The Truth is, Im a musician, I have played the piano for a long time, I played in night clubs in my earlier days, not all that long ago, and some nicer bars, wanting good music, and some not so nice dives wanting some of the more uptempo, lively music, I have been promoted by a promoter that promoted professional musicians and I am considered a very fine pianist iF I do say so myself, My musical scope, ranges from jazz, to ragtime, to easy listening, show tunes, all the way to the classial concertos and sonatas.

In the field of music, I'm quite good, or at least the people I have worked for have said.

Well altho this story is about music, more or less music is the reason for this story, its about a young man named Brandon, (Not his real name to save him any embarassment).

Well I had been asked to make a CD of my piano music of various kinds. So I had began to search for the lineup of peices I would record on the CD and was in the process of lineing up the backup musicians, I had a very fine bass player to assist me, and wonderful full range guitarist, and I needed to find a good well rounded Drummer, one that could handle the drum parts of a variety of music styles.

Well to cut to the meat of this story I am telling you, I have a son named Ben. He is just as musical as I am and he has his own Band, a more or less Rock Band, and has several young men playing with him, Altho I am gay, Ben is straight sexually, and has his own wife and small child.

Well He knows about my being gay, and loving men, but still accepts me and loves me, and we are very close, not infringing upon each others life style.

I was setting at the table looking at the morning mail, when my cell phone rang, I looked at the name on the front of the phone and it was my son.

I opened it 'Hey Son, what's happening?

'Hey Pop, how you doing, I was just wondering, if you had found you a drummer yet for that work on your CD?' he asked.

'No, I have tried several but they don't have what it takes to handle the varied kinds of music that I do.' I replyed.

'Well Pop, I have found this young drummer, named Brandon, I have hired to play for my band, and he is awesome, he is just about the most well rounded drummer I have heard, he was professionally trained, and well, I have talked to him about you and you needing a drummer for your CD and He said, he would love to give it a try if your interested?'

I was very interested, so I just said, 'Hell yeah Son sounds great, bring him over and we'll see what he can do.'

About an hour later this very good looking young man, came with my son and they began dragging out the drum set and setting up a minimal part of a full set up in the living room of my apartment.

We got started and I was amazed at the phenomenal drummer this kid was, he was outstanding.

I asked him about different styles and his playing, what his background was etc.

I was astounded how he could play every style I threw at him and played it very well.

I asked him when he could start practicing with my guys, he said, whenever I wanted too.

We set up a time to begin practicing, I was noticing that Brandon just kept looking over at me and smiling and then he gave me a wink or two, sorta made me notice, but I was noticing that he was a very handsome, good looking young man, nicely built, mod and kinda preppy.

He was setting there in those knee length shorts, with the big chain looped around to his side, he had this ball cap turned around backwards with his almost black frilly hair sticking out from under the cap. His eyes were clear, and quite dark, he looked like he needed a shave, his arms were sorta muscular and he was clean looking, not like some of the grungy guys I have seen, Ben told me he was twenty years old.

I really liked Brandon, his drum playing ability, and his looks, but he was Bens friend, so I left off with that.

Ben and Brandon left and I told him anytime he needed to drop by to learn about the list of songs and pick up some tapes or whatever feel free. They said so long and left.

I went back to watching the t.v, and after the movie went off I then took a shower, I got out, brushed my teeth,shaved and just put on my bathrobe,no underwear yet, thinking I would just go into my bedroom, pop in a gay porn dvd, and have myself a good stroke off, you know one of those self love personal times, which we all love to enjoy every now and then.

I had gotten a glass of water and turned off the kitchen light when the doorbell rang, I made sure my robe was closed and went to the front door, and I was pleasently surprised to see Brandon standing there with a big grin on his face.

I opened the door and allowed him to come in, and asked him what was going on.

'Well to be honest Sir, Ken, right thats your name isn't it Ken?' I smiled and said, 'Yeah it is.'

He looked a little bewildered like he didn't know how to begin.

'Well sir can I have a talk with you Please? I need to find out some things.'

'About our music?' I responded,

'No Sir, it's about something else,' he responded.

'Sure, no problem just spill it out.'

'Well It's about being gay, and all, I have had a talk with Ben and he told me you were gay, and that he had no problem with it,' is that true?' he asked.

'Well I won't lie to you Brandon, Yes I am gay, I love men, I have since I was a very young man. I'm sorry if that bothers you, It won't have an affect on our music together, I hope.'

'OH no Sir, actually thats what I want to talk to you about Sir,' he said.

