To be truthful with you I had never dreamed that a middle aged man like myself would ever have the awesome pleasure and honor of getting to have a young male friend like Tim, I was reveling in the thought of what had taken place just a few days ago.

I couldn't get over my inner feelings, was I in love, was I just happy that a younger man had wanted to get it on with an older guy or was I just infatuated with this young college student that had been doing the census takeing. I knew he wouldn't have a job very long because when the census taking task was over he wouldn't be needed at that office anymore for a long while, actually several years.

I guess what I was really thinking was would I ever see Tim again, was it all just a one, or two time thing, or would he become a regular part of my life, and actually become an intimate friend, Not a lover per sae, but a good young friend with extra benefits if you take my meaning.

One thing I did know was that Tim really seemed to like my sucking his cock and fucking my ass, and he was amazed that I would suck his cum down and swallow every little driplet as it ooozed out of the adoreable thick cock of his, Shit, Im getting a boner just thinking about him.

I was setting in the living room on the sofa, drinking a beer, watching 'Wheel of Fortune,' just wondering about a lot of different things, it was about six that evening, My cell phone rang, I answered it,'Hey man, would you like to have a little company tonight, I was wondering if you would like to see me again?' it was Tim.

My heart began to pounding with almost joy as he asked that question. Shit, I Was feeling and acting like a school kid again.

I almost yelled out 'Are you fucking kidding, me, what are you waiting for Tim, you know I always want to see you, Your my best little buddy.'

'Hey man, would you mind if I brought a close friend?'

I thought for a minute this might put an stopper on any fun I might be thinking of having but sure,

'Yeah sure man, Bring him on over,' I said.

'Be there in a few,' was Tim's response.

I knew one thing, my mouth had a taste for some hard throbbing cock and some cum, and my asshole was tingling for the want of being filled.

I got some shorts on, and a clean shirt, and wore some leather moccasins that I had gotten at a trading post.

I was just setting watching the boob tube when the door bell rang, I opened the door to see two smiling young husky hunks in front of me.

I looked at Tim and said 'Hi,' and then looked over and smiled at a very cute, young chunk, 'You must be Jared, Tim has told me about you?' I said.

Damn, I couldn't tell which of these two guys were the cutest, but then why would I compare they both looked awesome to me, and my stomach was churning deep inside, for the want of either of them or both for that matter.

They both came in and I offered them some drinks, we we chit-chatted for a few minutes and then went silent for a little while, I was trying to think of something to break the ice, I wasn't sure of Jared's standing on the gay issue, when Tim broke the silence.

'You remember the other day, Me telling you about my buddy that I had Jerked off with? well this is him,' the whole time Tim was telling me about them Jared was smiling this huge smile and looking straight at me.

'Well I told him about us, and he asked me if you thought you would be interested in doing what we did with us both, together?'

Tim looked at me rather hopefully as he waited for my answer.

I told Jared to stand up and he stood, I had him come over to me and then I undid his trousers and down they fell to the floor, and Like Tim he was not wearing underwear. his nice adn thick six incher popped up like a jack in the box, already like a fucking board, cut, nicely shaped and just jutting straight up like a flag pole, he smiled at me as I leaned over and slid my mouth over the tip and sunk my lips to his pubic bush, I heard his gasp and moan as I sucked a little while on his cock, then I stopped and looked up at his big smile, 'Well how do you like it?' I asked.

His response was 'OH Shit, that was the most incredible feeling I have ever had, god, I hope thats not all there is, cause I'm hurting here.'

I looked at his cock and it was almost purple it was so hard, it looked like it would explode and split open if it didn't get finished off.

My Cock was aching for attention or at least release from it's confines. I looked over and there was Tim already buck naked from the waist down and his hardon was in his hand being stroked as he watch me and Jared as I sucked his cock.

I stopped and told them to come into the bed room and lets get this party going.

By the time we got to the bedroom Tim was stripped naked clothes strung down the hall,and ready for action, his cock was like a diving board standing thick and sticking straight outward, wanting some attention, My mind was on that cock of Jared's, I wanted to make this experience a fantastic one for him, makeing him want more, I guess I'm a dirty ole man, but thats just me.

