My girlfriend Melissa and I had been going steady for around 4 years now. We were high school sweethearts and have maintained a healthy relationship since its inception. There's only been one small problem: I won't put out for her. I know it's not very masculine to say, but I wanted my first time with her to be special and the special time just hasn't arised as of yet.

So with this knowledge, I knew Melissa was cheating on me.

I've been suspicious of her for several weeks now and have done some discreet snooping around her phone and her inbox. She had been texting someone called "B" and had been receiving e-mails from a man named Bobby so I put two and two together and figured it out.

One night, I decided to follow her on her way to "get coffee with her friend". Sure enough, she pulled up to a quaint looking house and went up to the front door. After knocking on it, a man opened the door and hugged her. The light shining down on him revealed a very good looking man about two years older than us. He had to be at least 6-foot-2 and was very broad and muscular. He had 2 day stubble and brown hair styled in a spiky mohawk hairdo.

In short, he was sexy.

I watched as Melissa disappeared into the house with him and shut the door behind them. That was proof enough for me. Melissa was cheating on me. And judging by the sexy man behind the door, I couldn't exactly blame her.

I drove to the nearby pub and opted to sit next to the bar and down as many beers as possible. I ordered my first beer and sculled it in almost a minute, thinking about all the things he was doing to her that I hadn't.

Second beer. The way he would pull her hair as he ferociously sucked at her neck.

Third beer. The way her mouth would wrap around his big cock.

Fourth beer. The way he would pound her ass as is his dick thrusted up her pussy.

I was already dizzy after the fourth beer and began mumbling incoherent sentences to the bartender who had noticed my obvious drinking problem from the beginning.

'What's the matter?' he asked me kindly.

'My fuckin' girlfriend's fuckin' cheating on me,' I slurred.

'Oh man, I'm sorry to hear about that,' he replied.

'It's alright, she's a fuckin' slut anyway.'

Without another word, I stumbled out of the pub and to my car where I leaned against the door and rested my head on the top of it. I couldn't believe she was doing this to me. What a conniving little bitch. If she thinks she can get away with this, she was very, very mistaken...

And that's when I had an idea.

It was a very crazy idea that I probably thought was okay due to my drunken state. This idea might not work but if it did, I was definitely going to win this battle.

Deciding against driving to the place, I stumbled across the pathways and zigzagged through the streets until I found myself in front of Bobby's house again. Melissa's car wasn't there so I knew they had finished their little sex session inside and that she had gone home.

I waltzed up to the front door and knocked on it and waited. Several moments later, Bobby opened the door and greeted me with a warm smile and a 'Can I help you?'

'Yes you can,' I said as I weaved passed him into his house.

'Are you okay?' he asked me with concern.


'Yes, that's me.'

'How long have you been fucking my girlfriend Melissa?'

Bobby stood in silence and watched me as I made myself at home, sprawling myself across his leather sofa. He crossed his arms against his big chest and opened his mouth to reply but words didn't come out.

'Sorry,' he finally mumbled.

'Nah, it's alright,' I replied, 'I have a proposition for you anyway.'

Bobby seemed highly shocked that I had easily forgiven him for what he had done but he seemed intrigued about my proposition, so he asked me to continue.

'What you've done to her,' I said, barely keeping my head up, 'you do to me.'

'What?' exclaimed Bobby, his eyes widening.

'You heard me, punk. You want to fuck her? You gotta fuck me too.'

I didn't know what I was talking about since I had never had same-sex tendencies before in my life. All I knew was Bobby was extremely good looking and I had to get back at Melissa somehow.

'This has got to be a joke,' he mumbled.

'No joke,' I said as I casually unbuttoned my pants and wriggled out of them, kicking them onto the floor, 'don't be a pussy and come fuck me.'

'I don't swing that way,' said Bobby.

'Neither do I, but I don't fuck with other men's girlfriends either.'

That seemed to hit the spot that I had been searching for as Bobby hesitantly approached me and sat down next to me. He finally put his hand on the side of my face and with a loud apparent sigh, he leaned in and kissed me, his lips feeling much softer than I had expected. I sat there limply as his mouth masterfully moved around mine, his tongue swiping against my upper lip sensually.

'I don't know,' he whispered after he got up for air.

'Do it,' I ordered him, 'everything you do to her, you do to me.'

Bobby shook his head before standing up and pulling his pants down, boasting an impressive sized bulge in his underwear. After another brief hesitation, he pulled his shirt off and his briefs down and exposed a huge cock, around 8 inches long and quite thick.

I seized it in my hand and went down on it immediately, my mouth taking nearly half of it in on the first go. Melissa had sucked me off before so I mimicked what I liked in a blowjob to him and I soon had him moaning in pleasure. He reached down behind my head and began facefucking me, obviously enjoying the pleasure I was giving him.

His cock tasted somewhat nice in my mouth as I finally went all the way down on his big cock and nearly brought him to climax there and then but he stopped me and looked down at me, all the hesitation and anxiety in his face gone.

'Get naked,' he demanded.

After following his command, he made me get on all fours and after sucking his finger, probed it up my virgin asshole, telling me that this was the time he would finger her and get her ready for fucking.

I winced and yelped in pain as one finger then led to two, stretching me wide. I had never felt a pain this bad before and yet, I had never felt a sensation like this before either.

'Now, I would eat her pussy out,' he said.

And soon, I felt his tongue inside my hole, bringing me to more sensations that I had never felt before but I know I would want to feel more. His hot, wet tongue inside my virgin asshole felt so good that I backed my ass up onto his face, forcing his tongue to go deeper.

'Your hole tastes surprisingly nice,' he said.

I backed it up more and felt myself becoming extremely hard so I reached down to jack it off a bit before I felt Bobby's mouth stopped.

'What are you doing?' I asked.

'Now, I would fuck her like crazy.'

I shot upright as I felt him enter me and moaned in pain which almost caused Bobby to stop but I urged him to continue. Several minutes later, he had entered me and was pushing himself more into me. It was so painful yet so sensational and I didn't want him to stop.

Soon, he was fucking me. He built up a slow fucking rhythm that made me crazy but he soon went faster and faster and soon was fucking the daylights out of me, his sweaty balls slapping against my now non-virgin ass. His right hand gripped onto my hair and his left hand held onto my hip as he continued to penetrate me deeply with his hard cock.

'What now?' I breathed, in complete ecstasy.

'Now I could come into the condom and we'd be finished,' he said.

'But you don't have one on?'

'Exactly,' he said with a chuckle.

Soon enough, I felt his load spurt out into my asshole and it sent me way over the edge. Without even touching it, my dick spurted out its own load of cum onto his leather sofa. I was panting and so was Bobby as his dick went limp inside me and he finally pulled out, his cum falling out moments later.

I collapsed onto the sofa in my drunken and horny state, still breathing for air. I rolled around and looked at Bobby who was looking at me with an amused look on his face.

'What?' I said.

'That's the most unique way of getting back at your cheating girlfriend,' he said with a laugh.

'I enjoyed it,' I said.

'Me too.'

He leaned down and quickly kissed me before he got up and got dressed.

Bobby drove me home after that as I was too drunk to drive and caught a taxi home after setting up another date where we could get together to "get back at Melissa". Melissa didn't suspect anything when I got back home nor did she suspect that I knew what she was up to.

Our relationship continued for several weeks. Melissa would go and get fucked by Bobby and then I would show up. Later on, Melissa didn't go to Bobby at all as he had kindly rejected her, saying he didn't feel comfortable fucking another man's girlfriend anymore even though he was actually fucking the man.

And yes, he always told me I was way better than she was.



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