This incident took place six months ago while I was visiting Gerald, my best friend since 6th grade, when I traveled 200 miles for the weekend to the city where he was a first year medical student. Gerald and I are both 23-years-of-age and have spent many nights at each other's home growing up. In high school, we were stars on the baseball team, he as a pitcher and me as the shortstop. We attended the same college and shared an apartment for the four years. Gerald majored in pre-med with a degree in biology. I majored in accounting and after graduation passed the exam as a CPA.

Both in high school and as an undergraduate, Gerald dated the same girl who was a cheerleader in high school as well as during her four years in college where we all three were students. I had never dated. In fact, I was a closeted gay. The only one who knew that fact was my best friend Gerald. He knew I had remained a virgin. We were like brothers and kept no secrets from each other.

Gerald is 6-feet and 3-inches tall; weighs a solid trimmed 190 pounds; has tanned olive skin as an Italian; black hair and eyes; a real beef cake; chiseled chest, abs, thighs and legs; gorgeous perfect very white teeth; a smile to die for; very light dark hair from his chest to his crotch; and the most perfect big 8-inch cut cock with a big v-shaped vein running down the underside of his cock shaft along with a large purple cock head. His cock has many years experience drilling his girlfriend's pussy.

I on the other hand, stand only 5-feet and 8-inches; weigh a slim 150 pounds; ginger guy with hazel eyes; a swimmer's looking body; a well shaped 7-inch cut cock; cute dimples; perfect teeth with a very big smile; and almost no hair on my chest, stomach or legs---very light skin. I am know for my sense of humor and care free manner. I love to play practical jokes and especially on Gerald.

Both Gerald and I have no siblings thus partially explains why we have always been so tight and close. I had always dreamed and hoped that Gerald was gay but that obviously was not to be the case. I had masturbated countless times fantasying that Gerald and I were sucking each other's cock and that he had fucked me or I him.

When I arrived in the city where Gerald was attending medical school, I called him on my cell to get direction to his apartment.

Gerald answered: "Hello, this is Gerald."

"Hi Gerald, this is Zack, your old buddy. How do I get to your apartment?"

He gave me the directions and I arrived at his place around 5 PM. He gave me a big long hug and told me he had really missed me over the four months since he entered medical school. He smelt so erotic with his after shave lotion and cologne that he always wore. It was the smell I had know for years. I could not help feeling a growing heat in my crotch but I managed not to get a hard on as that would never do.

Gerald took me to this neat Italian restaurant for a great dinner just like his Italian mother had done so many times when I stayed at their home over the years.

We went to an early movie, went out for a beer at a bar and were back to Gerald's apartment by 10 PM. We chatted about old times and I asked lots of questions about how he was doing in medical school.

We were in bed by 11:30 PM.Gerald said we would have to sleep together as he had only one bedroom and bed. That was great as far as I was concerned. We undressed and both had on only briefs as we got under the sheets. It was too warm for a quilt.

Just as we got settled in, the phone rang and it was Gerald's girlfriend. I was lying on my back while Gerald chatted with her. Then the strangest thing happened after they had been talking with some raunchy sex games for about 10 minutes. I guess Gerald was getting really turned on as he lay on his back. The sheet began to rise and form a large tent where his crotch was located. That did it for me as I began to experience a growing and stiffening cock. I had never been with Gerald when he got hard before. Apparently lust took over when I felt Gerald began to rub one of his feet against my foot. I pressed back hard and Gerald did the same. Before I could figuring out what was happening and as he continued to talk with his girlfriend, he reached over and began to part my lips with his fingers. He pushed first one and then two fingers deep in my throat. I was then out of control. I began to suck on his fingers, going from one finger to another. Soon I was licking and sucking on each of his sexy fingers. My saliva soon had his entire hand wet with drippings off his fingers.

Something strange and great was happening. Since Gerald was holding his phone with one hand and I was devouring the fingers on his other hand, he took his feet and managed to throw the sheet off of us. Holly shit, there we were with both of our cocks stone hard, standing straight up with purple cock heads and our piss slits releasing drops of clear liquid. Yea, it was pre-cum. Both our cocks had managed to escape the fly in our briefs. To be honest, we had managed to take a few seconds to pull them out.

We both were beginning to increase our breathing and I heard Gerald say to his girlfriend: "Babe, I've got to go. I'm dying to piss. Call you tomorrow." I began to wonder what he was really wanting to do and it was not piss. Man I was getting very hot. How far would Gerald go with me? Was it possible we could at least suck each other's stiff cock? I was beyond horny and so grateful I had come for the weekend. Could this be a dream? I waited to see what Gerald's next move would be. I did not have to wait long.

He turned toward me, I felt his hot breath on my face, he took his foot and began to run it up my leg and inside on my thigh, he put his hand inside the back of my briefs and with one thrust took them down and off while removing his foot long enough to remove my briefs, and then he took his hot foot and began to rub it across my aching rock hard cock.

It was time for me to make my first move as I put my thumbs inside the front of his briefs and began to slide them off of him. Soon we were both totally naked and sprouting the most erotic hard dripping cocks.

It was then that Gerald spoke: "Zack, buddy, I bet you are shocked that I want go have sex with you tonight. My girlfriend made me horny as hell and you are here. Well, I guess I should confess that I have been dreaming about you lately and yes they are sexy raunchy dreams about getting into your pants. I guess I'm bi-sexual or at least when it comes to you. Although I enjoy sex with my girlfriend, I have developed even more lust for you since I got in medical school. OK, I now know I'm into you. Do you want to fuck tonight?"

