Gerald and Zack had been best friends since the 6th grade. They had been varsity members of their high school baseball team and during their four years as college undergraduates they had been roommates. Gerald graduate with a pre-med degree in Biology and Zack received a degree in accounting and got his CPA certification.

The next Fall after receiving his B.S. degree, Gerald began his first year in medical school. They were both then 23-years-of-age. Although Zack was gay, they had never engaged in gay sex because Gerald was straight and had a longtime girlfriend. Four months into the year in medical school, Gerald invited his buddy Zack to come visit him for the weekend. Everything changed that first night when they shared Gerald's bed.



Gerald and Zack slept late Saturday morning after a wild Friday night in bed. They showered around 10 AM and then went out for a late brunch. They were somewhat subdued and shared very few words on the way to brunch.. Their minds seemed to be racing of thoughts about the night before when straight Gerald had fucked his best friend, the very closeted gay Zack. How had it happened that Gerald had just cheated on his longtime girlfriend? In fact, they had gone together as a couple for over 7 years.

Zack picks up the story here. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, I decided during brunch to broach the issue with my buddy Gerald and determine once and for all how the incredible sensuous sex we had the night before would affect our friendship of many years. Although I'd never enjoyed anything more than last night's sex, I thought I might die if I lost my best friend just because of a night of gay sex. I had to know.

"Gerald buddy, we have both been so quite this morning: What are you thinking? Are you upset about the sex last night? Are you regretting what we did? I think I would die if I lost my best friend over this."

"OH Zack, I'm so sorry that I just shut down. I admit I'm in a sate of confusion. What do I do? Sarah has been my girlfriend for over 7 years. She is such a neat and kind person. But I must confess that no one has ever meant so much to me as my friendship with you. You've been my best friend since 6tth grade. We have been through so much together and we have told one another secrets that no one else knows. I love you so much revealing why I came on to you last night in bed. And you need to know that was the most awesome sex I've ever had. Your body and touch is the most sexy one I've ever touched and that orgasm last night caused me to see stars. I've never had such a powerful mind blowing climax. OK, I admit I'm lusting after you right now. I'm horny thinking about how great it would be to have you suck my cock, eat my ass and feel your beautiful cock up my ass."

"Gee Gerald, I've never felt such erotic pleasure as when you sucked my cock and fucked me last night. I know my being gay and a virgin until last night explains part of my joy but my longtime love for you made the sex even more special like no one else could give me. But I'm ready to accept whatever you decide regarding Sarah and me or who you decide to choose. I just need to remain your best friend."

It seemed as if a heavy load was lifted off both our shoulders with this honest conversation. We spent that Saturday playing tennis, touch football with some of Gerald's medical student friends and went to a nice dinner with the other first year medical students at the home of the Dean of the Medical School. His wife had a great seven course meal.

As we arrived back at Gerald's apartment around 9 PM, the moment of truth had arrived. We had a couple of hard drinks and then stripped off all our clothes except our briefs and got in bed. My heart began to run wild wondering how our dilemma would be resolved. I might not slept all night from the anticipation. I laid close to hot Gerald; smelt his manly sexy odors; and felt the heat from his gorgeous body that had me rock hard. I waited to see what Gerald wanted or or what he had decided. It was his move to make.

In about five minutes, Gerald kicked the covers off the bed as he had done on Friday night, he jumped on top of me, spread his sexy body down on top of my frame and began to hump me as he had done the night before. Gerald drilled his crotch hard into me. I felt his big hard cock drive into my cock. Both our cocks were as hot and stiff as an iron pipe. He pounded his crotch harder and harder into me. Soon our briefs became soaked with the precum from our cocks and growing streams of body sweat.

Within a few seconds, he placed his hot wet lips on my lips and then he took his tongue and parted my lips while driving his tongue deep into my mouth, as we began to engage in sloppy loud French kissing. We kissed and humped for several minutes. It was obvious that Gerald had made his decision. He would be my fuck buddy and best friend. I was in a pure lascivious state of nirvana. Gerald was now my fuck buddy and lover. Both our enduring loving friendships and carnal lust for each other had won.

After some ten minutes of the most awesome melting of our bodies and incredible sex, Gerald got off of me with the most seductive penetrating eyes boring a hole in my weeping eyes. He was truly my soul mate and fuck partner. We ripped off our briefs and once again glared at our buddies hot naked body.

