Hi, my name is Phil, and I'm in high school, but that's not important. What is important is my cock. And what's important about my cock is it's size, pure and simple. It's long, thick, enormous, size. And, of course, what's also important is what my mind-blowing cock-size can do to other guys. Like the way it makes them stare. And makes them drool. And turns them on with so much more size than they ever dreamed of that they beg to suck it down their throats. Oh yeah, that's a lot of fun. But it's by far the most fun when I use my monster manshaft to tease and seduce straight guys. They're so fucking sure they would never even want to look at another guy's dick, and they know the sight would never turn them on. But my big, fat, huge tool always proves them wrong. And I know just how to show it off. How to give a cock show that makes their eyes bulge out and makes their dicks stiffer than they've ever been. No matter how hard they try to look away, or try to stay soft, my awesome show always makes them perv over my enormous cock.

But the most fun is making them suck it down and swallow my jizz. Except for my outragous man-meat, I'm just a small, skinny guy, so I could never physically force anyone to do anything. And that's the way I like it. It further proves the power of my gigantic shaft. The power to turn guys on so bad they'll do anything I want. Which is why the straighter they are, the more fun it is. The thought of touching another man's cock, even with jusy their hands, is revolting to them. So, when they realize that, totally against their will, they're in uncontrollable lust for my gigantic slab of meat, they try as hard as they can to resist. But when I'm showing off a cock that's so much bigger than anything they ever imagined, it doesn't matter how revolted they are. The thought of actually sucking on another man's cock makes them sick, but my monster is simply so big, and it's simply made them so hot, that they've just got to have it. My massive size makes it all so easy. Oh yeah, showing off as many mouth-watering inches as I have always turns their dicks into wood, their brains into mush, and their mouths into my own personal little cum buckets. It sure is fun doing that to guys. First seeing how shocked they are with themselves for getting turned on by another guys cock, and then watching them fight their increasing lust as I show off, and finally proving my control over them when my teasing, and mind-warping size, breaks them down and they beg to suck me off.

So let me tell you about how much size I really do have. I'm seventeen now, in high school, but I was already huge in junior high. That's when I first measured my meat. I'd been jacking off for several years already, but never thought much about my cock's size. Then, in the junior high locker room, I first started seeing the cocks on the other guys, and I noticed they were all so small. Yeah, they were only a couple of inches long when soft, and the ones I saw stiff looked only about 5 or 6 inches long. I thought mine might be almost twice that size, so I measured myself. Sure enough, I hung down 4 inches completely soft, and I was 8 inches hard, along the top. And my cock was much thicker, with much more mass than the others. All through junior high I really liked having a really big cock. It always felt good, soft or hard. And it looked good too. Real good. It looked good to me, and from the way other guys would sneak glances at it when they thought I didn't see them, I could tell it looked good to them too.

One day, when two guys standing off to the side were looking sideways over at me, while I was sitting buck naked on the gym bench, I decided to give them a little show. So, I concentrated on hardening up, just to see what they would do. In fact, just thinking about them admiring my cock made it harden right up to its full 8 inches without me really trying. I looked over to see the expressions on their faces. They didn't even see me look at them, because by now they were just staring at my cock. It was really funny, I remember, because they started licking their lips like the wanted it, and I looked down at the jockey shorts they were wearing, and they were starting to tent out. Their faces were turning a little red, and I could see they sure didn't want to be making embarrassing hard-on bulges in their pants. But the sight of my big, beautiful, cock was making them harden up against their will. That's when I first got the idea that I could force hard-ons onto other guys just by showing off how huge I was. And from the way they were licking their lips, I also figured I could probably get one of them to suck me off if I wanted to. But, except for my massive cock, I was a always so skinny I had no trouble bending over and giving myself a blow job whenever I wanted. So I figured I didn't need them for that. But I was having fun teasing them, so I leaned back, grabbed my massive shaft at the very base, and waved my 8 inches around, still looking at their crotches. They both got all the way stiff which, with me looking at them, and them being together, made them so embarrassed that ther ran off in opposite directions. That made me laugh, and it showed me the power my cock size gave me.

