Hi, it's me again, Phil. It's Friday night, about 11:00 PM. My folks think I'm asleep by now, resting up from a long day studying at my high school. What a laugh! I'm actually standing here in front of my mirror, naked, about to try on a new pair of pants I bought the other day. Biker's pants. As in spandex stretch pants. Of course, I don't ride a bike. I'm no jock. I don't really like to do much exercise at all. In fact, at 5' 8" and 145 pounds, I'm about as far from being a big he-man as you can get. The thin muscles that I do have do show some definition, and I do have a slight washboard look to my stomach. But that's only because, while I don't have much in the way of muscles, I have really no fat at all. My waist is only 30 inches. And that's the way I like it. Being so small and thin, nobody can think I could ever overpower anyone, or push them around in any way. And physically, I can't. But, of course, I have more power than they ever imagined. And it all comes from my cock. My huge, massive, gargantuan cock. The one that's hanging down between my skinny little legs right now. Hanging down over six inches, even though it's completely, totally soft. That's as small as it ever gets--a little over six inches long by two inches wide.

It's so big hanging down there like that, it almost looks like a third leg. Only this is no leg, of course. A leg doesn't make a guy involuntarily stare, or force him to salivate, or give him an unwanted, uncontrollable, embarrassing hard-on in a public place. Of course not, that's a job for my manshaft. A job it does very easily. It's just so big, so thick, so long. I learned a long time ago, back in junior high, that just by springing a big hard-on, and showing off it's unbelievable size, either naked in the gym, or obscenely stretching out my pants, I could turn on the other boys. Turn them on real bad. Back then, in junior high, before I started pumping, my hard cock was "only" eight inches long. But that was still more than enough. Oh yeah, I could pick out any boy I wanted, show off my 8 thick inches of man-meat, and boing!--he'd spring a boner, just like that. And he'd be so humiliated--boning up over another boy's cock! They'd always try to fight it, try to stay soft, or try to will their boners back down, but no-one could resist my huge, incredible size. My big monster cock could make their regular little cocks hard any time I wanted. And it would make them so fucking horny that the only way they could ever go back down would be to go jerk off.

Oh yeah, I caused a lot of boy-cream to go down the toilets of that junior high, that's for sure. And when one of the boys was shooting his contribution into the bowl, he wasn't thinking of any chick either. Oh no, he was thinking about my whopping 8 inches of manhood. He'd be wishing he could get it out of his mind, but at the same time, wishing it were stuffed into his mouth. And I found I could do it to the teachers too, which was real fun. The gym teachers were easy, because in the gym I had the chance to show off naked. And what do you think I discovered the sight of a naked 8 inches of thick, hard, solid man-meat, obscenely sticking out--way out--in front of thin little junior-high kid did to a gym teacher? I discovered it did the same thing it did to any of the other boys, of course. It'd make him stare. Make him drool. Make him get such a hard boner that he'd have to hobble off to the nearest john, and jerk his dick to the mid- sticking image I put into his head. That's when I discovered what my size does to a boy, and what it does to a man. How it gives me control of their dicks. How it puts them under my power.

That's still really fun for me, of course--using my monster meat to fuck over some unsuspecting victim. I just show off my unbelievabe cock under the thin fabric of my pants, and he's hooked for good. At first he's shocked just at how huge I am. But then, if he's straight, or if he thinks he is, he's even more shocked at his own reaction. At how his own balls start to churn, and at how his own cock starts to expand. I just love reading that combination of surprise and embarrassed guilt on a guy's face. It's really a very funny look--some guy trying to look away, but unable to. Then realizing that he's getting horny over my great big package of man-meat. Then it really gets good when showing off my awesome size makes his dick grow all the way hard. His face turns bright red when he realizes how obvious the tent in his pants has become. He's utterly humiliated, so he'll try to fight it, of course--try to make his dick back down. But I'm showing him way too many inches of beautiful man-meat for him to have a chance. In a couple of minutes, he'll be hornier, and harder, and more embarrassed than he's ever been. He'll realize that, for the first time in his life, he's actaully perving over another guy's cock. It'll make him sick, but that won't make any difference. He'll still have to go find a place to jerk off. And he'll be thinking about the beautiful, humongous bulge of my monster cock the whole time. Oh yeah, he may be hating himself for it, but he'll be jerking to my meat.

Prick-teasing and mind-fucking like that is always fun, but it's almost a little too easy when you have as many inches as I do. The thing is, even without pumping, when my beauty is all the way hard, it's over 2-1/2 inches wide along the shaft, wider accross the head, and a good 10 inches long. Measured along the top--no bullshit. A full 10 inches. 10 inches of cock-stiffening, mouth- watering, mind-fucking, man-cock. So, of course it's easy to make a guy run off the to john to jerk his dick if I show off fully erect. So now I've decided that for little quickie demonstrations of my irresistible turn-on power, I'm just going to use my cock soft, and only use a hard-on for my total power-plays, where I force a guy down on his knees, and make him beg to be my little suck-off slave. That brings me to why I bought these new biker pants.

As big as my meat is, when it's at it's soft 6 inches, I have to go to some trouble to show it off to it's best advantage in ordinary pants. In jeans, it makes a great big bulge, of course, but I have to kind of thrust my crotch forward a little, and maybe push my meat around a little, to really grab a guy by his balls. But I want a guy's eyes to uncontrollably, helplessly, lock onto my huge man-bulge without me doing a damn thing. And I want the awesome size and shape of my huge cock to be so clear under the fabric that he'll just start sprouting wood automatically. So that's what these biker pants are all about. For my little man- destroying size shows. Most biker pants are black, but I got a light blue pair so every curve and bulge underneath will show off better. So, let me see how good my monster looks in them. I step into them one foot at a time, and pull them up to just below my cockroot, with the stretch waistband going over my big ball sack but behind my massive, but limp, cock. My 6-inch softy is just hanging there. It looks nice that way. Then I pull the stretch pants way out, so I have enough room for my long, soft, snake of man meat to drop down the front, and then I pull the pants up and over, and adjust the waistband to be just an inch or so higher than my root.

I look in the mirror, and it really looks good. There stands a skinny young high school kid in biker shorts and nothing else. He's got a cute baby face, thin arms, a supple, slightly-muscled, bare torso, and a pair of thin, almost hairless, legs with just a little definition. And, sticking out from below his waste, stretching way out in front, then bending way down in between his legs, is one huge, enormous, cock-bulge. It's a beautiful sight, so big. So thick. Way out in front. And so obvious, with the exact shape showing so nicely. The only problem is you can't really see how long it is. That's because it's so long that the head is buried between my legs. So, pull the waistband out with my right hand and reach lovingly for my big meat with my left, and lay it out sideways, with the head toward my right side. Then I carefully lay the stretch material back over it. Oh yeah, does it look good now! 6 inches long, well over 2 1/2 inches wide. And all that mass is just showing so nicely through the stretch fabric. And my big ball sack is showing real nice too. Massive cock-meat laying out to the right, and massive ball-meat to the left. The tip of my big cock is almost to my side, and the big balls sack is covering a large portion of my left upper thigh.

The stretch material clings tight to my hips, ass, and thighs, too, showing off how skinny my butte and legs are. I'm basically just a stick figure with a giant mound of male meat out if front. I like it. I turn sideways, and it's a great look that way too. I'm really thin in profile. My body isn't even 8 inches front to back. And my chest and stomach are so flat. But then, hanging way out in front of my crotch, there's this great big package of man-meat. I take a few steps in place, and the weight makes it bounce up and down. It's hot. It's obscene.

But also innocent, because I'm completely covered up. And soft. Totally legal. I'm just a young kid who happens to be wearing biker shorts. A young, sweet, innocent, kid. A young, sweet, innocent, kid that's going to put an uncontrollable hard-on on any guy who looks at him.

What's really great, though, is that even though my cock is so huge, it's pretty clear that it's still soft. I doesn't look hard at all, it's so thick and spongy looking. That's the look I want--guys can just stare at it while they think I don't even notice. And, of course, they won't be able to keep from wondering how big it'll get when it gets hard. I can't wait to go the mall like that and see how many people are going to stare at my meat. Actually, everybody will, of course. The chicks are going to get so hot they'll start rubbing there legs together right away, and they'll be trying to memorize how I look so they can fantasize about me when they frig themselves later that night. And any gay guys are going to really go crazy and wish they could suck me off on the spot. They'll be licking their lips, swallowing their spit, and rubbing their hard-ons. But they'll be too intimidated to do anything more. I'm their life-long fantasy in come true, and all they'll be able to do will be to perv at a distance. But the really fun ones, of course, will be the straight guys. They'll be trying not to look, but they won't be able to take their eyes off my gigantic bulge either. And they won't be able to keep from boning up. There I'll be, just hanging out in the mall--sweet, young, innocent, with everyone around staring at my big meat and getting turned on.

Just for fun, I decide to see what my cock will look like in my stretch pants after being pumped up a little, but still soft. So, I go sit down on my bed, unzip my pants, and fish out my huge meat. I open the bottom drawer of my dresser and pull out my pump from underneath my shorts. Yeah, I really love my pump. I love it, of course, because it makes my cock just that much bigger. And, every increase in size gives me just that much more power over anybody I decide to show off to. So, I glide the 3-inch diameter, 14-inch long clear tube over my soft cock. Because I have so much meat, I have to kind of jiggle the tube back and forth as I slide it down, otherwise I get kind of stuck on the side before I can get the tube all the way down. Once I do, though, my great big cock looks really wonderful in the tube--still soft, but standing up inside. Then I start pumping. I don't want to get hard, just pumped up for my new pants. So, I pump pretty fast, and my cocks expands very nicely. It stretches up, and it stretches out. It feels really good. Stretched, but not hard. The tip gets out to the 7-inch mark on tube. The head is already touching the walls of the tube all the way around. I keep pumping for a while, but not much else happens. I'm just big and puffy. Pumped up, but soft. I go through a couple of cycles of suctioning and letting the suction off. After a while my cock is really thick and massive. Really stretched. It finally just reaches the 8-inch mark. Pretty God-awful big for not being hard. And since I don't want to get a hard-on, I stop pumping, and then let the vacuum ease off slowly. Finally, when I feel there's no suction left, I slowly slide the tube off my big cock.

It's so fat now, and about 7 inches long. I hold it up in the palm of my hand. It's really a beautiful thing. It's just so big. Longer than most hard-ons, and a lot thicker. Fat and juicy. Heavy and massive. But not hard. No wonder no-one can resist it. I know there's a lot of guys out there that think they'd never want to even look at another guy's cock, and for sure that they would never get turned on by the sight of one. But I have what it takes to prove them wrong. Oh yeah, the way this monster looks right now, there isn't a guy alive who could keep from sprouting instant wood at the sight of it. Or keep from wanting to suck it down his throat. It's just too big.

