots so bad for Mark, he was fucking gorgeous, but I new he was in love with his wife, or at least I thought he was.

But that sweet darling little wife became a real bitch, I could hear her screaming all the way over to my back yard at times, cussing, screaming, yelling, actually some of the neighbors on the other side of their house called the police and reported her for disturbing the peace about ten o'clock one night.

I had noticed that Mark was working day and night on his pool and finally he got it done. It was really nice, after He finished it I was over there one evening and I heard Sherie yell at Mark, and I guess he had finally had enough and said 'Fuck you Bitch, I am not gonna kiss your ass anymore' go ahead and leave, go back to you mothers cause I don't give a damn anymore, I'm tired of your shit. I gladly bowed out and went home. I noticed the next day her car was gone and Mark was knocking on my door, I opened up and said Hey Mark, What happening, He said not much, He said Hey Josh, I'm sorry about last night, She has been terrible to live with lately and I finally had all I could take it was her leaving, or me killing her, I said man I understand I could hear her yelling at you clear over here. He said I'm sorry dude. Then he said hey man, after I get home from work tomorrow night you want to come over and have a swim, I said wow, Mark that sounds great, It has been really hot lately and the water sounded really good, he said come over about seven, I said Awesome,thanks.

I went into the house and watched as he worked around the pool getting it ready and setting up the lounge chairs, he had built a deck, and I was watching and noticing his arms, how muscular, his bare chest muscles and his legs, so muscular that the were tight agains the material of his shorts. and I really noticed that hugh bulge between his legs, damn, I was getting a boner and as I stood at the kitchen window and watched Mark work, I pulled out my seven inch cock and started jerking off, I was so turned on by his awesome manly looks I was watching his beautiful Hairy chest and blew a load of cum all over my kitchen floor, and felt completely drained of all my energy.

Well the next night I was ready, Mark called me on the phone and said Hey Josh, be sure to bring your swim suit, I said sure thing. I got ready and went over to Marks house about seven and he was already in a light blue pair of almost speedo looking swim suit.

I felt like I would faint, he looked almost nude except for that light covering around his crotch.

My voice was faint as I said Hey Mark, and he looked up at me and said Hey Josh, don't you look hot, I couldn't believe what he had just said, I just returned the compliment. He said man come in the water it really is great. I jumped in and He said feels awesome don't it? I said hell yes man.

It was getting dark outside by the time we got finished we had played, around in the water like school kids splashing, and doing the dunking and If I had not known better I would have thought the Mark was teasing me, putting out vibes and I was loving it.

We got out and he threw a towel on his beach lounge chair, leaned back and let his legs fall to either sides of the chair as he splayed out, put his arms up behind his head and put on his sunglasses, why, I'll never know the sun was almost gone down, but I just almost wilted, there Mark layed, I looked at him with pure lust in my eyes and I looked at him so beautiful, I notice his little earring in his left ear, His gold chain around his neck and his aerolas on his chest the size of half dollars centered with nice thick nipples that were standing out hard, My eyes trailed down to his crotch and he had one hell of a full basket, I could see the outline in that light blue speedo sort of suit, and he had a very long, thick looking cock laying across a couple large nuts and the head of his cock was very visible, I walked over to the lounge chair, and set down besides him and he looked up and noticed my staring, and he said Josh, I have noticed your looking at me and staring, do you like what you see. I said should I lie? He said no man, tell me the truth. I reached out and started rubbing his chest, and said Oh yea Mark, very much, he just layed back and closed his eyes and let me rub, and when I got to his nipples I brushed them with my fingers and he let out a light moan, and said fuck man, that felt great, I got a little bolder and,lightly pinched his nipples, his moan got louder and he said fuck man, I really got bolder and I looked down and his engorged cock was about to split those light blue swim trunks. I just thought that I might as well go for broke, and I reached down and layed my hand on his crotch and felt his cock expand under my hand. I squeezed it with my whole hand and felt a very very thick cock expanding with each stroke in my hand, Mark said Whoa Dude, that feels so damn good, I came to my senses and yanked my hand back, and stood up, and Said Mark, I'm sorry, He said for what Josh? I was fucking Loving it. Hey man, you got that thing wanting it, now don't leave it like this, I said really, I guess by now you know I'm gay, he said I don't give a damn about that, just keep doing what you were doing, man, it feels awesome, he said do you suck cock, I said like a 'hoover' He said well I have this thing for blowjobs, and I said awesome I leaned over and set between his legs and pulled his swim trunks down and off, and I saw one really nice thick gorgeous cock in front of me, I looked at Mark and said man your cock is awesome, He said and It's all yours, have at it, and I went down on his awesome cock, his body odor down there, it was just fantastic, I had his cock to the pubic hair and he was moaning and giveing his approval vocally, he was rubbing the hair on my head and lightly moaning, He opened his eyes and ask me if I swallowed the cum, and I stopped just long enough to say Hey man, 'do bears shit in the woods?' he smiled and said go for it man, and I started sucking like mad, he seemed to really love it cause he was saying Man a guy could fall in love with this, I just sucked and did my best to bring Mark pleasure, and after a few minutes Marks large nuts crawled up tight against the base of his cock, and he grabbed my head and pushed that thick cock down my throat, man he started cumming and I had his cock down my throat so far I didn't even get to taste his cum, it went straight down my throat, he finished grunting and moaning and shooting a heavy load, and I finally tasted a little drop on the very tip of his cock and I licked it off, and fell back and Mark just layed there, I just set silent.

