When we left off my virgin ass had just been been well and thoroughly fucked and I had the most amazing orgasm of my life...

When I awoke dawn was breaking and I was still naked, wrapped in a blanket on the floor. The gentle one was sitting on the couch in his shorts, drinking a cup of tea and smoking a bong. The others were gone. He pushed a cup of tea toward me and told me to drink. I asked if it was spiked and he laughed and said no, there was no need.

I got up, wrapping the blanket tightly around myself and sat beside him. He asked me if that was my first time. Of course it was. Had I ever before touched a man? Of course I had not. He asked if I wanted to touch him now and I figured, "Well, after last night, why not?" No longer drug addled, I was curious.

Tentatively I took his flaccid penis in my hands. I'd never touched a man before, and I handled him quite awkwardly at first. "Just do whatever you do to yourself, whatever feels good to you," he urged. That made sense, and I got the idea. Taking the lube I began stroking him, just like I do when masturbating. He responded quickly, developing a large, firm and impressive erection. I eased up some and just played with him, teasing him for a little while.

I found his penis fascinating. I wanted to study him and to study his cock. I'd never even seen, let alone touched another man's aroused, throbbing member before. I found it lovely and appealing, beautiful in fact. I traced the contour of his corona, tried using just a couple of fingers, my whole hand, light touches, firm touches, squeezing his cock head only and long strong full-handed strokes. I teased, played and studied him for quite some time, until I sensed his breathing quickening and I felt his muscles tensing.

Leaning in to get a better look and rub him some more, the blanket fell from my shoulders. I felt exposed, and at the same time I realized that I was tremendously excited. Suddenly seized by a previously forbidden desire, I couldn't control myself. I knew I wanted this.

I turned and faced him. Swinging my leg over his lap I positioned myself above his penis, and with trembling fingers I guided him carefully to my tight tender rosebud. Then, very slowly, I settled myself down upon that beautiful, wet throbbing erection. "Ooooo."

I moaned softly as with only a couple of wriggles, his lovely cock slid smoothly and fully inside of me. I recall that his penis felt wonderful. It felt so long and thick, so alive. I was paralyzed with pleasure, I couldn't move. I just sat there impaled upon his penis, panting and quivering.

I focused on the unique overpowering sensations of him inside me, filling me completely. I felt full and warm, aching in a wonderfully pleasant way. We held ourselves still like that for some time, his pulsating erection buried deeply within me, my body trembling with excitement, as I softly whimpered with intense pleasure.

He asked me how it was. I tried to answer, tried to tell him how good his cock felt, but my speech failed. I could only gasp out monosyllabic replies, which quickly degenerated into soft cooing moans: "Good. Cock. Big. Good. Fuck. Oooo. Good. Oooo. Fuck. Oooo. Ahhh. Oooooo."

He began to lightly stroke my nipples and my belly which caused my quivering and wriggling to increase. My own penis began swelling and then grew rock-hard as he took me in hand, methodically stroking. I slowly began to rise and fall on his erection, gently riding, impaling myself repeatedly as the stroking increased. The sensations grew, warm waves of throbbing pleasure radiating from my rectum and my penis to someplace deep within my belly, then spreading outwards and down to my toes.

Soon both of us were sweating, straining as our breathing and movements increased with perfect synchronicity. I watched fascinated as he developed a faraway look in his eyes. "You're beautiful." he murmured, "So tight."

My breathing became erratic. I was moaning constantly now, gasping and writhing with ecstasy. Never before had I experienced such pleasure, such wild sexual abandon. He was gasping in time with me. "Tell me. Tell me it feels good," he demanded. Using words I'd never spoken aloud during sex, I answered him crying out, "Oh yeah. It's good. Oh fuck. Oh! Oh! Good fuck! Ooo. Ahh. Fuck me! Oooo! Fuck me good! Oooo! Fuck...Me...Goood! Oooooo! Oooooooo!"

My calls of delight excited him greatly. Feeling his penis swell and stiffen even more, I began riding him harder, moving with greater urgency. My pleasure building, I held on to his chest, bracing myself. He stroked my erection faster, pulling it more insistently.

Then he took his free hand and grabbed my buttocks, squeezing and massaging. This sent me crashing right over the edge. Never in my life had I experienced physical joy so intense. My cries crescendoed, becoming one long undulating moan, my song of sexual ecstasy: "Oh, God! Oh, fuck! Oh! Oh! Oooo... Good...Fuck! Oooo! Ahhh! Ooooo! OooooOoooooOooooooo!"

Belly heaving, I convulsed again and again as my orgasm exploded and huge thick gobs of my hot cum erupted all over his chest. He groaned and shuddered and I thrilled to feel him orgasm inside me. That made me come even more. I couldn't believe how much jiz I produced. I came and came, like a cum fountain. Exhausted shattered and shaking, I collapsed against him as he cupped my buttocks in his hands, massaging my ass while our breathing gradually slowed. I felt his spent penis slowly shrink and then slide out of my stretched anus with a plop.

I never said another word. As soon as my thighs stopped quivering and my strength returned, I got up and got dressed. Wearing only my shorts and uniform shirt I staggered home, as the hot sun cresting the horizon promised another scorching summer day.

It took me about three decades to repeat any sort experience with a man. But that's how a deeply secret part of myself, previously well-hidden, was revealed to me, for the very first time.




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