So, it's time to check it out in the shorts again. I lay it out to the side like before, and carefully pull the stretch material over it. God does it look good! Just sitting there on the bed, looking down, all I can see is one great big mountain of man- meat with some Spandex stretched tight over it. Again, the big balls are to the left, and the huge cock is to the right. The separation between my balls is just barely showing, and the exact shape of my cock-head is clearly visible, especially around the ridge. The whole crotch area of my pants is simply over- filled and bulging way out with male meat. I stand up and walk over to the mirror. My man-package is so massive that it bounces heavily with each step. And everything is so well defined, and hanging so far out, and so fucking big, that my cock and balls almost look separate from my body. Like a belly pack. Only this is no belly pack. It's pure, honest-to-God, man-meat. I face the mirror, and I see just the sight I want--a thin, cute, young, innocent-looking high-school boy who just happens to have an obscenely defined, un-fucking-believably thick, long, huge, cock-bulge running horizontally all the way out to the side of his body. And the thing is so God-damn wide that the tent it's making starts right at the waist-band, stretches way out in front of the kid's body, and then comes back down at the top of the actual leg of the pants, or even below. That is, the cock- tent takes up the entire right side of the pants from the leg up. And the cock behind the thin fabric is so clearly visible--the shaft, the ridge around the bottom of the head, the shape of the head itself. Just nothing but big, huge, gigantic, totally out-of-proportion male meat. I don't care who the guy is, or how hard he tries to fight it, when I turn around and show him what I'm looking at in the mirror right now, his jaw is going to drop, his balls are going to ache, and his dick is going to spring up into the stiffest boner he's ever had. But while he's reduced to helplessly perving over a young boy's cock, I, of course, will remain cool--and soft. I'll just be innocently standing there, minding my own business. Letting my size destroy some stupid jerk. What fun.

Oh boy, is that going to be fun. I'll go into the mall on a busy Saturday afternoon with my giant manhood pumped up but soft, stuffed into these stretch pants, just like it is now. I'll wear a really tight T-shirt and nothing on my feet but sandals, just to show off how young, smooth, and slim the rest of my body is. I'll also wear a big, loose, button-down sweater that goes down way below my crotch, so I can get into position before showing anything. I'll pick out some real straight- laced guy in a button down shirt, slacks, and dress shoes. I'll make sure to find a guy who's with his girlfriend or wife. Or maybe I'll find another high-school kid who's with his mom. Wouldn't that be a hoot? Forcing a teenager to make a big boner-tent in public, right in front of his mom? And over another boy's cock? He'll wish he were dead! And of course his mom will wish I was fucking her brains out. But I think I'll start out with a little older guy who's with his wife. That'll be so great, because with her there he'll be trying so hard to resist my size-power. Then, when he bones up anyway, it will prove to him just how complete my power over him really is. The power of having so many inches.

I can see it now. I'll wait until they go into a big department store, and the wife starts checking out some clothes or something. The guy is bored, so he turns away and takes a few steps. Maybe he starts to look around to see if there's any other women to check out, hoping to find some big tits, or at least some nice ass, to ogle. Instead, I'm standing there in front of him. I still have my sweater on. I smile at him in a kind of innocent, friendly way, and since I'm only 16, and look even younger, he smiles back, probably thinking what a cute kid I am. Then I start to unbutton my sweater. I start at the top, and slowly work my way down, smiling at him the whole time. As my sweater gradually opens, he sees my thin chest. My thin, defined muscles and hard little nipples are showing threw the tight T-shirt. Then when I get to the last button, he steals a glance down at my crotch, because the small gap in my sweater reveals a hint of what seems to be something amazingly big down there. Then I open my sweater all the way, and shrug it off my shoulders. That's always such a great moment--when I first reveal my stupendous, outlandish, unbelievable size to an unsuspecting victim. His eyes immediately lock onto the biggest, hugest, most gargantuan cock he's ever seen. He's straight, though, so he's embarrassed to even look at another guy's cock. But he can't help it, of course. And he doesn't just look, he stares. His jaw goes slack. He tries to look away, but he can't. He's hooked. He's shocked at my size. And he's also shocked at how it's getting to him. And it is getting too him all right, and bad. Real bad. His pants are already starting to show a little wood growing. He doesn't really understand it, maybe he doesn't really believe it yet, but he can tell that I'm turning him on. Straight as an arrow his whole life, and now he's hardening up over a young boy--over a young boy's cock! The thought of it makes him sick to his stomach. But he's helpless. My cock is just too big.

My monster's not naked, of course, but it's stretching out the Spandex so tightly that it might as well be. The shape, the proportions, all the beautiful curves, are all clearly showing. But it's the stupefying size that makes him mine. After a bit, he tears his eyes away from the awesome sight, and looks up at my face. I smile back at him, just as sweetly as before, pretending nothing is happening. And why not? After all, I'm just standing around in the mall. I can't help it if my cock just happens to be the biggest, hugest, most lust-producing thing he's ever seen in his life. It's not like I had a hard-on or anything. Oh no, I'm completely soft; my thoughts are probably a million miles away. I'm just standing there in the store, minding my own business. He looks back down at my humongous meat. He's so funny--he licks his lips without even noticing. I know he realizes that as huge, as massive as my cock is, it still looks soft. It seems impossible that something that gigantic could be soft, but he can see it's true. He imagines how fucking big it must get when it hardens up. I see the tent in his pants really lengthen out.

I casually reach down and push my incredible mass of man-meat to a slightly new position, as if it's uncomfortable, squeezed into my pants and all. The obscene show makes the guy harden up all the way. Now he really feels it, and he looks down at himself, hoping his boner's not noticeable. But of course it is. He just has an average dick, but by now it's harder and stiffer than it's ever been, so the boner-tent it's making is very obvious. It actually begins to twitch. His face turns red, and he tries to will his dick back down. But there's no way it's going to soften up with what I'm showing off. My beautiful man-meat has him captivated, but he takes a quick peek up at my face to see if I'm watching him. I'm not, though. I'm just looking over my shoulder down the aisle, casually. That gives him the chance to do what he wants to do. What needs to do. What my humongous monster meat showing off in my stretch pants is making him do. And that's rub himself. Oh yeah, by now my incredible super-cock has made his own dick so hard that it's just killing him. So he starts to rub it through his pants with the back of his hand. He has to. I see this out of the corner of my eye, so, just to really get to him, I put my hands on my waste and stretch back, as if I'm trying to get a kink out of my back. That shoves my pelvis, and my mountain of cock and balls, right at him, putting his dick just that much more into hot, helpless, jerk-off need. So he rubs harder. He's scared as hell someone will see him, but he can't help it. I'm simply showing him way too much size, even soft.

Then, just when he gives in, and grabs his hard-on through his pants and starts to really stroke himself, I clear my throat real loud, just to get his wife to turn around. Which she does. The first thing she sees is her little hubby jerking off his boner through his pants right in the middle of the God-damn mall! She starts to say something, but then she sees me. And it. Naturally, her eyes widen at the overwhelming, lust-producing sight of a cute young kid in a tight T-shirt and very tight biker shorts, shorts that are stretched way, way out with the biggest, hugest package of man-meat she's ever seen. Her first thoughts are that all her wettest fantasies have just materialized in front of her, and how much she wishes she could suck me down her throat. Her pussy gets sopping wet. But then she looks back over at her hubby and it dawns on her that, not only is he beating his meat in public, but he's doing it over a young boy's cock! By stretching back some more at just the right moment, maybe I'll even be able to get the guy to shoot off in his pants while she's looking. If I were all hardened up to my full, mind-blowing, man-enslaving, 10 inches, it wouldn't be any problem at all. By showing off that much cock-meat, not only would it be easy to make the guy jerk off all the way right there in the mall, but I could make him suck me off too, if I wanted. I know, 'cause I've done it enough times. But I'm giving myself the challenge of destroying a guy only using my soft cock. A huge, fat, pumped up, 7-inch, soft cock, that is. Whether he creams or not, I know I'll have fucked him over but good with just a few minutes of prick-teasing. His wife will never be able to think about him the same way again, and neither will he. She'll drag him off by force, and he'll be too weak and too humiliated to resist her. It will be all he can do to stop beating off. But, she'll be sure to look back over her shoulder and try to memorize hottest, sexiest, most beautiful sight she's ever seen. I lock eyes with her and give her a great, big, warm smile. That way she'll be wondering if maybe I really would be willing to give her the pounding of a lifetime with the huge mega-cock that's stretching out my pants so far. Just the possibility will make her come back to that store all the time, without her infantile husband, hoping to find me. And maybe he'll be back too. It sure would be funny if they ran into each other, both looking for my huge cock!

Boy, I sure am glad I bought these biker shorts. I know I'm going to have a lot of fun with them. But that's all in the future. Let me tell you about some fun I really did have just today at school. It was more than just my usual prick teasing fun-- showing off my size, forcing humiliating hard-ons on guys, turning them on so bad that they've just got to go jerk off, even if they hate themselves for it. No, this was a real destruction job. Yes, I racked up another total victim to the mind- fucking power of my gigantic, stupefying, all-conquering, column of male meat. And what made it extra fun was that my latest little victim was the school principal. So let me tell you about it.

A student runner comes into my last period class, and hands a note to my teacher, which he gives to me. It says I have to go see the principal after school. It doesn't say what it's about, but I figure it probably has something to do with my fun little episode with Mr. Jones, my gym teacher. (Even though he's not there anymore--they say they're going to replace him for some reason.) I'm kind of pissed, because I don't like being told where to go or who to see. I like to make my own plans. But, on the other hand, I figure this might not be a bad opportunity to have a little fun with the principal. Not the kind of fun he likes to have--using his authority as the school principal, but the kind of fun I like to have--using my power as the possessor of so much size. Cock size. So, when the bell rings, I go over to the gym and change out of my regular street clothes, and put on my gym shorts--with no jockstrap--and a T-shirt. I take out my pump from my locker and put it into my back pack, and put all my other stuff into the locker. But I keep my small camera in my pack. I tuck the T-shirt into my shorts, because I like to show off how skinny I am. Even though my gym shorts are kind of baggy, they have some definite show-off possibilities, as you'll see.

When I get to the front office, no-one is there except Mrs. Dellum. She's in her 30's I guess, and I have to admit she's a pretty hot-looking bitch. She's tall, and always wears her blond hair piled up on top. She wears a lot of make-up too, and high heels, and skirts that are just about as short as she can get away with at school. But most important is what she wears on top--which is always something designed to show off her huge tits. See, she's not overweight or anything, but she really does have a big set of knockers. They're probably forty- something double D at least. And she's always wearing something tight or low- cut to show them off. She's a bitch, too, and always likes to see if she can turn the head, or stiffen the bone, of one of the boys with her big tits. So, anyway, when I come in, she's sitting at her desk, and I walk around to stand right in front of her. She looks up at me and kind of pulls her thin, tight sweater back behind her and shoves her tits toward me.

"Yes, Phil, can I help you?" she asks.

"Yeah, I have to see Mr. Barnes," I tell her, showing her the note to see the principal.

"Well, you'll just have to wait, my young man. There are two other boys in his outer office waiting to see him right now."

"So, what do I care? I want to see him now and get it over with," I say.

"Sorry, you'll just have to wait here. When the other two boys come out, I'll send you in." The principal's stupid rule is that no more than two students can be in the waiting room at once. And the door's locked. Mrs. Dellum has a button on her desk that she has to push while you push on the door for you to go in. A buzzer sounds at the same time.

"I'm not waiting. You're going to buzz me in right now," I tell her.

"You don't tell me what to do, young man," she tells me. "I'm the one in charge here." When she says this, she flexes her shoulders back to make her big tits stick out that much farther.

