Before if you had asked me, I would have told you that I could never enjoy having sex with a man, that I was entirely heterosexual, until an enlightening experience I had while at college, some three decades ago. Although so much time has passed, I remember it like it was yesterday. Here's how it happened:

Quite late on a sultry summer night I was walking home from my girlfriend's house, where we had shared a tryst after my softball game. I was wearing flimsy running shorts and my uniform shirt, carrying my spikes, glove and hat. I remember how good the smooth cool pavement felt on my bare feet. I was relaxed, a little bit stoned and still basking in the afterglow of post-coital bliss.

I passed a house where some guys were on the porch drinking and they offered me a beer. I declined at first until they mentioned it was Heineken on tap. I accepted. It seemed like a benign situation, none of them seemed particularly threatening, and the idea of a good quality beer won me over.

Once inside and settled with my beer, they offered me a line of cocaine, saying it was "really good stuff," again I accepted. A mirror was passed and I remember thinking that it was a tiny, un-generous line. But it was free and I was enjoying my beer so I forgave them their stinginess. I snorted it and I immediately knew that this wasn't cocaine, it tasted weird. I began to tell them that whatever this stuff was they'd been ripped off, when it hit me.

Alternating waves of nausea mixed with increasing rushes of narcotic euphoria made me realize this was probably heroin, a drug I'd never done. A wastepaper basket was provided for me to retch, and when I was finished puking they were on me.

Before I could really fathom what was happening, my shirt was off and my shorts soon followed. I was naked and vulnerable. They kept saying that they were helping me, but I knew better. I was being gently but firmly manhandled. I tried, but I was far too stoned and uncoordinated to resist.

Quickly they had me kneeling on the sofa. My chest was down, my bare bottom was up in the air, shining pale white in stark contrast to my deeply tanned trunk and limbs. One held my ankles one held my wrists, stretching my arms over the end of the couch. Another climbed behind me and I vaguely felt a burning pain in my anus. I was crying and begging them to stop. They ignored me, shushed me and began methodically fucking me, and soon I passed out.

The pain had stopped. More awake now, I was dimly aware that at least two of them had fucked me, but I was also riding an unbelievable narcotic high. My cries had quieted, and I could feel ongoing thrusts probing my rectum, which by now seemed used to it. I remember thinking it didn't feel so bad anymore.

They finished quickly and the assault stopped, yet I remained held with my arms outstretched, my chest pinned down and my bare ass mooning the ceiling. I was thinking, "What now?" as more time passed.

"Relax, I'm going to be very gentle with you." he said. The older one, their leader had climbed up behind me. Unlike the others he didn't just push his penis inside me and begin thrusting. He tenderly stroked my back and caressed my belly, which felt good. Leaning down he told me to relax and to breathe slowly and deeply.

Repeatedly he promised he'd be gentle with me. He lubed my ass some more and probed inside me, first with one finger and then with two. Slowly inserting them, he was massaging and stretching my anus. It actually felt pretty good, and that freaked me out. I decided it was the drugs.

By then I'd recovered enough of my senses to renew my pleadings for them to stop, promising I'd never tell a soul if I could just go. They held me tightly as he continued to stroke my belly and gently probe me with his fingers. He told me that this was going to happen and that I should relax and just go with it.

Mounting me, I soon felt the head of his penis pushing against my opening. He pushed slowly, ever so slowly but relentlessly. A firm steady pressure that increased over time. It seemed to go on forever, building to one singular overpowering sensation. I was aware of nothing else, my entire being focused on that unique pressure. Gasping a little, I felt resistance giving way as my sphincter relaxed, and smoothly admitted the head of his penis.

I waited for the agony but he didn't thrust in at all, he just held himself there. There was no pain yet the sensations were completely overwhelming. I was panting so much that I could no longer protest. Ever so gently he entered me a little bit more. His penis felt warm and alive and firm, filling me completely. Despite all my fears and the searing pain of the earlier assaults, this actually felt good, really good.

