Hey, it's not like I am prude or anything, but I was surprised when I met Mike for the first time. I opened the door to my dorm room and there was Mike standing in the room naked. I thought I had walked on him changing or something, so I started to apologize, 'Hey, I am sorry. Didn't know you were changing.'

'No, it's okay. I wasn't changing, just unpacking my stuff. I hope you don't mind I took this desk and bed,' he pointed to the bed on the right.

'No, ahh, that's fine.' I was still dumbfounded to see this naked guy standing in my room. 'I'm Tim, Tim Matthews.' I held out my hand.

He took it and shook it. 'Mike, Mike Peters,' he said pumping my hand. He was about the same height as I was, six feet two inches. He was lean and muscled, with light brown hair that was a bit shaggy. He had a patch of hair on his chest between his pecs. He had a trail of hair that led from his navel down to his cock. A thatch of straight brown hair framed a cock that hung limp about 4 inches down over two egg-sized nuts. His legs and arms were covered with fine brown hairs that were not thick but readily apparent.

I took all this in, in a matter of seconds. He let go of my hand and asked, 'What high school did you go to?' He turned his back to me and I saw his well-muscled back and butt. His butt had the same fine hair on it.

'I went upstate to Tech, and you?'

'I went to good old JFK.' He chuckled, 'I wonder how many high schools are named, JFK or MLK, etc?'

So he hadn't told me which JFK he went to. I tried to be civil, 'So did you do any sports?'

'Some basketball, and track, but I liked swimming the most. And you?' he said, turning back to face me.

'I ran the mile and relays and swam as well.'

'Maybe that's why they roomed us together.'

'Yeah.' I started unpacking then. He kept up a running conversation while he put away his stuff, set up his computer, speakers, bed, etc. He was not at all ill at ease about being naked in front of me.

Now don't get me wrong, as I said, I am not a prude, but I wasn't used to having a naked guy standing next to me other than in a locker room. And I am not homophobic. In fact, I have found myself looking at guys in the locker room more than once. I have even wondered about sex with a guy. Again, don't jump to conclusions; I have had my share of girls, well one girl. I got laid at least once or twice in high school. Now, it was the same girl. It wasn't like I was out scoring with a different girl every week. Kim was pretty steady with me and was fun to be with.

But back to Mike, he did put on some shorts and a t-shirt to head down to dinner, but when we got back upstairs, he slipped them off and went back to being naked. I guess he saw the questioning look on my face and said, 'Okay, I'll tell you. I just like being naked. If I am in my room, I am naked. I hope it doesn't freak you out or anything.'

'No, it's okay by me, just unusual.' He stayed naked and only put on a robe to go to the bathroom down the hall and then it wasn't tied too tight.

When it was time to go to bed, I stripped to my boxers and went to bed; he climbed onto his bed and lay naked on top of it. I couldn't get his image out of my mind. I had looked up throughout our time in the room, like I wanted to see if he was really still naked.

After the first couple of days, we settled into a routine. He put on clothes only to go to class, meals, anytime he was out of the room, otherwise he was naked. A robe to go to the bathroom on the floor and that was it. It got so I didn't noticed quite as much.

I did feel I couldn't bring people back to my room because of Mike, but then he would bring guys back to his room and strip as soon as he was in the room. He just carried on a conversation or worked on the computer or whatever with them.

More and more I would wander around in my boxers in my room. Then about a week or two after we moved in, I came home one afternoon and he was laying on his bed, naked, stroking his rigid cock.

I started to apologize and turned to leave, when he said, 'It's okay. Don't leave. It's your room, too.' He made no attempt to cover his cock or hide it. He did remove his hand from it. It was thick and about 7 inches long, and the head was wet.

I looked up from his cock to his face and kind of stammered, 'Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt.'

'No problem, and don't be embarrassed, I am not. All guys jack off; it is just a normal thing. Or don't you jack off?'

I looked him in the face and got kind of silly grin on my face, 'Yeah, I jack off. I just usually don't do it where I will be caught 'red handed.'' And chuckled a bit.

'Yeah, like at night when you think I am asleep or when you wake up with morning wood and you think I am still asleep.' My mouth dropped open.

