Oliver held Felix upside fixing Felix's thighs on his shoulders and making him suck his cock upside down, while Oliver poured drops of liquor on Felix's grundle and genitals and licked and sucked it from there. Still holding him upside down, Oliver pressed Felix penis which opened his slit a little and he poured liquor in his slit and sucked it from there. That put Felix in lot of pain and he screamed out loud. Oliver placed him down on the carpet and untied his hands and Felix tightly cupped his penis and genitals.

Story Continued...

He brought me a glass of warm water.

"Here buddy, drink some warm water, take few deep breaths and walk a little, don't touch the penis or genitals, let them hang loose."

I stood up, drank the warm water, and took my hands off my penis and walked for a couple of minutes. He was right, I was back to normal in just a couple of minutes.

"Thanks Oliver, I feel fine now."

"That's okay buddy, you sure there's no pain, you can touch and check."

I confirmed, "Yeah, I am fine, there's no pain now."

"Now stretch your body, stretch your arms and legs, we are gonna take it to the next level Baby."

I had no idea what the next level was, but still, I was excited for it, I developed a liking for him, I was starting to fall in love with him. I was enjoying it.

I stretched my body, my arms and legs as he had instructed.

"Ok Baby, now face the wall and put your hands up on the wall."

I did as he said, he brought another bottle of liquor and placed it down beside my legs. He kissed the back of my neck and gently turned my head, gave me a tight kiss, rubbed my chest, twitched my nipples and simultaneously he was rubbing his erect cock in my crack.

He opened the bottle poured the liquor on my crack once again letting it flow down my legs, took a little in his hands and rubbed it on my penis and genitals. I thought he was once again going to put his fingers in my anus and perform the penetration, but no, he was up to something else.

He grabbed my butt cheeks tight and stretched them apart, exposing my anus, then with middle fingers of both his hands he started stretching my anus, that pained and I groan a little...


Then I felt his tongue penetrating my anus, I turned my head, his mouth was in between my butt cheeks. I could feel his tongue hitting me hard. That pained too. He again took a sip from the bottle, stretched open my anus and spit in it with all his might. He did that again a few more times and then inserted both his middle fingers in my anus and stretched it wider.

It pained but at the same time it also felt good. He then inserted his entire tongue inside my anus and rolled it up and down and round and round, like he did in my mouth when he kissed me. He then took out his tongue and spit on both my but cheeks and slapped them hard.

Again took a sip of liquor, spit on my butt cheeks and slapped them hard with all his might. I could feel my  butt cheeks turning red with that kind of beating. He then tightly grabbed my waist. I had no idea what he was about to do now.

I then felt the tip of his cock entering my anus, oh my god, I was scared to shit. Slowly and steadily he inserted half his cock inside me and and then pulled it out, again put it in and pulled it out, this went on for few minutes and then the speed of his cock entering and exiting from my anus started to increase, I was still facing the wall with both my hands pinned to the wall. It was starting to get rough and wild and by the time I could realize, at a sudden moment, with all his strength and might, he pushed his entire seven inch thick cock inside me. That pained like hell.

He kept it there like that, entire seven inch inside me for a while, my mouth was wide open in shock. He then grabbed me by my hair tightly  and pulled out entire seven inch and once again pushed it in with all strength tearing my anus wide open, he did again and again few more times until he was able to push it in comfortable, the diameter of my anal hole had elongated to an unbelievable size.

Now that his cock was comfortably able to slide in and and out, he continued fucking me, he fucked me wild and hard, he had so much strength in him, I was almost getting stuck on to the wall, he had to pull me back and continue with fucking. It was a never ending fuck, my cock got semi-erect, I let my left hand down and started stroking my cock, he grabbed my hand, pinned it up against the wall and said...

"No stroking or touching the cock and genitals, they are mine now, I'll make you cum, I'll make your cock squirt like it has never squirted before, I'll make it spit out all the cum that is hidden in your body."

The fucking didn't stop, he kept fucking me wild and hard even while he was talking. He pinned  both his hands upon my hands arresting and bonding my hands tight on the wall disabling them from moving away form the wall. He kept fucking me, the speed was increasing, now we both were drenched in sweat both our sweats mixing with each others body as well. I requested him...

"I need to pee, I need to pee badly..."

"So pee, pee here on the wall, but the fucking isn't going to stop."

I did as he said, I peed on the wall, while he continued to fuck me wild and hard, both my hands still tightly gripped up on the wall by his hands.

It didn't end there, as soon as I was done peeing, he turned me upside down, now I was in an handstand position, both my legs resting on the wall and he penetrated inside me and continued with the fucking.

He tightly grabbed both my legs and made me walk all across the room on my hands while continuing to fuck me, and after every few seconds he would tight slap my stomach, his four fingers got imprinted on my skinny stomach in blood red.

We walked a complete circle of the room and back to the wall where we started, he then stopped and helped me stand back to my normal position.

"Turn around and look at me baby."

I turned around, he gently pushed me on the wall, making me rest my sweaty back on the wall, we looked into each other eyes for a moment. He slapped my stomach extremely hard and tight, It was like a bad sting, I bent down, he lift me and this time slapped my chest, both the pecs five six times, oh my god that was more tighter, my whole body had turned red from his slaps. It did not stop there, he then slapped my penis and before I could grab it, he caught my hand and immediately slapped my genitals, That hurt like hell. I was down on my knees trying to cool off my penis and testicles.

