My little brother turned lover had been my lover for 5 months now. Ever since we first made love in the bathroom, we had made passionate love at least once every night, sometimes even all night. And every night, we would fall asleep sweaty, cuddled together, my nuts pleasantly emptied, his boi pussy oozing my seed. I honestly had never seen my brother so happy.

It is now going on our 6th month together and his 19th birthday is a few days away. I plan out something romantic yet sexy to give him. I spend the next couple days shopping, finding nothing of interest, only a few items do I purchase.

I get back home, 3 hours till he returns from school, plenty of time to prepare everything. I begin making dinner, I head into the bedroom and prepare for our anniversary/birthday love making. Everything is set by the time he gets home. All the lights are off, candles lit all around the house. He looks so sexy in his quite tight skinny jeans and Asking Alexandria tight fitted shirt.

I greet him with a kiss as I lead him into the dining room where dinner awaits. After we finish our candle lit dinner, I take him to our room. Rose scented candles set around the room, the bed covered with a light blanket of rose petals. He turns to me, tears of joy fill his eyes as we embrace. Our tongues fighting for dominance as we strip each other.

He climbs onto the bed, wiggling that cute little ass, teasing me, pleading for my love. I climb behind him, slowly penetrating his ass, kissing and nibbling on his neck as I rock in and out of his boi pussy. Slow, passionate thrusts with a slight power jolt at the end of every inward thrust. We cry out together as we climax together, my seed spilling deep within him.

He pulls off of me and throws me on my back. He lowers himself onto me and begins to ride me slowly but keeping me deep within him. His body shuddering this way and that, running his hands through his hair, moaning and whimpering. He looks so sexy.

I sit up to suck and play with his nipples with my tongue. Flicking them, running my tongue in gentle circles around his sensitive nubs. He cries out in ecstasy, gripping my head, I feel his pre-cum oozing out of his little cock, the cream mashed between us. He forces me back down and begins riding me like a mad sex craved slut.

My toes curl, my eyes roll into the back of my head, climax is on the verge of eruption. He rides me harder, faster than we have ever done before. He gasps deeply then cries out as he cums. 8 powerful ropes erupt from his boi clit. All landing on the headboard above my head. Never knew he could cum like that.

As his boi pussy clamps onto my cock as he cum, I feel it quiver, pushing me over the edge. I force my hips up, forcing myself deep within him as I unleash a huge load of seed inside his bowels. I'm not done yet, I can never get enough of this boi. 

As we calm down just enough, I roll us onto his back, pulling him to the edge of the bed, me still inside him. I place his legs on my arms as he wraps his arms around my neck. I raise him up, gripping his cute tiny bubble ass and begin to slowly impale my cream filled lover.

We kiss, nibble on each others ears and neck. He finds my arousal spot on the right side of my neck, I cannot hold back my sexual desire for him. I grip his ass harder, digging my nails into his ass cheeks and begin ramming his ass. Long, powerful thrusts. Harder, faster, even deeper than ever before. I wonder if I can lodge my cum sack into his ass. 

I try anyway even though I know I cannot. That only exists in furry porn. I slide 4 fingers into his pussy, 2 on each side of my abusive cock, holding him tightly in place. He screams, not in pain, but in bliss, in pleasure, in lust. He cums uncontrollably. Releasing at least 3 nuts in a 5 minute period.

The smell of sex, young love, sweat fill the room. I cannot hold back much longer. I roar out harder, louder than I knew I could and unleash ropes of seed that I never knew my nuts held. Thrusting into him again after I just came, releasing another load. Thrust, cum, thrust, cum. I hold him close as I finally finish. 3 marvelous nuts, fill my lover.

I feel my seed oozing out his sore pussy, running down my fingers. I cannot hold back my love for this boi. I ask him to marry me right there, my semi-hard cock still inside him. He cries in joy, kissing me deeply. I let him down and reveal a silver, feminine band. He says yes, inbetween tears.

That night, we fall asleep in a rose and cum scented bed. We tell our parents the news the following week. They don't approve, but fuck em. I love my little brother more than anyone, and he loves me just the same. We marry the following spring, we settle down together. We continue to have the same hot love making every anniversary, with the same sexy ass pummeling inbetween. 



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