From Part 2.....

At the end of Mike' first week at home, we were in a hot sixty-nine in my bed. Suddenly, we heard someone at the door and looked up.

"Oh shit!" Mike exclaimed in shock.


Part 3....

Upon hearing Mike, I turned toward the door just in time to see the man walk away, but not before I noticed a huge bulge in his pants.

"I wonder how long he had been watching?" I asked.

"I have no idea, but did you notice the bulge he had?"

"Man, did I. I suspected dad was hung but I never dreamed he was that big," I replied.

"Neither did I, but how do we handle him seeing us? Any ideas?"

"No," I answered. "I guess we should just wait and let him bring it up."

Of course our sexual fun ended at that point. Hearing dad in his room, we dressed and went to the den, not knowing what to expect.

We heard the door to his bedroom open and we waited to see what would happen. We expected him to start degrading us, but to our surprise, he came out totally nude.

Seeing the shock on our face he said, "It's obvious what you two enjoy, and if that's the case, I have no objections. However, one of the things I totally enjoy is being nude, so from now own, you can expect to find me nude whenever I'm home." With that he headed for the fridge and grabbed a beer as he started dinner.

Mike and I just looked at each other and as Mike headed to his bedroom he motioned for me to follow. I did and once in his room he closed the door and said, "I don't know what's going on, but dad is up to something."

I agreed and he said, "My suggestion is for us to start going nude also and see what happens."

"Let's do it," I replied.

We both stripped and soon returned to the kitchen asking dad what we could do to help. When he saw us he just smiled and assigned each of us a task, but made no comment about us being nude.

After dinner, Mike and I cleaned the kitchen while dad went into the den and began watching TV. Once we were done, we went in and joined him with us sitting on the sofa next to his chair. We noticed that on several occasions dad would reach down and caress his cock and balls gently.

On Saturday morning after breakfast, we went out to the pool for a swim. Things were very casual and friendly. Then after a while, dad exited the pool and lay back on one of the lounges. Mike and I remained in the pool and relaxed and after a few moments mike whispered "Mother fuck! Look at dad!"

I looked over to find dad with his eyes closed and slowly stroking his now rock hard cock. After a moment he noticed us watching and said, "Hey, every man gets horny at some point and has to take care of the situation. It's normal."

Of course, watching him gave both Mike and I raging boners. We decided to get out of the pool and watch his reaction when he saw them. As we climbed out of the pool dad looked over and smiled, saying, "It looks like both of you are in the same situation. Why don't you join me?"

Mike and I sat side by side in chairs facing dad and began stroking our own hard cocks. Before long, dad paused and stepped over to the grass. Knowing he was close to his climax, we joined him. Seconds later, dad's cock erupted shooting out several huge volleys of thick white cum, with Mike and I doing the same only a few seconds later.

Watching out loads shoot out into the grass, dad looked at us and said, "Damn, boys, it sure looks like you both certainly took after me."

"It looks like that," Mike said with a smile.

"Boys, I see nothing wrong with a dad and his sons jerking off together. Shall we agree to do it when ever we want to?"

"Sure, why not," I replied.

Dad paused a moment, looked around then said, "As far as what I saw you two doing, I see nothing wrong with it as long as all parties are consenting. Feel free to do it whenever you want."

"Dad, are you serious?" I asked.

"Mark, how can I condemn you two for doing the same thing I did when I was younger. It wouldn't be right."

"Are you saying you had sex with other guys ?" Mike asked.

"Yes, I am. Guys my age and older. I did it all, both oral and anal but when I married your mother I stopped."

"Fuck! I can't believe this," I said.

"Well, it's true," Dad said.

Later that evening after dinner, Dad shocked both Mike and I when he looked at us and said, "You may think it's sick, but I'd love to suck both of you."

Mike and I looked at each other before Mike replied, "Sure, but we want to suck you also."

Dad smiled and said, "Shall we go to my room?"

By now all our cocks were quickly stiffening as we headed for the bedroom. Dad had Mike and I lay side by side on the bed as he lay between us in the opposite direction. He turned and started sucking Mike and Mike began sucking him. I looked into Mike's eyes as he signaled that it was awesome.

After a moment dad rolled toward me and began sucking me as I sucked him. Dad went back and forth for a few minutes before getting up and kneeling between our cocks and started alternating between them. First I climaxed and we watched as dad collected it all and swallowed. Then he went to work on Mike and quickly brought him to a climax also collecting and swallowing every drop.

"I've secretly about doing that for several years," Dad said.

"Now it's our turn to enjoy your seed," Mike replied.

Mike and I alternated and as dad began to climax into Mikes mouth I got close and after Mike collected part of it he pulled off and I immediately took dad's cock into my mouth and collected the remainder, before kissing and sharing dad's load.

Dad sat up and to our surprise tongue kissed us both. After the kiss, he looked at us and said, "I sure would love to have you both share my bed tonight and every night."

We didn't answer, we just smiled.

That night there wasn't much sleeping. It was mainly sex. Dad seemed to be trying to make up for lost time. He sucked us both, we each sucked him, he fucked us both and we each fucked him. It was an awesome night. I so loved the feel of my own father shooting his seed deep into my hole.

Sex was daily until Mike had to return to duty. However before he left he said he was not going to re-enlist and return home to be with us.

Dad did construction and Mike did construction in the Marines. I decided to go to college and major in structural engineering.

Of course, I moved into dad's room and slept with him every night. Time passed and Mike received his discharge and went to work with dad. We were back to our three man sex parties at night. I finally graduated and we started our own company.

We discussed our situation and agreed that the three of us would be lovers. We met others into male sex and soon most of our clients were gay men, and one of the benefits was that we also got to have sex with them.

We have now celebrated the tenth year anniversary of our company and union. we are still deeply in love. But dad has made us promise that after he is gone we will remain lovers and continue the company and we agreed.




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