For his 20th Birthday Felix's Dad set him up for a surprise at  a gay sex lounge, where he is standing stark naked in front of a 6'2 Hunk who is tingling with Felix's testicles and flaccid penis and simultaneously kissing and licking him....

Story Continued...

I am completely naked and he still has his pants on, with just two fingers, thumb and index finger he is rubbing my flaccid penis, I am scared. He looked into my eyes and once again grabbed my hair tight and smooched me hard, trying  to push his long tongue inside my mouth as far as he can.

He then loosened the kiss and took his hands off my hair and said...

"Just stand here, I need to get something else."

He smirked and walked towards the refrigerator placed inside the mini bar, there were variety of liquor bottles, he scanned through each one of them and then picked four large bottles  from the middle and brought it towards me and placed it on one right hand side table..

"Do you drink?"

With an innocent voice, I answered, "No, sorry I don't drink alcohol or any liquor of that sort."

"That's fine."

He opened one of the bottles and held it up near my nose.

"Smell it, How does it smell?"

"It smells good, It smells a little sweet and little musky."

I had a good knowledge of fragrances, being an Introvert I do have a little collection of perfumes and deodorants in my room.

coming back to the story...

he took a sip of the liquor, rubbed his hands on my face, neck, check, stomach and then pressed my penis and testicles a bit and then...

He poured the complete bottle of liquor on me, on my head and all over my body, and now he licked the liquor off my lips, cheek and neck.

"Wait a second buddy we need to step up to the next level, I can't wait any more."

he quickly unbuttoned and dropped his trousers and immediately dropped his underwear and threw them both aside.

Now we both were naked but I was drenched in liquor which smelled so good I could see a viciousness in his eyes, Like he is about to tear me up and eat me right at this moment.

He opened the second bottle and again started pouring the liquor on my face and body, and rubbed his hands all over me, it was like he was giving me a liquor bath. The liquor form the second bottle was over but he kept rubbing my neck, torso and my penis.

He then opened the third bottle...

"Turn around buddy."

Like an obedient boy I did. As I turned my face towards the wall and my back was facing him. He poured the third bottle on my hair, shoulders, back and between my butt cheeks, he moved his hand all over my back and then with his middle finger he caressed my crack moving his finger up and down slowly and steadily, it felt good, but then after a moment he slowly inserted his middle finger in my anus.

I shouted, "It hurts..."

"It's Okay, It will hurt a little, but slowly you'll start enjoying the process, have patience and give it a little time, I'll fix it. Just relax, give yourself in, release yourself to me. I am here to serve you the best pleasure of your life."

He had inserted just a little portion of his finger, then with his other hand he grabbed and opened the fourth bottle of liquor and started pouring it on my crack, as the liquid flowed down my crack he increased the insertion, now his complete finger had entered my anus and with the flowing liquid he increased the speed of his finger in - out, in - out, again and again, it pained, but as he had instructed I remained patient.

he did this for quite a while with middle finger of both his hands and then he grabbed me by my arms and turned me around. The fourth bottle was still half filled, he poured the remaining half on my chest and penis and started licking my chest, sucked my nipples, licked my stomach and then as he reached down to my still flaccid penis and genitals, he looked at them like a wild animal and wide opened his mouth and gulped them all in at once.

I screamed, "Ohhhhh... aaaahhh... My GODDDDD!!!"

It was unbelievable, my complete penis and testicles were in his mouth, It felt like, he would rip them apart from me and swallow them all in.

I was scared, there were tears flowing down my cheeks, but he wouldn't let it go, I could feel his tongue fiddling with the slit of my penis and his breath sucking everything in. I kept my patience and looked down, my penis and genitals were still all in his mouth and he was shaking me back and forth, back and forth.

After a while he let them go, I felt relieved. He stood up, looked at me...

"How was that my friend?"

"I don't know, I was scared, you were all wild and vicious."

"That's what this special night is meant for, my little gay buddy. Hehehehe... Now get down on your knees and stare at my erection."

he put his hands on my shoulders and slowly I was down on my knees and his 7 inch erect cock right in my face.

he moved his erect cock all over my lips...

"Look at me buddy."

I looked at him with innocent puppy dog eyes.

"Now open your mouth wide and stretch your tongue out."

I did as he said, he placed his cock on my tongue and gently rubbed his precum...

"Take it in buddy, taste it... Tell me how does it taste."

With innocent voice I replied "It's salty."

"That's good, now like a good gentle boy you need to start sucking, but since this is your first time, I'll go slow on you, first you need to lick my balls, make them wet with your saliva, if you are dry let me know, I'll spit in your mouth, then lick my erect penis and make it wet too, then take it your mouth as much as you can, and I'll take it from there, I'll take it to your throat deep within.  and when you suck I want you to look in my eyes. Ok Baby, Start when I tell you to."

There was little liquor left in the fourth bottle he took the last sip, spit on my face and rubbed it on my face with his big hands.

"Now Start..."

I formed a lump of saliva in my mouth, licked his balls like a little puppy, he grabbed my hair and put his balls in my mouth and released after few seconds, I then licked his erect penis from down too all the way up and up and down once again.