'No, it's not like I am spying on you, but it is kind of difficult not to notice when you sleep about 3 feet away from my bed. And you aren't always so quite.'

'Oh,' I managed to say.

'Hey, it's cool. I understand. If you want me to stop, I will, I don't want to embarrass you.'

What could I say? 'No, it's okay, go ahead, do whatever you need to do.'

'Okay, if you are sure you don't mind.' Without waiting for an answer he went back to stroking his cock. He lifted a book and read some and stroked and then he put the book down after a bit and concentrated on pumping his cock. Soon he was moaning and stiffening his legs and then he began to shoot. I really didn't mean to look, but with the sounds of pleasure coming from his bed, I had to look, right?

He shot several times across his chest as he stroked the loads out of his cock. His balls had drawn up tight against his cock. He shuddered a bit and then shook his cock a couple of times to get the strings of cum off of it. 'Wow, that was good. Thanks for letting me finish.'

He reached down and wiped up his cum and put it to his lips and licked his fingers clean. He did that several times. He looked over at me and smiled. 'I just love the taste of my cum.' He licked his finger one more time. 'Come on don't tell me you've never tasted your own cum!' He waited for me answer.

For some stupid reason I blushed, 'Yeah, I have tasted it.'

He laughed, picked up a schoolbook and went back to studying. His cock went limp and glistened a bit on his stomach. I couldn't get the image of him stroking off out of my mind. After about 30 minutes or so of thinking about this, I headed off to the bathrooms and sat in a toilet stall and when everyone was out of the place, jerked off.

I felt like if he could get off, so could I. It didn't take me long before I was shooting my load into the toilet. I wiped up the last of the cum that dripped off my cock and brought it to my lips. I had wanted to taste it before I shot, but now it was difficult to do. I wiped off my finger, pulled up my pants and headed back to the room.

Mike was, of course, still naked lying on his bed. I went back to my desk, got on my computer and worked on a paper I had due. At some point, Mike turned off his light, said, 'Goodnight,' and turned over and went to sleep on top of his covers, his naked backside facing me.

I looked at it and noticed how the hair on his butt went in a pattern that was mirrored on the other side. Not like he had a lot, it was fine brown hair and stood out in contrast to his white ass.

I stared at him for a bit and then went back to work. After a while I grew tired, I turned off the computer, lights, stripped to my boxers and got in bed under the covers. I read for a bit, but was tired and turned off the reading light and was quickly asleep.

When I woke in the morning, I remembered having dreams of naked people and the images were fading as I woke up more, but was Mike in them? I had morning wood and looked over to see if Mike was still sleeping. He appeared to be. So I slipped my boxers down and started stroking my cock under the covers. It felt so good to wrap my hand around it and stroke it. I liked a firm grip with my left hand and with my right played with my balls. I also liked to run the head of my cock back and forth on the sheets that covered me. The friction was such a delicious feeling.

I was really getting into it and glanced over to make sure Mike was still asleep to see him watching me and smiling. I started to stammer out something, when he said, 'Look, it's okay. I said I was fine with it last night. It doesn't bother me at all that you are jerking your cock.' His own cock was hard and he had his hand on it. 'See I woke up with a woody as well.' He pushed his cock up as he said this.

'So you don't have to hide under the covers and jerk off. It's okay. We are both guys and there is nothing wrong with it.' But I didn't uncover my cock, but my cock, which has softened a bit at his discovery, was getting hard again.

'Suit yourself. But I am going to jack off now.' He rolled onto his back, got out a book and after reading a couple of pages put it down and really went to work on his cock. He used his right hand. Hadn't he used his left hand last night? And while he stroked it he played with his nipples, squeezing them tightly one at a time. He would hiss when he squeezed them, but his hand never stopped its work on his cock. He used his thumb and first two fingers to stroke his cock.

It became sort of a competition then. I continued to stroke my cock, even if I was self-conscious of doing so in front of my roommate. Soon both of us were moaning and going with the pleasure of it. I know I was getting lost in the sensations. At some point when I knew I was close I really didn't care who was around because I new the rush was coming fast.

