This is another story based on true memories that I have as a young man growing up in the Midwest.

We lived in a midwestern town of about forty thousand people.

The houses were two story red brick homes and pretty much all on our street were, although not alike, quite similar in construction.

The House next door was pretty much the same and We had a single older gentleman living alone in the House, His name was Mr. (I called him Bill) but his name was very German, Maggenheimer.

He talked with a German accent and was a very kind nice, and very warm natured old man. Now I know that in this society most gay men want the younger more athletic young men and I guess that's what we all loved as men growing up, it sort of epitomizes the thought of masculine perfection, Athletic build, 7-10 inch cock, and so forth, the beauty syndrome, but sometimes life isn't like that for real, and we forget that older men sometime have knowledge to offer and know how to do things we haven't learned yet.

Well to my story, Our Neighbor, Bill, was constantly standing at the fence between the houses, talking to and teaching me about gardening, he was an avid gardener and had beautiful flowers and vegetables, which he was always sharing with my parents, and I would go over to his yard and help him in his garden and I learned so very much from him. He taught me about trimming and pruning his fruit trees, when and when not to plant certain vegetables, Just all round knowledge about the growing of things.

I guess I was about in the late part of my 17th year of the early part of the 18th, I had already graduated from High School and really not looking forward to goin into the Military or College, and Mr. Bill, was walking out to his pretty good sized gardening shed out behind his house next to the alley in back and I was waiting for him to come out, You must realize that Mr. Bill was about late 50's or early 60's when this incident happened, so I waited and waited, and then I thought I would go to his shed and see if he was alright.

Now I had learned about Masturbation from a friend and I was pretty good at it. I used to mark how far I could shoot a shot of cum and measure the distance from where I was, Just trying to prove how studley I was I guess, Well I got to the shed and was sorta listening and I could hear some funny noises comming from the shed and I walked over to the door, and just slightly opened it up a little to look in, and Mother fucker, Bill was in the shed with his pants pulled to his ankles leaning back on a couple bags of fertilizer for his garden, and He had a boner in his hand that looked like it would make two of mine, It had the foreskin still attached, and I knew about them from my Dad, he still had his too. and I had seen his cock when we were swimming a couple times, But Bill was laying back and had his shirt unbuttoned and was jerking his cock like a mad man and twisting his nipples with his free hand, His cock had to be 8.5 - 9 inches long and looked like a beer can around, He had his eyes closed and I heard him start to sorta grunting and pushing his ass muscles upward like he was fucking his fist and then that old mans huge cock started cumming like a friggen horse he, still at his age looked like he came twice as much as I do, I for some reason got really turned on watching him. I started to leave, just as He opened his eyes and I had to run home and go to my room and stroke one off thinking about what I just saw.

The next I saw Bill out in the yard, and walked over to the fence, and he looked at me and smiled. I said I saw what you were doing in the shed yesterday, He said yaw, I sorta thought so, Why don't you come over and we'll talk about that, O.K. and I said sure, Mr. Bill, so I went over to his house and we walked into his kitchen and sat down at his table, he offered me some iced tea and I accepted. and He said, Kevin, I know you are a young man and You know that most guys do what I was doing, I said yes sir, I do it all the time myself, He said most young men do it, but It doesn't stop when you grow older and I know guys who do it and they are in their 70's, I said that's awesome man, He said let me tell you a story, of my life, I will be honest and truthfull with you, He said Back in the 30's and 40's I lived In Frankfurt, Germany, I was young and I like other boys my age, I like to have sex with them, I didn't ever want to be with girls, You call it being gay now, but the problem with that, was It was very dangerous, Hitler was taking over and they had devised a plan to send young Nazi's soldiers into the public disguised as homosexuals and find and root out the Homosexuals in the country, bring them to trial and put them to death in the camps. I lucked out and finally escaped Germany and got a stow to the U.S. on a cargo ship. I would have probably been found out and killed for being Homosexual, It was a decree from Berlin intitled Paragraph #75, Many men lost their lives because of it.

I got to America in 1942 was just 16 yrs. old and I was still gay. My only outlet untill I learned the language and found some of my kind of men was using my hand. I was really alone. I tried lady friends but it didn't work for me so I just got a job and stayed to myself.

I looked up at him and said Mr. Bill, I never knew that about you. He said yaw and I'm still just as gay as I was then, I said and you still like sex with other guys? He said yaw. I do.

I said like what things do guys do to each other when having guy to guy sex. He said Kevin If you would like I vil show you, but only if you would like. I said I think I would like to at least try a few things and He said good, You are a beautiful young man, and very sexy looking.

