I was still reeling from the whole evening when I walked back into our room and stopped as I closed the door behind me. Mike was sitting on the edge of his bed, naked of course, that was pretty normal. And he was stroking his cock, which had become pretty normal. 'I was hoping you would come home soon,' he said looking up at me and holding his cock.

'What do you mean?' I asked, still unsure of what was going on.

'I mean that was so hot last night, us jacking off for each other, you watching me and me watching you. I thought it would be hot to do it again. So I was horny and I was hoping you would come back to the room and you did!'

He slowly stroked his cock up and down as he spoke and the sight of this naked guy stroking his cock once again mesmerized me. My mouth was dry and nothing much came out, 'I, ah, well, ah.'

He laughed, 'It's okay. If you aren't cool about it, that's okay. I just thought you enjoyed that last night.'

'No, I did get off on it,' I said, trying to get to the point. 'But I didn't think you would want to watch me. I thought you liked me watching you.' I got it all out.

He smiled, 'Yes, I like you watching me. Didn't take much to figure that out.' He smiled broader. 'But I liked seeing you get hot and horny watching me jack off. The fact that you came from watching me was hot and that you were jerking off looking at my body really turned me on.' He didn't seem embarrassed or ashamed by anything he said.

He looked down at my shorts, 'And looks like you are enjoying watching me stroke right now.' I looked down and realized my cock was beginning to tent my shorts. There was no denying now that it was turning me on.

'Yes, for some reason it does get be hard watching you jerk off.' I couldn't believe I was admitting that. 'But that was the only time I have jerked off in front of anyone. It was very new to me.'

'Didn't it get you hornier knowing someone was watching you as you jerked off?'

I really hadn't thought about it that way, but I guess it did. I had just been so into watching him and buzzed, it just seemed the right thing to do. 'Yeah, I guess it did,' I admitted.

'Then get naked and on your bed and let's get going. I need to cum and have been sitting here stroking waiting for you to get back.'

He took his hands off his cock then and sat back on his elbows and starred at me, waiting for me to strip, I figured. My eyes stayed on his cock as I toed off my trainers, and unbuttoned the shirt I was wearing. Then I put my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts and pushed them and my boxers to the floor. My dick plopped out and went rigid, pointing to the ceiling.

'Nice! And it looks ready to go,' he said looking me up and down. I sat down on my bed opposite him and spread my legs. I was staring at his cock and he at mine. He made his jerk and I did the same. He sat up reached between his mattress and box springs and tossed me a bottle, 'Try some of this.'

I looked at the bottle I had caught, 'KY warming lube' it said. I looked up at him. 'Put a bit on your cock and start stroking.' I put a couple of drops on the head of my cock, snapped the cover closed and tossed it back to him. I then began to slide the lube down my cock. I enjoyed the sensation. I looked over to see him applying some to his cock.

When he finished he pushed back on his bed, back against the wall and slowly stroked his cock. I moved back against the wall and did the same. It became the mirror again, only this time I wasn't buzzed, I was doing this just because I wanted to and he had asked.

He switched hands and I switched hands to keep the mirror image going. I had not used my right hand much to jerk off with, but it felt great watching him. He would squeeze and tweak a nipple and I would follow, enjoying the sensations that raced across my chest as I did that. He switched to the other nipple and I did the same, all the while slowly stroking our cocks.

He played with his nuts, rolling them around in his hand and massaging them and I did as well, a moan escaping my lips. We kept this up for a long time, slowly working our cocks and exploring our bodies for the other one.

At one point he moved down and spread his legs, exposing his hole and he rubbed the area between his balls and his hole. I could see the hairs the surrounded his hole. I moved and exposed mine as well. He lifted an arm and licked his armpit and I did the same and then the other side. There was nothing that was hidden from the other.

He began to pick up the pace a bit, rubbing his fingers across the head of his cock with each stroke. I matched him stroked for stroke and rub for rub. My eyes never left his body and his never left mine.

He would rub the inside of his thighs and I did as well, relishing the feeling that that produced. He was showing me all kinds of erotic places on my body that I hadn't noticed or found before.

Then he picked up the pace some more and I noticed his balls had drawn up on either side of his cock. He moaned a couple of times and breathing quickened. I realized I was matching his breathing as well. Then our hands began to really pump, I knew I was feeling the rush of the on coming climax and was going towards it at a fast pace and he was matching it. He cupped his balls in one hand and pounded with the other one, I did likewise. His pace became frantic. I matched it and knew it was imminent.

