I woke up feeling like I could take on the world this morning, I got up and stood in front of the big window in my appartment livingroom, I noticed there were people looking up below my window, I live on the second floor, and smiling and waving and being so terribly friendly acting, There was one young dude down on the sidewalk staring and lifting up his thumb in a jesture as if saying, 'awesome dude', I just smiled and waved and then it came to my mental attention as I waved back I was as nude as a newborn and sporting morning wood, Fuck I was so friggen embarassed and feeling so fucking stupid and I jumped back and out of sight of the window and started thinking, Man I could get arrested for indecent exposure and I hope no one will press any charges for my public display.

Well I got a shower and dried off and put out the clothes I would wear to work. I got dressed and had a light breakfast and got to the Insurance office and went into work and checked my appointments for the days work and just caught my self looking out the window, and just wishing I was out there somewhere, Well My appointments were short and over by eleven thirty in the morning and I didn't have anymore that day, and I told the secretary that I was taking the rest of the day off.

I had always kept a gym bag with gym or workout cloths for such an occasion and decided to change in the downstairs restroom, and I got into my what I call them my goofing off clothes, and took off in my car and went down to the beach area of the city, I just sat there and watched the lifeguards, so fucking sexy in their outfits so tan and well built. As I set there just gazing out of my car watching the different things taking place on the beach, a team of really hot looking young guys playing beach Volley ball and then some other really hot looking guys watching the game as they played, and I noticed my cock was coming to life, I hadn't got off in about a week and the pressure was building up in my nuts. I was sorta stroking it under the material of my shorts and I wanted to take it out and stroke it off and bust a load out, and I looked around for a more secluded place, and I saw a parking place over by some Hedges and I drove over and stopped beside the hedges, I noticed hardly anyone was coming over there, and I rubbed my cock and then lifted my hips up and slid my shorts down to the floorboard of the car. I was rubbing my nutsack and feeling my nice walnut sized balls, and they were feeling just awesome and tightening up, and I noticed just a drop of clear pre-cum glistening on the tip of my cock and start to slowly run down the head I slathered it onto the head of my nicely shaped seven inch cock and the feeling was just outof sight, I was noticing one young man playing the game of Volley ball, and I was getting more turned on watching his beautiful gymnastic looking body, I was leaning back and closed my eyes and was kind of taken away with the lust and enjoyment of the moment, when all of a sudden I heard a blump on my car and I opened my eyes with a jolt and saw this adorable young man, looked to be about nineteen or twenty, and he leaned down stuck his head into my car passenger side window and said, Hey Dude Having a wank, Can I join you? I was stunned into reality and just set there with my hard on in my hand and looked at this darling of a little blond Skateboarder and I wasn't sure how to answer, but I looked at the desire in his gorgeous blue eyes, and noticed how he was looking at my hand and my cock and finally said, yea, sure hop in and join me, I was kinda like in a daydream with this incident, and was really thinking I would come too, and this would be a dream.

He opened the door, and I was gently stroking my cock and just thinking how bold and brassy these Young guys are today, I was twenty seven, and he was quite a bit younger and He looked over at my hand and said Hey Mate, Thats one awesome looking cock you got there, and he raised up, slid his shorts off and down, and I saw what looked to be about an eight and a half inch cock on this young English dude, He said Man I have wanted to wank with a Yank since I got over here last month, I said where you from? he said Yorkshire, England My mom and Dad transferred to L.A. about a month ago and Now I'm learning to fit into Yank life, I said, well maybe I can give you a hand at that, He said are you gay mate, I said can't you tell, He said that's awesome, I am, and his cock was so long and thick I just kinda drooled at the mouth as I ogled it. He smiled and said,Hey Mate do you have a place to go to and do this more private? and I said yea man, my appartment. He said out of sight.

We got back to my appartment and he said mind if I suck you off and let you fuck me, Man I love getting a cock up my ass, I said yea, sure, I thought this was a gays mans dream come true.

We went into the bedroom, I started to speak and He said I don't even know your name, I said It's Robert Allen, But all of my friends call me Robbie, He said Great Robbie My name I Charles Griswel the third. I said what do they call you? He said, My father and mom call me Charles, but my friends call me Charlie, and My Dad hates that.