But even though I didn't make anybody back then suck me off, I did have a lot of fun teasing them. The best, though, was teasing the gym teachers. Like the time when I was showering, and one of the teachers came by, and I noticed him checking out my meat. It was impressive completely soft, hanging down so far, but nothing like when it was all big and hard. So, just for fun, I started soaping it up, in a kind of jack-off motion. I started growing, and so did he. Yeah, I was making his cock grow just by showing him mine grow. It wasn't long before I was all the way hard. I turned sideways to him, held my hands together behind my back, and shoved my pelvis forward, to give him a really good show of my 8 thick inches. I turned my head over to look back at him. I looked down at his crotch, and it was real obvious that I had made him totally hard. My looking down there made him look too, and he just about died of embarrassment when he saw how obvious his hard-on was. He looked back up at me, and I gave him a really big smile. He turned bright red. Just to tease him some more, to make his balls really churn, I leaned back as far as I could, which rotated my skinny hips up, and lifted my big, beautiful shaft as far as possible into the air. Sticking up from my skinny little body like that, my huge man-meat must have awefully looked good to him, because he absent-mindedly licked his lips and gave his demanding little hard-on a rub with his hand. When he did that, I gave a big stare down to his crotch, and another one at my own shaft, and then I looked back up to his face and smiled again. That way I made sure he knew that I had seen him give himself a rub, and that he knew that I knew that it was my enormous boner that had made him do it. He turned red as a fire truck, took one last look at my gigantic, beautiful pole, and ran off to the john. I knew he'd be jerking off as soon as he could get into a stall, and I knew he'd be thinking about my oversized cock the whole time. In just a few minutes I had turned him on, humiliated him, made him run off to jerk himself like a little boy, and made him sick with his own thoughts about his own sexual preferences. All by just showing off my huge cock. That kind of thing was always a lot of fun.

Around the end of junior high, I found a copy of magazine called "Pump for Size". What a great magazine! I've still got that first one, plus all the other ones I've bought since. It had photos of guys pumping their cocks up. They were different sizes, but mostly they were really big, especially when they were in the plastic tubes. Some looked even bigger than mine when I was all the way up. They looked great, but they also made me a little mad, because I wanted to be bigger than anybody. At the time, I didn't think about the fact that I was only 14, and that my cock would be growing a lot more. I just wanted to be the biggest. So, I ordered one the penis pumps advertised in the magazine. It was such a great day when it came! I could hardly wait to try it out. That night, in my room, I pumped myself up for the first time, following the pictures in the magazine. I could see through the plastic tube I was bigger than ever. My cock felt really great, all big and stretched out. But what I really liked was the increased size. It looked good, real good. But I didn't have enough hands to pump and measure the length at the same time. So, I used my ruler to mark off inches on the tube. Then I pumped back up, and I was 9 inches long! Oh yeah, I was big. The sight of my meat being so long and massive made me really horny, so I got out of the tube and sucked myself off. I was so hot, I swallowed most of my cum. I was in love with my big cock, and with my pump for making it even bigger.

Well, that was three years ago, and I've been pumping pretty much every day since. Yeah, I really love how big it gets in the tube. At first I was a little disappointed at the way it shrank back down somewhat when I took it out, but it was still bigger than before. Besides, I noticed after time, it really did keep growing, so the tube seemed to be helping to give it a permanent size increase. In fact, last year, I outgrew that original 11-inch tube. So, I ordered two new 14-inch pumps, one for home and one for my gym locker at school.

So, how big is my meat these days? Big enough to make a man--any man--come crawling on his knees with his little stiffy in his hand, just begging me to let him suck while he jerks off, that's how big! It's 6 inches long when it's completely, totally soft. It's 10, or just over 10, all the way hard. And that's with no pumping. When I pump it up all the way, I can get it up to a full 12 inches in the tube. Yeah, that's one solid foot of thick, beautiful, man meat. If you saw it, you'd be jerking off right now. Then, when I take it out, it goes back down to about 10 or so at first, but it's still a full three inches across, which is just about a half and inch thicker than when it's all the way hard without pumping. And the big, bloated, spongy head is 3 1/2 inches across. But then it lengthens out a little more when I stroke it back to full hardness. It's a beautiful shaft too--young, and smooth, with just a slight upward curve. And, of course, BIG!

One other thing that makes it show off especially good is my skinny little body. Most kids want to be better built, with more muscles and all. Not me, I enjoy being only 145 pounds and only 5' 8" tall. What muscles I have are real thin and lean. And they have some definition too, even though they're small, because I really don't have any fat at all. My stomach is completely flat, and my waist is only 28 inches. I'm lean enough to bend over and lick all the way down to base of my shaft, so I could still suck myself off even if I only had an average cock. And being small and thin, together with my smooth, innocent face, makes me look even younger than I am. I look maybe 14 or 15. This is nice in two ways: first, it makes older guys that much more shocked when they see how much male meat I'm packing, and second, it makes them try extra hard not to give in to sucking on it, because they know they could go to jail over it. And the harder they try to keep their mouths off of my meat, the more fun it is for me, because that just adds to the proof of my power over them when my mind-bending size finally does make them fall on their knees. Speaking of which, let me tell you about one of those fun times I just had the other day.