"Oh shit yes. Gerald I've wanted you to make love to me for years. This is a dream come true. I'll do whatever you want."

With out saying anything else, Gerald jumped on top of my sweaty body, laid down hard on top of me and began to hump me as I put my feet and legs on the back of his butt. Our crotches ground into each other as his cock slide on top of my hard tool. Soon Gerald parted my lips with his big red tongue and he thrust his tongue to the back of my throat. We began the most steamy wild humping and deep kissing. I felt our crotches become wet with the pre-cum oozing from our piss slits and gobs of body sweat. Although I had always loved and been turned on with Gerald's smell of aftershave lotion and cologne, now his body odors were beyond any thing I had ever smelt. He was a mans' man and what a hunk. The smell of pure sweat was so awesome.

As we dry humped and drilled our bodies into each other, we could not bring ourselves to stop even though we were near a climax. The feel of hot skin on hot skin and cock on cock was too great to stop. Gerald's hot breath and tongue in my mouth had me crazy for him to kiss and hump me for ever. After about 10 minutes, I felt Gerald's heart beat go wild, he started to hump me even harder, I felt his cock actually swell even more, and his balls tightened up against my body. I too felt a strong stirring in my balls, my cock seemed to grow another half inch and I knew it was time.

Gerald Cried out: "Oh my god, I'm going to come. I can't stop, yea it feels so good. Yea, fuck, yea fuck, here it comes."

At the same moment, I got the same urges and feeling in my nuts. We both began to shoot huge loads of cum on our entangled crotches. In a few seconds, we were drenched in sticky cum that had our pubic hairs stuck together. The smell of cum and sweat was so good.

We just laid there for several minutes to regain our normal breathing. Then Gerald managed to pull his crotch loose from my crotch. It actually hurt as he pulled the drying cum off our pubic hairs. But that was still so sexy.

At age 23 we were still very potent and youthful studs. We could go again. We had not had nearly enough yet. Gerald went down on me. He held the base of my growing cock as he slid his tongue up and down the underside of my cock for the longest time. Then he sucked on my balls and managed to get both of my nuts in his mouth at the same time. Man did that ever feel good. Next he took his tongue and lips and sucked on my asshole. I was thrusting my hips up to meet his hot lips and tongue. I was about to come again just as he stopped.

Now Gerald was ready to give me a mind blowing blowjob. He began to take my cock inch by inch to the back of his throat until he was deep throating my tool. He would come almost all the way off my cock just leaving the head in his mouth before he would go back down to the base of my cock with his mouth and tongue. After a long time of slowly sucking in and out, he began to suck my cock faster and faster. How could this straight guy be such a pro in using his mouth and tongue to massage ever inch of my hard cock. I felt my cock rub against the inside cheeks of his mouth. The soft tissue had my boner hard as steel. I was feeding him my pre-cum that he was swallowing with pleasure. That did it for me as I felt the cum gathering in m y balls for a second climax. I filled his mouth with a big load. He sucked my cock until he had milked me dry.

He pulled off my cock and said: "Zack baby, it is time to get fucked. I want to put my big wood inside that very white smooth pink man pussy of yours. I've got lots of experience using my cock to fuck female pussy. Now I want to fuck my first man ass and of course especially my buddies ass."

I responded and asked: Gerald Baby, don't you want me to suck your cock and eat your ass first? I'm very eager to do so."

"No Baby, remember we have all weekend. Lets a save that experience for tomorrow night. That will be our special treat when you suck my cock and fuck me."

"Oh fuck Gerald, that sounds so good and something new to look forward to tomorrow. Yea, fuck me now. Give my virgin ass its first cock."

"Baby, do you think you can take my huge cock up that ass as it is so tight as a virgin ass? I'll be gentle."

"Gerald, I don't know but man I want to try. I can't think of anything I want more than to have you fuck me and part of your body inside me---that is your gorgeous cock. Are you going to fuck me raw?"

"Yea baby, I want flesh against flesh. You are really clean as I am also. Lets get started."

I got out of the bed, got down on the carpet on all fours, pushed my ass back toward Gerald's big stiff cock and indicated I was ready for that monstrous cock.

I felt Gerald's cock's began to rub against my ass crack. He run his cock up and down my ass crack several times before he pushed past my outer ass rings stretching them for the first time. He had broken my virgin rings with his big cock. I felt my ass being stuffed with this foreign object for the first time. I put a towel in my mouth to help blunt my screams. But I wanted Gerald to go all the way in. Soon he managed to fill my ass canal with his entire manhood. He began to fuck me harder and harder and faster and faster. He was so experienced at using his cock to drill a pussy. He looked at my ass in the same way. He fucked me with hard thrust after hard thrust for at least ten minutes before I learned how to grip my ass muscles hard on his cock like a vice. When I squeezed his cock hard, he let out a grunt and bang, he shot a torrent of his sticky thick cum deep into my ass. The feel of his wet cum inside me was awesome.

When he was spent, he pulled out and brought his cum covered cock up to my mouth and I used my mouth to milk him dry of the last few drops.

As we lay back in the bed and cuddled, I asked Gerald: "Baby, I know I'm going to fuck you tomorrow night but does this mean we will be fuck buddies from now on? How about your girlfriend? Will I have to share you with her?"

"OH gee Zack, I'm so confused. I loved fucking you a lot more than her. I've got to sort this all out. But I sure want to have you and me fuck for years to come. We will see. I do love you."

"Gerald, baby, I've always loved you."



Naughty Eric


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