I watched as cum spurted from his cock as mine erupted. He arched his back and pumped his cock in the air, sending rope after rope of cum shooting into the air and landing across his chest. I was matching him spurt for spurt and feeling the hot cum land on my chest. He worked his cock to get every drop out of it and I did the same.

When he finished shooting he lay back panting and I relaxed as well, trying to come back from that fog and blur of lust that orgasm brings. I had just jacked off with my roommate again! And it had been hot!

I watched as he wiped up a gob of cum and brought it to his mouth. I did the same. He sucked his finger clean and I followed suit.

He then sat there looking at me with a smile on his face, 'That was so fucking hot!' He wiped up some more cum and brought it to his mouth. Mesmerized still, I did the same. I was eating my own cum!

He reached over and picked up my boxers, wiped up the remaining wet streak from his chest and tossed me my boxers, 'Here wipe up the wet spots.' I caught the boxers and wiped my chest with it. He sat up on the edge of his bed and held out his hand.

I put down his boxers on my bed and reached across with my hand.

'To roommates!' He said grabbing my hand and shaking it. I shook his as well.

'Thanks!' He got up from his bed, 'I am going to grab a quick shower and head off back to class. And what are you up to?'

'Yeah, I'll probably do the same.' He grabbed his towel and his stuff and headed out the door. I sat there for a moment thinking about everything. I looked over at his boxers on my bed, I picked them up and brought them to my nose, smelling the smell of him and of my cum. My cock stirred. What was going on?

I got my robe and put it on, grabbed a towel and my stuff and headed down to the showers. There were other guys there, but only Mike and I in the showers. We didn't repeat our show, but he left the curtain open a bit, so I could watch him bathe and I did the same.

We dried, brushed teeth and brushed hair and headed back to our rooms, me in my robe, him with just his towel over his shoulder. It never bothered him when he passed people in the halls. He would just wave and talk as if he wasn't naked.

Back in the room, he was putting on shorts, no boxers this time and a t-shirt. 'You okay with this?' he asked to my back as I had turned my back to him as I dressed.

'Yeah, it is just new for me. But you are right, it was hot!' I said, without any panic in my voice.

'Okay, wanted to make sure you were okay, because I thought it was fucking awesome!' He patted me on the back and said, 'See you this evening. Want to do dinner together?'

'Sure. What time?'

'How about 6? Want to go to the cafeteria, or someplace else?'

I really wanted someplace else but had no money for that. 'I guess the cafeteria,' I said, kind of half hearted.

'Hey, let's celebrate, my treat. We'll go out. I know this great little diner and we can go there.

'Sounds good,' my voice sounding more positive.

'Great! See you then.' He went out and closed the door.

I put my shoes on and grabbed my stuff and headed off to classes. I thought about what we had done several times through my remaining classes. My cock would stir when I thought about it.

I got back to my room and Mike wasn't there. I got some homework done and played on my computer a bit. Just before 6, Mike came in. 'All set?'

'Yeah,' I said, not realizing how glad I was to see him.

'Okay, let's go.' He grabbed his keys and we headed down to his car. As he drove he looked over at me and said, 'Want to whip it out while we drive along?'

'No!' I said, shunning the thought of it. Not that I would mind if he took his out.

'Chicken!' he said and reached down and unzipped his shorts and pulling his cock out. As he drove it swelled until it was hitting the stirring wheel. He stroked it a couple of times. I sat at watched his cock, he would look over at me and see that I was looking at his cock and smile. My own cock was getting hard watching him with his out in the car as we drove along the public roads.

When we pulled into the diner parking lot, he stuffed his cock back into his shorts and worked the head up until it was trapped in the waistband, and zipped up. He turned off the engine and we headed into the diner. We got a booth towards the back, Mike insisted that I sit next to him and the waiter gave us menus.

My mouth was watering as I looked at the choices - cafeteria food was getting boring. We placed our orders and Mike talked about his classes and asked about mine. After a minute or so, he nudged my elbow and I looked over at him. He had his dick out under the table. He was sitting against the window as I sat closest to the aisle. He scooted back a bit and I could see his whole cock. He had it out of the zipper stroking it. He smiled as he saw the expression on my face.

'Why do you do that?' I asked.

'I don't know, I just get off on being naked in public. I like showing off for you. Having my cock out in this place gets me going. All of it.'