With a huge seductive smile, Gerald laid his naked body down next to me on his back on the bed; spread his muscular legs and hard thighs far apart; revealed his blood filled cock that jetted out from his dark patch of pubic hair; placed his hard arms, protruding biceps and soft hands above his head that left his total naked body exposed to me and an invitation to have easy access to this hunk; and then he said: "OH FUCK Zack, I want you to suck my cock, eat my ass and fuck my man pussy just like we agreed last night. Yea, I've made my decision. It is you that I want and that I must have from now on. Shit, call it what you want, gay, fag, slut or a man's man, I'm yours from now on. Please fuck me and give me your seed after you suck my cock and eat my ass. Go for it my hot fuck buddy."

I could hardly breath from the excitement, primitive lust, carnal desires, primordial animal instincts and true love for my best friend. In front of my eyes, there was this horny man with the most provocative huge pulsating cock, big juicy balls and a fresh piece of meat in the form of his pink shaven puckering ass. My cock had never been this hard, thick and aching for action before. I was close to coming as I felt a raging heat in my testicles. I'd have to work fast on my buddy.

I went down on my best friend, licked between his sweaty balls and asshole until they were wet with my saliva; I buried my face in his crotch as I slowly kissed and sucked on his big balls feeling the heat building in his nuts; I slid my tongue up and down his fat cock shaft; took the big purple cock head in my mouth and held it there for awhile as I milked the precum droppings out of his piss slit; I began to slowly swallow his thick red-hot cock inch by inch to the back of my throat until I was deep throating that awesome tool; I sucked his cock by coming almost all the way off except for the tip of his cock head and then took his swollen cock deep down my throat over and over; and I used my middle finger to fuck his asshole while I gave him his best blowjob ever.

After all that, I took my tongue, parted his ass ring and sucked on his ass with my lips and pushed my tongue as far as I could into his ass entrance. I rimmed that pink soft smooth ass for at least five minutes while he bucked and moaned with lust.

During all my attention on Gerald's crotch, he bucked his hips like a wild horse, let out rather wild loud primitive screams, moaned as if he was in a state of pure ecstasy, and begged: "OH YEA, OH FUCK, OH SHIT, YEA GIVE IT TO ME, SUCK THAT COCK, EAT MY ASS, PLAY WITH MY BALLS, OH HOLLY FUCK, DAMN YOU'RE GOOD, PLEASE FUCK ME NOW."

That was it. I took a bottle of scented lube, lubed his ass, lubed my swollen cock, put a pillow under his beautiful ass and lowered my cock to the entrance to that gorgeous man pussy. As his ass puckered inviting my cock, I was so horny that I plunged my cock all the way into his virgin ass chute with one thrust. The feel of his ass walls, his prostate and his ass muscles around my cock was like as piston running an engine. I fucked Gerald with no mercy. I'd lost all control with the lust and heat in my cock and balls. He loved what I was doing as he yelled: "Oh Fuck, Oh shit Zack, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, yea that is it. Shoot that man seed into my man pussy. Give it to me."

The feel of his ass muscles surrounding my cock, the soft wet feel of his ass and the dirty talk caused me to erupt with a torrent of thick sticky cum deep inside my best friends ass. I flooded his ass with a mother load of my cum.

When spent, I pulled out, went down on his aching and leaking cock with my mouth and began giving him a hot wild blowjob. I knew he could not last as he was horny as hell from all that cock that had been in his ass and the cum that was dripping from his ass. I felt his balls tighten and incredibly his cock grew at least another inch. His piss slit opened wide, I felt the veins in his cock shaft pulsating on my tongue and soon I tasted the salty warm huge load of cum fill my mouth. I held it in my mouth until he was spent then I pulled off that cum covered cock, went up to his mouth and spit a large portion of his cum in his mouth. I began to kiss him as we shared the cum meal. Then I went back down on his cock and used my mouth to clean the last drops off his cock. WOW, what a night it had turned out to be.

After we showered and went back to bed, Gerald said: "Well, my loving buddy, you know I'm now yours. From now on, we are not only best friends but also permanent fuck buddies. I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. I'll let my neat girlfriend down real easy and encourage her to visit here so I can introduce her to my hot medical school fellow male students. Maybe she will find a husband here."

"Oh Gerald my love, you have made me the luckiest guy on the planet. YES, YES, YES, I'll marry you. I love you so much. You are my world."

I had the best nights sleep of my young life, as did Gerald. We were as HAPPY as any couple in the world.


Naughty Eric


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