When Mike went into the showers I went back to my locker. I grabbed my towel and as I did I could feel a twigin of pleasure in the pit of my stomach.

When i entered the showers I could bearly see Mike, but i could see is tight, round ass. I could tell that he was looking at me. i went over to the other side of the showers and turned the water on.

I was about to finish my shower, i was still all soapy, when i was grabbed from behind. Mike had me in a choke hold. His left arm was around my neck and his right hand was traveling down my chest to my soft cock.

'What the fuck Mike.' I said.

'I couldnt stop myself. I need to FUCK you.'


'Your so fucking hot. Ive been stairing at you for months and Ive been going crazy. Ive had to stop myself, but now I cant.'

While Mike was talking he was stroking my cock. It was 3'inches soft, but now it was 7'5 inches.

'What are you waiting for.' I said.

Just then I was throwin into the wall. His hand was pressing my shoulders into the wall and his other haand was pulling my ass towards him. Mikes mouth was going up and down my back while his thumb was being thrusted into my ass. Then he pulled this thumb out and all of a sudden Mike thustred his cock stright inot my ass. It hurt so good. Ive never felt a cock go in so hard and fast.

Mike grabbed my waist and pounded my ass. He was shaking my so hard. It was so rough and forst. I loved it.

Then just as fast as his cock went in, it pulled out. Then i was pushed to the floor. I landed on my back and looked up at Mike.

'FUCK ME.' I said.

Mike got on his knees and pulled my legs up and thursted his cock in my ass just like the first time. I looked at Mikes face. He was angery and taking it all out on my. His cock was massive in my ass. I could feel it pulse and his balls were slapping my ass so loudly it add to everything. I was moaning so loud. The pain was so pleasurable, it was hard to bare.

Being barebacked with all of Mikes dick was doing everything it was supposed to do and just then Mikes cum filled my ass and with every time came a deeper thrust. Mike finished cumming, but he didnt stop, he keep on going.

Finally Mike pulled out without spilling any of hiss cum from my ass. Then Mike turned me over and pulled up my ass. Mike started sucking my ass whole. He was pulling out all of his cum and when he was finished he pulled my on my back and empted his mouth into mine. I had Mikes cumm in my mouth.

'Dont swallow.' Mike said.

I noded.

Mike went down and sucked my cock, he was deep throuting my cock. With everything that Mike did to me caused me to cum in his mouth. I fulled Mikes mouth with so much cum his checks were puffed.

Then Mike emptied my cum into my mouth. My mouth was almost overflowing with both of are cum.

'Swallow it.' Mike demanded.

And I did. It took two full gulps to get it down. The taste was sweet and i loved every drop of it.

Mike helped me up.

'Thanks.' Mike said. 'Ill see you next week.'

And Mike left the showers. My body was shaking so bad i had to lay down. I layed under the water stream thinking about what Mike was going to do to me next week.



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