During my address, I mentioned that I was from Tennessee. When the program ended, a gorgeous young man from the audience by the name of Cody approached me indicating he too was from Tennessee before moving West to practice law. His tight black slacks and tight pullover shirt revealed a hunk of a man. His slacks fit tightly around his cute bubble ass; the pants gathered around his crotch showing a very big package; gym pumped quads and calves; his polo shirt revealed an upper athletic body; pumped biceps; chiseled chest; and ribbed stomach. He had dark brown eyes and short curly coal black hair; rather dark tanned body; stood around 5-feet and 11-inches; very distinct set jaw; and a very sexy smile revealing perfect white teeth. I learned that he was 30-years-of-age.

I, on the other hand, towered over him at 6-feet and 3-inches. I have shoulder length well-kept blond hair; blue eyes; light complexion; weigh 190 pounds; and 29-years-of-age. Although a gay man ever since I became aware of sex, I was a virgin when I met Cody.

Cody introduced himself and said: "Trevor, I too am originally from Tennessee. I do not meet many people in Montana from our home state. Are yuo free for dinner so we can share notes about our state? My home town is Knoxville."

"What a coincident Cody as my home town is also Knoxville. I'd love to have dinner with you."

"Trevor, why don't I give you time to freshen up and get a couple hours of rest? I'll pick you up around 6 PM at your hotel."

I spent the next two hours horny as hell. Cody was the hottest dude I'd ever seen. Was it possible that he was gay and maybe experienced at the gay life style? Could it be possible that I'd loose my virginity to this hunk? Although I was shy about sex, I'd let him into my pants in an instant. The next two hours seemed like an eternity.

Cody picked me up and took me to a five star restaurant on the shore of a beautiful Montana lake. We had a couple of drinks and a four course meal including a Montana steak along with a chocolate moose for dessert. We shared our experiences growing up in Tennessee.

As we drove back toward my hotel, Cody said: "I understand you are staying in town over the weekend. Since this is Friday evening and I'm not working tomorrow, would you like to come over to my condo for a night cap?"

"Cody, I love the idea. Thanks so much."

He poured us a gin and tonic as we sat in his den. After a second round of drinks, Cody commented: "Trevor, I hope I'm not out of line. I find you very attractive and sexy. I'm gay. Are you by any chance gay? Earlier tonight you said you did not have a girlfriend and had never dated."

I began to feel my cock grow and as I became very excited said: "Oh man, I'm gay but a virgin. All night I've wondered and hoped you were gay. Cody, I'm so horny and would you show me how to make love to a man? You are so hot."

Cody gave me a very seductive smile, moved close to me, put his arm around my shoulder, took his other hand and placed it on my crotch touching my stone hard cock.

"Trevor Baby, I can show you steamy hot sex. Since my 18th birthday and during the past 12 years, I've had wild sex with a number of hot dudes. Have you ever looked at gay magazines of adult gay movies? What do you want to do first? What sex acts would excite you the most?"

"Yea, Cody, I've watched several gay flicks. Although there are lots of choices. I've dreamed of sucking a man's cock and getting my cock sucked until I come. I guess oral sex would be my favorite."

"No problem buddy. Lets get undressed and we will suck cock all night if you wish. You know that may lead to swallowing another guy's cum. Have you ever eaten your own jism?"

"No Cody, I've never tasted my cum but I think I'm ready with you."

We began undressing. When we were down to our briefs, I felt very nervous but so ready. Then we took off our briefs. I was rock hard as was Cody. Man he was big. In fact, it turned out that I learned that he had a 11.5-inch python and a shaft the size of a beer can when he said:

"Well don't get frightened buddy. It is really big. In fact over 11-inches. But I'll be very gentle and you can suck only as much as you can get down your throat."

"Oh my god, Cody, that is some man's cock. WOW, you must be proud of that tool. Has any guy ever been able to deep throat that monster?"

"Yes, I've had about five fuck buddies out of some 25 fuck buddies get all it down their throat. Man I love it when some hot mouth can take it all. Let me suck your cock first Trevor and give you a lesson in how to make a man crazy from a hot blowjob."

Both Cody and me had formed drops of goo on our piss slits that were making our cock heads very shinny.

I got flat on my back on the sofa; Cody got between my now hot sweaty legs; grabbed the base of my steel hard cock and gripped it hard; and lowered his head and buried his mouth and lips in my crotch while his spit soaked my pubic hairs.

He began to kiss and lick my oozing cock head. He took his tongue and spent lots of time licking up and down my vein covered pulsating cock shaft. Next he put my stiff cock between his red lips and used his lips to clamp down hard and hold them there for the longest time. Finally, he began to swallow my 8-inch cock all the way down to the base. After a minute, I felt his lips firmly stretched around my virgin meat. He began a long series of wild swallowing and releasing my cock from his mouth. He was wild with lust to be sucking a virgin cock.

During my years of masturbatory fantasies of how it would feel to have my cock sucked by a hot dude, I never dreamed that it would feel this awesome. I began to experience chills and goose bumps from my head to my curled up toes. The hot mouth and saliva had my cock harder than ever imagined. Oh I would not last long.

"Oh my god, oh fuck, oh holly shit, suck my fucking cock. Give it to me, harder and harder, faster and faster, don't stop. Yea, that is it. This is the best moment of my life. Nothing is as good as a man's cock."

I felt my balls tighten, my cock harden even more if possible, and incredible spasms took over, as I shot blast after blast down Cody's hot wet mouth and throat. As a pro, he drank every drop of my semen. When he had drained me, Cody came off my softening cock and began to plant hard kisses on my lips. I got my first taste of cum. I liked it.

OH GREAT!!! It was then time for me to get my first taste of a man's private dick and at that a huge python. Cody took me to his bed and he got flat on his back with his huge cock standing at attention. He began waiving his cock back and forth as he invited me to began sucking his favorite body part.

I grabbed the base of the huge cock, got a tight grip, cautiously lowered my mouth and lips around the big mushroom head and sucked hard. The taste of his raw meat was beyond the best dessert I had ever tasted. I sucked the leaking pre-cum to get my first taste of another man's jism. WOW, I loved it. Then so turned on, I went crazy taking the huge private dick inch by inch down my open throat. I was so wild with lust and crazed for my first taste of man meat that I succeeded in swallowing the entire dick. I would be hooked for life on getting a man's cock.

I began to bob up and down on this champion boner faster and faster. His cock was oozing spurt after spurt of pre-cum deep into my throat. The seminal fluid caused his dick and my mouth to become so wet that I managed to suck him off easier and easier. My first taste and smell of of a man's fresh meat was like nirvana. I actually began to get hard again. The eroticism from sucking his gorgeous cock was intoxicating.

I sucked the big cock with abandonment for the longest time until all at once I felt an eruption and gushers of cum flood my throat. The force of the eruptions were so great that I swallowed as fast as I could while gagging from the overflow. WOW, the taste and feel was so terrific.

When Cody was spent, he pulled his softening cock out of my mouth. I was so horny and in love with his meat that I began licking up and down that hot cock shaft until his cock was as clean as if he had just finished showering.

We were now exhausted as Cody said: "Trevor, how did you like your first man meat? Do you like blowjobs? Was the taste of my meat and semen what you wanted?"

"Oh Cody, I loved my first taste of man meat and cum. Yea, I'm now a lover of cock. I'll never get enough of that tool. Can we do this again before I leave town?"

"Hey Buddy, lets take a short break and you can have my cock again."

"Oh Fuck, Cody, I can hardly wait."


Naughty Eric


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