'Please Brandon call me Ken, Sir makes me feel so old.'

'Well Ken, I'll just say it, I wanted to talk to you because I think I'm gay too, and I find you very attractive, I have never been with a guy outside of jerking off with a couple buddies, but I want to have sex and I have this attraction to older men, for some reason, I'm not attracted to guys my own age. Truthfully, after hearing Ben tell me you were gay I was anxious to meet you, and I find you very handsome and attractive.' I almost feel out from shock at hearing this.

'I guess what I'm saying is, Do you find me sexually attractive, I would love to have sex with you to find out what real sex is like. If not I would understand.' he said, as he looked at the floor in an almost embarassed fashion.

I walked over to him and lifted up his chin and looked straight into Brandons eyes, god he was gorgeous, more gorgeous than I had thought, he was an absolute dream walking on feet.

I Pulled his hat off his head, and ran my fingers thru his mussed up hair, pulled his face to mine and kissed him on his virgin lips. I heard him give out a little moan, then he began to kiss back, he was a total beginner and I was going to love breaking him in.

I stopped kissing him, 'Brandon you don't realize just how gorgeous you are do You?' I said.

I told Brandon that I would be honored to have sex with him, His smile turned to a large white teethed ear to ear grin, Damn, he was getting more beautiful by the minute.

I took him by the hand and led him to my bedroom, I adjusted the lights to a dim lit, sensual bedroom, opened my night stand to see if I needed condoms or lube, which I didn't.

I told Brandon to set on the end of the bed and let me do all the work, he just smiled like a kid being taken into an ice cream shop for the first time.

I slid his black 'AEROSMITH' Tee shirt off to reveal a beautiful chest of nice light soft very dark hair. I began to rub his chest with my hand as I slowly kissed his neck and licked his earlobes and slid my tongue into his ear making him moan and wimper with the flood of sensations that he was experiencing for the first time.

Brandon was setting on the edge of the bed leaning back on his straightened arms against the bed, and I knelt down and took off his Reboks and then his socks, he had beautiful feet, which I took into my hands and brought up to my mouth, he let out a gasp as I took each toe into my mouth and began to suck on his toes as I rubbed his feet and lower legs, He loved it.

As I sucked his toes, I looked up at him as he sat there leaning back with his eyes closed and I noticed that beautiful large lump forming in the crotch of his shorts. I began to work my way up his legs from his feet, and as I got to the lower edge of his shorts, I slid a hand in under the leg of his shorts, and I worked my way up to the very well filled pouch of his briefs, he was wearing briefs, which I have always loved, they are so hot and sexy and just all around fantastic, such a turnon, to me at least.

I then reached over with my free hand and began to undo his shorts and pulled down the zipper, and then took both hands and began to remove the outer shorts, and then there was this gorgeous looking pair of white briefs full of young manhood, fuck man, was it ever gorgeous. I felt like I had hit the jackpot with Brandon and it's not so often that it comes knocking at your door.

As I looked up at this beautiful bulge of manhood in these shorts I was really pleased to see his cock was already stiff enough to be pushing the elastic of his Hanes briefs up away from his stomach and his nuts was already pulled very tight against his cock base, a very nice,big rounded bag of nice sized balls tightly pressing his lower cock, it was an awesome sight to behold. I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming this or if it was real.

I got up and came up to begin kissing Brandon again, I could hear his little wimpers and moans and vocals of enjoyment but I wanted to make him scream out with totall enjoyment and pleasure.

I began to work my way down his tight, muscular stomach and stopped to enjoy his navel, licking and swirling my tongue making his enjoyment something special, since this was his first time.

I was taking my time, but it was taking it's tole on me to, My cock was to the point of aching as I worked on Brandon's beautiful body. My cock was leaking pre-cum that was dripping and hanging down like a leaking faucet as I worked on his gorgeous body.

I finally took my tongue and licked my way down his stomach and followed that beautiful treasure trail which I love on a young man, or older guy too for that matter.

I got to the briefs and began to lightly and gently chew on his cock, thru his white briefs, he let out a gasp of air, and a loud grunt as I began to nibble on the very hardness of his manhood.

I felt his hips push upward with a strong thrust as if begging without words to take his cock into my mouth, but It wasn't time yet.

I smiled and as I reached up to pull off his white briefs I got a wiff of his youthful manly odor, and that was like the smell of a restaurants vent fan and smelling that charcoal grill odor, that waifs and makes your mouth water like smelling a find peice of meat on the grill cooking, an odor that really catches your senses.