I pumped away and gently squeezed my balls and soon was shooting hot loads on my chest. I kept stroking not wanting to lose that wonderful feeling. When my eyes unclenched and my legs relaxed I look over out the corner of my eye and saw that Mike had shot as well and was milking the head of his cock to get all the cum out. As before he wiped up some cum and took it to his mouth and licked his fingers clean.

He looked over at me, smiled and said, 'Go ahead, and try it.' I blushed a bit again. Now that I had cum, I wasn't so bold about what I had done. But I couldn't woos out. So I dipped my finger in the puddle on my stomach and then brought it to my lips and licked it clean. Not bad - salty and all, but not terribly bad. The whole room smelled like bleach though. I always thought that cum smelled that way and now with two guys worth in the room, it seemed redolent with the smell.

I grabbed my sock from under my bed that used to wipe up my cum and wiped up the rest. I pulled my boxers back up and got out of bed. I grabbed a towel and my shaving kit and with out another word, headed down to the bathroom to piss and clean up.

He was never shy about exposing himself. We would be out making a run for food and he would say something like, 'Watch this,' and would pull his shorts down or off and ride around naked in the car. It seemed to get him going because he usually got a hard on when he did it. He would try to entice me to join him, but didn't seem to mind when I didn't. I figured I was driving so I needed to concentrate on the road. But I kept looking over at him, sitting naked next to me stroking his cock.

One time he kept stroking until he shot a load right there as we drove down the road.

If we went to a fast food drive through, he might drop something over his cock, but his naked thighs and sides indicated to anyone who looked that he was naked with just a t-shirt or shorts over his cock.

I sometimes found myself getting hard riding around with him naked. I could never tell what he was going to do next. One time in the drive through line, we had a young high school guy at the window and Mike said, 'Watch this,' and took the covering off of his cock and sat there naked and hard. When the kid came back to hand us our food, he nearly dropped the bag when he saw Mike sitting there naked. Of course, Mike had to stroke his cock a couple of times while we sat there.

The other thing he would do is take a piss anywhere. I was piss shy. I like to piss in private. But not Mike, we would be walking around campus at night and he would stop, pull out his cock and piss and continue talking.

Or we would be in our room and he would have to piss and he would grab an empty can and piss into while he continued talking, watching TV, studying or whatever. The first time I saw that, I was amazed. After that I'd be studying and I'd hear the sound of piss filling a can and turn and there he would be standing in the center of the room, pissing into a can!

He would even ask me to stop while we were driving around and he would step out of the car naked and piss along side the road. If a car came by and tooted their horn, he would just wave and continue pissing.

When I asked him about it once, he said, he had been pissing in front of his brothers since he was a kid and it never bothered him. He said in high school he used to win bets with guys in the school. He would bet them that he could piss in their pants pocket and they wouldn't believe he could. Then he would whip out his cock, put it the guy's front pocket and piss away. Guys got where they would bet he wouldn't do it just to get him to do it in unique places. He said he did it in the school restrooms, the school library and even in the cafeteria once. I imagined the guy receiving the piss, what he must feel like having his pants soaked with another guy's piss.

When I thought of that, I always felt my cock stir. Mike never hesitated to answer my questions about his exhibitionism, and his pissing. He answered questions that I would have thought would have been too personal or too intimate, like when was the first time he jacked off, or what was the wildest place he jacked off or what he thought of when he jerked off.

He said he always thought about people watching him when he jerked off. He always liked being on display. It made him so hot and turned on, he added.

It got to be that he would want to take his cock out when ever we were together. We would be in the library and he would unzip his pants and pull it out. We were working at a study table, sitting side by side. I hear the unmistakable sound of a zipper and looked over to see him unzipping his shorts and then pushing them down.

He sat there stroking his cock. I kept stealing glances and then heard him making little moaning sounds and knew that meant he was close to cumming. He kept on - I had thought sure he would stop. He kept on until he shot his load right there under the study table, letting it coat the rug between his feet.

When he was finished, he looked at me, smiled and said, 'You ought to try it. Nothing better to refresh your mind, recharge your body and get you ready for more studying.' Then he would bring up a cum covered finger and lick it off.