My PE class is just before lunch, which is nice, because I like to take a nice, long shower, amusing myself by looking at all the other guys sneaking looks at what's hanging down between my legs. (Of course, the sight gives some of them embarrassing little hard-ons which they try to hide by facing the shower wall.) Then I like to take my time getting dressed, arranging by big bulge so it shows off just the way I like it. Well, a couple of days ago, my gym teacher, Mr. Jones, had me kind of pissed off. He thinks he's such a macho guy, because he's pretty big, over 6 feet tall, and he definitely is well built, with big muscles and all. So, he's telling us to do more sit-ups, more pull-ups, more whatever. Being a real asshole. And he just thinks he's so damn straight, gawking at the girls and sometimes joking about them. So, sitting there on the bench about to get dressed, knowing he's alone in the gym office, I decide to really take care of him. Oh, yeah, I'm going to really take that big he-man down. On me. The first thing I do is stroke myself up a little--just a little, so I have a nice, soft, but slightly thickened 7 inches or so. Just so my bulge will look really nice. Then I put on my jockey shorts, and arrange my shaft sideways, so the big bulge is real obvious, and the thing will have somewhere to grow. By this time everyone else has gone to lunch, so I take the pump I keep in my locker, wrap it in a towel, and go over to the door of the gym office.

I knock on the door, then open it before he can say anything. I open the door wide. I keep the towel with the pump inside, in front of my crotch, because I want to get inside before he sees what my jockeys are packing. In the sweetest, most innocent voice I can manage without laughing, I ask, "Can I come in, Mr. Jones? There's something I want to ask you about."

"Sure Phil," he says in that condescending, shit-eating tone of voice he has. "Come in and sit down on the bench here."

I walk in, still holding the towel over my crotch. The short bench along the office wall is to the side of his desk, running from front of it to behind it. So, I sit down at the far end, so the desk isn't between us, and I'm only a couple of feet from him.

"So Phil, what do want to talk about?" he asks. He's still using that bullshit, I'm-the-big-teacher, your-the-little-snot, voice. I'd soon be changing that, though.

"Uh, well, Mr. Jones, I've been using something, and I wonder if you think it's OK to use it."

"Yes, what is it?" he asks, still being Mr. Know-it-all.

I slide the towel, with the pump inside, off my lap. I spread my legs a little, just to draw attention to my crotch bulge. Not that it was at all necessary, since my meat is so big, and it's stretching the fabric out so nicely. Since it's already a good 7 inches, I know he thinks it's a full hard-on, even though it's not really straight or very stiff. He doesn't really want to look--they never do. Straight guys are so funny the way they don't want to admit that they want to look at a cock. But my bulge is just too big, so he has to look. He tries to be discrete while he checks me out. I pretend not to notice, so he'll take his time and get a good eyeful. That's what I want, because I know that looking at my bulge is going to make him imagine how good my naked dick must look, and that's going to get to his balls and to his dick, whether he likes it or not. After a minute, I take the pump out of the towel.

"This is what I've been using, Mr. Jones. It's a penis pump," I say. Startled, he looks up at my face again, and asks, "a penis pump?" I don't know if he knows what one was or not, so I go on. "Yeah, a penis pump. It makes your penis get bigger." When I say that, he naturally looks back down at my jockey shorts. Or, I should say, at my great big cock which is showing itself off so nice under the stretched-out fabric. As long as he's looking down there, I figure this would be a good time to get hard. It's always pretty easy for me to get hard when I want to, but just looking him with that stupid expression of his face, wishing he could look away, but unable to, was making me grow hard without even trying.

So I started growing, slowly but surely. I always get a big kick out of watching guys watch my huge cock grow. At each stage, they just can't believe it's as big as it is, so they always figure it must be at full size. But then it grows some more. The way it works in my jockey shorts, is that it gets kind of bound up in the fabric for a minute, and stays at a certain length. But the pressure keeps building up. It may get a little thicker and maybe bend a little, but then breaks free of the friction and jerks out another half-inch or inch. This always turns on whatever guy is looking at it, of course. This is always fun, but it's just so much more fun when the guy is so straight, like Mr. Jones. When I jerk out to 8 inches, Jones is turned on for sure. It's not anywhere near full size yet, but I know he thinks it has to be totally erect. After all, it's already biggest thing he's ever seen. He just stares at it with his mouth hanging open. And, I can see my size is making him tent out his own pants.

I slide my butt forward a little, because I just love making that obscene gesture while a guy is staring at my over-stuffed jockeys. But what I love even more is just slowly growing in front of him. Which is just what I keep doing. I can feel pressure building in my cock, and then I pop out to about 9 inches. Yeah, the thing is a really big 9 inches now, and the tip is well out past the side of my hips. I know the sight is really making old Jonesey's balls churn, because I see his own bulge stiffen up all the way. He feels it too, because he suddenly lays his forearm over his tent, trying to hide the embarrassing evidence of getting turned on. Of course, he had to have felt it growing, but he was too mesmerized watching me grow to think about his own little thing. But he has to be thinking about it now, since it' so stiff.

He's afraid I'll see what's happening to him down there. He desperately wants dick to go back down. He tries to will it to soften up. But he has no chance. Not with the show I'm giving him. Yeah, he used to think tits and pussy turned him on. Now I'm teaching him what a humongus piece of man-meat can do to him!