I helped strip Jared clothes off his body and he stood there, awesome, I had always thought that unless a guy was built like a brick shithouse and looked like a greek god they weren't hot and sexy, but yet here I was standing naked with two little what I would call husky cubs, both with raging boners wanting to be loved and made love too. Damn I wanted to eat them both alive.

I had Jared get up on the head of the bed and kneel, and put his arms up along the headboard and I knelt between his legs and took his cock to the hilt, I loved his hairy legs and thick thigs, and a little roll around his mid section, but his cock which was a little bit longer than Tims, but not quite as thick was delicious, and hearing Jared response verbally as I sucked his cock and massaged his thick balls and rubbed up under his ass, wow it was phenomenal.

I was really going to town on Jared's cock, he was pushing on my head and almost face fucking me when I heard something behind me and felt the bed move a little, it was Tim, he had gotten the bottle of lube from my night stand and readied himself to sink it in my ass as I sucked Jared's cock, I was wanting it really bad at this time.

Jared was almost like a bucking bronco as I sucked his cock deep throating his cock with each thrust, and I felt that thrust of Tim's cock as I punched thru my asshole and I felt the sting of that thick cock stretching my sphincter muscle, and I was in heaven, that itching I was having in my asshole was being scratch, and I was in my zone.

It had been a very long time since I had had the pleasure of a cock in my throat and one in my ass at the same time, Fuck I was loving it, I was almost to the point of busting a nut myself just sucking and being fucked at the same time.

We had fucked and sucked like this for about twenty minutes when I felt Tims's body getting more intense and his speed was pickin up and I knew he was about to empty his nut inside my intestines.

He was getting more verbal with every thrust and his breathing was laboured and raspy, thats when I felt Jared's hands grabb my head and I heard his grunting as he pulled my head deep onto his very rigid, hard throbbing cock and I got that first taste of cum as his cock belched out a thick, creamy load of awesome tasting young man seed into my mouth and down my throat, I guess that was all it took for Tim and he started shooting that warm, awesome feeling load of cum up my intestines and I felt like I had just won the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes for Ten Million, it couldn't have felt any better, I grabbed my aching cock and started stroking it as they both finished unloading and filling my body and I shot a load like I hadn't shot in a long time allo over my bedspread, I didn't give a fuck, it was awesome.

We layed there next to each other all entwinded like theree lovers, totally exhausted.

The asked if they could spend the night, which I agreed with, they called their homes and let them know they were spending the night at a friends house.

we walked around the house naked all eveing, after sharing a shower in the garden tub of my apartment.

About eleven that night, we finally decided to hit the bed, still naked, I was in love with these two husky, chunkey little dudes, god they were beautiful to me, and I was awed by their love and affections.

We got into bed and I asked Jared if he was ready for some more, he stared acting like a kid in a candy store, 'Yeah, fuck Yeah!' he said.

Well I got Jared ready and told him to lay on his back, I got between his legs and raised them up and began the initiation into having his ass rimmed.

I thought he would climb the walls, I hear his vocals and I knew he liked this part too, thats when I had him in my grasp, I got some lube and began to finger his love hole, he loved it, and then I lubed up my aching boner and put the tip against his asshole and began to push, He held his legs up for my entrance and my cock slipped into his hole as he grunted and said it hurt a little, I told him to go with it, it got easier as It went along.

Soon I had my cock balls deep into Jareds asshole and we began to move with the groove.

Jared began to enjoy it especially as My cock slid back and forth over his prostate, he began to groan.

I finally told him to get up on all fours and I wanted to fuck Him Doggy style, thats when Tims jumped up on the bed and slipped his cock in front of Jared's face, Jared smiled and just leaned over and did what I had done, I was balls deep in Jareds asshole and Tim was balls deep in Jared's mouth, this was a first for Tim and Jared both, a threeway.

Well We had all three cum earlier so it was a lot longer this time by the time we had deepthroated and deep rectumed Jared's body, we were all three exhausted, Tim had filled Jared's mouth with love sauce, and he swallowed for the first time, and I emptied my balls into his intestines, we were wasted. I had sucked Jared off to finish after we had emptied ourselfs into his body.

Jared was in love with this, and so was Tim, and truthfull I must admit I was in love with it too, Who ever would have dreamed a couple young chunks could be so damed hot and sexy, well I found out.



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