Well, I decide that's enough talking, so I grab the right butt of my gym shorts with my hand and pull it back. When I pull the fabric back like that, it tightens up over my giant cock, which is hanging down the inside of the right leg of my shorts.

She looks down at it, of course. Startled at the size, she just says "Oh, what's that you've got there?"

I don't say anything. Instead, I put my right foot up on an empty chair that's next to hers, so that the inside of my right thigh, and the huge specimen of male meat that's laying along it, is right in front of her eyes. I keep pulling the fabric of the shorts back with my hand the whole time.

"Oh, my," she stammers. "You've got a nice big one, don't you. Tell me, just what was it that made you get all stiff and hard anyway?" she asks.

I smile at her and say, "It's not hard."

"Of course it's hard!" she says. "Look how big it is. And it's so thick. I guess it's these big, beautiful melons that did it to you, huh? You just can't resist these babies, can you?"

"I can resist them just fine," I tell her. "That's why my dick is soft."

"No way is it soft," she says. "That's a full hard-on you're sporting there." And she reaches over to feel it. She takes a squeeze, and realizes that it really is soft. "Oh my God," she says, "I don't believe it."

"Well, believe it, bitch," I tell her. With that, I take my leg down from the chair and, standing in front of her, I pull my waistband out over my huge meat and tuck it up right under my great big balls. Six inches of man-meat are drooping out over a pair of huge balls and hanging down, way down, right in front of her. And the six inches are completely soft.

"Oh God!", she says. "It's really all the way soft! But it's so long! So big!" She reaches for it, and holds it in her two hands. Her hands are stretched out flat, and my soft monster-cock is laying out from her finger tips (which are at my base) all the way to her wrists.

"It's so beautiful," she coos. "And so big. And heavy. How big is it when it's hard?" she asks.

"Ah, wouldn't you like to know," I say.

She starts to stroke it with her two hands, but I pull back a couple of steps. The object of her desire slides off of her hands and falls down. "Oh no you don't, bitch," I say.

"But I just want to see it hard," she pleads with me.

"Of course you do. Everyone does. But I don't feel like getting hard right now," I say.

"But look at these great big jugs," she says, a little panicky, as she turns sideways and thrusts out her chest for all she's worth. "These make all the boys hard." When I just look at her casually and don't say anything, she turns back at me and pleads, "Please, let me stroke him up." I smile and shake my head, so she says with real desperation in her voice, "Phil, I'll tell you what. I'll suck you if you want me to."

"Of course you will if I want you to bitch, but right now I don't want you to."

"Oh, God, Phil. Please," she begs. "Please, I've just got to see what that huge thing looks like hard."

"Tell you what," I say, "Buzz me in, and I'll come back some other time after school and I'll let you play with it."

"But I can't. I'll get in trouble."

I just push my huge, soft, massive meat to the side, and let go, so it swings back and forth like a pendulum. She licks her lips as she watches it. "You'll be amazed at how big it gets," I tell her. "Really huge. And really hard too. Yeah, it's a real baseball bat when it's all the way up." Now she's squirming in her chair, rubbing her legs together. I go on. "You know, when it's hard, I can touch my nipples with the tip. Oh, yeah. It's that long. And I could tit-fuck those big titties of yours with enough man-shaft sticking out to fill your mouth and throat."

"Oh God, yes!", she gives in. "Anything you want, Phil. I'll be waiting."

"I know," I say, as I pull my shorts back up. When I do, I carefully hold my 6 inches of soft cock straight up, and lay the waistband of my shorts right across it. Since my waste is about 3 inches above the root of my cock, that means there's about 3 inches of cock meat sticking up past the waistband. I then carefully tuck my tight T-shirt into my shorts. That way the upper 3 inches of cock make a big, beautiful, vertical cock-bulge in the T-shirt right in front of my stomach. It looks great.

I slip my backpack off my back and carry it in front of me so I can reveal what I've got when I decide to. I walk over to the door of the principal's outer office. Just when I get there I hear the buzzer, as I knew I would, and I push open the door and go on in. I know that while Mrs. Dellum is buzzing me in with one hand, got the other up under her skirt frigging herself off. She's thinking about what my monster must look like hard. And how long I'll make her wait before I let her suck me off.

I walk inside the small outer-office waiting room. The two guys already there are in the two chairs that are along the left wall, so I sit down on the small bench against the right wall. I keep my backpack over my meat pack. The two guys are big, with some real bulging muscles. I recognize them as seniors, and I'm sure they're on some kind of teams--football probably, or maybe wrestling. I've seen the one on my left hanging out with one of the really good-looking chicks a lot. Actually, she's usually hanging out with him, hanging on his arm and all. I guess she likes his big, buffed-out look. They look over at me like I'm nothing, and then they look at each other and kind of smirk. I guess they figure I'm a little punk not worth giving the time of day to. Well, that's just fine with me, because I'm about to give them a little education. The thing is, I want to see the principal now, and I'm not about to wait behind these two jerks. That means it's time to put my monster to good use.

I slide my backpack off my lap. There it is, my huge, thick, massive cock bulge going straight up my belly. The bottom half isn't too clear, since my shorts are kind of baggy, but the top half is so clear it's obscene. My big tool is stretching out my tight T-shirt up to my belly button. The size and shape of the head is showing off nicely. There's just a lot of man-meat on display.

The two guys are talking to each other, deliberately snubbing me, so they don't see my show. So, I make a little noise by clearing my throat, just to get them to look over. When they do, their eyes immediately latch onto the huge meat I'm showing off, of course. It's just so big. Real big. Naturally, just like the bitch out front, they figure I've got a hard-on, because the thing is every bit as long as their dicks are when they're hard, and thicker to boot. They're kind of disgusted with my wanton display of a hard-on right in front of them, but they don't look away either. The sight of what looks to be a man-size hard-on showing off on a young boy's lithe little body is just too beautiful.

But now it's time to show these two butt-heads what size is all about. And I mean size! So, I start to grow. Yeah, I've got control, baby. I can stay soft when I want to, but when I decide to grow, I grow. My big bad shaft moves up to about 7 inches, and kind of loiters there. The looks on their faces are really funny as they realize I wasn't all the way up before. The act of growing in itself, plus my new, bigger size, makes them start to squirm a little. They're embarrassed about looking at my huge cock, of course. And each one is scared to death that the other one will see him checking me out. So, they both gaze around the room a little. Trying to be cool. But in a few seconds, they come back to watching the show I'm putting on. They can't help it. My big, beautiful cock controls their eyes. And it's about to control their balls and dicks, too. Yeah, especially now that my big monster is lengthening up some more. They can't look away. Now it's up to a big, thick, fat, long, 8 inches. Straight up my stomach. And my obscenely stretched-out T-shirt is doing nothing to conceal the beautiful shape and thickness of the shaft and head. It's all there on display.

I really like showing off at 8 inches. You've got to realize that even though this is nowhere near my full size, it's still very, very, big. Just think about it. A piece of paper is 8 1/2 by 11, so if you role up a sheet into a tube about 2-1/2 inches in diameter, the great big cylinder you'll be holding will be just a 1/2 inch longer than what I'm showing off. Only what I'm showing off isn't paper. It's thick, solid, massive, cock-meat. In fact, it's enough meat to put an unwanted, uncontrollable hard-on onto any guy I want. And right now, at 8 inches, my big, beautiful, irresistible whopper is starting to do it's thing to my two newest conquests. Yep, it's making both their little dicks start to harden up on them. I can see the tents beginning in their pants.

I see the guy on the left can feel it, because his face starts to turn red, and he casually puts his arm over his tent. He looks up at my face to see if I'm looking at him, but I just look up at the clock on the wall behind them, pretending nothing's happening. Oh no, nothing at all. I'm just a young kid sitting back on a bench looking up at the clock. A small, cute, kid, relaxing on a bench, with his arms resting at his sides, his back resting against the wall, and 8 thick, awesome, inches of manshaft laying on top of his stomach, stretching his T-shirt way out in front of him. A dick-hardening sight if there ever was one. Now the other guy also realizes he's making a real boner-tent in his pants, and he folds both his arms over it. So there we are, just the three of us. Me: leaning back, relaxing, staring up at the opposite wall like there's nothing much to even think about, while 8-inches of thick, huge, massive, man-meat are just out there on full display. Them: both staring at my show, unable to tear their eyes away, unable to keep their dicks from stiffening all the way up. My gigantic cock is making them confused, it's making them embarrassed, but most of all it's making them hard.

It really is just a nice little scene. They're completely helpless. I'm in total control. They're fighting desperately to get their dicks to soften back down. My size-show is making their dicks stay all the way hard. My super-dick is controlling their regular dicks. It's not even hard yet, but it's still so fucking big that it's making them hard as hell. I relax and enjoy the whole situation for a couple of minutes. I like watching them stare at my size. Watching them squirm with lust. Watching them come to the horrible realization that, in fact, they really are lusting for another guys cock! They hate themselves for it. It's making them sick. But there's nothing they can do about it. They're lusting for my big cock.

When I figure my 8-inch show has put a real bad hurt into both their stiff dicks, I let my mega-meat start to grow some more. Yeah, the big head just starts crawling up my stomach little by little, as I hold the rest of my body perfectly still. The two of them stare in amazement at the renewed growth. They just can't believe it's getting even bigger. But they have to believe it, they're staring right at it. It gets to the guy on the left really bad. It makes his dick so painfully hard and horny that he just has to rub it with his arm. First he looks over at the other guy, but he's just staring at me, of course, and then he looks up at my face, and I'm looking at the door to the principal's office. So he starts rubbing himself. What a little turd. He thinks he's a big hot-shot football player, but he can't help from perving over my cock, and getting so turned on by it that he just has to rub himself. But, of course, I knew that would have to happen. No-one can stand up to the show I put on. No-one can stand up to my size.

So, now I'm at nine inches, and I've got one of the little shits helplessly rubbing himself off, hoping like hell no-one will notice, and I've got the other little shit staring at my humongous cock in hopeless lust. I like that. I'm already leaning back against the wall, but just to relax some more, I slide my butt forward a few inches on my bench. I keep my feet still, and so the action moves my knees farther apart. It also shoves my huge, gargantuan, incredible nine inches of male meat right at the faces of the two little shits. And that makes the guy on the left really start to rub his dick back and forth fast. I know his dick is really killing him--he just has to rub off hard and fast. Showing off so much size has reduced him to a helpless little jerk-off.

He looks back up at my face to see if I see what he's doing, and this time I'm looking right at him. He's humiliated like he's never imagined possible. His whole head turns bright red. I just smile sweetly at him. As humiliated as he is, though, he can't stop beating his boner. He'd give anything in the world to stop, but he can't. My gigantic monster-cock has simply turned him on far too bad. He's past the point of no-return. That's always so much fun for me. When I prove to a guy that not only can my incredibly huge cock turn him on, but it can turn him on so bad that it can simply force him to jerk off. And it can put so much hot lust into his stiff boner that he won't be able to stop jerking, no matter what. Looking at each other like that, me just relaxing and showing off my mind- bending monster-shaft, and him unable to stop beating his stiff little pud through his pants, we both know I've conquered him. I've destroyed him. Just by showing off my size.