I'm kind of liking just sitting there at 9 inches, all relaxed, pretending nothing's happening, while my gym teacher is staring at my shaft, hooked, and trying to hide his own hard-on. But my cock just keeps on building up pressure, and then jerks out another half inch. Jones's eyes get wider, and he rubs his dick with his arm a little to try to ease some of his jerk-off need. He's just too funny. But now I grow all the way out to my full, hard, mind-bending, 10 inches. It's so far out to the side now, that the whole 3-inch head is outside the width of my body, even though the thing is now too hard and stiff to lay flat across my belly. No, besides stretching the shorts way out to the side, it's also pulling the fabric forward a couple of inches. It really feels good that way. And it was looking good too. Too good for Jones, because he starts rubbing on his wood again, harder than before. He's hoping like hell I somehow won't notice him rubbing himself. But even though he knows I probably can't miss what he was doing, he has to rub anyway. He's too horny to stop. A 10-inch monster-shaft stretching the jockeys out from a 28-inch, seventeen-year-old waist will to that to a man.

I start back up with my sweet, innocent voice. "You see, Mr. Jones, the thing is, my penis gets bigger when I use this pump." I pick it up. "But I just don't know if it's OK. You know, if it's safe and everything."

He tears his eyes off my huge boner long enough to look up at my face and, in a kind of a daze, he just asks "What?" That shit-eating arrogance is pretty much gone from his voice now.

"Here, let me show you," I say. I slowly pull the front of the elastic waistband of my jockey shorts out over and down below my gigantic hard-on. It immediately flips straight up, with the big head up over my waist. I feel it expand another quarter of an inch or so, and harden to steel. It's throbbing. I know it's definitely over 10 inches--the thought of what my man-meat does to straight guys like Jones always makes it super hard, and gives it an extra fraction of an inch. Jones just stares. Then he licks his lips once, but stops. He probably still has some stupid idea that I'm an innocent kid, or at least that I haven't noticed how bad my huge shaft is getting to him. Fat chance of that! Not with him giving into the need to rub his own dicky a few more times. Oh, how bad he wants to take out his stiffy and jerk it off while perving over my huge, massive, meat. But there's no way he would do something like that! It would kill him! But I want him to take it out of his pants. First, I want the stiff, humiliating proof of him getting turned on by my huge cock to be out in the open. And second, I want him to start working his dick so he'll be so out-of-his-mind horny that I can control him completely.

I hold my 10-inch fuck-shaft at the very base, with just my left thumb and forefinger, so the whole, awesome length is on display. "You see, Mr. Jones, this is how big it gets when it's all the way up. But I just don't know if it's really big enough. You know, if it's as big as a penis should be. I mean, I'm kind of a small, skinny, guy, and not too tall. And I don't have big muscles and everything like you do. So, I just figure my penis is probably also much smaller than normal. I haven't seen too many other guy's penises before though, and I don't think I've ever seen one that was, you know, erect. So, I don't really know, but I just figure mine must be a pretty small one. What do you think, Mr. Jones?" I run the index finger of my right hand up and down my full length, slowly, as if I'm showing my concern for it's size, but really showing off how incredibly huge it is. He's just staring at my magnificent manhood, and rubbing himself through his pants like a little boy. What a laugh.

By now it's pretty obvious, even to his lust-filled brain, that I can see him rubbing his hard-on. He also remembers the open door, and suddenly looks over at it. He stops rubbing himself. I know he's scared of someone coming by, but I also know it will be easy to make him forget about the open door, about everything in the world except the awesome 10-inches in front of him. And about what it's doing to his balls and his dick.

"My penis, Mr. Jones." That snaps his head back. "I'm worried if it's big enough," I say. He goes back to staring at it. He knows he looks like a horny little imbecile, but he just has to give himself another couple of rubs.

I keep going. "So, I wonder if you could do something for me, Mr. Jones. If it's OK with you. I just wonder if you could take your penis out and let me see it. Please don't get mad at me, I just want to see if mine is anywhere near as big as the penis of a big, strong, gym teacher like you. Could I please see it, Mr. Jones? Could you please take it out for me?"

Well, that's all he needs. Since his little hard-on has been killing him for quite a while now, he takes any stupid-ass excuse to get it out of his pants. So he goes ahead and unzips, and pulls it out. He's too horny to say a word. It's an OK cock. Nothing to brag about, maybe 7 inches at the most, just the way I figured. But boy is it hard. Oh yeah, it's as stiff as they get. So stiff, in fact, that he can't keep from wrapping his hand around it right away.

"Gee, Mr. Jones," I say. "Is that as big as your penis is? It's so small. I mean, it's only about the size mine is when it's soft. But it looks like yours is all the way hard. It is completely hard, isn't it, Mr. Jones?"

All he can say is "Uh, yeah. It's hard."

I have him by the balls now. He's my horny little toy, in lust over my mammoth tool, holding his pathetic little hard-on in his hand. If I keep working on him, I know I can make him jerk off, or suck me off, or do anything else I want, even without using the pump. But, I really want to fuck this guys brains up but good, so I decide to go ahead and use the pump. I know every extra inch is going to fuck his brains over that much more. Besides, I'm having a lot of fun, and don't want to go too fast.

