My brother and I were raised by our dad after our mom passed away suddenly when we were twelve and fourteen, respectively. It was hard, but we managed and eventually, our lives returned to a somewhat normal state.

During high school, for some unknown reason to me, I began to enjoy seeing the other guys at school nude. It was the same at home with my brother. After a while, I realized that I was wanting to have sex with them and that I was gay.

When Mike graduated from high school, he immediately joined the Marines. I was extremely disappointed because I would no longer be able to see him nude at home. I knew I would miss him terribly.

We communicated with Mike regularly by mail and e-mail, and talked to him on the phone when we could. Then he was sent to the middle east and we worried constantly. Now, into his second year as a Marine, he was finally scheduled to come home on leave.

As for me, I was now a senior in high school and fully active with other males, including a couple of fellow football team mates as well as our hot young coach. It started with Coach Davis when he walked into the showers one afternoon late after me and my two buds had been working out.

As he entered the showers, I was bent over at the waist sucking one team member while the other fucked my ass and they kissed and made out. Of course, when coach caught us we were scared as hell and our cocks went limp in a heartbeat. However, that quickly changed when we saw coach walking toward us nude and his own cock rock hard and swinging from side to side.

"Don't let me stop you, men. I'd just like to join."

We were shocked, but quickly regained our composure when he came over and knelt down and began taking turns sucking our cocks. Before it was over, we had all sucked on coach's big hard cock and fucked his hot tight ass. After the last one of us filled his ass with our cum, he smiled and said, "I think you three have become my favorite players. We can repeat this any time you want to, just let me know." With that, he tongue kissed each of us before returning to his office.

My buds and I dried off and dressed and left the gym, going to a local burger joint. We ordered burgers and sodas and went to a local park to eat. As we sat at the table, we discussed what happened. We were all stunned to know that Coach Davis was as gay as we were. He was such a masculine male.

We continued having 'meetings' with coach throughout the year. Often, he would invite the three of us to his house supposedly to watch sports on TV but in reality, it was to have mutual sex in the privacy of his home. Then, I noticed that for some reason, he started inviting just me over at other times, requesting that I not tell the others of our private meetings.

Finally, as graduation approached, we got word that Mike would be arriving home on leave just in time for graduation. I had seen him shirtless with some of his Marine buddies in pictures, and he had developed a fantastic physique. I couldn't wait to see him in person.

Graduation was scheduled for a Saturday afternoon, Mike was due to arrive on Friday. My last day of classes were on Thursday. Classes for seniors were ended at noon and I rushed home to clean up the place before Mike arrived. I arrived home to find a strange car in the driveway.

I cautiously and quietly entered the house and once inside I heard strange sounds coming from Mike's old room. Easing down the hall to the bedroom door, I noticed that it was slightly ajar. I slowly eased closer and peeked in.


Part two will be hotter and steamier!!



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