I then took the tip of erect penis in my mouth and started sucking very slowly, he once grabbed my head and pushed it further in, now half his cock was in mouth and he was pushing my head back and forth making me suck. After a few seconds he let go my head and I was sucking his cock the way he trained me too.

Now I was having an erection too, while sucking his cock I started stroking mine. Once again he grabbed me by my hair and stopped me.

"Do not stroke or touch your cock, keep your hands on your thighs, do not touch anywhere. Your penis, testicles and anus are all mine, you only touch them when I tell you to, You understand me?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Call me Oliver, we are friends!"

"Yes Oliver!"

I continued sucking, now I was even enjoying it, then he once again grabbed my hair tight and pushed his entire cock all the way down to my throat, I choked, at the very moment, heavy tears flowed out of my eyes and down my cheeks, my nose started leaking, saliva drooling out of my mouth and down my body to my semi-erect penis, my face turned blood red with heat.

It felt like I was going to die at that very moment, With his entire erect cock down my throat, I was about to pass out, then suddenly he quickly took it all out.

I said in a dying voice, "Please stop.. stop... please..."

I was red faced, teary eyes, leaking nose and gasping for air, I even puked a little bit. He walked towards the bar and grabbed another bottle of liquor, a different one this time, a towel and  also picked a piece of rope from under the bar table.

He came back, placed the bottle aside for a moment, with the rope, he tied my hands behind my back, wiped my face, neck, body and now flaccid penis and genitals with the towel. Caressed and combed my hair with his hands. Helped me drink some water.

"You fine buddy?"

"Yeah, I am okay now."

"Good, now let's start again, and we'll also be changing the style a little bit."

I didn't understand what he meant by changing the style, but I just nodded in acceptance.

He put his erect cock on my lips and I took it in slowly and started sucking, I looked him in the eyes, he looked at me back with love and emotions, he caressed my head as I sucked his cock back and forth. Once again, this time a bit slow, he pushed his entire cock in my mouth so I could take it all in comfortably and kept it in my mouth for a moment, we both once again looked in each other's eyes, with his entire cock deep inside my mouth up my throat.

He then took it out and said...

"Good Boy, Now let change the style and make it more fun."

I looked at him with still a little teary puppy dog eyes. He grabbed me by arms and lifted me up, now I was in standing position.

He criss-crossed his arms, tightly grabbed my waist and turned me upside down, resting my thighs on his shoulders and his penis in my face once again.

"Relax buddy, cross your legs and fix them on my shoulders, and start sucking my cock."

I did as he said, he grabbed my head with both his hands and pushed it hard so I could suck down his entire length. Now I was able to suck down to the complete length of his cock more comfortably, he trained me well.

He squatted down while I was still sucking his cock all the way in and out picked the new liquor bottle opened it poured a few drops on the space between my genitals and my crack and sipped it hard, he did it again and again a few more times, then rubbed the space roughly with his index finger, it pained, but I let it in continuing to suck his cock.

He then poured a few drops on my anus and inserted his index finger in and twisted it left and right, kept pouring the liquor little by little on my anus and twisting with his index finger at the same time. After a few minutes he inserted two fingers and continued pouring the liquor on his fingers and my anus. Now I could literally feel the liquor flowing down inside my anus and down in my stomach while I continued to suck his cock being upside down.

The insertion speed increased, he stopped pouring the liquid but the penetration speed with both the fingers increased high and turned wild and rough. I couldn't bear the pain...

"Aaaaaahhhh.. Aaaaahhh... please stop... stop... it hurts.. please stop..."

He stopped and took out both his fingers from my anus...

"Continue sucking buddy, we have a long night to go..."

I continued with the sucking. He now poured few more drops on my genitals and took them both in his mouth and licked and sucked them, again poured few drops on them and licked and sucked them, I could feel his joy, h was enjoying this to his fullest, I started liking him as well. He stopped and then poured a few drops on the slit of my semi-erect penis and licked it long. It was the most tingling horny erotic sensation I could have ever imagined.  he held my penis with his thumb and index finger and pressed it a little at the tip so the slit could open up more and again poured few more drops of liquor on it, some of it went inside, I screamed....

"Aaaaaahhhh.... no no no no"

but he was so lost in his zone, he didn't hear and sucked the liquor back from the slit of my penis right into his mouth. I screamed again louder...

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.... no Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh....."

Now he was out of his zone, once again he grabbed me by my waist and gently placed me down on my back, on the carpet, there were tears in my face...

"Please loosen my hands my penis hurts..."

he quickly loosened my hands and I immediately cupped my penis in palm of my hands.

"You Okay buddy? I am sorry, I am sorry, I got lost in the moment and just forgot you are new  to all this, I am really sorry man."

"Is there anything more left or are we done?"

"Buddy, this was just the beginning, we just got started, we have not yet had sex, there's still a long night to pass."

"Have some water, you'll feel better and we'll move on to the next level. Okay Baby!"

To Be Continued...


Shane Blumenthal

[email protected]


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