His scent was like a fine aphrodisiac to me, it was pure youthful man, mixed with his shower gel smell, and my cock gave a lurch as I got a wiff of it's aroma, I really began to leaking the pre-cum now.

I slipped Brandon's white briefs off and threw them aside, and I raised his legs up and told him to hold them at the knees with his hands. I went for his gorgeous hairy asshole, I got a Huge Moan and Grunt as well as a loud gasp when My tongue touched his manhole and I began to work on it with my tongue, this was an action he had never even given thought too.

'Awh Fuck man, now I know why I like older men, they know what to do,and how to do it.' he said, and he began to push his asshole into my face like a Friday night whore fucking her 'John.'

This kid was going ballistic, totally enjoying, it, I looked up and he was about to give himself toe cramps from curling his toes as I ate his gorgeous asshole, I was tongue fucking him, fingering his hole and I had three fingers full length into his tunnel, He was enjoying it, breathing like an air starved man, I knew I had him where I wanted him.

Finally after I had worked on his asshole with my tongue for almost an hour, enjoying every minute of it, I finally decided it was time to take him to the stars, I slowly let his legs come back down, and was working on that area just below his swollen nut sack, between the nuts sack and the asshole and he was loving that too.

I then started sucking on his nuts, he went wild with that, another totally new experience, but when I took my tongue and bathed his cock shaft from the balls to the beautiful bluish pink head, which was perfectly shaped, not to small, not to big, just awesome, then I worked my tongue and mouth up to that head, I thought he would pass out, he was flailing the bed, grabbing the covers, he had pulled a pillow over his mouth to keep from waking the whole apartment complex,with his vocals. I was totally loving this too.

I heard his loud groan as I finally took his cock to the hair into my mouth and I want to tell you, Brandon's cock was not small by any stretch of the imagination, it lookes like it was a good seven to eight inches of nice thick cock. And it has the most awesome taste, young, soft yet so hard, I could feel his excitement as it would flare out tight in my mouth as I worked it over.

I had learned a long time ago how to relax my throat and take a nice bigger cock down deep into it, and that's what I did.

I would take him deep and bring it back slowly, licking and sucking as I went, then back down deep into my throat and with great pleasure bring it back up to the tip, where I would take my mouth off and lick around on that swollen cock head, I could taste that little bit of pre-cum from his cock as I worked him over doing the best job I could do on this young man.

I then found myself going from the head of his cock down and sucking a nut into my mouth and playing around with them for a while.

Finally I realized that he had set his body muscles rigid and I knew he needed to finish and release his seed, Thats when I went back to his cock and went to work, It only took about five more minutes, his body went totally rigid and I heard, this 'OH! HOLY FUCK1 JEEZUSSSSSS!!!!! I'M CUMMING, OH SHIT, OH SHIT.'

Now I just want to tell you if you've never busted a virgin cherry nut, your in for a big wonderful, surprise, By the time I finished taking his load of cum, I was almost gagging, I hadn't taken a load that big in a long, long, time, and it was awesome, I was wondering if he was ever gonna stop shooting his load, all I can say is 'Ah the sweet taste of Youth,'

He was fantasic.

Even more surprising was after he got his breath and composure back, he wanted to finish me off, which I gladly let him, and he jerked me off a while and then just leaned over and took my cock into his mouth, I was surprised at the fact of his taking me to the hilt too, but the excitement and hot feeling of his mouth took me over the edge and that was all it took, I shot my load of cum into his mouth and he did his best to swallow without gagging, he finally got it all and then just smiled at me.

We flopped down and layed next to each other, 'Well was it all that you thought it would be? I asked Brandon,

'OH Fuck yeah man, and more, I never dreamed about the toes getting sucked thing, and the asshole eating was phenomenal,' I smiled at Brandon, well this isn't all there is but maybe we will have another session soon. I said.

He smiled, 'Wow then I take it you liked having sex with me then right?' He asked. Brandon was acting like a kid that had found a new game to be played and he was loving it.

'Yes Brandon, anytime you want to have sex with me, just call or come on over, It would be my immense pleasure.' I said.

Brandon slept with me that night and stayed for breakfast the next morning, and kept telling me how wonderfu it was the night before, I felt so honored, he is a doll.

Well we kept on with the practicing on the CD and then of course the practice would then afterwoad be a leading into hot sex rendevous, and it has only gotten better.

The initiation to anal sex was another great experience too, but I want keep that story for another chapter, I'll just say at this point Brandon is Amazing and my son hasn't the slightest Idea that we are getting it on, we are both really enjoying ourselves.



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