He scooted forward as the waiter brought out food. I dug into mine and we chatted about family and schools while we ate. At one point I had my right hand down at my side, he reached over with his left, took my hand and placed in over his cock in his lap. It was rock hard. I jerked my hand back and he chuckled. 'What you have never felt a hard cock before?'

I blushed afraid the waiter or someone would hear him. 'No, I haven't ever felt another guy's cock, hard or soft.' I whispered.

'I just wanted to show you that I was still hard. Cheez, I didn't want to upset you,' he said apologetically.

'No, I am not upset. Just surprised and a bit embarrassed. I am afraid someone will see you this way.'

'Look, I don't mind if anyone sees me this way. I don't mind if you put your hand on my cock. I just like having my cock out. Besides,' he reached over and put his hand on my crotch and felt my hard cock, 'it appears you are hot as well.'

I flinched as he squeezed my cock through my shorts, but it was true, I was turned on seeing him hard and exposed.

We had finished dinner then and he placed an order for dessert, then told me, 'Look, I have to go to the john, let me out.' I got up trying to cover my tent as I did. He had put his cock away and I guess trapped it again in the waistband of this shorts. 'Come with me,' he said conspiratorially.

I followed him into the men's room. There were two urinals side by side, he went up to one and motioned me to the other one. I watched as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He stroked it several times. 'Now your turn,' he said.

I was locked in on his cock, but I looked around the bathroom before opening my own zipper and pulling my hard cock out. 'Yeah, I thought, so.' He said, stroking his cock some more.

I know I must have blushed, but stayed right there standing next to him with my rod out in a public restroom of this diner. I knew the door wasn't locked and probably didn't have a lock on this side of the door anyway. I didn't look to check. I was looking at his dick.

He reached over and squeezed my dick. I jumped and pulled back. 'See nothing wrong with feeling another guy's dick. It just makes me realized how turned on you are to see me like this.' He looked up at me, 'Give it a try.'

He stood there with his cock out and hands away, waiting for me to take it. I was truly mesmerized and just followed his instructions. I reached over and took his cock in my hand. I heard him sigh, but I was amazed at its warmth and the feel. Yes, I have felt mine many times, but to have a cock in my hand that wasn't mine, felt so different, so wild, and so strange. I squeezed it in my fist and he sighed again.

He reached over then and squeezed my cock as I had done his. It sent a surge of electricity through my body. A guy had my cock in his hand! He stroked mine up and down with his right hand and I, with my left hand, stroked his. The sensation was so wild. I was stroking someone else's cock, but feeling the sensations in mine.

I moaned and that brought me back to reality. We were standing in a public restroom holding each other's hard cocks. I started to pull away and he said, 'No, just go for it, finish it, make it happen for you and for me.' I guess he sensed my panic or concern and he said, 'If someone opens the door, just go back to pretending you are pissing until they leave.'

I really didn't want to let go of his cock, so I took it firmly in hand and began stroking. He did the same. There seemed to be an urgency in his stroking and I picked up on it and we began frantically working to bring the other off as quickly as possible. And due to the situation, it wasn't going to take much to get me off. I was very horned up over the whole situation and wanted to reach that pleasure point quickly.

Mike was at the same point because it wasn't long before he was moaning his climax pending moan. That pushed me closer and soon I was shooting from his pumping hand he was shooting from mine. It was incredibly intense. My cock gets so sensitive after I cum, that I had to pull away from him after I shot. He let go, I guess understanding. I continued to milk the cum from his cock.

When I released his cock, I looked up and saw him smiling and looking me in the eyes. He brought his hand to his mouth and licked off the cum. Just as I did, them same I realized it was his cum I was eating and him mine. Oh Shit! What was going on?

He licked his finger clean and then shook his cock once or twice and stuck it back in his pants and zipped up. As I did the same, he said, 'Now are you ready for a second dessert?' He smiled and led the way back to the booth where we had our dessert.

I had a difficult time keeping up my half of the conversation as I kept thinking about what had just happened and each time I did, my cock would jerk.

Back in the car, I said, or started to say, 'Mike, I, ah,...'

'Wait. Before you say anything. Let me say something. That was incredibly awesome. It totally blew me away. I got so off on that. You doing me, doing you in that public bathroom, was so fucking amazing.' He sounded high. But it took the guilt and sting out of what I had been thinking. Yeah, it had been hot.

'Yeah, you are right, it was fucking hot!' I laughed a nervous laugh. 'I have never done anything like that before! But yeah, it was wild.'

I laughed for a bit and he did as well.

Back in our room, I said, 'Mike can we keep this just between us?'