Just to drive the point home though, I look down at his crotch where he's rubbing frantically, and then I look back up into his eyes, and smile again. He's way past humiliated. He's devastated. And he's just got to go jerk off for real. He gets up, grabs his hard-on through his pants with one hand, tries to hide his stroking motions with his other hand, and runs out of the room. He must have made a pretty funny sight for Mrs. Dellum, running for the nearest john with both hands over his dick like that, obviously beating off. She probably tried to get him to fuck her, as horny as I made her. But there's no way he'd be interested in her tits now though. Oh no, as soon as he gets into the john, he's going to be jerking off to one thing and one thing only: the memory of one great big, humongous, monster-cock. In fact, try as he might to get it out of his mind, he'll be jerking off to the vision I gave him for a long time to come. Even if he ever gets back to fucking his sexy blonde girlfriend, when he does, he'll be thinking about a young boy with his T-shirt stretched out by a big 9 inches of very thick, very male, cock. And it's just so nice the way I turned him from tits to cock without even getting up to full size. Of course, a thick 9 inches is plenty big enough to do that to a guy.

I haven't been paying much attention to the other little shit for a while, but now I see he's rubbing on his dick too. He's doing it with the back of his hand, and holding his other hand in front, trying to hide the motion. What a laugh. I'm sitting right there in front of him, and he's hoping he can hide the fact that he's beating off. Well, that's OK with me, because I'm about to put so much ache into his balls, and so much pain into his dick, that he'll simply have to drop all pretending and jerk off as hard as he can. And that's going to mean taking his dick out and doing it right there in the open. And how am I going to do that? Same as always, with my mind-fucking size, of course.

I swivel my body slightly to the right, so I'm facing straight at him. He keeps staring at the huge tower of man-meat that's bulging out the whole front of my T- shirt, and he keeps pounding his pud. What else can he do? I'm showing off a full 9 inches right in front of him. It's one and a half times longer, one and a half times thicker, and probably three times more massive, than anything he's ever seen before. It's not just huge. It's mind-boggling. It's stupefying. It's forcing him beat off.

I basically own this little shit right now, but he's still putting up one last bit of resistance by not pulling his dick openly. So, I sit up straight, right on the edge of my bench, facing right at him. This makes my enormous column go straight up into the air, and then it actually falls forward slightly. My tight T-shirt keeps it from falling very far forward, but it's so massive that it does fall forward at a slight angle, stretching out the shirt as it does. It's truly an awesome, beautiful display. The monstrous head is almost up to my nipples, and it's pulling the T- shirt so tightly around it that the shape of the crown, the underside of the ridge, teh cleft, everything, is clearly shown. The contours of the mighty shaft below the head are clear too. The little shit in front of me just stares. And drools. And beats off. That's because what I'm showing him is just too beautiful, too awesome. But mostly, it's just too God-damn big!

I decide to speak to my little victim for the first time. I lean forward a little more and say softly, "So, you really like my cock, huh?"

He can't talk, but he shakes his head back and forth in a "no".

"Oh sure you do," I say. "That's why you're beating off isn't? You're beating off because you like my cock so much."

Again he shakes his head in denial.

"Oh yeah," I say. "I can see you beating your little boner there. It's pretty plain you're beating off to my cock. I guess that makes you a little jerk-off boy. A little fag jerk-off boy actually, since it is a cock you're beating off to, right?"

A few tears start to come down his cheeks as he shakes his head some more, but my monster shaft is just so big, so huge, so enormous, that there's just no way he can stop beating off to it.

"Well," I say. "Let me prove it to you. Right now my great big cock must be making your balls churn quit a bit, and it must be making your dick hurt pretty bad, for you to have to beat off right in front of me like that. But it can't be a really good beat-off through your pants. So, tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to turn your balls and your dick on so God-damn bad that you're going to have to take your boner out of your pants and jerk it off for real, in the open, right here in front of me."

"Oh, God no," he pleads. Mixed in with the lust in his eyes, there's now some fear. It's just too rich. He's 50 or 60 pounds heavier than me, and 4 or 5 inches taller. And he's got muscles showing all over. But he's afraid of me. He's afraid of what I can do to him with my incredible cock. That's nice. It shows he's learned a lot since I walked in the room and he thought he was too good to even look at me. Now I've got him beating off to my cock completely against his will. And he can't stop. And he's afraid of what I'm going to do next.

I give him a little show. A sweet, simple, little show that's going to make him crumble. "Here," I say. "Watch this." With that, I slowly run my right index finger up and down the right side of my unbelievable manhood. Then I do the same thing on the other side. I don't really stroke it, but I give it just enough stimulation to get it to start growing the last lap. The little shit is shocked and amazed, like before, but now we're talking about growing up and out past 9 inches. I keep doing it, pushing my gargantuan column around under my stretched-out T-shirt as I continue to stimulate it just enough. It keeps growing. The mind-fucking sight goes straight to his cock, of course. It makes his balls ache badder than they ever have in his life. It makes his cock hurt more than it ever has in his life. His dick is killing him. It's just killing him. He needs to take it out and jerk it off for real. He needs to so bad, just so bad. But he fights it. He fights it really hard. He's sweating. He's crying a little again. But mostly he's just fighting like hell to keep from unzipping his pants, pulling out his super-stiff dick, and jerking off like mad. That's his fight. I just love watching him fight it as hard as he can. Because that way when he caves in, it will be just that much more devastating to him. Because it will prove just that much more how badly, how completely, in lust for my cock he really is.

He's right on the verge now. He's teetering on caving, but he's still fighting it. But then, under my stretched-out T-shirt, my huge, enormous, monstrous, cock simply expands out to its full, all-conquering size: 10 thick inches of massive, mind-warping, man-destroying, cock-meat. He can't get his zipper down fast enough. It's fun watching him try to pull his dick out as fast as he can. For a moment it gets it tangled up in his underwear, and he just about breaks out in tears of horny frustration at the delay. But then his agonizingly stiff dick is out in the air and he instantly grabs it in his right hand and starts jerking as hard as he can. There's simply nothing else he can do. Once again, my unbelievable size has destroyed a guy and reduced him to a little jerk-off cock worshipper. Then he sticks his left hand into his pants and starts massaging his balls while he jerks off. I watch his humiliating jerk-off, and I smile. He stares at my gorgeous manhood, and keeps jerking. His eyes keep running up and down the fantastic length. He just can't believe the size. But it's right in front of his face. And it's making him jerk. Jerk. Jerk, jerk, jerk. I'm pleased.

It's really nice just sitting there watching him degrade himself in front of me. After all, I'm still fully clothed. Of course, every bit of my enormous cock-shaft is clearly visible as it stretches out the the thin material of my tight T-shirt. But, I do still have both my shorts and shirt on. Technically, I'm still "legal". But look at him. He's got his dick out, right there in the principal's outer office, and he jerking it off. Yep, he's thoroughly degrading himself all right. But he can't help it. My size is making him do it.

He's really going at it, and pretty close to coming, when I hear the doorknob to the principal's office start to be turned from the inside. I quickly reach over and grab my backpack, and hold it over in front of me. I don't want to give Mr. Barnes any warning of what's in store for him. Then I lean toward my little jerky boy and say very calmly, "Hey, Mr. Barnes is coming in."

He's horrified. There he is with his stiff dick sticking out of his pants, jerking off for all he's worth, and in about two seconds the God-damn principal is going to walk in! Meanwhile, my show has made his dick so stiff, made it ache with lust so bad, that there's no way he can let go of it. So, he does the only thing he can, and simply doubles over as far as possible, completely covering his whole lap--hard-on, jerking hand, everything--with his body. He freezes like that, practically in the fetal position, when Barnes comes in. But the funniest thing is that he can't get the all-consuming image of my monster cock showing off behind my T-shirt out of his lust-filled brain. And just the image is so powerful that he can't help but keep pulling on his pathetic little cock.

"What's with him?", Barnes asks me. He's looking over at the doubled-up jerky boy, but he's talking to me because I'm the only one looking up at him.

"Oh, he's not feeling too well," I say. "I think his stomach or something is hurting him. He'll be OK though."

Barnes looks over at him and asks, "You're feeling a little sick?"

My jerky boy shakes his head up and down without looking up. He's still jerking, using as little arm motion as he can manage.

"OK, why don't you just run home then, I'll see you tomorrow." Then Barnes looks around the room and asks, "And where that other kid?"

I tell him, "Oh, he had to take off too. He said he had to go and take care of something that was really bothering him." Like the worst boner he's ever had, I think to myself.

"Well, OK. So that leaves just you," Barnes says looking down at me. Then he turns around, walks back into his office, and says, "Come on in, and close the door behind."

I stand up, holding my pack over my front. I follow Barnes into his office, but just before going in, I turn my hips away from the pack and toward my little jerky boy to give him one last look. A mind-warping look at 10 full inches of manhood so clear behind my thin T-shirt material. He comes. His whole body trembles as he shoots off, still in a fetal position, staring up at me. At my cock. At the big, beautiful cock that he now loves so much, even though he's never even seen it in its naked glory. His cum spurts all over the chair and his pants. As he helplessly jerks out the last of his pathentic juice, he tears his eyes away from my humongous shaft and looks up into my face. I give him a big, sweet, shit- eating smile, and jerk my hips at him. He wishes he were dead.

I then go on into Barnes's office, with my back pack once again concieling my T- shirt. A T-shirt that's stretched way, way out with 10 dick-stiffening, mind- fucking, man-enslaving inches of monster-cock.

He sits down behind his desk, and I sit down in the chair right in front of the desk. I hold my backpack in my lap, careful to cover my front from my big balls to the tip of my wonder-tower. My cock just feels so good. So gigantic, laying all the way up my stomach to my chest, pressed against my thin body by the weight of my pack. But what really makes it feel just so great is the thought of what it's about to do to the butte-head principal in a few minutes. Yeah, the anticipation of creating another helpless little cock slave always gives my monster that extra little tingle.

"Well, Phil, I called you in here to talk about what happened with you and Mr. Jones," he says.

"Oh, you mean when he sucked me off," I say.

"Uh, well, yes, if you want to say it that way. He's been let go, of course. And don't worry, he won't ever be teaching again," Barnes says.

"So, what's that got to do with me?" I ask.

"Well, Phil. We just want to make sure you're OK. You know, after Mr. Jones took advantage of you like that."

"Oh, I'm OK. But he didn't really take advantage of me, you know."

"He didn't? But I thought he, well, did what he did against your will. You know, got you down and, well, forced oral sex on you."

"You mean suck me off," I say. "Well, he did suck me off. And it wasn't a bad blow job either. But the thing is, I kind of got him to do it."

Barnes starts fidgeting in his chair as I say this. My language makes him nervous, but what's really got him confused is the part about me somehow instigating things.

"What, what do mean, you 'kind of got him to do it'?", Barnes asks.

"Oh, I just wanted him to suck me off, that's all. And so I got him to do it. He really didn't want to, you know. But I made him," I tell Barnes calmly.

Barnes is turning a little red, and he's really squirming in his chair. "Made him?" he asks.

"Oh yeah. He tried not to as hard as he could not too. But he couldn't help it. I made him." When I say this, I give Barnes a great big smile.

Barnes is really confused, and nervous as hell. He looks me over, and can see I'm too small to make anybody do anything. So, he can't help asking, "Uh, how could you make him?"