After a few minutes of resting, Mark said Josh, do you like to get fucked, I said It's one of my favorite things, he said we'll wait a few minutes and then I really want to fuck you, He pulled up his suit and went into the house and brought out a tube of lube.

I couldn't believe this, I had already sucked off this absolute stud, gorgeous as he is and now he wants to fuck me, I thought that He and Sherie must not have been haveing too much sex, cause he was carrying one hell of a load when I sucked him off.

We had a beer each and I noticed it was totally dark except for the lights in the pool. Mark said come over here Josh, I walked over to the pool and he reached up and started rubbing my cock in my shorts, he said fuck man your pretty big there too, and he reached in and took out my cock and started pulling and jerking it back and forth, he kept this up for a few minutes, damn it was really feeling good to have this absolute stud jerking my cock, and then he set up and sucked it fuck this studly, married dude was sucking my cock and he was doing one hell of a job too, I wouldn't last very long this way, and then he stopped and said I'm ready now, I looked down and his cock was fully erect and bobbing up and down as he flexed his cock muscle.

He got up and said you lay down here on your back, I layed on the lounge chair and he grabbed my ankles and lifted them up and slid me down lower, he squirted some lube on my asshole, and then on his cock. He got up straddled the lounge chair and rested his cock head against my asshole, I felt the pressure of his very hard hot cock head as it pushed into my rectal opening and I felt a sharp very noticable pain as his thickness opened up my canal, I said awe fuck! man, He said easy man, it'll be alright, and soon I began to adjust to it. Mark then began to push that awesome ass forward and gently slid that awesome eight inch very thick cock all the way into my ass I could feel his nuts against my ass cheeks and I knew he had it buried, I felt so full, so completely enawed by this feeling that I was experienceing, and I said Mark I love this and he said In a very gutteral voice ladened with sexual lust and energy 'So do I'.

Mark started a steady rythmic fucking of my ass and I was starting to feel the groove, he was, with each and every thrust touching that awesome spot inside my intestines and I was about to blow, I was grunting and groaning and I whispered to Mark I have never been fucked like this before, He said man, your ass feels awesome and He just kept pouring on the heat by the time he was ready to cum so was I, and We Did. Mark let out a yell and Grunted like a boar in heat, and I groaned and he jammed his big cock into my insides, man I felt it strong as his cock flooded me with cum,It felt like hot water being turned on inside me, and I blasted the largest load I had unloaded in a long time, It hit me in my face and I was In a zone, After we finished I said man Mark, Can we do this again sometime, he just smiled, and said When ever you want, I loved it.

I guess their marriage is over cause Sherie never came back and Mark and I have continued to have sex regularly, we have had some great times sexually and Mark doesn't seem to mind that Sherie did not come back, and I really think he's glad she's gone and he don't have to put up with the nonsense with her. But for the sex part He couldn't be more satisfied with me. And of course we both enjoy the new pool all the time.



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