He looked at me strangely as he got undressed, 'Like whom am I going to tell that I just jacked my roommate off while he jacked me off?' He laughed. I realized the truth of what he said and felt a bit calmer.

'Mike, have you done this before? Jacked off with a guy, I mean jacked him off?'

He sat back on his bed, naked as usual, and said, 'Yeah, lots of times. There were a couple of guys in my high school and we would get together now and then and have circle jerks and once in a while we would jack the other guy. Feels good, doesn't it.'

Put that way, I had to agree, but the image of him with a couple of other naked guys standing around stroking each other made my cock swell. And I don't know why, but I asked, 'What did the other guys look like?'

He smiled, 'You mean, what did their cocks look like?'

I blushed and said, 'Well, yes, and the rest of their body?'

He chuckled, 'They were all jocks like me. One guy had a really dark complexion and had thick hair on his chest, down his stomach to a thick black nest of hair surrounding his cock. His cock was thicker than mine, but not as long. And his balls hung down more than anyone else's. He was the ruby player.

'One guy was red haired, with fair freckled skin and the reddest, kinkiest hair circling his cock. His cock wasn't too thick but was at least as long as mine and uncut. His balls were tight and close to his body. He was the swimmer, with a long lean body.

'Another guy looked like a farm boy, rosy cheeks (face and butt)' he chuckled again, 'he had straight brown hair and the hair around his cock was nearly straight but wiry. He was the shortest of us, cock-wise, but it never kept him from using it!

'And the last guy was a surfer looking dude, bleach blond hair, smooth chest, kind of a reddish blond blush around his cock. His cock hung down over his balls when he was soft and his balls were the biggest of all of ours.'

His cock had gotten heavy while he described the other guys. I was getting hard as well.

'How did you all meet?'

'We were in junior high school together and our houses were near each other, we used to just hang out together all the time. Then we started getting hair around our dicks and all we started showing each other. That kind of grew into a kind of sharing - I'll show you mine if you'll you me yours - kind of thing. You never had guys that you hung around with?'

'Nah, I was always kind of a loner. I was an only child and not too many kids in our neighborhood. I was on the track team and all, but no close friends. Went hiking and camping with my dad and family friends, cousins and all.'

'Too bad, seems like you missed out on some stuff.' He smiled.

'Well, you seem to be trying to catch me up on what I missed,' I said, jokingly.

'I don't mind. You seem like a great guy and have a good body and enjoy getting off whenever you can. It is the least I can do.' He was flipping his cock back and forth while he spoke. It was nearly hard, but not quite.

'So you just used to sit around naked as a group and jack each other off?' I said, wanting to hear more.

'Usually, once a week, we would meet at one of our houses, usually when the parents were gone or in the basement. Someone would score some porn and we would sit around looking at it and talking smack about it and trying to brag about what we would do with the chick or how we would use our cocks, etc.

'When everyone was hot and horny, someone would haul out their cock and just start stroking. We had all been rubbing the front of our shorts anyway or reaching inside, and it wasn't like we already didn't know we all wanted to jerk off. It just took one guy to get everything started.'

'And let me guess, that guy was usually you.' I said.

'Well, yeah, I guess it was. As I have said, I like being naked and jacking off for people.'

'You say people, but did you ever do it for a girl?' I wondered aloud.

'Sure, a couple of times on dates, I could tell that she wanted to see me naked. So I would shed my clothes and let her look at me. It always seemed to get them hot.'

'Did you ever jack off for them?'

'Yes, especially when they wouldn't put out - which seemed to be most of the time, if I was honest. I would end up jacking off for them, so they could watch.' He was now fully hard and slowly playing with the skin on his shaft moving it up and around.

'And what did they think about you jerking off for them?' I was becoming mesmerized by his cock again and wanted to know if other people got the same way.

'Most really liked it. They said they liked that I would do it for them instead of making them do something to me. One girl thought it was disgusting and threatened to tell my parents. I told her, 'Who do you think taught me how to do this?'' he laughed, 'She got out of the car and ran home.'

'Is that true?' I asked incredulously.

'Yeah, she got right out of the car and headed back to her house.'

'No, I mean about where you learned to jack off?'

'Oh, yeah. My dad taught me.'

I was so curious, 'What do you mean taught? Like showed you in books or something'

'No. When I was 13, we were home alone one night and I guess he decided it was time for my sex talk. He called me into his room. He was in bed, sitting in bed, covers over him, except for his chest, which was bare above the covers.

