I did not know what to expect.

Well, in a way I did.

I have been buddies with this guy on Find-A-Stud for quite a while. Every chance I get I visit his page and look at his incredible body. He has nude pics of himself of every pose imaginable. The man is unashamed of himself but looking like him, I would not be either. He should not be.

Out of the blue, he invites me down to his home in Florida.

Well, I do not even have to look out the window at the two and a half feet of snow on the ground here in Pittsburgh to make my decision.

I say, "When can I come?"

He sends me a message with all the relevant info, I book my flight.

I make plans to head south in a matter of days.

The anticipated day finally arrives; I leave the snow of Pittsburgh to bask in the sun of Florida.

My plane touches down in Tallahassee and I am giddy like some schoolgirl on her first date.

My heart begins to race as I take a taxi from the airport to his house. I give the driver the address. He says that it is quite apiece north of Tallahassee, did I still want him to take me. I say, "Yes," with no hesitation. He is expecting me today; a costly cab fare is not going to deter me.

Then my mind begins to race as well.

I remember reading "The Rules" on his profile page.

Would I be able to follow them?

If I looked like him, I would have no fucking problem whatsoever. The cabby finds the road to his house; it is the boonies as he said it was. As we make our way down this bumpy dirt road, my anticipation is building. We pull up into the driveway, the house is a he described on Find-A-Stud.

I cannot back out now. I have travelled too far.

I get out of the cab and give the driver his tip.

The cab leaves, I guess I should have told him to wait to make sure I had the right house but too late now.

I make my way to the entrance to the house.

I am standing at the door of the house ready to meet the man; I have jacked off to so many times my cock has hurt from the squeezing. I feel my cock twitch in my pants.

I ring the doorbell, standing there as nervous as I have ever been and full of excitement.

The door opens.

There, live and in the flesh, literally, is the guy I have been lusting over, jacking-off over on Find-A-Stud, he is even hotter than his many pictures he has posted.

"Hey, Wildman, welcome to Florida!" the handsome guy in his birthday suit says as he flashes his sexy smile and hot body, I must have been standing there like an idiot with my mouth agape. I am awestruck, such a magnificent specimen of a man.

'Cause the next thing I remember, was him saying, "Hello? Earth to Find-A-Stud buddy!"

Finally, I snap myself out of the trance and tell him my real name is Nick.

He says his is Bob.

I bet he can 'bob' with the best on them.

He gives me a hug and I feel his manhood brush against my chinos, I nearly bust a nut in the doorway. I wonder if he can feel me stiffen up as he wraps me in his arms.

"Let's get you out of those clothes, "he says, "It's time for you to git nakked."

As he shows me around his beautiful home, I cannot take my eyes off his body. His ass is perfectly round and hairy, his muscles tight and strong, his cock, his cock is magnificent.

He is everything and more, his profile only tells half of what I am seeing.

He shows me to an empty bedroom.

I disrobe.

He tells me to meet him out by the pool after I have "prepared myself." I guess he means after I "git nakkid."

I want him to take me now, fuck me right on this bed. I want to taste that sweet cock and cum.

I calm myself down, I do not want to rush this, I want to savor every moment I am here.

Now to get naked, I am not of the same body type as Bob. I am not muscled nor am I hairy. I am just a regular guy, I have a slight beer gut and I have not aged as well as him but I am a man.

I am leery to show my goods but "the Rules" dictate I be nude.

I knew I had to in order to stay.

So I strip down and join him outside by his pool.

My cock grows hard, before I even walk out the bedroom, not fully but I am excited. I have been from the moment I arrived in the Sunshine State.

I walk out to the pool.

"Not exactly buff huh?" I sheepishly say.

Bob says, "Oh fucking hell, don't worry about it. The male body is a beautiful piece of art. Anyway were gonna be working out every day. I and my son will help you get rid of that beer gut in no time."

I smirk, my enthusiasm is not at the level of his but he has been welcoming to me from the moment we began chatting on Find-A-Stud; he is just as genuine in person as was in the chat room.

I think to myself, "Oh gawd, I remember Bob saying on his page that his son was just like him."

Bob is a 45-year-old, 6 foot 1 inch, 190 lb. muscle stud; he could have been chiseled out of stone.

He opened up to me; our conversation was of the many discussions we had in the chat room, as we sat poolside working on our overall suntan. Well, I did.

Bob was tanned, minus the lines. He told me he just loves being naked as much as he can, which is every day, as well as, jacking off as much as he can.

I cannot help but admire guys like Bob, pardon the pun, but he is very comfortable in his skin.

As we continued our chat, Bob hears a noise in the house, "that must be my son, Reed."

Bob gets up and disappears into the house; his ass catches my attention as he walks away. It is a thing of beauty. Muscular round and a nice layer of soft fur on it and in his crack, I am in heaven. I wait for the appearance of this, for lack of a better phrase, "the chip off the old block."

Soon Bob emerges, and then his son.

Bob wasn't bullshitting on Find-A-Stud.

His son, Reed, is just as hot as his old man.

Reed is about an inch shorter than his dad, but everything else is the same, beautiful muscular body, blond hair, although Bob's is brown, and a thick bush of pubic hair and beneath that, well let us just say they have both been blessed with beautiful cocks.

I stand to shake Reed's hand as we are introduced.

I wonder what this 20-something thinks of the man he just met? Is he one of dad's tricks or soon to be conquest?

After a little more chatting Bob says, "well, let's go workout guys."