So, I pick up the pump and say, "You see, Mr. Jones, this pump makes my cock get bigger than it normally gets. That's why I use it. You want to watch?"

He just nods up and down. I know there's no way he can stop watching, not for a million bucks. I hold my huge shaft at the base with my right hand, and slip the tube over with my left. I then let go with my right, so I can pull the tube all the way down. I pick up the pump handle. The pump itself is one of those jobs that looks like a stapler that you can work with one hand by squeezing it. I put my left hand down around the bottom of the tube, with my thumb over the little air hole, and I start pumping with my right. It feels good. Really good. And my incredible cock starts getting even more humongus inside the tube.

"You see, Mr. Jones? This makes it bigger." I pump up to the 11-inch mark on the tube. I fill the tube's 3-inch diameter completely, with the sides of my shaft pressed up against the tube. "You see how big it is now? It's bigger than it was. And it's way bigger than your dick, isn't it, Mr. Jones. In fact, your dick's only about half as big, even though you're as hard as you've ever been." I drop my phony innocent voice now and ask him, "You are as hard as you've ever been, aren't you? Probably harder. And just why is your dick so hard, anyway? What's got you so turned on?" All he can do is stare at my enormous manshaft and lick his lips. He's too humiliated and too horny to speak. "It wouldn't be my cock, would it? My great big, beautiful cock? The one you've been perving over ever since I took the towel off my crotch? That wouldn't be what's turning you on so fucking bad, would it?"

He's way past answering. He's holding the hardest, stiffest, boner he's ever had. He'd be totally embarrassed for another guy just to see him hard at any time, but to see that he got hard over another guy's cock--that's making him want to sink into the floor. But there he is, boner in hand, unable to stop perving over his little seventeen-year-old student's monster cock. And the awesome sight of all that meat is really putting the jerk-off need into his boner. He needs to jerk off. But if my seeing his boner embarrasses him, and if my knowing what made it so hard humiliates him, he'd rather die than actually jerk off in front of me. He's such a straight little shit. Or at least he desperately wants to keep thinking he is. So he uses every once of resistance he has to keep from jerking.

I just say, "Gee, Mr. Jones, you look like you really want to jerk off. You want to jerk off to my cock, don't you? Why don't you go ahead? You know you want to. And I'd kind of like you to too, just to show me how much you love my big cock."

He's trying so hard to keep from jerking off. He's just trying just so, so hard.

I have to hand it to him. Most guys cave in and start jerking within a minute or two of seeing my full 10 inches of man meat. The fact that it's far and away the most humiliating thing they've ever done doesn't make any difference. Looking at my gigantic cock simply makes them do it. But it's kind of fun watching Jones fight it so hard, so desperate to keep from giving in to my mammoth cock. It's fun because I know it'll be so easy to push him over the edge. No-one can stand up to my full size. "Here, Mr. Jones. Look at this and try to keep from jerking off." With that, I go back to really pumping. The suction really feels good. My incredible manhood grows and stretches and expands all the way. I pump it up to its full, awesome, cock-hardening, mouth-watering, mind-fucking, 12 inches. That's 12 inches of cock.

Jones crumbles, of course. He screams, "Oh God! It's so huge! It's so fucking huge!" And, of course, he starts jerking. Jerking like crazy. Up and down, up and down. He starts massaging his cum-packed balls with his other hand. He's dying from the humiliation. He wishes so much he could stop, but he keeps jerking. He has to. How can he stop? My cock just looks too good. It's just too big. Way too big.

I like just sitting there, all pumped up to the max, with my big, stupid gym teacher jerking off to me. It sure is great having the kind of size that can break a man down like that. Reduce a big, muscular he-man to a little, jerk-off fag-boy.

"There now, you like that, don't you? I can see you really like jerking off to my big cock. You're just my little jerky-boy, aren't you?"

He just keeps staring at my monumental 12 inches and keeps jerking, but I know he can hear me, so I go on. "Yeah, my gorgeous man-meat really turns you on but good, huh? Gets to you a lot better than any chick, huh? I just know no chick ever got you beat off like that before. I guess that makes you not just my little jerk-off boy, but my little FAG jerk-off boy, doesn't?"

He grunts, "Oh yeah...oh, yeah...oh, yeah." He's giving into my words as well as into the extreme need of his over-packed balls and his over-stiff dick. But, mostly, he's giving into hugest, most gigantic slab of man-meat he ever could have imagined. So far, this is fine, but I'm not through with him yet. Oh no, not by a long shot.

"Yes, my little pansy fag. Jerking and jerking to my big cock. I guess that means you love my cock so much you want to pay homage to it with your mouth, too."

At that, he stops jerking and looks up at my face for the first time in a long time. He can't say anything, but the fear is all over his face. He shakes his head back and forth, but then he looks back down at my monster meat and starts jerking again. I tell him, "Oh yeah, you're goin' a be sucking on it all right. There's no way a little pansy fag-boy like you is going to keep your mouth off a cock this beautiful--and this huge."