"Simple," I say. "I just showed off my cock. Showed off how big it is." When I say this, I slide my back pack up my stomach so the bottom of it is even with my waist. This way, how the huge, 2 1/2-inch diameter of my cock-shaft is pushing my short's waistband way out in front is out in the open. Because of the motion, and because I'm talking about how big my cock is, Barnes looks down at my waist. He sees it for the first time. He doesn't see any length, of course, because my backpack is still covering most of my enormous tool. But he can clearly see how thick it is. My waistband has to stretch way out in front to get around the monstrous girth of my cock.

"Uh, what do you mean?", he stammers, still looking down at my stretched-out waistband. "What's showing him how big your, uh, penis is, got to do with it?"

"Oh, it has everything to do with it. You see, my cock is just so big," I say. "Really, really big." I pull my pack up another inch. This gives him a clear view of my giant cock stretching my T-shirt over it. Of course, there's still no indication of it's length, but the huge thickness, and the exact shape of the shaft's underside, are now showing very nicely. "The thing is, when I show a guy how incredibly huge my cock is, well, the sight of the thing is just too much. I have too much size. It makes a guy hot. Really hot. And he ends up wanting to go down on my big meat."

Barnes looks up at my face with a kind of ridiculous, stupid expression, and then he looks down at the thickest, widest, piece of man-shaft he's ever imagined. He shifts around in his chair like suddenly there's something in his pants making him uncomfortable. He's already starting to bone up.

"But what are you talking about?" he asks. "How, uh, how big your...uh...penis is--wouldn't make any difference to a guy who wasn't already interested in, you know..." he trails off.

"Sucking cock? Oh sure it would," I say. "It makes a big difference. You see, most guys are straight and all, or at least they think so. They figure they would never want to have anything to do with another guy's cock. But mine's different. It's big. It's just so big. That's what does it to them." Now I pull my pack up another two inches. The monstrous thickness is now completely, openly, obscenely on display. And it's width contrasts so beautifully with my skinny waist. But Barnes can also now start to get some idea of the length also. After all, he can see that there must be at least 2 or 3 inches in my shorts. Then there's the 3 inches he's gawking at above the waist. That's 6 inches. And there's no sign of the head. So, the whole thing has just got to be huge, maybe 8 inches. A true whopper. He can't take his eyes off the fat, hard, 3 inches showing under the thin T-shirt, and I can see he can't help but think about what my whole cock must be like. That is, how big it must be. He starts to squirm more in his chair as he thinks about it, rubbing his legs together. I pretend nothing's happening.

"Um, what do you mean, 'That's what does it to them?'," he asks.

"Oh, you know. Turns them on. Makes their dicks hard." I smile again.

"Barnes squirms some more, but then asks, "but what if they're not, uh,..."

"Gay?" I ask. "Doesn't matter. You see, my cock is so fucking big that it automatically does it to a guy. Any guy. Gay, straight, bi...it just doesn't matter. I'm just too big. When I show off my size to a guy, his dick gets hard. I can do it to any guy I want. Like with Mr. Jones for instance. I don't think he was figuring he was gay, but it didn't matter. By the time I was down showing off to him, he was jerking off to my monster and begging to suck down on it. I just have too much size."

Barnes is in wonder of what I'm saying, but now he's really wondering about now is just exactly how fucking big my cock really is. He can see what a small, thin, young boy I am. To be in normal proportion, I should really have a small, little dicky. But he can also see about 6 fat inches of man-shaft that's thicker than he ever thought possible. And no head in sight. So he knows my cock must be huge. The image he's conjuring up is starting to really get to him now. I can tell because he drops his right hand below his desk. Ha, ha, he's already hardened up to the point that he needs a little relief. He doesn't know why he's so captivated by my thick meat, and he sure doesn't know why the thought of how big it must be is getting to him. But he does know that he's sprung an uncontrollable boner. He's totally ashamed with himself, and his face is bright red. But he just has to push dicky around in his pants. He can' help it. His damn dick has really gotten hard on him.

I go on with my explanation. "You see, Mr. Barnes, it's like this. Most guys only have 6 or 7 inches when they're all the way up. So, that's not really going to get to a guy. Oh, it might look OK, it might even look kind of pretty, especially to a gay guy. But it's not going to force a boner on someone against his will. But, a gigantic man-shaft like mine is a whole different story." I casually raise my pack another inch. Barnes is now staring at as much length of cock as he's ever seen, but still no head. His right arm is now moving around some, so I know the sight of so much cock, and my description of it's power, is definitely getting to him. Oh, yeah, it's making him rub on his stiffy pretty good, that's for sure. "No guy can look at my cock and keep from being turned on by it. It's so long and wide. Much longer and wider, in fact, than what most men even think is possible for a cock. So when a guy sees mine, it amazes him. It captivates him. And, of course, it turns him on. Bones him up. In fact, the mere sight of it pushing out the fabric of my pants will make a guy beat off. That's how bad showing off as much size as I have gets to a guy. A straight guy will be humiliated, and he'll fight it. That's fun to watch. But in the end, he'll give in." I tell him.

"Oh, oh, no," he sputters. He tears his eyes away from my half-displayed monster-cock and looks up at my face. "That...that can't be true. Most men wouldn't be, uh, stimulated by your, uh penis." I can see him giving his hard-on a few more rubs. "I mean, if a man is straight, he wouldn't be." He tries not to move his shoulder as he rubs some more. He's such a stupid jerk.

"Ah, but you see, you take some guy who thinks he's totally straight. The thing is, he's just never seen anything like what I've got. He's never been turned on by a dick before because he's only seen regular dicks. They just don't do anything for him. Or to him. But when I show off my incredibly huge monster of a cock, well, that's a totally different story. My meat is just so humongus that it will turn him on. And bad. Oh sure, he'll try to fight it, but I have too much size. There's just no way a man can resist what I'm packing. In fact, just the amazing width of my cock will put a boner on a guy, any guy, no matter how straight he thinks he is." When I say this, Barnes looks back down at my shaft. To emphasize my point, I place my left hand over to the 2 1/2 inch wide column that's stretching out my T-shirt, while I with my right I keep my pack in place, still covering at least 3 inches of man-meat. I grasp my beautiful monster-column just between my thumb and forefinger, so it's still very visible. And pressing the T-shirt down against my cock-shaft on either side like that makes very clear, and emphasizes, just how God-damn wide my column of manhood really is. The width is simply stupefying.

My little show of width makes the principal's eyes latch onto my cock and stay there. He licks his lips. I go on casually, in a dry, clinical way--still acting like nothing is happening. "Oh yeah, my width, my huge, massive, girth will simply force a man's balls to churn in their sack, and it will force his dick to stiffen up all the way." Then I say softly, like a sympathetic doctor or something, "But then, you know what I'm talking about, don't you Mr. Barnes? It's doing it to you right now, isn't it? Just looking at how wide by big cock is has made your own dick really hard, I can tell. It's really made you horny, hasn't it?"

"Oh, no, of course not," he manages to blurt out. But he's still staring at my monster. And I can see from his little arm movement that he can't help moving his hand around under his desk. Oh yeah, I've made him horny alright.

"Oh, sure it is. You're staring right at my shaft. You're really taking in how amazingly wide and thick it is. That's got to bone you up. And besides, I can tell you're pushing your boner around in your pants. Your rubbing yourself, aren't you Mr. Barnes? Your dick must really be bothering you a lot."

When I say this, his whole face turns even brighter red, and he shakes his head sideways, back and forth. And, somehow, he manages to pull his hand back out from under his desk, and hold his two hand together on the desktop. He looks back up at my face and says, "No, no! Of course not! How can you say that? You think I would be turned on by a boy? By a...a dick? That's ridiculous. That's disgusting!" But he can't help glancing back down to my man-shaft every few seconds. It's just such a pretty sight. A pretty, man-enslaving sight.

"That's right, Mr. Barnes. You just sit there. You just sit there with that painful boner in your pants and your hands on your desk, pretending your not perving over my incredible man-shaft. Must be pretty uncomfortable--having a boner in your pants and being too embarrassed to reach down and rub on it. You know, it might help if you stopped looking down at my huge meat. After all, it is the sight of my gorgeous cock that's boned you up, right?"

Now he gives up on glancing back and forth between my face and my cock, and just stares at my cock. But he doesn't say anything. He's using all his energy on keeping his hands on his desk. Keeping them away from his painful boner.

"Yeah, you just sit there and try to keep your hands off of that stiff hard-on I've put in your pants," I tell him. "And while you're doing that, just look at how wide my shaft is." I move my left thumb and forefinger up and down the sides my mammoth column a couple of inches. My hand is fairly small, so my fingers are spread wide apart in order to grasp my monster like that. Again, that just emphasizes how thick and wide it really is. "Just look at it. Look at my cock. See how hard it is for me to even get my fingers across it? And look how far out in front of me it's stretching my shorts and shirt. It's not sticking up off my body, you know. Oh, no, it's lying flat against my belly. But just lying flat like that it's still pulling my shorts and shirt way out. That's because it's just so big in diameter."

Barnes is really sweating now. He's all read, and his hands are fidgeting like crazy. He's also rubbing his legs together. His dick is simply demanding some kind of attention. What a funny little principal he is. Sitting there behind his big desk with his suit and tie, and being reduced to rubbing his hard dick as best he can with his legs. A dick that's been forced into hardening up by a small, innocent-looking young boy. A boy just happens to be showing off an incredible man-shaft 2-1/2 inches in diameter, and God knows how long.

"But it's not just incredibly wide," I say. "It's also incredibly long. I mean, it's not one of those fatty cocks that may be big all over, but are wide compared with their length. In fact, as wide as my monster is, it's length is in perfect proportion to its width. It really is a perfect cock. Perfect shape, and perfect proportions. It's just big, that's all. Really, really, big. Just think about it, Mr. Barnes. Just think about how big my whole cock must be. How wide. How long. How fucking enormous."

He's staring. He's sweating. He's squirming. The image I've put into his head is making his dick just so hard it's killing him. But he holds out. He just has to keep his hands on top of his desk, no matter how much his dick aches. There's no way he's going drop a hand down below and admit to the young boy in front of him that he's perving, and beating off, over the boy's dick!

"Of course, imagining isn't the same as seeing, is it, Mr. Barnes?" I ask. "I mean, you're only actually looking at about two thirds of my whole cock right now, you know that?" Behind my back pack, underneath my shirt, my man- conquering monster-cock has hardened up a little past its usual 10 inches. It always gets that way, extra stiff, with an extra fraction of an inch in length, when it's about to destroy someone. "You know, it's going to be easy for me to make you put those hands back under the table. And grab your hard dick. And beat it through your pants. Oh yea, real easy. You know how?" Barnes just shakes his head. He can't talk. "All I have to do is take my back pack off my chest. Isn't that neat? It's just so simple. You're like my little remote-control toy. When I take my pack off my chest, it's going to make you grab for your cock. Here, let me show you what it does to a man when I show off my full size."

I drop my left arm to my side, and with my right hand I casually lift my back pack off my chest and place it next to my chair. There it is. My full, gargantuan, , humongous column of man-meat, all on display. It's over 2-1/2 inches wide and over 10 inches long. The thin material of my oh-so-tight T-shirt stretches straight from the sides of my body to the sides of my cock. Then it curves over the front, which is actually the underside, of course, in a semi-circle. The fabric is also stretching right from the neck-hole straight to the huge head, touching it just over the big pisshole. So, in reality, the tent my monster is making takes up the entire front of my T-shirt--stomach and chest. My whole upper body is covered with cock. Lots and lots of cock.