He then walked and lay on the bed and said to me...

"Come here buddy..."

I went to him.

"get up on the bed, squat down and ride that cock."

He thick penis stood straight up erect like a flag pole. I did as he said, squat down on his penis and started riding it. He played with my chest and nipples, put his middle finger in mouth and made me suck it while rode on his cock. After a few minutes, he grabbed me tight by my waist, and made me turn around 360 degrees with his cock still inside me. That was beyond my imagination, he made me do it again a few more times, he was enjoying it. The he slowly stood up; his thick cock still inside me and my legs cross fixed on his waist and started fucking while carrying me around. we both were more sweaty and horny, I had an erection as well , but as he had instructed I didn't stroke or touch it. He promised me he would make me cum.

While still carrying and fucking me he started spitting on my erect penis.

"You like it Baby?"

"Yes! I do Oliver, I do, I want to cum, I want to squirt."

He put me down, and took me back to the wall and once again turned me around making me face the wall and pinned my hands up on the wall.

"Do not move, do not stroke or touch your penis, do you understand me?"

"Yes Oliver."

Again started fucking me in standing position and slowly slid his hand from the left side and started stroking my cock, I had the highest level of orgasm I ever had, he was stroking my cock while fucking me. My cock was in it's full erection the hardest I ever had in my entire life.

He then stopped stroking my but continued with the fucking, he increased the penetration speed and and again turned it into rough and wild but this time more stronger, the thumps his pelvis were making on my butt cheeks made me feel like the bones inside my skinny butt cheeks would crack anytime. But I didn't realize while his fucking grew faster and stronger, my penis started to squirt out cum, I was cumming, it was like a never ending cum. I had never in my life squirted so much cum out of skinny penis and that too without any hands just a strong handsome hunk penetrating his thick cock inside me with all his might. It was awesome, just plain awesome.

And then after a few seconds he came inside me; I could feel his cock spitting hot thick cum inside me, which was hitting up to my stomach. I couldn't believe he had so much cum inside him, it went for a couple of minutes. He then lay relaxed on me, and then...

"Hold on Baby, just one last thing."

With his entire cock still inside me, he peed, he peed inside me, I could feel his hot urine reaching up to my chest. It pained, but at the same time I was loving it.

he then pulled out his cock and with both his middle fingers stretched apart my butt cheeks and anus, letting out all the urine and cum he had squirted and peed inside me.

"How was that my little gay boy?"

I kissed him tight on his lips and replied, "That was just awesome, just simply spectacular, something I might have never even imagined."

"Let's get into the shower and let me clean you up buddy."

we got into the shower, he gave me a good warm bath, washed me all over, front and back, head to toe, like I was a small kid, he then lathered me up some fragrant conditioner and then once again rinsed and cleaned me, he then took a shower himself, I helped him with his back.

We got out of the shower, he scrubbed me with a clean towel and dried me up then scrubbed and wiped himself with the same towel.

"Don't put on your clothes, hold on..."

He put on his trousers while I stood naked. He walked towards the dressing table he picked up a small bottle of fragrant essential oil, it was fine musk fragrant, he poured a little on his hands and rubbed it on both my arms pits, then my shoulders, a little bit on my chest and finally on my genitals. I was neat, fresh and smelled extremely wonderful.

He picked up my clothes...

"Come with me!"

he unlocked and opened the door, I looked at the wall clock above the door, it was 4:00 am. I walked out the door with him completely naked, while he was still in his trousers, but he was walking with his arms around my neck, like I was his best buddy. We walked out the back door, I was still naked, the same Cadillac and the same chauffeur that brought me here, were waiting for me.

It's 4:00 am in the morning, I am standing completely naked on a silent road, he handed me my clothes, I opened the door and threw them inside and continued standing naked while staring at him.

he looked into my eyes and said...

"I guess it's time for you to leave my friend."

I grabbed him by his hair and kissed him tight, "I love you Oliver! This was the best night of my life, I'll never ever forget this night and I'll never ever forget you, Oliver!"

"I love you too my little buddy, but it's time for you to leave, you need to go home, relax, get some sleep and there will be more surprises waiting for you."

I got in the car, he closed the door for me, and the chauffeur drove. All along the drive back to home, I had a big smile on my face, I had so much joy and pleasure inside me. This was personally a spectacular experience of my life.

As we were close to reaching my house, the chauffeur said...

"Sir, you might want to put on your clothes, we are almost there."

I gently put on my underwear, vests and then trousers, shirt and finally tuxedo, I got all dressed up the same as I was when I left the house, only thing I was smelling much better.

We finally reached home.

I got out of the car, thanked the chauffeur and wished him good luck.

I ranged the door bell, I didn't have to wait long, in  a couple of seconds my Dad opened the door. My Mom and Dad were both up with a smile on their face, I had a smile on  my face too.
We didn't speak or say anything to each other, just smiled. I walked up to my room, and Ryan was there standing outside his room, he looked at me, I still had that big smile on my face, he smiled back at me as well, and we both walked into our rooms and closed our doors.

To Be Continued...


Shane Blumenthal

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