'He asked me how I was doing and how school was and all and then he got around to sex. He wanted to know if I was getting a class on it in school and if I had any questions. We had a pretty good relationship and there wasn't much we didn't talk about. I told him I didn't think so.

'He explained that if I hadn't already that I would soon be masturbating or jacking off. He wanted to know if I knew what that meant. I said I had read about it and all. He wanted to know if I had any questions on techniques and I asked what he meant by that.

'He kind of smiled and said, 'Well, there are lots of ways to jerk off, I mean masturbate and some have different feelings than others.'

'I told him, I only knew of one way and he laughed. He asked if I wanted him to show me different techniques. I guess I laughed and said yes, thinking he was going to bring out a book. But he flipped back the covers exposing his naked body. Now I had seen my dad naked many times so this was nothing new.

'But he proceeded to show me how get got himself hard, manipulating his cock. Then once he was hard, he showed me different ways to jerk off. I guess he could tell that I was hard, because he had me get up the bed beside him and take off my shorts and follow his examples.'

I gulped, 'Really?'

'Sure. He is a cool dad and he showed me several different ways of jacking off and made sure I understood each one and how to do them.'

'Like what?' I asked hanging on every word now, my hand over my crotch squeezing my dick.

He laughed, 'You probably know all of these. There is the soft and slow,' and as he named them off, he demonstrated them on his own cock, much the way his father must have. He had his thumb on one side and his first and index finger on the other side gently stroking up and down, 'Very little pressure.'

'Then there is the squeeze and choke,' He laughed as he gripped his cock with his whole hand and squeezed tightly.

'Then there is the backward stroke,' he took his hand and reversed it. 'The knob rubber,' he went back to gripping but as he stroked up he stroked over the head of his cock with his finger.

'You're kidding. You are just making these up. You dad didn't set there and show you all of these!' I was incredulous.

'Not kidding! I said, he's a cool dad. He taught he about 10 different ways to stroke and ended up shooting with me by the time we got done.'

'You're shitting me! Your dad jerked off with you and shot a load?' I was flabbergasted, my did wouldn't never have done that, much less even talk about it.

'Yeah, I told you, he taught me how to jerk off and showed me and came when I came. And,' he smiled very mischievously, 'he taught me to taste my cum!'

'Now, I know you are lying!'

He got very defensive then, 'I am not lying! He sat there and said, 'And you can always taste your cum, when you finish and if you like the taste you can eat it all. It is nothing but protein and I always hated to waste mine.' We can call him up right now and ask him if you don't believe me.'

'Okay, I believe you, I believe you! But did he say he jacked off a lot?'

He laughed, 'Yes, he said he jacks off whenever he can. He can't always get enough sex from mom and sometimes just wants to jerk off to enjoy it or relieve tension. He told me he cums at least once a day, sometimes twice. Going into the men's room at work and jerking off during the day.'

'Did you ever jerk off with him again?'

'No. Well, one time he walked into my room while I was jerking off. He told me to continue and asked if needed any more instructions. But he laughed and said it looked like I didn't need any more instructions and that I looked like I was enjoying myself. He watched me stroke for a bit and then wished me well and left.'

'Cheez, I wish my dad was that cool. I was always afraid there were going to find out and that they would say I was doing something wrong!'

'Nah, my dad was cool. He told me about putting some Kleenex in my shorts after I shot, so that nothing would drip and show up on my pants. Not only did he teach me how to eat my cum, he taught me about keeping a cum sock or rag to wipe up with afterwards. Just keep using the same one over and over and then put it in the wash when Ii was ready to get it cleaned.'

'Didn't your mom freak out or something when she did the laundry?'

'Well, we all took turns doing laundry. And no, no one freaked out. Dad had one and I had one and each of my two brothers had one, and we all knew which was whose and what it was used for. It would just end up folded and stacked with the laundry.'

'Man, you had a cool childhood. No wonder you are so free and wild about being nude and jerking off and all. What did your brothers do? I mean did you ever catch them jerking off.'

'There wasn't really any catching, but it was an okay thing to do. So if you went into one of their rooms unannounced you might find one of them jacking off. They were older than I was and always seemed to be jerking off, if they weren't out with their girlfriends.

'Yes, it was great. So that's how I got the way I am. And, hey, if you ever have any questions about me, about anything, just ask. I will answer for you.'

'Yeah, Mike, you too.' I said, because that is what I should do.

It was going to be an interesting year a college, I could tell.

To be continued


Harry Rod



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