"Oh, God!" Barnes shouts. The mind-fucking sight makes both his hands shoot under his desk. "God it's big!" he moans. He grabs his dick and starts beating. He can't be too concerned about how it looks, how obvious it is that he can't keep his hands off his dick. That he has no control over his own dick or his own hands. The control is all mine. He just has to stroke. Showing off my full size is making him do it, just like it always does. That's what it does to any boy or any man. No one can stand up to my size.

"There, you see how easy that was for me Mr. Barnes? That's how it works," I say. "I show off some of my enormous cock size to a little shit like you, and it makes your dick hard. I show off all of my size, and it makes it so hard you have to beat it. It's so simple, really. It's not that you don't like cock, it's just that you like big cock. And you like really big cock, like this monster here, so much that the mere sight of it makes you jerk off. You've just never seen anything anywhere near this big before. But now that you have, you can see what it does to you."

Barnes is way past humiliated--he's demolished. He's so pathetic, though. He shakes his head back and forth, trying to deny it. Trying to deny what I'm saying, and trying to deny that my gargantuan log of a cock is making him beat off. But of course, he keeps beating under the table. We both know what I'm doing to him, but I don't really like him even pretending that it's not true. So, grabbing a strap on my backpack and dragging it with me, I stand up, and start to walk around his desk. His eyes are glued to my gigantic cock the whole time, of course. As I walk around, it might look even better in profile than straight on, the way it stands up, leaning out in front slightly. In fact, it looks almost as big as the rest of my body. And with each step, it bounces up and down some, stretching my T-shirt that much more, because of its tremendous weight.

I walk right up to his side. His face turns to follow me, and his eyes are running up and down my big fat 10 inches. There's no desk between us now, so I can look down and see his two hands rubbing and beating on his hard-on through his pants. He makes a very silly effort to hide his beating by squishing his legs together, bending slightly forward, and spreading out both hands to cover his tent. But with 10 inches of thick, hard, man-meat stretching out a T-shirt right in front on his eyes, there's no way he can stop his little through-the-pants jerk-off session.

I look down on him and say, "So, really beating that boner pretty good, huh? Must feel nice. It must be a really nice beat-off for you, having a gigantic man- shaft like mine to perv over. I mean, I know you've jerked off to girls before, over their tits, and their asses. You've probably jerked off thinking about Mrs. Dellum a few times, huh? Maybe even done it under your desk while staring at her big tits. But no chick has ever made you do it against your will, have they? That just means they haven't ever turned you on as bad as I have, as bad as my big, beautiful, cock has. You are beating off against your will, aren't you? I mean, you can't stop, can you? Of course not. You wish you could stop, but you can't. You like my big cock way too much. It makes you too horny. I guess that makes you a little fag-boy, doesn't it? After all, it is cock that's turned you on badder than ever before, isn't it? Yeah, you sure do love my cock all right." He's sick to his stomach. He wishes I were wrong. But, of course, the way he keeps uncontrollably beating off to my huge cock certainly proves me right. Oh God, how much he wishes he could stop. I slowly run my right index finger up down the side of my incredible length. That makes him beat harder.

"God it's big," he says again in lust-filled amazement. His face is scrunched up in horny disbelief at my size. "It's just so big. How can it be so big?" He as asks in awe.

He keeps staring and beating. Staring and beating. That's fine, but now I want him to take his stiff dick out and jerk it off to me in the open. So I say, "The only thing is, though, that it can't be really satisfying beating off through your pants. No, that might relieve some of your dick-tension, but what you really want to do is take it out so you can give yourself a really good jerk-off."

He shakes his head back and forth, and manages to squeak out a "No, no."

"Yes, yes," I tell him. Of course he doesn't want to. Of course he really, really doesn't want to. Take out his stiff dick and jerk it off in front of a young boy? And while he's perving over the cock of that same boy? "No...God no" he's thinking to himself. But that's fine with me. I like it when they fight it. "I know you don't want to," I tell him. "That's what makes it fun. Fun for me, and humiliating for you. Because I'm going to make you do it."

He shakes his head back and forth again, and keeps staring and beating.

"And you know how I'm going to make you? By putting so much horny pain into your dick that you'll just have to take it out and jerk on it for real. And you know how I'm going to do that?"

He's got some tears forming in his eyes now. He's afraid of me. Afraid of the control my monster cock has over him. And he's afraid of what might be coming. But he keeps beating. He can't stop.

"You know how?" I ask again.

He shakes his head again.

"Real simple," I say. "It's going to be real simple for me to make you take your pathetic little dick out and jerk it off right if front of me, no matter how hard you try not to. I'm just going to do one simple little thing, something people do every day, and then you're going to surrender and utterly humiliate yourself for me by taking your boner out and jerking it off over my cock. Right here in your office. Right in front of me."

I then say very slowly, "You know what I'm going to do?"

All he can do is shake his head. And, of course, keep beating off as best he can through his pants.

I then lower my voice and say, "I'm going to take my shirt off now."

So, I stand there right in front of him--he's stroking up and down on his hard-on in his pants, staring at a 10-inch plus cock-tent that's about to be over 10 inches of bare, naked, hard, man-meat that's going to warp his mind forever. I slide my hands down into my shorts on either side, grab the bottom edge of my T-shirt, and start to pull it up. I pull it up slowly. When it gets above the waistband of my shorts, I start to feel the cool air on my bare cock. Mr. Barnes starts to go a little crazy, of course. It's young. It's smooth. It's beautiful. It's gigantic. I keep pulling up, inch by inch. With each inch, more thick, massive meat comes into view. It's just sooo good-looking. So smooth. So hard. You can see how young it is. And it's so big. Just so big. And it's right in front of Barnes's face. It really puts the hurt into his dick, so he strokes and beats hard. I get the bottom of the shirt right up to the deep under-cleft of my huge head. The shaft is bare. And so is my midriff now too. Mr. Barnes can see how smooth and hairless my young stomach and lower chest are. Fine, thin skin. Smooth, slightly-defined muscles. No fat at all. And an incredible, gigantic, cock-shaft running right up the front. It's held up just by the shirt stretching over the enormous head, which is about 2 1/2 inches from cleft to pisshole, and 3 inches wide. It's a wonderful, gorgeous, head. My whole cock flexes and jerks a little at the knowledge of what it's doing to the school principal. It just loves conquering and destroying a man. And it's always so easy. It has all the size it needs.

Then I pull my shirt up over my cock-head and let go of it, leaving it wrapped around my upper chest, just under my armpits, in kind of a band. My cock falls forward, pointing right at Mr. Barnes. It's a huge log. It's an enormous canon. It's a 2 1/2 inch-diameter, 10 inch-long, mind-fucking shaft of hard man-meat. The head is 3 inches across. Even the piss-hole is huge, like it was made for shooting the extra thick, heavy, wads of cum my great big balls make. The wads guys just love to swallow down.

When I was in Junior High, and about 8 inches long, my cock would stand out at about a 45 degree angle because it was so hard and stiff. Well, it still gets just as hard and stiff, but now it sticks out level with the floor. That's because it's just so weighty, so massive. So, the monster is pointed right at Barnes's face. His mouth slacks open, and he licks his lips. For the first time in his life, he's actually thinking about sucking on a cock. Oh yeah, he has to think about it. There it is, so beautiful, so big. But what's really killing him is his own dick. It's killing him just too much. He's staring right at a howitzer of man-meat. He caves in. He breaks down. He unzips. "Oh, God," he says. His whole head turns beat red, but he pulls his boner out and starts jerking. He uses both hands, stroking his shaft with his right hand, and kneading his head with his left.

As he strokes, he spouts out, "Oh God it's huge! Your cock is so huge!" He strokes up and down, up and down. "It's just so huge!" he shouts.

"Yes, of course," I say. "I know. And now you can see what a cock with some real size does to you. It makes you jerk off. Yeah, it makes you take your stiff dick out of your pants, right here in your office, right in front of a young boy student, and jerk off. Isn't that great? My gigantic cock simply makes you do it. The mere sight of it puts a jerk-off need into your little dick that hurts so bad you just have to jerk off. All I have to do is take my shirt off, and bingo! Out pops your little dicky, and you start jerking. Isn't that nice? A few minutes ago you were a man. The school principal. Now you're just another one of my little jerky boys."

His eyes are really bulging, and he keeps licking his lips and swallowing. And he keeps jerking. I sure do like having so much cock. He's the big principal. I'm the little student. But I'm the one with the 10 inches. So he belongs to me. Life really is simple.

"Well, now that your finally jerking off for real, instead of through your pants, it must feel a lot better, huh? But I think I can make it even better for you. Make you enjoy your disgusting little jerk-off session even more. Since you love my cock so much, let me show it off for you a little more."

As overpowering as my cock is straight on, I always figure it looks even better from the side, since its incredible length is more obvious that way. So I turn sideways and give Barnes a look at my profile. My incredible, unbelievable cock is sticking way, way out in front of me. The monstrous head is way out past the end of my toes--way past. I pull my shirt up over my head and throw it over onto Barnes's desk. He doesn't even notice it. My waistband is cinching in just under my cockroot and just above the top of my ballsack. So I pull it out and over my big balls and down, and then back again underneath them. That way my huge ballsack is hanging down in front. It's really a big, full sack too, and makes the perfect accessory for my enormous cock.

My profile is just too awesome. Since it's only 7 or 8 inches from my back to my belly button, my cock is sticking out much farther from my belly than my belly is from my back. So it's almost like I have more cock than body. I put my hands on my butt cheeks, pull my elbows towards each other behind me, and lean back, while rotating my pelvis up. This brings my cock head up into the air. My shaft only slants up a few degrees, but since it's so fucking long, the head moves up a few inches. The awesome, mind-fucking sight of my profile displayed this way makes Barnes jerk as fast as he can. He's my jerk-off slave now for sure. Totally in my power. Then I clench my buttocks, and contract my groin muscles a few times--contract, relax; contract, relax. That makes my whole massive shaft of manhood jerk up and down. Almost like I'm cumming. I've practiced this in the mirror, so I know what a ball-busting, mind-destroying sight it is.

Barnes goes crazy. Absolutely crazy. He's jerking off like mad. My awesome show has reduced him to nothing. He had already become one of my little jerk- off boys. But giving him my "profile show", as I call it, has made him a true slave to my humongous cock. Seeing the full, thick, incredible, size of my telephone- pole cock standing so far out in front of my thin body like that, and then jerking up and down a bit, will warp his mind forever. The image will be seared into his brain. And into his balls. He'll be another one of my little cock-worshipping slaves from now on. It really is fun doing that to a man. And all it takes is a little cock show.

Looking over my shoulder at him, I say, "Boy, you sure do love jerking off to my cock, don't you? You're just nothing but a little jerky boy. A little fag jerky boy. How disgusting. But what's really disgusting is that I can see you really want more. Much more. Oh yeah, by the way you're licking your lips, I can see what you really want is to suck me off. That is what you really want, isn't? You're just like that silly little gym teacher, Mr. Jones, that turned into a cock-sucking fag for my big meat. You want your mouth on this big beautiful cock of mine. You want to suck me off, don't you? What a little fag shit."