His face is bright red, but he just keeps staring at my unbelievable cock and jerking off. There's no way he can stop. "Here, let me take it out for you," I say. I take my thumb off the air hole, and slowly, inch by inch, withdraw the tube off my shaft. It goes back down to 10 inches, but it's still a full 3 inches across. And the head is much wider that . It also had that slightly soft-but-puffed-up look it always has coming out of the pump. But, it's basically still hard. I hold it at the very base with my left hand.

"Looks good out of the pump, doesn't it, you little fag shit?" He just keeps jerking, and so I wave it back and forth, just inches from his face. When I move it to the left, he turns his head with it. When I move it to the right, his head turns with it that way, too--of course. It's really a lot of fun to do that with a guy--move my gigantic cock back and forth, and make his face go back and forth with it. He's my little toy. My little, drooling, cock-starved toy. He manages to lick some of his spit off his lips, but most of it falls on the floor. I stop waving my monster back and forth and hold it still right in front of his eyes. "Why don't you give it a kiss? A nice, big, kiss for my nice, big, cock? You know you want to," I say. He looks up at my face again. There's tears in his eyes, and he shakes his head back and forth again. The mere thought of touching another guy's cock with his mouth turns his stomach. It just about makes him throw up. But what's really fucking him over is that he knows he wants to. Wants to real bad. But as revolting as the idea of putting his mouth on my cock is to him, I know my stupendous size has such a hold on him--on his balls, on his cock, on what's left of his brain--that there's no way he'll be able to keep from doing it.

I'm just a little over 10 inches now, but having just come out of the pump, even at this stupendous length, I'm not totally hard. I know I can stroke myself up to just about 11 inches right after pumping. And I also know the awesome sight of my cock expanding and hardening any amount more will be too much for him. So I start to slowly stroke with my right hand, while I keep holding on at the base with my left. I take my time, and stroke nice and slow. I use long, luxurious strokes, the kind that show off my huge size the best, as if it needed any help. It doesn't take long to get completely hard, stiffening out to 11 inches. Yeah, that's 11 glorious inches of long, thick, hard, cock, and not in the pump either.

I tilt my giant forward so that the underside of the huge head almost touches to his lips. He's really drooling, and I just ask, "Now, how about a kiss?"

He caves in, just like I knew he would. He stretches his neck forward, with his lips puckered. But just before he can touch the underside of my massive head, I tilt my cock back a little. He stretches forward more, but I pull it back to my chest.

"Tell me what you want," I say.

He can't quite bring himself to actually ask for it, so I tilt it forward again, but when he makes another try to kiss it, I just pull it back again. "Ask for what you want," I say.

"OK, OK," he says. "Let me kiss it."

"Kiss what?" I ask.

"Your cock, your cock! Please, please let me kiss your incredible cock!"

"Well," I say, "if you really want to, here. Give it a kiss." I then tilt it forward again, and hold it still for him. He kisses the underside of the head. That feels pretty good; I kind of liked having him kiss me there. He plants a couple of more kisses, then moves his head up over the end and kisses the very tip of my cock, at the piss hole. That's nice too, but I pull away in a few seconds. I'm not done mashing up what used to be his big, straight, macho brains, and turning them into little, fag, pansy brains.

So I tell him, "Now you're going to suck on it. Oh, yeah, your going to give me a great big blow job. And you're going to swallow all my thick, yummy, man-cream, too." He looks back up at my face and stares in horror. He's terrified at the idea of actually sucking on another man's cock. Of what it would mean. But he knows I can make him do it with my size. Then he looks back down at my gigantic shaft and stares in lust. "Beg for it!" I say. He looks back up. The tears are coming out of his eyes again. He shakes his head more desperately then before, silently pleading with me not to completely turn him into a total fag. But he's such a silly boy, why shouldn't I get my kicks? And it's all so easy for me. And he knows it.

All I say is, "Look at it."

He looks at it. He stares at it. He drools. And he keeps jerking off like mad. And he wants my gigantic cock stuffing his mouth. He just wants to suck it down so bad. But he won't, he can't, he tells himself. He just won't become a total fag! But my super-cock is just too long, too thick, too massive...too huge! He just has to have it! What's left of his brain is telling him, "No way! Don't do it!" But his blue, aching balls, and his iron-hard dick, and his cock-craving mouth are telling him, "Suck!"

I can see all this so plain on his face, I almost laugh. It's so much fun. I don't have to do anything. Not a damn thing. I just hold my gigantic column of man-meat in front of his face, and I know there's no way he's going to keep from going down on it in a few seconds. And then he surrenders, making a lunge for my huge beauty. But I tell him, "Stop!" He stops, teetering just a couple of inches from his desire. "Beg me. Beg to suck my cock, shit-head!". Just having him surrender to my size and suck me off might be enough fun by itself, but I really want him to beg for it. I want his own words to prove to him that he's given himself to me, and that now I own him. Words that will stick in his mind forever. I want him to always remember how he begged me to let him suck my cock. That way he can never again think he's straight. No, no. He'll always remember begging to suck my cock! I guess he somehow senses this, because he just stops. He doesn't say anything, although he keeps jerking off like mad and keeps drooling over my cock. This is fine with me. I'll have him begging quick enough.