We started undressing and I got naked first and Charlie took off his under shorts and out sprung a beautiful English Uncut cock that would make any man proud, I said fuck kid your Hung, he said yea aint It cool. I said fucking aye man.

we crawled upon the bed and he immediately said I love Yanks cock, so clean and smoothe without that skin, and I said man be happy about that skin I love a foreskin on a guy and He smiled and said well then I make you happy and he started gobbling up my cock. Now I know he came from acroos the Pond, as they say, but I guess blowjobs know no borders and are not limited to country's. This kid could fucking suck a cock and he was down to the hilt on mine in a flash, he was licking and slurpping and sucking and deep throating it like it was his final meal and he didn't stop, he was going for a meal, and the more he sucked and slid that hot english mouth over my cock head and sucked on my cock the more I knew he was gonna get a full meal deal, Fuck I was just leaning back on the headboard of my bed and I started feeling that feeling in my cock, It was getting like it was hotter and more completely engulfed in sensation and then I started that moaning and grunitng and he smiled with my coke in his mouth and I started Feeling the Love nectar rise from my balls and blast into his mouth and he took It like a vacuum cleaner suck up dirt from the floor, I loaded his mouth and throat with a blast, it was unbelieveable and I had to make Charlie stop. I layed back and got my breath and just sorta gasp and said thanks Man I really needed that. He said Yea I know so did I. I reached over and started playing with his beautiful balls and cock and started saying I could stay right here forever and let you play with me, I watched as his cock got extremely hard and I started sucking it and sliding back his foreskin, and licking that sensative head, and he started say aw man, aw dude, fucking awesome and he was wimpering like a baby, I had him in the palm of my hand and I started working his cock like crazy and he was like out there somewhere groaning and saying fuck man, suck it, suck it, awe fuck and I started feeling his buildup and he let out a yell, that could have been heard back at the beach where he came from. I just kept sucking and he finally got rigid and a board and his ass muscles tightened and as this happened I slid a wet lubricated finger up his asshole and he shoved his ass up and almost broke my finger and just loudly gasp and said Oh mother fucker and blasted my mouth with cock juice. I thougt he had had a heart attack he just layed there motionless and didn't say a word, finally he started to move, I helped him up and he said Oh wow man, now I know why I'm Gay, I love that man, Nothing feels like a good head job, and he grabbed me and started kissing me, and I responded in kind and we layed there spent and naked, wet cocks and a liitle sperm oozing out of the ends and he took his finger and took the cum off the end of my cock and stuck his finger in my mouth and said man that is delicious. I leaned over and slid my thumb under his piss tube and milked out his last drop of cum and licked his cock head off and said yea I know.

He spent the night and the next morning was Saturday and I didn't have to go to work, he woke me up playing with my cock and he said I want you to fuck me. I said alright and I grabbed a tube of lube and smeared it on my already stone hard cock and he layed back down on his stomach and I spread his ass cheeks and stuck my tongue into this rectum hole and he jumped and wimpered a little and just said oh man, oh fuck and I licked that little starfish hole of his and stuck my tongue and he said man give me more, I want that cock and I gave him what he wanted. I stuck my cock head into this love tunnel opening and he sorta grunted at first and he raised his ass back up to meet me and my cockslid all the way to the nutsack and I was lost in it, Man his intestines were hot and moist and I new I wouldn't last very long, My cock was on fire and he was slamming his ass against me saying fuck me man, fuck me hard, and I was doing just that the sensation was building up gradually my cock felt like a red hot stove poker and just as hard. I knew I was getting ready to cum and I leaned over to his ear and said can you cum with me. and he said Keep that up and I will and as I started pouning my cock into his turd tunnel I started saying O jesus man and I started that jerking and spasming in my groin an Hot thick ropey cum started blasting into his intestines which triggered his climax and he fucking went wild shoving back onto my hard cock and letting loose his semen from the end of his hard cock, allover my bed and then we both collapsed and said fuck man that was unreal, I said oh believe me Charlie It was real, I am totally exhausted, we layed back and went to sleep and woke up about noon and laughed and I said I guess you have to go home, He said not for a while, I said stay the week end with me, you can call your mother and Dad and tell them your staying with a friend and I'll drive you home later Sunday evening, He said that sound great. man..

We had an awesome little sex filled week end and made arrangements to meet on a regular basis and I am still meeting with Charlie for regular trysts. Charlie and I do other things too but our sex life is just wonderful and I think Im falling for him in a big way, I guess time will tell.



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