Again, he goes into his little head-shaking act of denial. Of course, he doesn't really want to suck me off. He doesn't want another guy's cock anywhere near his mouth. It's a revolting thought to him. It makes him sick. But at the same time, he has to think about it. He has to. My shaft is just too beautiful. Too big. It simply has way too much size. He licks his lips some more. He wants it. Bad.

"Oh yeah, Mr. Barnes. You may not want to suck me off. But in a few minutes you're going to need to suck me off. And you know why, don't you? Sure you do. Because you just love my great big cock so much."

I walk over so his desk, and sit up on it, wiggling my narrow little butte onto his papers. Again, he swivels in his chair to follow me, stroking and jerking over my incredible man-shaft the whole time. When he's facing right at it, I grab it with just the thumb and forefinger of my left hand, near the base. It's standing straight up, the tip coming up to my chest. I wave it back and forth a little. "See how beautiful it is? You'd just love to give it a kiss, wouldn't you?" I ask sweetly. He doesn't say anything, he just keeps jerking. "Oh yes, you'd like that. I nice big kiss right on the underside of the big head here. Just to show how much you like it." He still doesn't say anything, but his mouth is open, and he keeps running his tongue around his lips. He gulps. He can't believe it, but he really wants to kiss it. He hates the idea of kissing it, of course. He's no fag, he's no fag, he keeps telling himself. But he's frantically jerking of to my cock. And he keeps thinking about sucking it down. He sure doesn't want to, but he really does want to. He's confused. He's revolted at the thought of kissing it, but he's hot, hot, hot for my gigantic cock. And he's drooling.

I wave it back and forth again a little. His head turns back and forth to follow it. Then, still holding it at the base with my left hand, I grasp it very loosely in my right. My fingers only come about half-way around the baseball bat of a shaft. I slide my right hand up and down very slowly. Up and down. Up and down. Each round trip takes a few seconds, because of my amazing length. Barnes is really drooling now. He wants to kiss it. He want to suck it. He wants to gobble it all the way down his throat and suck me off until he's swallowing my thick, creamy, man juice. That's what he wants. After all, he's just a guy, no different from any other guy. He's completely controlled by his aching dick and balls. And they're completely controlled by me. By my size. My awesome, gargantuan, enslaving, cock-size.

But he somehow keeps from making a move for it. Drool is pouring out of his mouth, and I know if I kept up my show, he'd have to break down soon. But I don't want to fuck around. No, I figure why waste time putting on a fancy cock show that would, of course, make him cave in in the end, when I can easily demolish him right away? Just by pumping up a bit? So, I reach down to my back pack on the floor, grab it by a strap that's sticking up, and pull it up and dump it on the desk. I unzip the bag, and pull out my pump. I pull the tube out first. It's big, of course--3 1/2 inches in diameter, and 14 inches long. Then I pull out the pumping unit. It's the kind you squeeze like clippers or something, so you can use it with one hand.

"You know what this is, Mr. Barnes? It's a pump for my cock. It makes it bigger. That's right, as huge as it is, this makes it even bigger. You're going to like that, aren't you Mr. Barnes? I mean, you like it so much now, just think how much you're going to like it when it grows another inch or so."

He shakes his head. There's fear all over his face. He can't believe it could possibly get any bigger than it's already outlandish monster-size, but he knows that if it does, there's no way he'll be able to keep his mouth off of it.

"Just watch this, Mr. Jones," I say. I slide the clear cylinder over my gigantic hard-on, easing it all the way down. I hold it at the base with my left hand, with my thumb covering the small air hole. Then I start pumping with my right. Squeeze, squeeze. Pump, pump. I feel the vacuum on my cock. It feels good, the way it always does, as it pulls on it. But it feels especially good knowing someone is watching. Knowing the school's principal is staring at my gargantous column of man-meat, staring with his mouth gaping open, as he watches in disbelief as I expand beyond my already un-fucking-believable size. I pump. I expand. He stares. He jerks off. My tip reaches the 11-inch mark. My head is pressed hard against the tube wall all the way around. That reminds me, I've just got to get a bigger tube. As big as it is, there just isn't room for my head to expand any in diameter. My shaft does though. Yeah, it's going from about 2-1/2 to maybe 2-3/4 inches, and it's also up against the plastic wall most of the way around and for most of it's length. I like the look of my cock-flesh when it flattens up against the plastic wall. It looks so thick and juicy that way.

"There, you see Mr. Barnes, it's grown another inch. And it's thicker too. You sure would love to be sucking on all this man meat right now, wouldn't you?" He admits his all-consuming desire for my monster cock by leaning forward almost to the plastic, slurping some of his drool back into his mouth, and gulping it down. I own him. My giant shaft owns him. I'm up past 11 inches, and pumping up that extra inch has made him just ache to suck me off. But I'm still not all the way up yet, and even though I don't need any more size to enslave Barnes, I just kind of like just showing off how big I can get, so, I give myself some more hard pumps. Pump, stretch. Pump, stretch. It feels so good. Lengthening and expanding. And I'm just so enormous now. Expanded and stretched out all the fucking way. My tip rises just barely up to being even with the 12-inch mark. 12 inches. One foot. One solid, fucking, foot in length, and nearly 3 inches in diameter. All cock. It's the most ball-busting, dick-killing, mouth-watering, mind- fucking sight ever. My cock is twice as long and twice as thick as any normal cock. It's bigger than my body. It's bigger than anything. There's nothing left of Barnes, nothing at all. He's staring, drooling, tonguing his lips, jerking his dick, lusting for my manhood.

"So, Mr. Barnes, ready to suck dick now?" I ask. He nods his head up and down helplessly. He never would have thought anything like what I'm showing him was possible. But now that he sees it, has to have it. He just has too.

"OK, let me take it out for you," I say. I release the vacuum slowly, and my cock contracts down to 11 inches. I slide the tube off with my right hand, and lay it down, while I hold my cock-root in my left again. I wave my monster back and forth a little, just because I like the way Mr. Barnes follows it with his head. It's like I'm turning his head back and forth by remote control. He really is my zombie now. My cock-starved zombie. Now I hold the it still, with the head a few inches in front of his mouth. He makes a move for it, stretches his neck. Opens his drooling mouth. But, I pull it back.

"Oh, no, Mr. Barnes. You have to beg for it first."

There's tears in his eyes, but he just has to have my cock. My unbelievable 11 inches of thick, juicy, pumped up manhood. So he begs.

"Please, please, let me have it."

"Let you have what?" I ask.

"Your cock. Your cock! Your huge cock!" He says frantically.

"And what exactly do you want to do with my huge cock?" I ask casually.

"I, I... I want to suck on it!" He finally gets the words out. His balls and his dick are hurting him like he's never hurt before. My size has completely taken over his pathetic little brain. He needs it so, so bad. And he's flogging his cock like crazy. He begs his best. "Please, please! Please let me suck on your cock! Please let me suck on it!"

I figure that's good enough, and that there's absolutely nothing left of what used to be his old, straight, self, so I tilt the object of all his desire forward a few inches and say, "OK, fag shit. You may suck me now."

He instantly puts his mouth around my monstrous head, and clamps his lips to it. He swills his tongue all around the top. Thats' always such a sweet moment. When a big, powerful, straight man like the school principal first plants his mouth on the gigantic monument of manhood that has destroyed him, made him my helpless little sucky slave. Mouth uncontrollably clamping onto cock. It's the exact moment of complete conquest. He wants to throw up. He hates himself. Hell, he probably wants to kill himself. But he just has to suck on me. He's become another one of my little cock slaves. All because of my irresistable, all- conquering, size.

He sucks hard. He sucks as hard as he can. When he manages to get my whole head, and a little more, into his mouth, he gets his lips down underneath the ridge. I have so say, it does feel pretty good. But I'm so big he has to work on opening his mouth as wide as possible to get any more of my monster meat in. Before he can do that, though, I pull back out. He just stares at my giant in lust. And keeps beating off, of course.

I reach back into my back pack, and pull out my camera. It's one of those small point-and-shoot kind, with auto-flash, auto-focus, auto-everything. It even has motorized film advance, so you can operate it with just one hand. I show it to Mr. Barnes and say, "Here, look at this. I have a camera."

He pulls his eyes off the giant cock he now loves so much to take a quick look at the camera. Then he looks back at my cock. "You know what I'm going to with this, don't you? Oh, sure. Sure you do. I'm going to take your picture." He takes a quick look back at the camera as if it were the scariest thing he's ever seen, like a big shotgun or something, and then looks up at my face. He shakes his head back an forth, silently pleading for me not to take his picture.

"Oh, yeah," I say. "I'm going to take your picture sucking my cock. Won't that be nice? There you'll be, in your suit, with your stiff dick out in your hand, jerking off, while you're madly sucking on the dick of one of you students. It'll be a great picture. I'll be sure to take a few, some with the lens zoomed back to take in the whole scene, and some zoomed in to get a good picture of your face stuffed with cock."

He shakes his head frantically, but he goes back to staring at my cock. It's just too big. He keeps jerking to it. He keeps drooling over it. He wants it so bad, but he knows if a picture of him sucking on it ever got out, it would destroy his whole life. He leans toward my cock. His mouth is open and drooling. He's on the edge. Right on the edge of complete, total, surrender. It's already been in his mouth once, so he knows how good it feels there. How wonderful it is to have his whole mouth stuffed full of my monster cock. I lean toward him just a bit, lower my voice, and say very softly, "Just think if copies showed up in all the teacher's mailboxes. Or how much your wife would like to see them." Then I say in my softest, sweetest, voice, "But, of course, if you don't suck on my cock, I won't be taking any pictures."

I'm holding the camera out to the side with my right hand, pointing back at the scene, aimed right at the head of my cock--right where I know his head is going to be in a few seconds. He looks at the camera in fear, but then he looks back at my cock in lust. Total, demented, cock-starved, lust.

It's right in front of him. So much cock-meat. All expanded and stretched out to max after pumping up. 11 inches long. Almost 3 inches thick. It's enough meat for three or four cocks, but it's all mine. All that meat making up one enormous column of manhood. The shaft just seems to go on forever. So many inches long. So many inches wide. And the head is so big and massive. It's as wide as Barnes's mouth. The mouth he wants back on it so, so bad. It's just inches in front of his face. He's got one hand helplessly pulling and massaging his pain- filled balls, and the other jerking and beating his pain-filled dick. But all that does is make is balls and dick hurt that much more. There's no relief. Oh, no. It's that great, big, gigantic cock inches from his eyes, inches from his mouth, that he needs. Needs so, so, bad. It's the object of all his lust. The camera doesn't matter. Me taking pictures won't matter. The whole fucking rest of the world don't matter to the little bitty scrap of brain he has left. All that matters is my cock.

He crumbles. He lunges for what he needs. He opens wide and wraps his mouth around my all-conquering monster-meat. He starts sucking again. Sucking as hard as he can. I start taking pictures.

