I wake up, wearing only a pair of lose fitting basketball shorts. I head to the bathroom, my morning woody tenting the front of my shorts. As I walk into the bathroom, my little brother, just turned 18, is at the sink brushing his teeth in his tight fitting, almost skimpy, white briefs.

So cute yet sexy. Smooth head to toe, black hair, long bangs and combed to one side. He usually hangs with the "emo" crowd. Has a tight, cute little ass. I try to slide by him, my bulge brushing against his ass, releasing a soft moan from him. 

As I stand before the toilet, I pull out my still semi-erect  cock, releasing a powerful stream. I catch him non-chalauntly looking as I shake the last few drops and stuff my cock back into my shorts. I try sliding by him again, but instead becoming trapped behind him.

The warmth radiating from his ass causing me to get harder. I bite my lip, my little brother is turning me on. How can I not? He is cute and sexy and I hadn't gotten laid in months. As I look into the mirror, I see him looking back at me in a lustful manner, wiggling his ass on my growing bulge.

He had been living with me for 6 months now. Ever since our parents kicked him out when they caught him sucking off our dad's 36 year old son in his room. So I knew my brother was gay, but I didn't care, he's my little bro, I love him regardless. But now I'm in a tight situation.

I play along and push back against him. Running my hand up and down his smooth back. Admiring his petite frame. Must have got it from our mother's side of the family.

He rinses out his mouth before turning and kneeling in front of me. Reaching up, he pulls my shorts down, my almost fully erect cock springing up to him. He wraps his hand around my shaft and slowly strokes on me while kissing and teasing the tip with his tongue.

I moan softly, I know this is wrong but I can't say no. My desire is too much and allow him to continue. I watch as he slowly takes me into his warm mouth, bobbing on my now rock hard cock, slowly. Twisting his head this way and that, swirling his tongue around the tip. I run my hand through his soft black hair, admiring his actions. 

As the tension builds, I finally fight the urge and pull him from my cock. A sexy rope of spit and pre-cum mix bridge from his mouth to my cock. He looks up at me with those sexy blue eyes, as if asking whats wrong. I pull him to his feet and bend him over the sink. I slide his tight briefs down to his ankles as I kneel behind him. 

Spreading his barely legal ass open, I bury my face into his freshly cleaned, virgin ass. Lapping and tongue fucking his tight boi pussy, being rewarded with moans, groans and lustful whimpers. He begins wiggling his ass on my tongue, pushing back, pleading for more. 

Spitting on his boi hole as I finish, I stand back up, teasing his pussy with my cock. Poking, prodding, even slowly hot dogging him. I look in the mirror, I see him looking back at me, begging for it, wanting me inside him. He wins.

Holding my cock with one hand, the other on his waist,I guide myself to his pussy. Pushing a bit harder, popping just the head in. He yelps in pain but holds me inside him. When he is ready, he pushes back for more. I slide into him slowly, 1/2" by 1/2", hearing him purr till I am finally buried deep within his tight channel. 

I look back in the mirror, his eyes are closed, mouth open as he catches his breath. He is so tight, tighter than any girl I have ever fucked. As I feel him finally relax, I begin pulling out and thrusting back in slowly. He whimpers for more as he wiggles his ass on my cock.

Holding his hips firmly, I begin thrusting harder and deeper. He yelps and whimpers in lust and delight. So sexy, seeing in the reflection of the mirror, me fucking my twink little emo brother. I begin fucking him harder, faster, deeper, lifting him off his heels. He yelps louder, not in pain, but in pleasure. His 5" cock, rock hard, swinging freely, his tiny nut sack slapping against it.

I grunt and groan harder, louder, the tension building stronger. I can feel my nuts begin to tighten up as I near my climax. Sweat begins to run down my forehead, fucking him harder, pushing him into the mirror. He clamps onto my cock as he cries out, unloading his seed into the sink.

As I feel his boi pussy quiver, it sends me over the edge. I grunt deep and loud as I release a pent up volley of jizx hard and deep inside his young ass. I let him back down onto his feet as I lean over him, trying to catch my breath. He slowly pulls off my cock, kicking his briefs from his ankles, sitting back on the counter, leaning against the mirror. He raises his legs, exposing his newly deflowered pussy to me. 

He looks at me in a lustful, pleading manner. I'm still hard, still horny. I cannot resist. I move up to the plate and slide into home. Pulling out completely and pushing back in, over and over. I know he is done playing when he wraps his legs around my waist as I slide back in.

Leaning foward, we lock lips, our tongues wrestling for dominance, I rock my hips into him. Breaking away, I hold him by the waist as I begin thrusting harder and deeper into his ass. He reaches out, running his hand through my sweaty chest hair, whimpering and yelping for more. His small frame, so sexy on my cock. 

I start pounding his ass harder, shoving as deep into him as I can. The sound of my hips smacking his ass echoing around the room. Moaning and grunting louder, my climax building once more. A small pool of free forms on his stomach from his throbbing little cock. The head, swollen and purple, ready to erupt. 

The smell of young boi pussy fills the room, intoxicating. He whispers that he loves me, calling me his lover. I look down at him, love and desire fill my eyes. He is so cute, so sexy, I am at a loss for words. He clamps onto my cock as he cries out, throwing his head back as 8 long ropes of cum fly from his cock. I roar out as I bury myself as deep as I can within my little brother, my new lover.

Pleasure coarsing through me as I release myself. Shooting my seed harder inside him, I thrust once more inside his ass and a second orgasm erupts, draining my seed inside his boi hole. I kiss him hard and passionately as we calm down. My softening cock slides out of his ass, my cum trapped deep inside him. 

I kick my shorts from my ankles and lead him hand in hand to the shower. We shower together, kissing on and off, cleaning up after our hot love making. That night, he moves into my room, not as my little brother, but as my new lover.

Part 2 coming soon.



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