The truth is, I'm a little on the perverted side and I have rather enjoyed life, except for a few times when the bottom has dropped out from under me, such as when my Mom was in a bad car accident and left in a coma for six months and finally passed away, That left me and My Dad and my older brother, who is now gone into the marines, being five years older than me.

I have some rather vivid memories of my brother, His Name was Wilbert after some relative of my mothers, but he hated that name and we called him Bill for short, Well Bill and I shared a Bedroom for all our young lives and It was nothing for me to see my older brother laying in the bed with just his white briefs on and getting a hardon, well Bill had this little habit that kinda set up part of my lifelong passion, I love cocks all kinds small ones, fat ones, long ones, long and thick ones but the ones I love the most are the ones I got to suck on, And I really love the ones with a foreskin still attached, which kinda fill in all the blanks, I got a reputation at school with the jocks, and quite a few times I would get a note to meet one or the other at a certain place after school, and it usually was to get a good suck off, Most of the guy that I sucked off were my friends after they had gotten sucked off by me and would kinda protect me from some of the shithead homophobic assholes in school, and I really liked that feeling, and I would always reward them with the best suck job I could give.

What my older brother did was paid me a dollar for every time I would jack him off in the bedroom at night and I guess I started doing this to him at about ten years old, I loved the way he would start breathing and saying oh shit, Mikey oh shit man, and I would stroke his dick harder and faster and he would blast this white stuff out of his dick and all over himself and my hand, I had tried to do it to me but I couldn't make the white stuff, I would feel real tickly and get very sensative on my peter head and felt like I had to pee extremely bad, but the only thing it did for me at that time was made me breath real hard.

One night My brother said Hey Mikey I'll give you two dollars if you suck me off tonight, I said O.K. and he handed me the money and I started sucking his cock, For some reason I really loved the taste of his cock, And It felt so velvety and smooth and I loved his foreskin I slid it back and started sucking like a vacuum cleaner and he started groaning and saying yea man, thats it, suck it man, suck it, and then he let 0it a big moan and raised up on his heels pushing his body upward really breathing heavy and hard and yelled under his breath so as not to wake Dad, Oh Fuck man, and his come started shooting into my mouth, I was startled by this and wasn't expecting him to do it, but I liked that taste and I just started sucking harder and licking and slurpping his cock, Well needless to say My brother was hooked on blowjobs and I was hooked on giving them. Fuck man My older brother started giveing my hand jobs as a favor in return, Hell man we had a regular love affair going between the two of us, I remember he would come home after going on a date with a girl and of course she wouldn't put out for him but It didn't matter to him, cause I would take of him when he got home.

Time marched on and He went to the Marines and I was left alone at home with Dad, It was strange but Bill would come home on leave and the first thing he would say to me when we got alone is I need a good blow job man, and I would laugh and say It still costs five dollars, He said Five dollars what happened to two. I would smile and just say you know man, it's called inflation, and then I would laugh, and he would punch me.

I would usually end up sucking Bill off almost every night while he was on leave and he would go back to his base with his pipes cleaned and feeling sexually satisfied, and I was always Happy to oblige him.

Several months after he left, One time, I guess i was about eighteen then, I started noticing my Dad, Man he was really good looking and built like a body builder, He was a brick layer by trade and had worked Hard all his life, I guess He was about forty one, maybe forty two, and I was setting beside him on the couch, The couch was beside his reclineer and he was reading the paper and I noticed a really large bulge in his crotch, and I wanted to lay over there and start stroking and licking it. I couldn't help myself I had become a cum pig, and I started thinking DAmn man you can't do that, first off he would probably knock the shit out of you, and most truthfully , 'HES YOUR DAD' My mind was saying one thing, but my desires were saying another and I just left that thought there.

I went out to a movie with a friend and Came home to find Dad passed out on the couch asleep, I looked on the coffee table and saw about seven empty Beer cans and thought Dad had thrown himself a party while I was gone, I leaned over and said come on POPS you need to go to bed, and he said wha------droggedly trying to speak, and I said come on up pop I'll take you up to bed, and I got him up and started walking him up to the bedroom, he said Mikey your a really good boy, and I really love you and sorta fell backward on his bed, I started unbuttoning his shirt, and he he mumbled something unintelligable and I got his shirt off and then since he didn't have anything but white socks on his feet I unbuckled his belt, undid his trousers and unzipped them and slowly slid them, My dad in his slightly drunken stupor mumbeld as he reached up and grabbed my head and pulled me to him and kissed me on the lips and said Hey Mikey wanna have sex, and then passed out again, I pulled his trousers and I noticed the piss opening in his boxers was standing open and I couldn't resist it, I reached over and gently rubbed on the inside of Dad's leg and then slid my hand up into the leg of his boxers and I could feel his huge balls, I gently massaged them and Dad mumbled somthing that sounded like, that feels great keep it up and I took my hands and reached up and took the elastic of Dads boxers and slid them down and Damn Man DAds cock was bigger than Bills and thicker too, He had that beautiful foreskin on it and It was beginning to raise up with each beat of his heart and it slowly flared out, It was a thing of beauty, man I could see the Head flaring out while under his foreskin and the opening started to gently open up showing the tip of his cock head and that little glistening of pre-cum was just awesome to look at, I was getting more desireous and turned on by the second and I reached up and wrapped my hand around his muscle of love that had given me life and I felt such love and desire like never before, Damn I couldn't resist I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth and started slideing his foreskin up and down with my tongue and he started mumbling saying fuck yea, oh fuck yea man suck it baby, suck that cock and his cock got like a peice of marble, thick, Hard and throbbing and It was so velvety in my mouth and I sucked and licked and was in limbo with lust, I wanted all of his cock I could get, and just knowing that this was my Dad made it all the more exciting, Fuck man, I started to really pour on the heat and I heard my Dad say Oh Fuck Christ Son, Oh shit man, and I felt his stomach muscles tighten up and his whole body got rigid and he started A loud moaning and really grunting like a hog trying to get free and his cock started convulsing and blasting a load of cock cream in my mouth and throat, and I realized that he had his hands on my head holding it down to the hilt and I was swallowing and sucking and huming and He said fuck Son, that was just fantastic, But why did you do that, I said cause I love you Dad and I wanted to pleasure you and I got off too, see, and I looked down and I had shot off a load in my briefs and looked like I had pissed my pants.

Dad said Son, get up here and lay next to me, and It seemed like his drunken stupor was gone. He smiled and hugged me and kissed me and said, son you really did pleasure me, man Big time. Your Brother know that you know how to do this, and I said yea Pop, I've been sucking Bill off for years now, Pop just said well Mother Fucker. And we layed down and went to sleep, I woke up the next morning with my Dad sucking on my cock and I said Pop what you doing, and He said Hey man, If you can suck me off, Then I can return the favor, I said Bill never did that, And Dad did a wonderful job, and I fucking shot a load like a horse, Dad just slurpped it all down and after we were finished, He told me that a little friend of his and him had done that stuff when they were young ,and He still jerked off to the memories of sucking and being sucked off by his friend.

Dad and I got really close after that, and really enjoyed our time together and still do, And we got Bill too, the next time he came home on leave I got to make Bill do me and guess what? I didn't even pay his two dollar fee either. And I know that a lot of folks would say that is really sick or perverted but what the fuck, to each his own. I enjoy life now.



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