"Just look how big it is," I say. "Just look how fucking big it is. Usually they only get about half this long, and, oh, maybe a quarter this massive. But this one's special. Real special, don't you think?" I bend over slightly. "See, it's so long I can rub the head on my nipples." Still holding my baseball-bat cock just at the base, I rub the head around one of my nipples, and then the other. Then I slowly run my right index finger up and down the length. "Just look how long it is. It's just about a foot, you know. But then you can see that, can't you." His eyes are bugging out. His tongue is hanging out. His mouth is drooling. He keeps jerking. Then I loosely wrap my fingers around my huge shaft, only it's so thick that my fingers can't quite make it all the way around. I started to move my loose hand up and down, in a parady of jacking off. "And just look how thick it is. It's so thick I can't get my hand around it. Can't you just imagine this monster filling up your mouth?" That does it. He breaks. There's nothing left of him.

"OK, OK. Please let me suck it," he begs.

That makes me happy. Now he's my slave. But I still want to twist the knife some more. Make him really beg for it hard, just to prove even more how bad he needs it. To prove how I'd turned him into a little fag slave-boy who lives to suck my magnificent manhood. "It's nice to hear you beg for it, but still don't know if you deserve it yet. Why don't you just watch me for a while." I lean over, and take the head into my mouth. I start sucking real good. I go down four or five inches, then back up, so that only my head is in my mouth again. I deliberately leave a lot of saliva to run down my shaft. I really think it looks best that way--wet and juicy. Our eyes are just about level, so even though he's fixated on my cock, I can still stare him in the eye. He wants to take my place on the huge cock just sooo bad! But I won't let him. I suck on the head again so that my cheeks hollow in. Still with my eyes on his, I back off the head, and then start to lick all around it with my tongue. The drool is just pouring out of his mouth now.

I lean back a little and smile at him. I say, "Oh yeah, that sure feels good in my mouth." He's totally gone. A zombie. His balls are killing him. His dick is killing him. He needs my 11-inch man-pole more than he'd ever needed anything in his life.

I say, "Now, beg."

He pleads his best, "Oh God, please! Please, PLEASE let suck your cock!"

There's absolutely nothing left of his mind at all. He's nothing but a little piece of shit totally enslaved by my cock.

"I think you need to beg just a little harder. Maybe if you tried it on your knees."

He instantly drops off his chair onto his knees in front of me and begs some more. "PLEASE, PLEASE! Let me suck your cock! I've just got to have my mouth on your huge cock! PLEASE!"

I own him. I can make him say or do anything I want. I decide to toy with him just a little longer, just for fun. I keep giving my cock an occasional lick or two, both to keep it hard, and also to torture him with his own agonizing lust for it.

"And what about my cum? Don't you want my cum?"

"Yes, Yes. I want your cum."

"Beg me to shoot my cum down your throat."

"Please, please! Please shoot your cum down my throat."

"Say, 'I'm just a little pansy fag shit who wants to suck your great big beautiful cock.' "

He repeats, "I'm just a little pansy fag shit who wants to suck your great big beautiful cock."

"Say, 'I wish I could gulp down your wonderful man-cream more than anything in the world."

"I wish I could gulp down your wonderful man-cream more than anything in the world."

I decide I've had enough fun with that. My monster cock has, once again, proven that it's unbelievable size has the power to completely, totally destroy any man I want it to, and turn him into my little cock-sucking fag slave-boy. And besides, by now I really am feeling kind of horny myself, and it would be nice to empty my balls. So, I finally let him worship the 11 inches that have destroyed him. "OK, my little fag suck-slave," I tell him. "I now allow you to put your mouth down over my cock and start gulping on it."

Whenever I finally let a guy get his cock-starved mouth on my meat, the guy always goes crazy trying to suck as much of it as he can into his mouth as fast as possible. Jones is just like any other, and he goes down on me like he's been starving for a huge cock all his life. He takes in as much as he can, about four or five inches, and then starts sucking like crazy. He's jacking his own cock harder and faster than ever. I just lean back against the wall, with my hands behind my head, and enjoy the service. Of course it's his first time down on a man, but his sucking, because he's so crazy for it, still feels pretty good. It's not a great blow job, but it's not a bad one either. His lack of experience is partially made up for by his desperation to suck in as much of my manhood as he can, and to suck as hard as he can. He's also using his tongue as much as he can too. Of course, I'm stuffing his mouth so full that there's not much room for his tongue, but in his need for my cock he does his frantic best. So, all in all, it's an OK blow job. Since I'm done completely destroying every last ounce of his being, shredding forever any idea he ever had about not wanting his mouth filled with cock, I figure now I'll just relax and wait for the pleasure of emptying my balls. Which will, of course, be down the little shit's throat.