Sometimes after one of his performances, I would wait a bit, then go off to the men's room and rub one off myself. I would always think that it was the thought of getting off that would want me to get off as well.

Then things began to change. I mean I began to think a bit differently. It all started when we were walking back from a party we had gone to. There were kegs there and we got to drink a lot of beer without anyone hassling us about our age.

We had about a mile walk back to the dorms and halfway back I had to piss something fierce. I told Mike that I needed to find a store or a McDonald's or something so I could take a leak.

He laughed and told me I was a grown up now and I could piss wherever I wanted to. He led me over to some bushes along the path and told me to go ahead and let loose. I didn't think I would be able to do it. I hauled out my dick and stood there with it waving in the wind as I kind of rocked back on my heels. Nothing happened.

Mike stood looking at me with my dick out for a while, then said, 'Okay, let's see if I piss, if that will help you.' He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, pointed it at the bush and started peeing. I stood mesmerized by his cock. He noticed, stopped pissing and said, 'Okay, I am not going to piss anymore until you do.'

I still couldn't get the flow going, then I thought of something, 'Say, I bet you can't piss in my pocket!'

'What do you want to bet?'

'Five bucks!' I didn't have five bucks but figured he really couldn't do it anyway.

'Okay, you're on.' He moved up closer to me and pulled open my right front pocket and stuck his dick in. We were now standing nearly face to have as he did this. In just a matter of seconds I felt the warmth of his piss begin to soak my pants. I started to pull away, but he grabbed my shoulders and held me in place. As the warmth spread across my crotch, I felt my own piss let go. So I was now pissing down the front of his pants while he pissed in my pocket.

It seemed that we pissed for 10 - 15 minutes, but it probably wasn't that long. When he pulled away from me, his cock was beginning to swell and I saw that mine was as well. He looked down at his pants and then at mine and started laughing.

I realized we were both covered in piss now and started laughing too, all the while standing there with our dicks out. Finally, we wiped the tears from our eyes. I was the first to work to put my cock back into my soaked pants. I then watched as he flipped his up and down and bit, like he was shaking off the last drops, 'Don't want any to get on my pants!' And we started laughing again.

He finally put his dick away and we walked back to the dorm, with our arms around each other's shoulders. We made it back to our rooms without being spotted by the RA. In the room, he stripped off his wet clothes as soon as he was in the room. I sat on my chair to remove my shoes and was going to remove my pants as well, but still wasn't that comfortable being naked in front of Mike.

He walked over to me and stood about 8 inches from me - his cock waving in front of my face, 'Pay up.'


'You owe me five bucks,' he said holding out his hand, rubbing his thumb across his fingers in the universal sign for money.

I made a gesture of searching my pants pockets, then looked up at his face and said, 'I thought I had the money, must have blown it at the party. I'll pay you next month, when I get my budget money.'

'Nope, a deals a deal. Five bucks or you'll owe me a favor.'

'What kind of favor?' I was thinking this would be a good way to get out of paying him money, something I didn't have a lot of.

'Just a favor. I will ask you sometime for a favor and you will have to do it. I don't know yet, what it will be or when it will be, but sometime in the next week, I will ask you to do something for me and you'll have to do it. Okay?'

'Sure,' I said, figuring I had gotten out having to lose any money, for doing his laundry or homework or something like that.

'Okay, great! Now, let's go take a shower and get this piss off of us.' He wiped his cock and then brought it to his nose to smell. 'Wow, do you smell that?'

I couldn't help but smell it, his crotch was just inches from my face and I couldn't take my eyes off of his cock as he hung over his golf ball sized nuts and his wiry, black pubic hair. After a moment or two I shook my head and realized I had been staring.

I stood up and almost bumped into Mike, 'Yeah, let's get a shower. I'll meet you there.' I suddenly didn't want Mike seeing me naked. My cock had begun to swell again. I didn't want him to think I was gay or something.

