Ok so i am going to tell you,, the ones who read this,, about the time i closed up the gym where i work at and fucked some guy insted.

So i train some guys at a gym, and sometimes i also close up the gym at night. so on those days i run on the tredmile naked-- its the only place where the cameras cant see.-- So i was finishing but with a guy. He is about 6'0 feet and amazingly built, i have to restraine my self, so when everyone left i started to clean up for close and when everyrthing was done i got naked and started to run on the tredmile. I was running for about 15 minutes, i was all sweaty and sticky with everything flopping around. It is such a liberating experence.

So i was about to get off when i saw someone walk out of the locker room. It was the guy i was training. His name is Mike. I stopped and then Mike stopped. We both looked at each other. His eyes wondered of course. He was wondering why his trainer was naked on a tredmile.

'What are you doing.' Mike asked.

'O. I am just working out.' I said.


'Yes naked. You should try it sometime.'

I didnt realize what i said until i said it.


So Mike dropped his gym bag and undressed. He got on the tredmile that was a few down from me.-- it was still out of sight ofthe camera--. We were both running naked for 15 minutes. All you could hear was Mike and I breathing, are feet, and are cocks hitting are selfs. Mike must of gotten tired because he stopped running, got off his tredmile, grabbed his stuff, and went back into the locker room. I was tired to so i followed Mike. I needed to take a shower any way.

I walked into the locker room. Mike was at his locker, fixing his gym bag. I want to my locker to do the same thing. I grabbed my clothes and put then into my bag. i emptied the comtents of my locker into my bag. I grabbed my deoderent, but it slipped and fell to the ground, away from me. I bent down to pick up my deoderent, which was infront of the shower enterence. When i bent down i felt me ass checks spred apart and before i got up i felt something fimilar hit my ass. I got up quickly and turned around. It was Mike he bumped into me.

'O. sorry.' Mike said with a devilish look on his face.

Ok so i will let you know what happend next a little later.



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