Just then, though, as he's frantically jerking and sucking for all he's worth, and I'm leaning back relaxing, I hear a couple of voices in the locker room. It's the other two gym teachers coming back from lunch, talking. I realize they're headed toward the office, and a really fun idea comes to me of how I could fuck over Jones one more time, but good. Not only will I get him fired, but I'll prove to him that he's now hopelessly addicted to my monster cock.

I say to him, "Hey, little faggy, guess what? I hear Ackerman and Mills coming. Yeah, there're headed this way. So, if you don't want them seeing you sucking off the cock of one of your students, you better get off me right now." He doesn't do anything except keep sucking and jerking off, of course. He's now just a little suck-off slave to my gigantic cock. His entire universe is my giant cock in his mouth and his hard-on in his hand. "Oh yeah, it wouldn't be a very pretty picture: you down on your knees, with your little hard-on in your hand, jerking off, while you've got your mouth stuffed full of an under-age cock, sucking as hard as you can. No, no, not a pretty picture at all." He looks up at me with just his eyes, so I know he hears and at some level understands, but he's helpless. All he can do is jerk and suck. His body and soul belong to my huge, gargantuan, cock-shaft. "Oh well, it looks as if you just love sucking on my big beautiful cock too much to stop, doesn't it. Well, enjoy." As he sucks and sucks, I casually reach over and wrap my towel back around my pump, because I don't want the other teachers to see it.

I'm now just about ready to shoot my load, but I hold off until the other two teachers come into the office, so they can take in the whole scene. Another thirty seconds, and they come through the door, which is my cue. I start shooting into old Jonesy, and I scream like I'm being raped or something. "Oh, oh, Mr. Jones! Oh my god! What are you doing to me? Stop! Please, stop!" And I keep unloading cum into his mouth. I generally pack a lot of spunk, so I shoot for several seconds. The other teachers just stop in their tracks and stare at us. Meanwhile, the humiliation of my jism pouring down his throat makes Jones start to shoot also. It has to be the biggest, baddest, cum of his life, too. The kind he'll never be able to forget. The kind that'll keep him from ever being satisfied with a chick again. Oh no, after a cum like that he'll be spending a lot of years cruising for another enormous cock, desperate to find one that can measure up mine.

The other two teachers start shouting something, and Jones looks over at them out of the corner of his eye, but he keep jerking off his dick and shooting all over the floor. And, of course, he keeps sucking and sucking on the 11-inch object of all his lust until I'm completely empty. He swallows as much of my cum as he can, but a lot of it still leaks out around his lips and runs down his chin. It's a pretty good cum for me, better than average anyway, so let myself enjoy it before I go back into my little act.

Then I started screaming again, "Oh my God! Mr. Jones! What have you done?" I scream. "How could you do that to me?" At the same time I grab the towel, with the my pump inside, and I pull out of Jones's mouth. Before anyone can say anything to me, I pull my shorts back over my cock, and hold the towel over the gigantic bulge. Then I run past Ackerman and Mills, and out of the room, like an innocent virgin.

When I'm just outside the door, however, I can't resist stopping to look back into the office. Jones is still on his knees, with his cum on the floor in front of him, and my cum on his face, dripping off his chin. The other two teachers are just looking down at him, shaking their heads. Since Jones can see me behind them, I take the towel out from in front on my crotch, and with my other hand, I lower my shorts down past my beautiful cock. It's now down to a nice, soft, after-cum 9 inches, still thick and juicy. So I wiggle my hips a couple of times to get it swinging back and forth, just to implant one last beautiful vision of huge cock in his pathetic little brain. I smile at him and pull my shorts back up and walk back to my locker to get dressed.

Boy, that sure was fun lunch hour. Just thinking about it again makes my cock feel good. Not exactly horny, just a little tingly. I think it's just happy to be so big and have so much power over guys. And I just love it when my gigantic organ utterly destroys the. Especially the so-called straight ones. They never think they could ever be hot for a cock, but my incredible size always proves them wrong, no matter how hard they try to resist. Yeah, turning their brains into total mush, and getting a fairly decent blow job out of it at the same time, sure is fun. It really makes me glad I have the size I have. Yeah, I've got it, and they want it. And once I show it off to them, they want it bad, real bad. That's what gives me the power over them. It's so simple, really. I just have way too much size.

And that's the main reason I like pumping so much. Because the bigger I get, the easier it is to make a guy harden up, or make him jerk off to me, or make him suck me off. Or destroy him forever. I want to get up to 13 inches by the time I go to college. That way I know it'll be just so easy to have all the teachers on the floor begging. Begging for the chance to give me an A for me doing absolutely nothing, just so I'll let them worship me with their mouths. Begging to have their mouths and throats filled with my huge meat, even though they hate what I'm doing to them. Begging to be my little suck-off slaves. It's going to be a lot of fun. And the straighter they are, and the harder they fight it, the more fun it's going to be. Well, got to pump up now. Yeah, I just love my inches.

Part 2 cumming soon!


Dick Mann

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