Bob and Reed show me the way to "the Shed," bench press, dumbbells, treadmill, and the usual workout equipment are all there.

So we start to work out and right off the bat it was fucking difficult to concentrate on what I was doing with Bob bench pressing and Reed on the treadmill.

Reed's monster cock swaying back and forth almost made me drop the dumbbells. I was even dripping pre-cum, I hope it was not noticed.

Then it was my turn on the treadmill, while Bob hit the dumbbells and Reed pumped iron on the bench.

We were working up a good sweat by the time we made our final rotation. It is a nice warm day, although Bob and Reed said that it was rather mild.

I was on the bench press when I noticed that the guys had finished and were spotting me.

Have you ever tried lifting weights with a hot father-son duo both with 9-inch monster dicks just staring at you? It ain't easy.

I tried to suppress my urges. My cock stiffened some but I did not go full woody.

Both of them were sporting some wood too, not full erections, but it was from the physical exertion of their workout not from any sexual tension, although I could not say the same for me.

Well our workout finished, we head back out into the sun.

Bob and I return to out chairs, Reed runs and jumps into the pool. He swims a lap or two before getting out, and man, did he look even better wet. To me there is nothing sexier than a wet naked man.

Reed grabs a towel from a chair and begins to dry off.

"Well, I gotta get going dad, I have a late afternoon class at the college," he says.

Bob replies, "Ok, son see ya tomorrow," and the two give each other a big bear hug (or should that be a bare hug). The bond between these two are strong, Bob has raised a strong confident man, like father, like son.

Reed asks me to come inside with him.

What does this kid want? I ponder to myself.

Bob motions me to go. I am a little puzzled honestly.

We go into the bedroom where Reed begins to put on his clothes.

He tells me that his dad told him about me; what I had asked on Find-A-Stud.

I had asked if he could post a pic of his son, Bob said, "Not a chance, my son is straight." Bob had been quite adamant in his answer.

I did not know Bob had told his son and I felt guilty.

"Hey, I'm sorry if that made you uncomfortable Reed. I am just a curious guy."

Reed reassured me, "do not sweat it man, to tell you the truth I am flattered that you wanted to see me but like my dad told you, I am straight but you got to see me anyway and live! I just wanted to let you know I am not available."

We both shared a laugh over that and we give each other a firm handshake "see ya tomorrow buddy," Reed says. I do not think he wanted a hug, although I would have been happy to oblige.

As he leaves, I head back outside, where I find Bob stroking his cock with one hand and running his fingers thru his pubes with the other.

"Have a seat man; you're just in time for the most important workout of the day."

Do I join in?

Hell fucking yes.

I sit in the chair next to Bob.

He tosses me a small bottle of lube, after applying some to my dick; I place it on the concrete between our chairs.

This is why I came to Florida.

To have some naughty fun with a hot stud.

At first, I concentrate on getting my dick hard but soon my gaze settles on Bob's amazing body.

Watching him stroke his 9-inch monster cock was a wondrous sight. I reach and began to rub his chest; rubbing his hair got my cock harder.

He in turn did the same, and soon we were both traveling down towards the Promised Land, so to speak.

We ended up stroking each other's cocks until we each blew a load on ourselves.

We grab a towel that was by our chairs to clean up.

I would have licked it off him myself.

I ask Bob why not dive in the pool to clean-up. His answer, we needed to bask in our manly scents. It is just us, so why bother. I agree.

We go inside to relax, watch a little TV and eat some supper.

Soon though the jetlag overtakes me, so I decide to go to bed, I catch myself nodding a few times.

Bob joins me and we spent a few moments in each other's arms before I fall off to sleep.

The next morning I awakened to a familiar feeling. My cock is coaxed to life but not by my hands, they are at my side.

I open my eyes to find Bob stroking my dick and kissing the tip of my cock-head, his tongue licking the piss slit.

All he says is, "Good morning stud, I woke up and saw you were getting hard and I thought I'd help you out."

He puts my dick in his mouth and gives me the best blowjob I have ever had.

Wanting to return the favor, I motion for him to get on top of me. Soon I am staring at his 357-magnum cock as if I am staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. I wrap a hand around the base of the shaft and take as much cock as I can in my mouth.

It felt so fucking good to have my tongue wrapped around his dick. I let go of the base of the shaft and just suck him as if this is my first time sucking a guy off. My hands caress the back of his legs at first but soon they journey to his beautiful hairy ass cheeks. It feels as though his body and mine are melting into one another, that we were becoming one.

My fingers are travelling up and down his ass crack getting ever closer to his hole.

Soon the wave was coming into shore.

You know what I mean, you can feel the orgasm approaching, getting closer with every thrust into each other's mouth.

My fingers massage the area between Bob's nutsack and his asshole.

Bob's wave is about to hit. I can feel him throbbing under my fingers.

Bob is cumming no doubt about it.


I feel his warm cum filling my mouth, the feeling of it trickling down my throat; it made my own wave crash onshore.

I shoot my load down Bob's throat soon after.

We take each other's spent cocks out of our mouths, Bob lies on top of me, and we kiss.

"How about some breakfast in bed, stud-man?" he asks.

I say, "Sure."

Bob gets up out of bed and begins to leave.

"Ok stud, I'll be back as soon as I can."

The last thing I see is Bob's beautiful ass before the door closes behind him. I love that ass.

I lay back in bed, my hands behind my head and I think to myself, "what a way to wake up."

My cock begins to stiffen again.



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