Part 2 of this hot story about helping Trevor to experience not only the taste of a private dick but even more steamy acts such as ass fucking. This story is dedicated to the GayDemon reader Darkhog who asked for this part 2.

Around noon on Saturday, I had Cody drop me off at my hotel to shower and get my clothes for an afternoon of golf with him. He picked me up at 2 PM and we headed for his country club and the golf course. As we signed in at the club house, I got a neat surprise. Cody introduced me to a hot dude by the name of Calvin that was going to join us for the 18 holes.

Man, Calvin was so handsome. He was an African American stud that I learned stood 6-feet and 5-inches, weighed 210 hard pounds, very short curly black hair, dark eyes, a very dark skinned athletic type, broad shoulders, huge bulging chest with large nipples showing through his sport shirt, huge legs and a very big package between his legs.

Cody said: "Trevor, I want you to meet Calvin who is one of my fellow attorneys at our law firm. We often play golf on the weekends. He is a great golfer and wins many of our local golf tournaments."

"Hi Calvin! It is so nice to meet you and thanks for joining us for a round of golf."

"Trevor, it is so nice meeting you. After Cody dropped you off at the hotel, he called me and asked if I would join you for golf. He had some very nice things to say about you two last night."

I felt my face become flush and I felt a bead of sweat developing on my forehead. What in the hell was going on? Had Cody given me away? Although nervous, I felt a surge of lust and a tingling in my crotch. My first gay sex last night and was this more to come? Calvin was so handsome and wow what a stud.

We played 18 holes and spent the time getting to know Calvin. I learned that he had grown up in LA and had been a star on his high school and college football teams. He was a man's man. He had me thinking of nothing but sex. We did spend some time chatting about his and Cody's law practice.

I went back to the hotel and showered and at 7 Pm met Calvin and Cody for dinner in the hotel dinning room. After dinner Cody said: "Hey guys, how about coming over to my place for a night cap?"

Both Calvin and I agreed.

When we got to Cody's place, he made bourbon and tonic drinks for us. After two drinks, we were relaxed and in a compromising mood. As I sat between Calvin and Cody on the sofa, I felt their legs rub up against each side of my body. They moved so close that I literally could not move as I was sandwiched between two obviously horny gay studs.The odors coming off my new found friends had me really turned on. Then the big move took place. Cody reached over and began unzipping my pants. As I heard the zipper lowered, Oh shit, Calvin took his huge hand and slid it down the top of my briefs. Soon he had my growing cock in his hand. He began to rub his hand up and down my sweaty cock shaft. In a short time, I began leaking pre-cum on his fingers that seemed to turn him wild.

While I was being fondled by this huge hot African American, Cody was busy taking off all his clothes. When he was butt naked, he stood up on the sofa and began slapping my face with his rock hard 11-inch cock. After several slaps by that hot cock on my face, he parted my lips as he drove his monstrous tool all the way to the back of my throat. Hell, I was getting to suck cock for a second night. I felt droppings of liquid wet my throat. Yea, it was his pre-cum. It tasted great.

Calvin could not stand it any longer. He got up, took off my shoes, pants, briefs, removed his clothes and got down on his knees in front of me and my bouncing cock. In a second, he had my swollen cock down his throat, as he used his hands to grab my nuts and hold them tight. He began to rotate between holding my balls and fingering my ass. I was about to come between sucking on that big cock and getting a hot blowjob while being fingered in my ass. WOW, these two studs had taken total control of their new toy. They seemed especially turned on by finding this new virgin.

The sense of a cock sliding in and out of my wet mouth and having such a hot tongue sucking on my cock, had me crazy with lust and total horny to be their bitch.

The drilling of my mouth by Cody's sweaty cock and my cock being devoured by this dark hunk was more pleasurable than any experience of my life. I fought back the urge to come because I knew we had more hot sex ahead and I wanted to enjoy ever minute of these guys lust for man sex. When would I ever have the chance again to make love to such studs at the same time ---maybe never.

After about 15 minutes of the wildest sex, they stood up, Calvin took me up into his arms and we went off to the bedroom. Calvin threw me down hard on the bed on m y back. They went int the bathroom and came back with their sex toys. Man, I was in for some kinky sex.

They took black silk rope and tied my hands and feet to the bed posts with my legs stretched far apart exposing my bubble pink pulsating ass to their whim. Next they took a blind fold and tied it around my head and eyes. They wanted me to feel but not see what they were about to do to their bitch.

I felt some type of soft wet tube go up and down my rock hard cock. They informed me that they were fucking my cock with a flesh-jack. My, it felt so great. I guessed it to feel like having my cock in a man's pussy. They took turns running the flesh-jack up and down my cock for at least five minutes. As I warned them I was about to come, they stopped and began making their next move.

They kissed my cock head. It was so erotic. I loved the feel of their lips on my favorite body part.

Soon I felt a very hard big object running up and down my crack ass. What in the hell was that?

"Hey, guys, what are you doing?"

They broke out laughing and told me they had a big black dildo getting ready to split open my virgin ass muscles before they fucked me. I felt the big object start parting my ass entrance. Man, it hurt. Slowly inch by inch they managed to get at least six inches into my ass. They moved the hard dildo in and out until I began to feel comfort with that huge dildo.

"Hey, guys, that feels so good. Please, I am ready for your cocks. I want to feel a big cock up my ass. I'd love to be fucked and no longer a virgin. Please breed me."

These studs did not need any more encouragement. I felt lube being poured on my ass and fingered inside me. Then I heard Cody say: "Calvin buddy, let me fuck this gorgeous ass first. I found him for us."

"Go for it Cody. We have lots of time tonight. Grease his ass with your cum for my 12-inch cock. Give it to him."

I held my breath as I felt Cody's cock head began to part my ass. Little by little his big cock went deeper and deeper into my ass chute. After a couple of minutes, he began to drive his huge cock in and out. I felt his cock rub against my prostate. The first cock in my man pussy felt so strange but really hot and great. Soon I felt wet from what I suppose was his oozing pre-cum.

Then I was amazed and shocked when I felt my ass spread even wider and what seemed like another foreign object. What in the hell was that? I soon knew when Calvin said: "Cody, my cock is just under your cock sliding in that man pussy with no major resistance. Man, this is a big ass. We have both our cocks in this big ass. Oh shit, it feels so good feeling your cock against my cock and all that ass flesh rubbing against both our cocks.

I could not believe that my first ass fucking was a double penetration. They went wild fucking me as they got into a neat rhythm. They fucked me harder and harder. I felt their hot breaths, the moans, the grunts and the heat from their cocks. I began to push my hips and butt up to meet their driving cocks. We fucked for at least ten minutes as I felt their entire hot sweaty bodies over me.

Then their breaths became shorter and faster. I felt their cock heads swell and soon they both shot bursts and bursts of thick sticky cum deep into my ass. The flood of cum made it easier for them to pound my ass until, they were completely spent. Calvin pulled out first followed by Cody's big cock.

Cody came up to my mouth and shoved his cum covered cock into my mouth until I had drained ever residue drop out of that big cock.

In the meantime, I felt Calvin's huge mouth and tongue come down on my aching cock. He took my entire cock deep into his throat with no problem and began the hottest blowjob. As he sucked hard and long, I could not last more than two minutes when I blasted his throat with the biggest load of my life. He sucked me dry before pulling off.

They took off my blindfold and we engaged in a long series of kisses as all that cum tasted so delicious.

We embraced and fell off to sleep. The next morning we showered and went out to breakfast.

As I flew out on Monday morning, I knew my life had changed for ever. Where would I find a hot stud to continue my life as a gay man?


Naughty Eric


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