He had me follow him to the bedroom and reached up and pressed me down at the shoulders and sorta set me back on the bed, then he started by taking my sneakers off and my white socks. then he took my shirt up over my head and shoulders and off, he sorta said umm and said, just beautiful. I was starting to feel a tingling in my groin. He set on the bed besides me and told me to close my eyes, and he was so very gentle and loving I was getting turned one more and more by the second, Then he leaned over and started licking and swirling his tongue around my nipples on my smoothe clean chest, I felt feeling shooting down into my groin area like nothing I had ever felt before, He said, you like, and I said oh yea, it feels awesome then he licked down to my navel and slid his tongue into it, it was doing things to my body like never before, I looked over to Bills crotch and His cock was jutting out under his pants, just awesome for an older man, Shit man I was on fire and it was all locatin itself into my groin My cock was about to burst, my nuts were aching and then Bill said, I gonna make you cum, I said o.k., and he started undoing my trousers, and slid my trousers and my briefs down with one slick motion of his hands and My very hard, seven incher stood out like a tree trunk, He said that looks delicious, son, and then he pushed me gently back on the bed there I layed naked and vulnerable, I was enjoying this so friggen much, and then he just leaned over and took his hand and started stroking swirling his hand around and up and back down with the clear liquid I was leaking from the piss slit in my cock, God it was awesome feeling and he did this about 3-4 minutes and the feeling was simply unexplainable, No one had ever touched my cock but me, and I was learning new tricks. I wasn't far from the shooting off level, and Bill leaned over and slowly and gently placed his extremely hot feeling mouth over the cock head and just swirled his tongue around and around the tip of my dick, and I was breathing like I was haveing an asthma attack or something, my heart was pounding in my ears and I was saying words I usually never used before like, Oh Fuck, Damn man that feels awesome, and Shit Bill, He just grunted something and kept up a slow steady pace of taking my cock all the way to the hilt and coming back up and I was so friggen hard it seemed like the skin on my cock would split and then Bill took his hand and slicked it up with saliva and began rubbing my asshole with it and gently sorta probing it and then he wet it real good with saliva and pushed it into the anal cavity, I was a little shocked at first,and then he found some kinda spot, and he just started rubbing, I started to black out or something, maybe for a second or two I died and went to heaven, Fuck it was totally the most awesome feeling that a man could have in his body, My cock started getting harder, and I don't know how that is possible, I started jerking in my body, and then came that pulsing, the squirting, feeling and I could literally feel the upserge of sperm into my dick and then out the end into old Bills mouth, It was fucking awesome, I was almost ready to faint. Bill was smiling and his trouser were wet in the front, and I reached up and grabbed his cock thru his trousers, and he said, Kevin, save this for later, and he let me up to get dressed.

I went home totally exhausted and seemingly used up. I wasn't worth as the old saying a 'plug nickle'

The next afternoon Bill was working in his garden and I came out and walked over to him and he smiled and said Hi Kevin, How are you today, I said Ready, He said Ready, Ready for vat? I said a repeat of yesterday, He said come on over.

We went into the bedroom and I said I want to undress you, he said I'm an old man, my body ain't so pretty anymore, I said Let me be the judge of that, and I started Undressing Bill, I got him down to this boxer shorts and then I noticed his cock was like a hunk of wood, I reached in the slit and said Bill your dick is awesome and he just smiled and said It likes your touch, and I started stroking it and he said awe man, It's been years since another person has touched my cock, It feels awesome, and I started jerking his cock like I do mine, except he has a foreskin, I decided I wanted to taste it and I ask Bill if I could suck it and He said that would be wonderful, I placed my lips on his cock and he grunted, and said aw man that feels wonderful, I started pulling back his foreskin and sucking his cock head and He said, It's been so long, and smiled I started to really working it over and soon it felt like a fence post in my mouth, I couldn't take it all in my mouth and so I did like Bill, I started sorta stroking with my hand and sucking at the same time. I felt old Bills body start to convulse and he said I'm gonna shoot and you'd better take you mouth off if you don't want to taste my cum and I just kept slurping and sucking and then he got rigid like a friggen board an I felt his cock start to throbbing and pulsing nd felt the head swell up and I started tasting his cum, it was sweet and sorta salty tasting at the same time, I kinda liked it, and I just kept sucking and swallowing and when the old fella finished I said did I do you alright, he said just fantastic, Kevin, Just fantastic.

Well needless Bill and I kept this up for several more years and I learned quite a lot from old Bill. He got sick and passed away several years later, and I guess since he had no family he left his house and all his belongings, and a special letter to be delivered to me with the inheritance of his property. It said,

Thank you Kevin for being my intimately close friend In the later years, I was an old man, You didn't have to like me, but you did, and I appreciate it so much, you made my life worth living in my last years. Have a wonderful life, and be good to yourself. Love, your friend and neighbor Bill.

I have never forgotten Bill and he will always have a special place in my heart. He taught me so much, and one thing I learned, Age had nothing to do with enjoying yourself, and loving others. These are just a few of the things Bill taught me. I will never forget Old Bill.



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