Nevertheless, I renewed my demands that he stop. Instead he began to slowly move. Not the rough in and out thrusting like the others, but slowly, subtly moving around, helping me accommodate his large, long penis. This felt even better, but I was trying my best not to show them that maybe I enjoyed what was happening to me, that perhaps secret hidden desires were being awakened and fulfilled. That's when my body betrayed me, betrayed me by displaying the intense pleasure I was feeling.

"Look, look at his toes! Watch his toes!" the one holding my ankles exclaimed.

Ever since I'd first learned to feel sexual pleasure, my toes would sort of extend and spread apart, fanning outwards and then clutch and curl as my excitement built. When aroused they often seemed to move with minds of their own. Girlfriends had noticed this, and their comments sometimes made me feel self –conscious. But if I tried keeping those dancing digits still, it was distracting. I had learned to ignore it. When I heard him exclaim, I stifled my responses and concentrated on keeping my feet perfectly still.

At just that instant he gently pushed, slowly entering me fully, and it felt wonderful. An enormous wave of pleasure washed over me. Hips rocking forward, my belly sucked inward, my back arched, rounding and humping up as small cries of protest mixed with excitement escaped. "Noooo. Ooooo." Powerless to stop it, my toes shot outwards splaying wide and wriggling, then I felt them clutching, grasping and curling repeatedly. Despite all of my protestations, there was no mistaking my responses. Denial was useless. Now they knew that I was enjoying it, and I knew that they knew.

"Quick, rub his cock." "No. No. Don't touch me, please." I begged. Even though it felt so good, the depth of my pleasure and the strangeness of this new experience felt frightening for me.

His lubed hand found my penis which immediately sprang to attention with my biggest, hardest erection ever. I was shocked by how good it felt. Throbbing and jerking, my cock felt newly alive. I pleaded some more, "Please no. Don't touch it." Ignoring me, he stroked me for a time, making sure I was good and hard, my erection straining in his hand. Abruptly he stopped. At the same time he withdrew his penis until only the head remained inside me, stretching my anus but leaving me feeling empty and wanting more. He had stopped moving, holding himself perfectly still.

I couldn't help myself, I wanted that full feeling again, and I wanted, no...I needed to have my cock rubbed. I pushed back against him, tentatively at first and then again more insistently. With building urgency, my lean muscular ass pushed against his belly. As my thrusting and grinding continued, my penis moved in his hand, seeking out that slippery friction required for release.

Soon I was lost in a blissful rhythm humping on his cock: thrust and rub and thrust. Still he didn't move as my grasping wet anus ran up and down the full length of his glorious manhood while my penis fucked his fist. Maybe it was my earlier pleadings, but I became more expressive than ever during my sex. A dam had burst, previous inhibitions had vanished and I felt a new freedom to proclaim my pleasure.

As if in a dream I heard my cries change from soft sobs of protest to frankly sexual moans, "No. Please, no." and then, "Noooo. Naahh. Ahhh. Oooo." And finally, "Please. Oooo. Rub me, please. Oooo. Ahhh." I couldn't believe what was happening. My excitement building I pushed back some more, humping him even harder.

Carried away on oceans of pure pleasure, I was gasping and fucking myself against his long hard manhood. Even though I remember it felt like someone else was speaking, it felt good to be able to announce my pleasure. I could hear myself cooing and crying aloud, "Oooo. Ahhh. Ooooo. Ooooooo!" My rhythm gradually increased in tempo.

By now my toes were dancing nonstop. I felt them waving wildly, fanning apart then frantically clutching the air as my anus gripped his cock and my cries peaked. I still couldn't believe this was happening, that my body was enjoying this.

Surprised by my responsiveness, still trying to fight the pleasure, I could hear denial and disbelief in my voice as final release approached but I couldn't stop, "Oh, no. Please no. I'm going to cum. Noooo. Ooooo! I'm coming! Oh! Oh! Ooooo! I'm coming! Ooooo! Ooooooooo!"

Shuddering repeatedly, cum sprayed everywhere as I was wracked with spasms of pleasure, surrendering to the longest, loudest and hardest orgasm of my life. I rode waves and waves of perfect ecstasy into a warm sea of blissful unconsciousness.

When I awoke dawn was breaking and I was still naked, wrapped in a blanket on the floor...




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