'No, come on. We are a team, we will go together, now get out of those wet clothes and get our towels and let's go.' He stood there looking into my face as he said it. I really had no choice and I guess the beer has loosen my inhibitions a bit, because I toed off my shoes, pulled off my shirt and then in one quick motion, pushed my shorts and boxers off. I think I blushed as I stood up and saw that I was getting bigger. I put my hands down to cover my crotch and Mike batted my hands away, saying, 'What, you don't think I have ever seen another guy's cock? Are you ashamed of it or something? Is it missing something?' He laughed.

I blushed again and stood there with my hands at my sides facing my roommate, stark naked.

'Hey, that's a good looking cock!' He turned then, grabbed a towel, put it over his shoulder, grabbed his shaving kit and stood and the door, 'Ready?'

I grabbed my towel, but wrapped it around my waist, grabbed my shower stuff. He opened the door and walked bare ass naked down the hall to the showers and I followed him, watching his muscular ass clinch and relax as he walked. I looked over his back and watched the play of muscles across the back and down to the narrow waist and that fine hair that he had on his ass and how it darkened as it clustered along his crack. Fuck! I was checking out my roommate's ass!

We got to the shower and it was empty. Mike took the last stall on the right and I took the last stall on the left. He adjusted the water, stepped in and left the curtain open. I stood and stared for a bit, watching the water run down his body and cascade off of his cock. I think he knew I was watching because he spent some time under the spray, letting it run over his head and down his body.

I kind of came to then and started my own shower. When the temperature was right, stepped in. I too left the shower curtain open. I put my head under the spray and let the water wash over me. It felt great. I always love showers. I like the way the water flows over my body touching every part. I frequently jack off in the shower, enjoying the jets of water beating on me as I beat my meat.

I was getting hard thinking about this and reached down and stroked my cock, enjoying the sensation. Then I remembered that the shower curtain was open. I opened my eyes and looked over at Mike. He was standing facing me, watching me and stroking his nearly rigid cock. When he saw me looking he smiled, 'It's okay, I like that feeling as well. Just go for it.'

Later, when I thought back on it, I couldn't believe I did it, but I stood there facing Mike, jacking off. We were both hard and we match our pace to each other. I was using my left and he was using his right, it was like a mirror image. He would play with his nuts and I would do the same. He would reach up and caress a nipple and tweak it and I would to.

We were stimulating ourselves in the same manner; whatever one did the other did as well. It was really mesmerizing - like looking in a mirror and watching myself jack off. Only this was Mike and we were jacking off for each other.

Our speed increased and I think our eyes rolled up at the same time and I heard Mike's moans over the shower as he got closer and closer to the edge. I was panting by then and felt my own groan/moan escaping as I reached that wonderful place of no return and then began to shoot. But I opened my eyes and watched as Mike shot as well. When I looked at his face, he was watching me shoot as well.

I kept stroking, until my cock became to sensitive to be under the spray and to touch it. I watched Mike stroke out the last of his cum. He shook his cock and looked me in the face and smiled. 'Yeah, roommates jerking off together, ain't nothing wrong with that!'

I blushed again, but stood there and watched as he soaped up that magnificent body and cleaned himself up. I soaped myself while I watched him. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He finished and rinsed off and still I watched as I rinsed.

I dried as I watched him dry. Then I wrapped myself in my towel as he through his towel over his shoulder and headed back to our room.

Back at our room, Mike sat down at his desk and worked on his computer as if nothing had happened. I got dressed in some boxers and a t-shirt and went to bed and tried to read. My mind was still meshed up from the beer and head. I lay there thinking about what had happened. It had been so hot and so strange!

I fell asleep and dreamed of Mike naked and pissing and jerking and I don't know what else. I woke up the next morning and Mike was asleep on top of his covers - naked of course with a morning hard on. I watched him sleep for a while, then shook my head, got up and dressed and headed out to breakfast and classes.

I thought of what had happened several times throughout the day. It was so strange. It was like something out of some porn story. Had I really done that with my roommate?

I was still reeling from the whole evening when I walked back into our room and stopped as I closed the door behind me. Mike was sitting on the edge of his bed, naked of course, that was pretty normal. And he was stroking his cock, which had become pretty normal. 'I was hoping you would come home soon,' he said looking up at me and holding his cock.

To be continued..


Harry Rod

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