Each time I take a picture, the flash goes off, and the motor makes a little whirring sound. So he knows what I'm doing. But all he can do is keep jerking off and keep sucking me down. He just loves my humongous cock. He opens his jaw as far as he can, so he can get the gigantic head as far into his mouth as possible. He sucks and sucks. His tongue is all over the bottom side of my meat. He keeps getting more and more of my wonderful cock into his mouth. I feel the end up against the back of his mouth cavity, at the entrance of his throat. He starts to swallow, almost gag, but he keeps sucking. I keep taking pictures. Click, flash, whirrr. Suck, suck. Click, flash, whirrr. Suck, suck. Every time the flash goes off, Barnes's eyes take a quick glance over at my camera. But he keeps on sucking the gorgeous hunk of man-meat stuffing his mouth. He's nothing but a little cock-slave now. All he can do is jerk and suck, jerk and suck. I like that.

I make sure to get everything in my pictures. Then I just lean back and relax for a while, letting my high-school principal service me. Letting him do what he wants to do most: suck me off. Letting him be what he wants to be most: my latest little cock-worshipping, suck-slave, fag-boy.

I notice juice is starting to well up out of the end of his prick. He's not coming, he's just oozing out some up with pre-come. It starting to flow pretty well, though, and run down his hand and dick. I don't think he even notices. I take another couple of pictures of him sucking dick and oozing juice.

Well, between all the prick-teasing I did to the boys in the outer office, and the complete destruction job I've just done to the principal here, I've built up quite a load of man-juice myself. Yeah, turning guys into cock-slaves is fun, but it does make my big balls fill up. So, after a few more minutes of receiving some half- way decent head, I decide to unload. Oh yeah, it's time for me to empty myself, and it's time for Mr. Barnes to gulp down some thick, yummy, man-cream. I just know he's gonna love it. And when I shoot off and I fill up his mouth with my spunk, the wonderful taste, and the overwelming humiliation is going to make him shoot off at the same time, just like that. So I get ready with my camera again to get some good cum shots.

"Here, Mr. Barnes. Here's some nice, thick, hot, man-cream for you. So get ready to swallow. Oh yeah, you're really going to love my cum, now that you've turned into such a nice little faggot. And when you're gulping it down, with some of my cream spilling out all over your mouth and face, I'll be sure to get some good pics."

I relax, concentrate on my huge shaft, overloaded balls, and my new little cum bucket. I let go. My cum shoots. It shoots and shoots. Big, thick, spurts. Gobs. It makes Barnes shoot too, just like I knew it would. I look down and see he's having a pretty good come. Nowhere as big as mine, of course, but probably as big as he's ever had. Probably bigger. Some of his cum goes onto the floor, and some of it gets all over his pants. I take pictures of the whole thing. First I get the overall scene. Then I touch the zoom button to get closer shots of his jerking, spurting hard-on in his hand, and of his stretched-out mouth overstuffed with my cock. Some of my cream is spilling out the sides. He manages to gulp most of it down his throat, but the spunk he can't get down still makes for a lot to run out between my big shaft and his stretched lips, and down his cheeks and chin. He finally stops cumming, but I'm still pumping more thick cream. He keeps gulping some down his throat, and some keeps spewing out around my gigantic shaft all over his face. Click, flash, whirrr. Click, flash, whirrr. I finally give him the last of my load. It's in his mouth, down his throat, in his belly, and all over his mouth. A fair amount is running down his chin and dripping off the end in nice, thick, gobs. Click, flash, whirrr.

"Well, I've got some really nice pictures now," I say. "Oh yeah, your mouth is really stuffed with cock, and come is just all over your face."

Barnes just keeps sucking on my beautiful, big, monster-cock, and swallowing the last of the thick cum that's in his mouth.

"And it's really nice the way you're jerking off your own little pud at the same time. And your cumming, too. All over yourself. It really does show how much you love sucking cock and swallowing man-cream."

I throw my camera and pump back into my back pack, and I pull my T-shirt back on. Barnes is still sucking away. He just doesn't want to let go of such a huge, beautiful, cock. After all, even though I'm starting to go back down after my come, I'm still at an incredible, mouth-filling size, probably between 9 and 10 inches. But, I'm done with him, so I pull myself out of his cum-smeared face, and gently place my monster back in my shorts. It still has enough size and hardness to make a gigantic, whopping, shaft-tent down the front of the right leg of my shorts. It lifts the pants leg away from my thigh, and the end almost pokes out the leg-hole. It's a truly awesome cock-bulge. I decide to walk home on the left side of the road, facing the traffic. Make some guys bone up while there're driving.

I scoot off Barnes's desk, and walk over to the office door. I turn sideways and look at Barnes. He stares at the huge cock-bulge running down my leg, and he starts licking my cream off his lips and chin. I give him a nice, sweet, smile. "Thanks for the blow job, Mr. Barnes. I think you're going to turn into a pretty nice cock-sucker with some more practice." He takes one more look at the monumental log in my pants. I turn around, and walk out.

Walking home, I do make sure to walk on the left side. And, sure enough, the sight of a young boy with a dick that's so long it's almost coming out of the bottom of his shorts really does get some long stares from the guys driving by. And, seeing their eyes latch onto what's pushing my right-hand pants leg way out in front of me, and seeing them turn their heads as they keep looking at my monster, instead of keeping their eyes on the road in front of them, keeps my big cock semi-erect, maybe about 9 inches, even though I've just had a pretty good cum. And I just know showing off that much size is making them bone up, right there in their cars. That's why I just love having so many inches. It means a simple thing like walking home from school can be real fun for me. I just show off a little, and guys who are just driving by minding their own bussiness are suddenly fucked over by the hottest vision they've ever seen, and their dicks harden up on them, just like that.

Now that I'm home, posing in front of my mirror, checking out how gorgeous my big meat looks stretching out my biker shorts, the thought of those drivers I boned up on my way home gives me an idea. I wonder what it would do to traffic if I walked around with my new biker shorts stretched out over my full, pumped- up, 11-inch hard-on. To see how awesome that would look, I decide to stroke myself up. I pull my stretch pants out over my meat again and let the waistband snap back under my balls. I hold my big beauty in one and, and begin to give it a nice hand job. I've already been pumping some, so I just get myself hard without any more pumping. It's now been a few hours since emptying my balls into Barnes' mouth, so my big shaft gets back up to full size easily. I keep stroking it until it's totally hard. And, of course, big. Incredibly big. Because of my recent pumping, it's definitely past 10 inches, and real thick too. Big, long, thick. It's just such a super-cock.

I don't know if I can stretch my shorts over something so huge, but I decide to try. I pull the waistband way out in front of with my left hand, and hold my monster man-shaft up with my right. The tip is almost to my nipples. I pull the waistband up over my balls and the first few inches of cock, but there's half a foot of cock up above the band. I stretch it to its limit, but it doesn't even get to the bottom of my huge cockhead. So, I swing my monster down to the right, almost, but not quite horizontal. It's still slanting up somewhat, and it's out in front of my body a couple of inches. Even at an angle like that, though, it's so long that the head is still out past my side. It's just so fucking long. Now I try stretching my biker pants over it again. This time I just barely make it. I get the waistband up over and past the big head, and I let go. All the fabric of the shorts now pulls back towards my thin body. It clings to me all over but, of course, especially to my huge baseball-bat cock, since its so enormous. In fact, because of it's slight upward angle, the last three or four inches of cock are actually up above my waist, pulling the stretch fabric up above the waistband. The band itself goes back down behind my cock, and pulls back in toward my body, but doesn't quite make it because my big hard cock has simply stretched the pants too far out.

I stand back and take a good look in the mirror. The sight would make you cream your pants. You or any other guy. Just like that. It's just too much. Way too much. I'm young. I'm thin. I'm not too tall. I'm cute. And I've got a pair of biker pants on that are stretched way out in front, way out past my side, and way up above my waist with the biggest, giganticist, most humongous shaft of manhood you or anyone else has ever seen. And everything is almost as clear as if I were naked. My two big balls are showing through on my left side. And on my right, the left side of my huge cock is stretching out the fabric from the center of my crotch all the way to the underside of my massive head. The left side of the head itself is pushing out hard, and the whole shape is very clear. Even the big pisshole is clear, because the fabric stretches tight over the tip of my cock before it goes back down behind. The head itself just looks so good up in the air like that. It's out in front a few inches because the shorts aren't strong enough to pull the weight of my hard cock back against my body. And the two or three inches of cockshaft that are below the head but above my waste show off nicely with my bare stomach skin as background. And because my head is way out past my side, it just has air for background, so it just demands attention. It's like the whole room out in front of me is simply filled with cock. Big, massive, hard, cock. Technically, legally, it's covered up, even though you can look down on bare cock-meat if you're up close because of the fact that my waistband can't stretch back to my body. However, in reality, even though it's legal, it's completely on display. The most ball-busting, mind-fucking display ever.

Oh yeah. I can't wait to go out on the street and show off the sight I'm looking at right now. I think I'll just stand around at the corner of a big, busy intersection, with my big baggy sweater covering up my giant. Maybe I'll lean against the pole that's holding up the signal light. Then, I'll casually pull off my sweater. All the drivers going through the interesection are going to get a quick look at the most beautiful--and the biggest!--thing they've ever seen. Their necks will twist around so they can keep looking for as many seconds as possible, and then the memory of what they just saw will bone them up as they drive off. But the ones who will get the best look will be the ones stopped for a red light, especially the ones accross the street. They'll just be standing still, with a clear view of my long, thick, massive, manhood stretching my shorts way, way out. They'll be boning up fast and hard. The guys that think they're straight will try to fight it, the way they always do, but they won't have a chance. They'll be looking right at a cock that's simply twice as big as anything they ever thought existed. My un- fucking-believable size is going to make their dicks so hard, and hurt so bad, they're going to be unzipping their pants before the signal turns green. Oh yeah, they're going to be driving down the road trying to steer with one hand and jerk off with the other.

With all those guys jerking off behind the wheel like that, with their brains filled with what they've just seen, there's bound to be some kind of accident. I mean, who's going to be able to pay attention to driving when they're dreaming about sucking down on a telephone-pole sized cock? Yeah, I think causing an accident just by showing off might really be fun. And for more fun, I hope they send a big, muscular, motercycle cop to investigate. A real big macho type. If I'm real lucky, he'll be a big gay basher to boot. A dyed-in-the-wool homophobe. That'll make it extra fun when my stupendous size forces him to bone up. To bone up over another guy's cock! Over a young boy's cock! And, of course, it'll also mean his mind will really get fucked up bad when he ends up caving in to his overpowering lust for my gigantic column of manhood. When he drops to his knees, jerking off to my beautiful big cock, begging me to let him suck me off, begging me to shoot my thick man-cream into his cock-starved mouth. Fun for sure.

I always have fun with my cock. I really like what its out-of-this-world size does to a man. I'm really looking foward to fucking over traffic, and maybe turning a big macho cop into one of my little suck-slaves. And my monster did such a nice job on the principal today. Yeah, my big beauty sure did take him down. It made him my complete slave for sure. As a reward, I'm going to give it an exra-long pump session tonight. Let it slowly work up to all the size it can. Then go through quite a few cycles of pumping up and then letting the vacuum off. Pumping up, then easing off. That's the way to get maximum growth. And, over time, I want to get all the size I can. I'll probably be pumping for over an hour. Then I'll take it out and give it a nice hand job. And then a really long, slow, loving, self-suck. I believe in treating my cock right. After all, it provides me with so much fun. And so many suck-slaves. I just love my inches.


Dick Mann

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